1. So bloody Tom decides with about half an hour to go he wants a lamb kebab. But the boys had used lamb in their stir fry so had none left & had to use beef. Maybe they should have 1, given them more time & 2, given them some LAMB since he wanted a LAMB kebab. It wasn’t their fault they used all their lamb. They weren’t told what meat to use in the stir fry & they are not mind readers. They weren’t to know Tom would suddenly decide they had to do a lamb kebab too.

  2. The Samadis are just too much to watch. They are always right.

    Also the show is ramping up the drama. I am not sorry they stuff the show up.

  3. Last night’s teaser showed that one team leaves the compound, or whatever it is, without telling anyone anything. Whichever team is involved, I hope they are not allowed back to the show, even if they have a credible excuse. I’ve had enough of silly, trumped-up drama.

    For the umpteenth time, on the umpteenth cooking show, shut up and cook.

  4. I don’t blame the Alinta’s for being pissed off. Those bitches did not deserve to win that challenge. That’s the second time they’ve refused to cook the protein. Their dishes looked & sounded horrible. Potato curry? Yuk. I dislike them more & more each episode. They are smug arrogant bitches. And so nasty too.

  5. Anyone else think the Italians made final four because they were ropeable after the public dressing down for swearing (a deserved one)? Final two should be Giles girls and Maori mum and daughter – most well rounded cooks

    • I would think the Giles and Maori mum and daughter should be the Final 2.

      I still can’t see how the Italians cooked the best Chinese food. I couldn’t taste so I really don’t know how good the dishes were.

      Also it’s ridiculous that the elimination cook off is always dessert. This is not Australian Bake off

  6. Why do the people with a Middle Eastern heritage always have to be the arrogant assholes on those cooking shows? Last MKR the bad bitches were also from Middle Eastern heritage. Anyway, the Samadis won’t win if you think, first season’s winners had Middle Eastern heritage as well.

    Regarding the cook offs, they are desserts because otherwise the pastry chef really would have no use at all.

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