1. LOL. The s-experts are pretending to be shocked by Lauren’s lesbian past. Do they not ask any questions before matching people??

  2. Cyrell unleashes on Nic as he failed to cater to her every whim and need before she has even had a chance to anticipate them herself.

  3. Sam’s got the Pox.
    He is very unappealing.
    Such a liar. So self entitled.
    Mike is also dodgy

    What a pack of show pony’s !
    Apart from Cam and Jules

  4. Lauren has just overheard Matthew explaining to the others that “I am not actually attracted to Loz.” He has no ‘urge to rip her clothes off and thrown her on the bed’ and it feels ‘forced’.

    Lauren is taken aback by the revelation and a little hurt. She has taken Matt out back to confirm what he has said and asks, “Did you just use me to lose your virginity?”

  5. Backing up to the previous night where poxy Sam and … mmmmm….poxy Inas got together for a secretive cheat….with all the camera crew, and claimed their lust for each other in awkward, bored monotones, did anyone find that totally unconvincing?
    Also, and this is blunt, but Loz is in no way pretty enough, nor appealing in personality, to offer Matthew a life of swinging. “I’m not pretty or fresh”. She might have ruined sex for Sam. He should have been given someone sweeter for his first go. She should have told him she wasn’t a new ferrari but an old bomb, before taking him for a ride. You should always check under the bonnet.

    • I don’t have any issues, as it was, if Lauren has a voracious sexual appetite (which she seems to), and okay, Matthew shouldn’t have brought it up in front of the other couples (if Lauren wants to have the occasional 3-way, good for her).

      But we come back to the obvious question. Why the hell did the three idiots pair up a conservative, inexperienced virgin with an intensely sexually adventurous woman? Like, obviously those two things aren’t compatible. That didn’t raise any red flags with those three morons?

      • We are curious what questions were asked during the selection process as they do seem to miss some very basic deal breaker ones.

        Saw on Talking Married tonight, the s-experts trying to mitigate their responsibility post Bronson backlash. They only witness the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies (apparently).

        We realise that the impulse is to side with Matt but we find him rather self absorbed. Sexual inexperience aside, he had no curiosity about Lauren as a person. You sleep with someone and all you can ask them is what your favourite colour is? They mention their past relationships , you go into a catonic state. If that was going to be an issue, you should ask first. Matthew does have some responsibility to how things transpired.

      • I used to work with a woman who was not in the first flush of youth (about my age now, lol!!) and was not slender or gorgeous and she constantly went to swinging parties. I have since then thought the Worst about this lifestyle. . .She looked a bit like a female version of Alf from Home and Away so I imagined there was a lot of sitting around naked, lumpy and goosebumpy hoping to get picked. . . now you all have the image that’s haunted me for years. You can now join me in a collective poking our mind’s eye out with a burned stick, but I warn you I haven’t been able to erase it . . . anyway I digress.

        The obvious answer to your question Wind is that they deliberately matched the inexperienced with the OTT experience in a shameless bid for ratings and the full confidence they could beat any other show in the race to the bottom if they achieved in-show virginity removal.

  6. Come on Channel 9. Let’s create another “adulterous” affair – ratings gold in their books. Dean and Davina sound familiar??

    They way Ines continually rolls her tongue around her top teeth and gum area is not a good look. Does she have peanut butter stuck to her gums?!!

  7. This is a particularly gross season with particularly gross contestants.
    Matthew could have only got on this show because he’s a virgin. Apart from that, he is a self-absorbed, uninteresting human being. And continuing in the judgey-mcjudge face vein, if you’re a virgin at his age it’s either because of religious choice, or because you are particularly unattractive, or because you are asexual. Or (great revelation here: Ta-Da!! 🧚‍♀️), it’s not Lauren that he finds unattractive but all women.
    But none of that excuses how disrespectful and passively-aggressively nasty he is. Given how awful these people are collectively, the fact that I dislike Matthew the most is saying something.
    And given past experience, how does anyone go on this show and hope to come out looking good?

    • Yes!!! Exactly Bobi! He is incredibly disrespectful and hasn’t a clue that he humiliated Lauren at that Table.

      He got what he wanted and he wasn’t interested in Lauren after that. She was incredibly patient with him.

  8. Like a lot of these shows they begin to lose credibility after season 1 in an attempt to spice things up. Not that I’ve been watching it (MKR) but reading all the headlines… and it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a 29 year old virgin is a good match with a lady who’s seeking a strong dominant bedroom man with a good sex drive.

    I can almost guarantee that each match was made to ensure the least success.

  9. I was first introduced to the image of swingers and people who took terrible photos of an ugly wife, legs spread, posted her in Readers’ wives in Penthouse, and offered her up for a group hug, in the 70s. Then there’s Alvin purple. So yeah, when I think of swingers and “I need lots of sex partners, I kind of think of that and it’s not pretty. But you go for it, Lotz.

    • I’ve known a couple of people who had open relationships. One of them, it was disastrous and they ended up breaking up, and the other? They broke up because the guy didn’t like it at all (but he married someone else and had a son and they’re all now perfectly happy), but the girl involved is in another open relationship (she swings both ways, as it stands) and they’re all doing perfectly fine.

      I think it depends on the person. Like, I wouldn’t want to share someone, to me, dating someone is just dating them and that’s it … but if we had a mutual friend who we both trusted, and one thing led to another thing, well, it’d be something to tick off my bucket list.

      I imagine it’s just a case of people being honest with who they are and what they want, but that level of self-awareness is tricky for some, I guess.

  10. I’ve had some days I’d turn. Like, when hubby whinges, “No you can’t give that 1/2 roast chicken to the kids. Boo hoo”
    And I might turn for Justine. Cute and a good cook, and she prefers pasta to sex. No deal breakers there. 😂

    • I hope they aren’t getting paid much. They’re rubbish.
      I bet that Elizabeth probably doesn’t even usually paint her face like that. It’s bloody hideous.

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