1. He’s probably still a Criminal Minds Unsub of the Week, but I’m looking forward to Josh’s observations about the group two, because he and his brother are the only ones there who’ve dealt with the second group before (at the first elimination).

    As for who leaves and who stays? I feel like channel 7 hasn’t quite milked Milly and Karolina for all their dramatic potential, yet, but the Beauty Queens were very one-dimensional (plus, they really didn’t seem to know what they were doing last night), so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Beauty Queens were sent packing tonight. But apparently the Strangers set fire to the kitchen at one point (hope Austin has his hair in a bun, eek), so that should be fun.

    • I also feel that channel 7 invested too much publicity into the “strangers” and would want them to stick around. The more I think about it why can’t 2 strangers work well together? We’ve all dome it in school, uni or work.

  2. The beauty queens really have no idea about cooking.
    20 mins to go and they started to search the scallops. Need Colin to stop them

  3. Dear God: I had forgotten how much I despised Josh and his snide asides. Please smite him. Immediately. Your truly, Big H xxx

  4. news.com already published who got eliminated and the scores as well. Bad form. Not that I care but there are other viewers who don’t want to know the results.

  5. A few minutes in and already I want to give Andy a good shake. We don’t eat trifle in Peru she says with a dismissive sniff. News flash Andy – 99.6% of people don’t live in Peru. Including you!! So sick of hearing about bloody Peru!

    Nearly choked when Karolina told Milly this was her chance to get her mojo back. Karolina is the weak link in that team.

    Really want the queens to fall \, though they do have a point about their scores from their instant restaurant. They didn’t perform well and I still have flashbacks over the steak – but those teams were savage in the scoring.

    And finally didn’t last years season start the same way? A weak group pitted against a strong group? From memory the last teams standing were from the weaker group.

  6. Okay, thanks to her large personality, we’d thought that Karolina was the high-maintenance team-member … but my gosh, Milly has this really aggressive, condescending side to her. Really not a fan. But I didn’t see that coming.

      • It’s a George Calombaris fetish, started on Ma$terchef. Aliments, aliminations etc. These deluded foodie tryhards are lost in culinary space, badly.

  7. Milly is such a bossy so and so and appears dictatorial towards Karolina. I actually feel sorry for Karolina whom I wasn’t very keen on before tonight.

  8. Both judges went on, at length, about what a disaster the Beauty Queens’ main was.

    And they scored them 6s for the dish.

    I smell an undercooked rat.

  9. You say flann, I say flahn. Flann, flahn, let’s call the whole thing off.

    What a crock; the beauty queens are cooking dummies.

  10. Off topic, but giving in to a cattiness impulse, weren’t there some comments recently about Karolina saying she was a size 8? She’s wearing pants tonight and the rear view shot of her suggests that butt is more of a 12 or 14, whichever country’s vanity sizing is used. Broad shoulders and generous hips do not fit into an 8.

    I’m commenting on her size because the cooking part is so freaking boring.

  11. That was a bit of a blind-side… I guess the experiment was an epic fail after all…maybe just used as a rouse to get us to try to limp through another set of instant restaurant rounds.

  12. Couldn’t understand the rave reviews about the appearance of the flan. It just looked like a brown blob on some biscuit crumbs to me. Could appreciate the comments about the trifle though. I’ve had to wade through a mile of cream to get to the interesting elements of a trifle myself over many Christmases past.

    • I have a look at various recipes for chocolate flan. They are all baked with eggs. Their chocolate flan is actually chocolate panna cotta.

  13. Two strangers cooking together = failed experiment.
    I was surprised that producers would have them leave rather than the ugly queens because would think that the experimental team added more faux drama.
    Forgot how much I did not like most of the members of group 1, especially the brothers and the Peruvians. At least the brothers are sometimes funny whereas every time the Peruvians open their mouths it’s just irritating especially Andy. Wish someone would stuff a napkin into her mouth. Let her chew on that.
    Both desserts looked terrible. No layering in the trifle. Strangers were clueless on how to put together a trifle and the ugly queens didn’t really make a flan.

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