1. It’s such a good thing that Dave + Anchor Guy backed Wardog on the Chris vote because it gave Wardog a chance to show them his trustworthiness in this vote. Or not…

  2. Now I am glad that there is an Extinction Island. It’s not just one lucky dog who we were waiting to see the back of, but what appears to be a fun surprise for everyone. I look forward to see where they take this.
    Hell she is stunningly beautiful, but I would have preferred Laruen out. David looked worried.

    • David is right to be worried. I can’t see how they can win a challenge with Rick gone as at this stage of the game they all have a big physical component. Since this is a new beach, there must be an idol hidden somewhere so could be his only hope

      • I think David is in a great position. Wardog betrays someone every episode. He hasn’t yet betrayed Wentworth or Lauren, so he is certain to do it soon and his chances to betray them are limited to the pre-merge.

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  3. When David was interviewed before the game, he said he practised heaps & heaps of puzzles & all different types but he still had trouble with the puzzles.
    Well that tribe swap sucked. Hopefully they’ll have another switch around.

  4. Am so looking forward to seeing how the EI players get back in the game….how’s Reem when they all arrive…stop your whinging, we’ve all been double crossed and betrayed…love it!

    I really liked Rick, he had a strong social game, hope to see more of him…get rid of Joe, Aubrey and Wemtworth before the merge!

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    • I really hope what happened in the preview (Wendy, Aubry and the other girl forming a girls’ alliance) actually happens but I fear it’s a ruse to blindside Aubry

      • I agree. I think it is a blindside for Aubry and Victoria (who I thought was a non event) has planned this out. I like Eric, but it is a good strategy to get rid of him. . . Well, it would have been without the Edge of Extinction trick!

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