1. MM
    The judges are relived that the cottage garden fake windows are gone. It is a 10/10 move.

    Shaynna loves the table setting, Darren like the sponsor’s white bricks and the architectural scale of the fireplace but…Neale doesn’t know where to rest his eyes. It is an assault on his eyes. Shaynna questions the choice of the floral artwork in a supposedly Palm Spring theme house.
    Neale is bothered by the lack of cohesion. Shaynna feels they have not thought about how rooms work together they have designed them in isolation.
    Darren hates the sofa as it is too small.
    The judges point out the lack of natural sunlight and it is not a welcoming space.

  2. TL
    Upon walking into the space, the judges agree that it feels to be a much larger room that the one delivered next door. Darren is drawn to the tactile nature of the custom dining room.

    They have created a space that stylistically is in keeping with the rest of the house but….by attaching the dining table to the island, they have created dead space and rendered the storage under the island unusable. They have also compromised the lounge room.

    The orientation of the chairs makes it difficult to view the TV. They haven’t planned the space visually or the physical flow. It is heavy and oppressive (T admits having no idea what oppressive means…how bad is the education in Qld?)
    Shaynna observes, sometimes you can have too much black in a space.
    They need to get rid of the dining table and extend the island out and buy a bigger white rug.

  3. EM
    OMG…it looks bad (that is moi’s opinion…)

    Neale feels that the kitchen works successfully with the living space.

    Shaynna adores the table but for her it feels country Victoria. For Neale it has a 1970s vibe.

    For Darren, the orientation of the seating is problematic. You can’t enjoy the fireplace. You also have to navigate the parameters to move through the room. It is a planning fail.

    EM also have no idea how to use nesting tables…they are not meant to substitute a coffee table. The styling of the apples in scales and the funeral flowers are just weird.
    Overall the room feels heavy with the charcoal, black edges and dark stone. They need to change the rug to a green one.

  4. I switched over, tonight, in the ads for something else. This is a renovation show, isn’t it?

    Why were they playing golf?

  5. DA
    The judges exhale as they enter the room as they feel they can breathe. The space can not be more different to that next door. Darren feels that he can swing three cats. Neale believes that they have delivered a magnificent space. He cannot remember been this excited about a space on the Block. Everything plays to light and space. They have created a space that has a broad appeal. This is classic coastal. There is a seamless flow from the front of the house to the back with a sophistication reminiscence of a professional designer. Deb can have a career as a interior designer.

    Darren feels that the island is 500mm too big and encroaches in the living space. The sofa is too high and makes TV viewing difficult. For Shaynna, the room is goosebump material.

  6. JM
    For Darren, JM have the best layout on the block. They are the only ones that have a sofa that you can watch TV from and admire the fireplace. The rug is the right size.

    They have designed a space that suits the potential market and it reflects Jesse’s real estate knowledge Shaynna could also hug Jesse for laying the floors.

    Shaynna thinks the corporate vibe they are going for is genius but for Neale it doesn’t reflect quirky vibe of St Kilda. Shaynna does think, if they are going for the corporate vibe they should be commissioning art rather than selecting the low rent stuff on offer.

    • Actually, I’m getting sick of the constant complaints about money by everyone (but especially Apostrophe).

      • We are at the point of flicking the channel whenever she is on.
        Did you see her in Mitre 10 bragging that she could have done TL’s song better???? She is insufferable.

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