I’m a Celeb so far with Daisy

Who’s your fave so far? And who will get the fewest votes?

Daisy has whipped us up a recap faster than you can say impala anus – thank you, Daisy – Juz
Hi everyone. This is just a quick IAC recap for the week. So far, it’s been the Charlotte Show with a contrived, not very convincing romance between Charlotte and Ryan. If you buy that, you’d probably buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Julia as usual is trying desperately for a laugh, and her bad jokes are rubbing off on Chris, literally.

Tom has been hilariously a non-event, as has the young footy guy, who as yet has no name. These, and others who have not had much air-time, might be funny, interesting or entertaining when we actually get to see them. Unfortunately, we have the cycle of the same few celebs getting voted for trials, while those who are passed by cry “Yippee”, or send up a prayer of thanks, while the penny begins to drop that they aren’t viewers’ favourites.

Tanya is giving it her best shot, while Erin’s a natural. You’d have every reason to think that she is nothing but shallow, when in fact she is bright and quick-witted.

Myf seems just nice and I reckon Ronda’s fun.

Ryan seems to be trying to extend his CV. He’s a newbie, hoping for more TV work.
Old footy guy has settled in, and is making friends in camp.

Billy is definitely Brownless.

The “comedians” are still saving their best material for later, it seems. Nothing from them yet.
At this stage, my top 3 are probably Erin, Ronda and Myf but it’s early days. I don’t know much about their prexisting fan bases, but from just watching the show this week, I predict that, because it’s a vote to save, Charlotte will last a long while, and Erin and Ronda will do well.
As for their luxury items; ridiculous. I suppose the best ones were the floatie and the large pan. What would you bring? I would take my own bed. Cheers.



  1. I have only seen bits here and there but I think the people who like Myf, eg me, are the sort of people who would not spend money to text a reality TV show. There’s a rumour going round that Luke Toki from Survivor is making a guest appearance on the show. If he was an actual contestant/intruder he would win. Apparently he will also be part of an online “after show” for Survivor All Stars

  2. I’m liking this year’s batch. Even Charlotte has grown on me.
    I’m guessing it will be the quiet ones that go home first, like Tom, so I don’t want to get too invested too early.

    • I know what you mean. I have had to crack up at Charlotte once or twice, but I want an Aussie to win. I didn’t mind Freddie Flintoff winning though. Charlotte is an rtv pro.

  3. I’d take a tent lol.
    I have no idea about Erin and the other blonde aussie, Tanya is vaguely familiar as some interwebby persona from a few years ago. Who knows why that blonde foghorn is there. I mean WTAF.
    Tom is as dull as doggee dodoo, always has been for mine, one dimensional cardboard cutout.
    I kinda like Miguel, he’s more relaxed than his usual role. I want him voted out towards the end just to see them cope without a chef haha

    • Ah my Gahd. I knew I forgot someone. I didn’t even mention him in my recap.
      Yeah, Miguel will be in the top 4 I reckon. Probably with whoever steps up as funniest. The funniest usually wind except for the year that boring footballer or soccer player won.

      I was also thinking tent, Polly.

  4. I’m loving Miguel on this. Could the man possibly be kinder or sweeter?
    These seem to all genuinely nice people.
    Even sock-gate was done like a tiny little tantrum and then everyone pitched in to resolve it. Hugs and all over.
    How frustrated must the producers be?

    • They do, don’t they. Now wouldn’t that be novel. It might set a new precedent. Newsflah” “Australia likes rtv show with nice people’. I could live with that. 😁
      But it’s early days yet, and we humans are all flawed. It just depends how and how much. So far, they are still at the Koombaya, “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you” phase. In a few days, they will irritate each other, although I think I detect Erin questioning Charlotte’s authenticity, but she herself is mindful of not wanting to appear bitchy. She even said that in the top-taki tree….or whatever it’s called. Not that getting annoyed makes anyone horrible.

    • Also as time goes on, they have learnt all about each other and the things they talk about is what is going on at camp. That always leads to tensions in camp.

  5. I obviously missed something last night after sock war because I was wondering why Charlotte and Tanya wanted to keep talking about it. Pretty typical of a male/female fight…or is that just at in our house. 🤪
    Because there has been no other drama:
    I wasn’t on Ryan’s side when he said “….”well they’re mine now”, but felt his pain when the girls were chasing him down to make peace”. No villains in this scene. 😁😁😁😁

    I lived that they fought off that jungle animal and saved their hotdogs. I have always felt the jungle needed more rebellion.

    • But great to see his elation afterwards. ❤️
      I might not be up to that bit yet. In the overall scheme of things, Charlotte annoys me. She talks over others and louder than others.
      Myf’s a sweetie.

      • Yeah Charlotte is starting to annoy me too. I usually don’t mind the big personality, but it seems very crafted for maximum reality show impact and guaranteed coverage. And channel 10 could not be milking this fauxmance MORE.

        While i’m ranting – I am sorry but I get that Tom’s phobia was genuine but strike me roan we covered it completely. I was so over snaketank. FAR OUT.
        I am finding Erin really good too.
        Dilruk is a non event and should go based on what we have seen! Don’t be so damned boring.

          • cute. I really love Dilruk when I see him on Have you Been Paying Attention and have been faintly surprised that he hasn’t made much of a mark here.

    • I like Tanya, and I really, really like Nikki.
      This is a vote in, rather than a vote out so my guess is that it will be Tom.
      I know on paper it looks like Dilruk but I would imagine that there would be a high community vote for him.
      Same/same to me.
      I am fairly indifferent to Erin.
      Truthfully I am fairly indifferent to Ryan and Dale, too, and Charlotte is taking up too much airtime.
      It’s looking like I am developing Thoughts.

  6. Charlotte’s lips look like an injury. They are so badly done..

    She got confused and thought she was going on Love Island. She chased after Ryan, with a “Crosh on ‘im”.

  7. Tonight is the night I stopped enjoying this show. The bingo game was bearable with bugs and creepy crawlies being thrown in, but dumping gross wet crap on Dilruk and Nikki – the fat – almost made me want to puke. Putting someone with vertigo into that challenge was just mean. No matter that various bits may be exaggerated for views, that was not pleasant or amusing to watch.

    I’ll probably dip in and out now, because there is nothing else to watch and I do like this year’s contestants, but mostly I’m out.

  8. A bit late but… Miguel should have been made Master before Tom. He has done the most in camp that everyone has benefited from. Imagine their moods if they weren’t getting the meals he is preparing.
    Charlotte is now unbearable. She just screams and screams and screams. Ugh

    • Last night was totally ordinary hey? WAY too much Charlotte and a horrid challenge.

      I am really liking Miguel – which I didnt expect to as I find him way over the top on the Living Room. He seems very warm and kind and quite caring – I missed the luxury item show – but assume his luxury item the paella pan? That is a very un-selfish item and he is definitely doing a lot with little.

      My absolute favourite moment of the show, hell, even the season, was Dilruk and Nikki being asked to guess the age of Charlotte Crosbie and they are all “who?”. I died laughing at that! INDEED. And Chris and Julia covering up “your castmate that you are living with” explanation. GOLD.

      • I was shocked and impressed that they knew her age, but then she seems like she never stops talking about herself.

        Charlotte crushed on Ryan then gave him a B&B dumping; “I will always love you”. She behaves like a teeny bopper and is winning fans amongst the young and trashy. Not saying you’re trashy, Bobi. But she is.

        • I must admit I love to be judgy about people I’ve never met and to have opinions when I don’t know any details.
          And it’s absolutely trashy.
          I should be embarrassed but I’m not. I do try and keep it to people who put themselves out there (it’s the price you pay).
          Like Meghan. Don’t get me started. Like she didn’t think that she would move in and show all these Brits how it should be done. Phtt.

          • 😂😂😂. Meghan has done the impossible; made Camilla PB look good. Well.almoat.

            I too have a weakness for judgineas. “Oh my God! Why is she wearing that????” It”s a hobby.

          • Never be embarrassed. I like diversity of opinion.

            Only 13 yr olds all need to be the same. I value the exchange. And after all you accepted my face lift etc, when many wouldn’t.

  9. If you’re wondering, yes I have lip filler. I just think Charlotte has an absurd amount and it gives her clown face. Miaow. I wouldn:t put it like that if I saw her.

    • I make no secret that I am all for – particularly repair work for us.
      I just think it’s a shame that she didn’t see that she (and by extrapolation young girls) don’t see how pretty they are. It’s the best of times.
      And now she’s not because she’s take too far. Why do they take it too far? If you can’t be understood when you talk or food dribbles out of your mouth when you eat, it’s a step too far.
      It should be used to keep nature at bay.
      The best work has people wondering.
      Judgy, judgy me. It’s fun.

      • Oh Em Gee, youthful skin alone is enough to make you gorgeous. I asked Miss 12 if we could swap. The “No” was emphatic. 😂

    • Daisy, did having lip filler make you lose any sensitivity in your lips? I know you didn’t go to the extent Charlotte has, but she does seem to have trouble controlling her mouth when she is eating. Maybe she was never taught manners.

      • As you get older, and I am 65, your lips become thinner, so I asked the girl who did mine, not to make them big. She did a great job following and restoring my natural lip line. I had told her I didn’t want fish lips. They looked natural.

        No loss of feeling…and I always eat with my mouth closed. 🥰
        No, they weren’t numb, nor were they sticking out and not moving like Charlotte or Angie. Charlotte’s lips have no definition. And filler doesn’t numb you.
        The great thing was it lasted more than 6 months and even after almost a year, my lips are still fuller (somewhere to hang some lippy). I learned later that having filler causes long lasting fullness to your lips. But keep in mind, I emphasized, nothing big or unnatural looking. I think you can see from photos I have posted that I emphasized, “No trout”.

      • The problem with filler is that it’s associated with people who go for a pout. You can just get your lips to a natural size.
        If you have to “talk like zshissh”, your lips stick out off your face and they don’t move when you speak, you’ve gone overboard.
        They charge per vial and one vial is enough. Someone like Charlotte has used a bucket load and it just looks shoved in. I had mine done in a medical centre and the lady put tiny injections all along my lip line. I recently had it done again by a plastic surgeon and he only did an injection either side and pressed it through. I thought the first result was nicer. And cheaper.

        • I haven’t had filler in my lips. I have a perfect pout.
          I have had them in my cheeks and jawline. It was done by a doctor. It takes experience to get the symmetry right.
          Very happy with fixing the jowls, btw. Highly recommend that one.
          The second time I had it done I let a trainee doctor do one side of my cheek. That was a disaster never to be repeated.

  10. It’s nice to see different celebs getting camera/air-time. I am liking them. Charlotte is just terribly immature. I am liking the rest so far.

  11. Charlotte is annoying but she’s been in this business for 10 years now- that’s her office: being ‘outrageous’ for shock value on RTV – so she’s got nothing to offer except that. The plastic surgery on her face looks botched – she’s disappeared behind those ridiculous lips and the overly narrowed nose which I think has made it difficult for her to breathe through her nostrils so maybe that’s another reason why her mouth is always open. If I was her I would hate to read this about myself however that’s the face she’s given the TV audience to look at and it’s impossible not to have an opinion about it.

    I absolutely believe that that ridiculous pantomime with Ryan is orchestrated by the produces and it’s uncomfortable to watch.

    With Tanya it bothered me when she was reading the note over Constantine’s shoulder let the guy read it himself I find that annoying.

      • I’m not surprised it was Dilruk, but he didn’t seem upset. I suppose everyone thought he would be a funny man in the jungle, too, and that didn’t happen.

        I was really hoping it would be Charlotte who got the boot. I’ve had enough of fish-face bimbos on these types of shows.

    • I went back a bunch of posts to find a picture of you from Europe. I can see the difference in your neck and jawline. I think the surgeon did a good job since the difference isn’t “Omg, you’ve had work done!”, but a more subtle change. You look lovely. But you always did :).

      • Thankyou Von. Kind of you. The real difference is, before I would see the photos and go, “Delete, delete, delete”. So you only saw 1 out of 20. Now I don’t have to delete.
        I don’t use Photoshop. I just Photoshopped my actual face. 😂

  12. My favourites are the ones who are funny but without trying, or just nice. The just nice won’t win of course.
    My list of favourites, and somewhat in this order is:
    Erin (witty),
    Myf (chilled/nice),
    Tom because he is socially gawky.
    Brownie, (effortless/not a try-hard).
    My favourite line so far was Erin’s reply when Ronda told her heart was bigger than her boobs.

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