1. Amina sacrifices herself as captain for the Green team.

    Ben (has a restaurant!!!???) is chosen as the Blue team captain to curry favour with Andy.

  2. I missed yesterday – is Ramsay a host this year? I cannot stand the man and his pompous loud shouty hysteria and won’t watch him ridiculing Aussies who have done quite well without his shite . Did I mention I can’t stand him?

    The guy gets off on making himself seem the only smart guy in the room – when he’s not focussed on comparing women to pigs that is.

  3. I am more out than in for this evening.
    I hate these type of episodes.
    It is never the worst cook, or the worst team mate, or sometimes even the worst team that is singled out. It is always one of the two in charge. You know, the idiots that did not step back fast enough.
    It’s a lazy way of reducing numbers without the judges having to do any of the work.
    Whose Lynton? I don’t remember him. Is it my imagination but he seems to get a lot of airtime.

    • Ah, he seems to have confidence without the need to be flashy.
      I thought I might have missed a season. Some of them blended.

    • Eww as in blow his nose with his fingers – that is disgusting.
      Did you see Ramsgate lose his shit just now- does he know it’s not a real restaurant? Does he get that the patrons don’t pay for meals and it’s all just pretend!?

  4. who’s Lynton? – a failed chef by the sounds of it. “stay at home dad” says it all – not that there’s anything wrong with being stay at home, kind of “in-vogue” at the moment. Wonder if they each got an appearance fee. Bet they’re not doing this for nothing.
    The big difference is where they all were when they started filming and where they are now – unemployed.
    IMO – Gordon carrying the show

    • How can you only get 36 portions instead of 60 portions of pork belly. Chris can’t count. I am sure his previous restaurant wasn’t so generous

    • Pretty sure they get paid…Dani’s agent likely to negotiated a deal knowing she won’t last with her skills to give her the pin so she can make it to top 10. 😂

  5. Reynold…if looks can kill….the only one who can precisely slice pork.

    Interesting, considering Chris had a nose to tail restaurant advocating no waste and respecting the animal and he completely stuffs the pork.

  6. So Reynold the dessert king and yet he somehow missed to bring out the ginger flavour in the dish? Doesn’t make sense🤷‍♀️ did he not taste it?

  7. Gordon yelling at Callum about grey lamb when he has yet to grill it. Calm the farm, Gordon. Potato roesti was a bit of a weird choice

    • I could be wrong. I thought Callum didn’t use the sou vide lamb. He started again and seared the lamb.

  8. I could not get interested in MC tonight, tuned in when the drama over pork portions was going on. Then I lost interest again and wandered off to do something else. But I was there long enough to notice that all these now-experienced cooks (some chefs, some restaurant owners??) get all dithery and have as many amateurish stuff ups as those in previous seasons. Why?

    Is that Ben the same Ben from Ben and Andy Eat something, a series on Food Network? If so, he looks totally different. It’s either a face lift, which is fine, or he is ill.

    Still a lot of greasy hair and unwiped sweaty faces. Now when we are all so germ conscious, it is even more disgusting.

  9. I think I’m going against the grain here – but I’m loving masterchef!
    Maybe it’s a reflection of the times and needing to tune out Real Life?

    I still actively dislike quite a few people (Simon, Dani, Reece, Chris I’m looking at all of you) and am annoyed by others (Jess crying) can’t remember a couple (Harry, red haired Sarah) but there is a good pile that I like or think are good (Poh, Laura, Callum, other Sarah, Hayden, Tessa, Courtney).

    And the judges all seem to be accustomed to cutlery! This is a huge plus to me. And I haven’t yet spotted anyone talking with their mouths full of food.
    So I am still positive.

  10. What on earth is going on with Poh? She’s fucked up 2 days running. Forgot to put the chilli sauce in her SIGNATURE DISH which she has made a million times. And last night made her pastry too thin & they broke. These are rookie mistakes you’d expect from first time contestants not someone as experienced as her. So weird seeing them all hugging. Soon they won’t be able to do that. I wonder how long they will take to cook things when they are washing their hands every five minutes?

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