• I’m worried too. I prefer Emelia (& have thought for a while recently that she has been getting a way more positive edit) to Laura, but Laura has a strong advocate in Jock!

  1. Not on here yet and I won’t be reading comments. I hope it is Laura’s arrogant ass that is sent out the door tonight.

    • Sadly. . . I would have preferred Reynold too, but I think it was a fair elimination. He went off reservation “instinct” and didn’t deliver. I was surprised – I thought a dessert challenge was his for the win.

  2. Is Melissa suggesting that Reynold is a victim of structural racism?

    Melissa really is a divisive judge.

    • She is. She always like to bring her background into the show. She likes those not Australia born contestants. Just a bit too obvious.

      • Yup I often think I know more about her than the contestants.
        A friend of mine know of his family well back in Indonesia. His brothers used his popularity and my understanding he doesn’t get much say in the business other than creates new dishes. I think this time round he wants more for him.

      • I don’t think she favours them – it’s just she is extremely articulate so is able to verbalise her feelings. I guess if there is ever an ex-junkie on there we may hear Jock do the same. Someone has to fill the dead air left after Andy’s “bangin’” critiques

        • Thank you, Juz. I think your comment is fair. Melissa is much more well-spoken than Andy. And Jock has his favourites, let’s not pretend otherwise.

    • I don’t agree Maz. I think Melissa is empathetic and can understand the migrant kid striving to do well point of view. But I don’t think this is only related to particular contestants – I think she was also empathetic to white Australians, like Callum for instance. She seemed genuinely upset when he left.

    • All those months, where I was hoping Reynold would win – I’m sad. Have to say that all the advertising around his penultimate dish was almost a giveaway that he wouldn’t win. Surely you want your best dish to be in the finale? Don’t really care who wins now.

        • I actually like Emelia. I like her dry sense of humour and giving it the judges – like last night when she had her head in the oven they came over and she said something sarcastic like “oh, well perfect time to come talk to me then”.

  3. I’m behind so quickly scrolled past your comments. Chef Marty is here to set the pressure test. We get a flashback to the last time he was in the MC kitchen, when he set a test that Emelia won. But he says this dish is 10 times harder. His toffee apple is all shiny and delicate and has Rey Rey in Snitch mode written all over it

  4. Reynold is too confident. He is good but not very good at cooking someone recipe. He likes to put his own spin in it.

    Like cooking the bitter caramel. He said he follows his own intuition and ended up being too sweet.

  5. I enjoy Emelia’s commentary: It looks like a dog’s dinner.
    Uh oh Rey-Rey’s apples look more like logs

  6. It was pretty obvious Reynold was going home. Well done to Emelia. If she can maintain this focus and calmness she will win. Laura also did well.
    It’s so hard watching them do this season without any hugging.

  7. Twitter is melting down over Rey going. I know half of the country has the iso crazies but it’s just a cooking show, people.

  8. Damn it, shit, poop, that sucks. I’m not as nice as those of you who’ve said you couldn’t warm to Laura. I seriously dislike her.

    Why does she have to insert herself into other contestant’s elimination scenes? Reynold obviously wanted a minute of privacy to cry, but she had to stick her big stupid face in there. It’s not about you, Laura, you arrogant, nasty little woman.

    I won’t be watching the final. No, I’m not sulking, and I hope Emilia wins by a country mile, but I don’t want to see any more of Little Miss Look-at-me-I’m-so-special. Pffft. It will probably be a pasta challenge anyway.

    • Von I 100% agree. I was p*ssed that she had to get in that emotional shot AGAIN!!!!😡
      Is it just me or has she been using fake tan (like really orange) for the last few weeks and now it’s worn off. It’s just as annoying as her duck-billed lip expression she keeps doing. I don’t mean to be nasty but she really gets on my goat. I don’t want her to win and the only other option now is Amelia.
      So sad Reynold is gone. 😢

  9. That was sad but not totally unexpected. I predicted that they would have a Girl Power final as they’d been pushing the feminist agenda for a while with lots of commentary on how hard it is for women in a commercial kitchen. And then the whole “besties” thing – friend vs friend for the added drama factor. Not to mention that weeks ago there was a huge betting surge on Emelia to win when we were at the stage where she was practically invisible onscreen – I knew a production leak when I saw it 🙂

    I really, really like Reynold but tonight he was his own worst enemy. This is a challenge to replicate the dish exactly, not to go freewheeling and doing your own take on it. Just follow the recipe as it is. I don’t know if it was nerves, innate independence or what, but I knew he was in trouble quite early. I’m really sorry to see him go 🙁

    I’m disappointed to see Laura in the final. She’s quite unappealing and tone deaf to anyone around her. She may be able to cook but she lacks in people skills and empathy. Plus she ought to have been eliminated the night they gave Sarah Tiong the elbow. She didn’t just dodge one bullet that night, but the whole firing squad. It helps to have friends on the judging panel for sure.

    Let’s hope Emelia wins, despite Jock’s blatant favouritism.

    Next year I hope they ditch Andy who adds exactly nothing to the show and they hire someone articulate and decent like Adam Liaw or even Callum, who is warm, funny and has great food knowledge. The words banging, cracking, epic, belting ought to be outlawed as well.

    • Yep, ditch Andy and give the third spot to the winner – each year. Maybe a lesser role as a mentor or something.

    • Adam Liaw has transcended Masterchef so we would hardly think he would consider that offer.

      Reynold was never going to win after that hit job on his reputation was published in the Daily Mail.

      Lauren was always going to be in the final with Jock as a judge. We think there is some kind of power play between Jock and Melissa as to who is the most commercially viable judge. Their PR people have been writing reams of copy for the tabloids.

  10. Laura would not have mentioned the issue with shaving the apple if one of the judges hadn’t bought it up.
    She does like to have the attention on herself. She quickly forgot the help she was given as she was so smug!

  11. I hope Emelia takes the trophy home. But I guess Laura will win. -.- I wasn’t a fan of hers in her initial season and this season she just is so… bland and unfriendly.

  12. It’s good that Reynold wants to use his instincts but he really needed to follow the recipe and he wasn’t good about doing that. This should have been an excellent challenge for him. He was his own worst enemy.
    I fast forwarded through the episode because, even before he started messing up, I kept thinking the entire time that the powers that be would want a final with friend vs friend so why bother watching the entire episode.
    It was nice of Emelia (especially Emelia) and Reynold to help Laura with the apple. Otherwise I don’t think she would have been able to do that at all or at least in a timely manner. I thought that would have been easy for her since she rolls out a lot of pasta so was surprised that she had so much difficulty with that.
    I would prefer to see Emelia win but, if favoritism via Jock plays a role in the final then the win will be Laura’s.
    Couldn’t Melissa have at least pronounced his name correctly before Reynold left?

  13. Am I being too precious?
    I was somewhat miffed when that guest chef referred to the ‘mother country’ that he and Jock shared. I guess he was referring to Great Britain…
    Highly out of step with modern Australia for mine.
    Disclosure – 4th-6th gen born here, of Irish descent (no convicts, but Ned Kelly and I share a common ancestor), only ever identified ourselves as Australian. So glad I live on this spectacular island with peeps that represent over 300 different cultures.

    • That sweet mother country just promoted a street brawling thug to be Captain of it’s cricket team. It’s not so great.

      It’s been Ma$terfixed for Laura to make the Final…….but Emilia will put a gap in her. “Closest Fianl ” for yonks. Yeah, right. It will look like that til the fat lady sings. Cull Andy

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