Something sinister is happening on The Bold and the Beautiful

By Daisy

There is something “sinister” going on in LA. Yes something sinister, all right: Someone has “hit and run” their old costume designer. And the ‘dogs’ dinner outfits continue.

And under the cover of hideousness, designed to distract us from the scant storyline, we have Vinnie dead, and a vacancy for Forrester pharmaceuticals. Paris is still making me want to vomit with her sugary, sisterly grasscutting. Zende is still obnoxious with his, “I’m a real Forrester”, confidence.

Carter still looks like he “lost his mommy”. Whoever marries him will have her work cut out carrying his manhood. The Logan’s are now 4, with the addition of baby thief Flo. The adorableness of Katy, Brooke, Donna and Flo can be squeezed for sugar syrup.
Sensibly, Zoe has been taking counselling from Quinn. Not a bad choice considering she blew into town on a broom and ended up on the Forrester matriarchal throne.

 And man of the moment is Liam, soon to be wearing orange and having his caviar ans conjugal rights delivered to Reichers.



  1. Liam does unhinged very badly.
    I can’t see how they can resolve this story line without the departure of Liam.
    I wouldn’t be disappointed. He’s turned into a pain.

  2. Eric’s erectile dysfunction problems were a hot topic today. Was Quinn trying to seduce Carter? I thought so. Zoe crawled up Eric and Ridge’s arses asking for a good word to Carter. Carter will be banging Quinn soon.

    Liam seems incapable of getting a sentennce out. He had to endure the Roach’s threats to whoever “the bastard” is who did this . Well, hypocritical roach, we remember you running little Emma off the road and killing her. You rang 911, right?

    Hope asks for some one on one time with Liam and tries to lift his gloomy ,detached, guity as sin mood. As we meandered to the curtain, Hope was grilling Liam, knowing that something’s wrong. Liam’s ready to confess….but we know the phone will ring or someone will knock at the door.

  3. Today, Brooke is dressed as Go Go Gadget. No really.

    And Hope is going as Mary Ingles.

    Detective Donut and Officer Sandwiches are on the case. Nothing escapes them. 🤣

    OMG, Katy appears in glittery snake skin.
    I can’t decide whose dress is ugliest.

  4. Katy clutches her clutch person. It must hold donuts. Detective Baker enters stage left.
    Katy’s hideous dress is very glittery snake skin.

    • Autocorrect. It’s a clutch purse.
      Lucky it didn’t autocorrect to Katy clutches her fur purse.

  5. The worst of the evening was Zoe’s lemon butter number. It was too big and she had to hold it on as she entered the room.

  6. You can’t even joke about this stuff.
    I am assuming that it’s all paying off in retail shopping.

    • Honestly, they looked even worse on TV. I thought Zoe was going to trip over the ensemble that wasn’t. She looked like a 4 year old wrapped in a sheet.

  7. I don’t think Cleavage’s breasts have been any larger than the display for Eric before his trip away.

    Bill’s really rude to the fat Detective but the suspicion is beginning to fall on Liam. The paternity test results are mentioned as motive for mowing down Vinny.

    Quinn’s falling for Carter. Carter’s “rooting for her”,Boom , Boom

    Liam pretends he’s happy to reconcile with Hope. He lays on the sincerity with a trowel. Underneath it all, he’s soiling himself. Thirteeen minutes left. How can Eric resist the offerings from Donna?

    Quinn walks in on Cleavage adjusting Eric’s tie. It looks bad for Quinn. Please daisy, we need a Cleavage shot today.

    Liam walks in on Bill’s questioning by Det Fatso. Liam’s jubilant over the reconciliation……till Bill draws his attention to the elephant Detective in the room. Then he has an accident in his pants.

    Brooke , the marriage counsellor, approves of the hasty forgiveness /reconciliation. They’re happy. Not for long.

    We go to the curtain with Det Fatso asking Liam if he murdered Vinny. Loudmouth Bill tries to interfere. Liam is dumbstruck and looks as guilty as possible. He’s got nothing at all to say,a moment ago , he was over the moon.

    • Thanks, daisy. The producers missed a golden chance for Eric to have a dramatic cardiac arrest whilst having his tie adjusted.

  8. Quinn was dress as a Beef eater. More like Beefcake.

    Interesting choice of names for the LA Police force; Dt Baker, Dt Sandwiches. What’s next? Captain Cake. Sergeant Sausage Rolls.

  9. But Beef Eater Quinn is salivating. She hasn’t had sex since she tried to sabotage Brooke’s marriage.
    She likes a bit of man boob.
    In another decade, Carter will be having them surgically removed.

    • I caught this today.

      Carter’s stomach is like Tetris blocks. All I can think of is, gee, he must be hungry.

      The show’s costuming department are still in the midst of a complete breakdown, going by Hope’s party frock and whatever the hell was going on with Zoey and Paris.

      Meanwhile, Liam was so happy that Hope wants him back, stating that being reunited with his family will fill the gap in his being … until he gets bored, again, and goes off to fill the gap in Steffy. Let’s reset the clock on that one.

  10. Brooke has been sending mixed messages. “Take Liam back. Take Liam back”. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

    I still don’t get what kind of mother encourages her daughter to have such low expectations in her men”.

    • Isn’t that the story of Shrek?
      Where a woman who want to be with a guy who is dirty and ugly has to become dirty and ugly?
      I’m sure I read that somewhere on one of those movies-in-one-sentence websites. It always struck me as “interesting “.

  11. Poor (har) Liam is suffering a panic attack after seeing a tribute video that Thomas made about his drug-dealing, fetus-swapping friend Vinny. Apparently vehicular manslaughter doesn’t sit well with Liam, while Thomas is still raging about the bastard who ran Vinny down. Anybody else remember a girl called Emma? She used to work with you guys? An annoying dancer? No? That’s not ringing any bells at all? Okay.

    Quinn and Carter have a mutual, “OMG what did we do?” moment in bed. Clearly, the show’s covid restrictions have been toned down, because the two of them are lying side-by-side (Quinn is helpfully covered up by the bed sheets. But it’s those funny Hollywood bed sheets that only cover up one side of the bed, leaving Carter’s chest exposed. I ain’t complaining) and have a passionate make-out session, on-camera, that couldn’t have been faked with a stand-in or a body double.

    I just wish they’d stop pushing Zoey onto Carter. He broke off the engagement. He obviously doesn’t want to be with her. Let it go, you incestuous weirdos. Respect Carter’s decision. I’m not sure jumping into bed with the family lawyer (Ridge’s best friend, to boot) is the best plan, to get back into marital bliss with Eric, but Carter *is* the Forrester family lawyer. He’s probably richer than all of them, put together.

    Zoey, meanwhile, is doing her best Jackie Onassis impression, while Hope continues her passionate love affair with puffy sleeves. Don’t even get me started on what Paris was wearing. Like, damn.

    The episode ends with Liam hyperventilating, and Hope rushing to his side. Possibly he’s in need of puffy sleeves? Well, Hope’s got plenty of those to offer.

  12. The best dressed cast member today was Quinn. She was naked.

    If you didn’t see tonight, let me tell you, the clothes were unbelievably terrible.

    Hope has been shopping at Spotlight. Firstly, she wore a dreadful pink floral outfit that looked like she got the material in the Spotlight reject bin, and made herself in a 1960s highschool Home Economics class. Then she popped out like a silky fairy, or a 6 year old, in a beige floral party dress with the tie up now at the back.

    And when you think it can’t get any worse, next we see Zoe in a number that I might have to call pink, silky blancmange Ghengis Khan number. But wait…..gasp…..out comes Paris. How do you describe that dress; The Blue fairy goes Mustang Sally? Cowboy boots and frilly blue chiffon. They ran out of places to put frills on that dress.

    Now, Windsong, I have to draw your attention to the fact that Carter is COVERED in stretch marks. He has either gain or lost a lot of weight very rapidly.

    As to the plot, we just have 2 relationships on very shaky ground; Liam and Hope. Liam is sickeningly ingratiating himself with hope, whist fighting his demon voices. Or conscience.
    Quinn is vowing never to sleep with Carter again, before sleeping with Carter again. And Zoe is waiting for a report on how things went.

    • Zoe: So how did things go with Carter?
      Quinn: … surprisingly well.
      Zoe: Well, I want details!
      Quinn: Is that my phone? Excuse me, I have to take this call. *sounds of a car speeding off*

      I laughed when Liam started to hallucinate Vinny accusing him of murdering him. Liam can’t also have a brain injury (like Thomas did), Liam is missing a crucial ingredient of that.

      You know, I honestly have never noticed the stretch marks on Carter’s body. A Google image search of the actor tells me that he’s always been in ridiculously good shape. Maybe he ate too many potato chips during lockdown, and the producers told him that, when the show resumed filming, he’d be almost-naked — a lot — which inspired the rapid body change?

      The fashions continue to get more and more horrible. “Unbelievably terrible” almost feels like an understatement.

      The wardrobe and costuming department … is someone having a breakdown? Is this a cry for help? Remember at the start of the week when Zoe showed up wearing a cocktail dress made from enough fabric to keep Tasmania dry during the rainy season? She looked like she should’ve been doing karaoke on a cruise ship with plastic fruit stacked in her hair.

      • Haha. Great description of Zoe’s yellow lemon butter mess. Yes, why didn’t the costume department think of the fruit turban.
        I love the description, “Enough fabric to cover Tasmania. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Quinn has opened up to Carter and the Boozey Boy has now got a taste for She Devil.

    Flubber walks in on a tense moment between Bill and Liam, and proves he has keen intuition.

  14. Quinn blabs to Shauna about Carter. Then Eric walks in and is very suspicious.

    Carter has fantasies about Quinn.


  15. Quuuiiiinn! Stop talking!
    And of all the people to tell. Loose lips, and loose hips, sink ships.

    Brooke! What are you wearing. Has Douglas been designing their clothes? I definitely think he drew on Zoe’s dress.

    • I think, whatever’s going on, it must be contagious. Zoe’s odd hydra-dress is strange enough, but the hair and make-up team have obviously become entangled in this as well.

      • Speaking of “contagious”, Dollar Bill was interviewed on Studio Ten the other week. The actors (using the term loosely)on this show are now being Covid tested four or five times a week. Goodbye to those pesky mannequins. Hello to Hollywood meat.

        Which is why we saw the sordid Quarter sex scene. Quinn’s lucky $hauna wasn’t there to film it all on her phone. I’m expecting $hauna to move in on Eric and his erectile issues and get her portrait over the hearth by dobbing on Quinn.

        • Hell yeah. That’ s what I was telling, “Don’t tell $hauna”.
          Now she has nothing holding her back from moving in with her sympathetic ear.

    • Nooo.
      Please tell me that’s a mannequin. I don’t want to even imagine that’s a real person.

    • Thanks ,daisy. I did in fact miss the episode. Zoe has no idea where Carter’s snake has been.

    • With or without the serpents, this horrible Sinbad Silk is disgusting. I wonder if a primary School has been given the job of designing these clothes as a school project. I can imagine 10 year olds coming up with these dreadful outfits.

  16. Zoe walks into Carter’s apartment and finds he and Quinn up in the loft of lust making the beast with two backs.

    That’s all , she wrote.


      • You actually make me want to go over to Tenplay and watch the episode just for that moment.

        And not at all because I’m hoping to catch Carter without a shirt on.

      • Thank you, WS.Well, there’s always the encore on Monday morning, if that’s available on the Sunshine Coast.. Zoe walks in her ex fiance banging his best friend’s mother in law. This is right after Zoe has given an ingratiating speech to Eric abgout Quinn’s commitment to the old fool’s marriage. Brooke rolls her eyes at every empty, clueless statement Zoe makes. Even Eric smells a rat in her words.

        Carter should lock his door, he could have avoided the whole mess. So $hauna and now Zoe know about the affair. ……but Eric “closed a big deal” on his business trip. Cleavage or $hauna should move in on him.

        In any case, we had a rest from Liam’s unique style of emoting for a day.

        • It’ll be $hauna, armed with sympathy for Eric and some indignation for Quinn. She’ll feel justified to start sitting for her portrait.
          If Brooke thought she had problems before, wait until the Tramp from Texas moves in.

          Actually it was Vegas, but the Vagina from Vegas sounds a bit crude.

  17. Quinn is over at Carter’s again to tell him , “This has to stop”. It takes a long time to say.

    • “This can’t happen again” (until tomorrow)

      “We were comforting each other”, (that must be LA lawyerspeak for “rooting like rabbits”)

  18. Quinn is hiding under the bed while Zoe starts playing twenty questions with Carter. Then she sees women’s lingerie etc strewn on the floor and asks if a woman is in the room. No,it’s a Cadillac, Zoe.

    Brooke lists all the bad things Quinn has done on the show to Eric. This takes a while. Eric reckons that Quinn’s changed and admits he’s failing in the bedroom.

    Zoe forgets to look under the bed, where the sexy lingerie is strewn so Quinn sweats out Carter’s brow beating. Zoe’s glanced at Quinn’s jacket but no penny is dropping yet. Carter might just pull this off. Ad break

    Brooke and Rasper say they want what’s best for Eric . Zoe guilt trips Carter and leaves . he copped plenty , you gotta see it.

  19. Quinn and carter look like two cornered love rats after the verbal abuse from Zoe, who’s still composing herself just outside the door. Will we be suckered by Zoe overhearing Quinn, who’s just emerged from her lair under the bed? Last ad break

    I reckon they’ll get away with it . Eric says Quinn has kept her vows to him. Boy, is he in Disneyland! Zoe barges into this room in tears and blurts Carter wasn’t alone. There was a Cadillac in the room with him. Zoe’s not the sharpest designer pen in the company.

    We go back to the two adulterers. Quinn pulls tha classic Dr Phil quote “What was I thinking?” Then it’s an avalanche of “this can never happen again” ,” no one must know about this” “We have to take this secret to our graves” ya da ya da. We know these are standard show sucker punches. There’ll be an ajar door or flowr pot to hide behind to blows these promises sky high ….in a week to ten days. Carter and Quinn will do it again , for sure. Curtain. For now, they got away with it.

    A good show. I can only imagine the muzak that went with today’s drama. Just had subtitles on.Bravo to Quinn’s performance under the bed. If only Liam could act like that.

  20. For someone in the fashion biz, Zoe is very unobservant about clothing. Well not just because she forgot to check the mirror before heading out, but she practically punctures Quinn’s burgundy leather jacket with her stilettos.
    I suppose, for an evil genius, Quinn is going to be stupid and wear that leather jacket to her next rendezvous with galpal, Zoe.

    Brooke must be wearing spurs because she keeps sticking them into Quinn.

  21. Quinn! Carter! Stop talking about it.
    “How can we fix this?”
    By stopping talking about it.

    Tick. Tock.

    • I only caught the very end of it, where it looks like $hauna is going to be a Patsy for Quinn. A best friend from Vegas will do that for you.

      A lawyer and a she devil should be able to fix this this. They won’t.

      • It was pretty predictable that $hauna was going to take one for the team.
        That’s two sacrifices the Barnacles have made; one kidney and one false confession.

        Carter didn’t even get a say, but better he slept with the boss’s wife’s bestie than the boss’s wife.

  22. Meanwhile, the awesome fashions continue.

    From the waist up, Zoey is in her pajamas.

    From the waist down, she’s in a pair of sparkly tracksuit pants.

    For some reason.

  23. Today the pity party for Zoe is on. Carter and Quinn are saying very little to the inquisition. Zoe can conspire in baby thefts but how dare you deceive her? Yawn.

    Eric reckons he’ll forgive Quinn because it’s “divine”. I would have said “bovine”, myself. Eric blows torrents of hot air about “vows”. Eric thinks Quinn deserves more effort from him. Nine minutes to go. Today is a bit underwhelming. Quinn and Carter have been struck mute. Zoe asks Quinn if she knew about the tryst.Quinn says nothing at all. She might as well be a mannequin.

    Brooke still sticks the boots into Quinn to Eric and The Rasper. Rasper and old Pop are siding with Quinn. Brooke’s not happy.

    These wardrobe malfunctions seem to be biased toward the women. $hauna tells a pack of lies to Zoe. Quinn denies that $hauna confided in her, she knew nothing. Zoe begins the self flagellation and says she thought some of the clothes in the lust nest look like Quinn’s.Quinn lies with a thousand yard stare.


  24. Even my 84 year old mum said, Zoe should be arrested for stalking…and those pants.

    How does this work? Guy breaks up with you and yet you still get to grill him on his new sex life?

    Brooke, Ridge and Eric spend way too long talking about Zoe and Carter, then Quinn. They should go and watch TV; The Bold and the Beautiful.

    • Memo to Zoe ~ Guy breaks up with you because you were putting cherry pie out there for Zende, whose new hairstyle is a riot btw. Let’s see, who were you with before Carter? The roach.

    • Zende’s hair is getting quite extraordinary.

      As for Brooke, Ridge and Eric? I spent the whole scene shouting at them, “Don’t you guys have an international business to run?!” But instead, they spend an hour of their morning just sitting around the house and gossiping about Eric’s sex life.

      What is with these people?

  25. In real life it would be pretty easy to have a two time fling and keep it a secret, but on Bold…..

    • Ten days to a fortnight max.

      The longest secret may be who killed Emma or the kidnapping / adoption scam.

      I suppose we’ll be back to who motored over Vinnie soon. Surely Vinnie gets a funeral.

      • Quinn did murder the guy who owned the Hope diamond. She kept that a secret, even from police.

        Steffy killed Alleee, and she kept that a secret. Brooke seems to’s a secret that she slept with her daughter, Bridgette’s husband because otherwise how can she rationalize being so one her high horse judgy.

  26. Zende’s hair is now bigger than he is.

    The sight of Zoey’s sparkly tracksuit pants causes Carter to have some kind of mind panic attack in the Forrester Creations office, where he begins mumbling a long and rambling monologue about wanting to be a good person with integrity. Well, Carter, you probably should’ve thought about that *before* hooking up with your boss’s (and best friend’s father’s) wife.

    Anyway, long story short, Carter decides he wants to marry Zoey again (which really annoys me, because their relationship was about as deep as a tea-spoon, and Zoey was almost-immediately jumping ship when a richer potential-suitor came along). Maybe Zoey isn’t quite marriage-material, Carter. And that’s not even considering the baby-theft thing. These people have short memories.

    Meanwhile, Eric forgives Quinn and they reunite. Eugh.

    Because now that this drama is over, you just know that Liam and Hope will be back in focus with whining and puffy sleeves, times a thousand.

  27. No. It’s not over. Eric has to find a curly black hair that isn’t his own.
    Zoe needs to find out she can’t sit down in those pants.

  28. That burgundy jacket needs to go straight to St Vinnie’s before it turns up like a bad penny at the wrong time.

  29. Liam and Hope spend the night together but it’s not long before Thomas drops by talking about catching “the monster who mowed down Vinny” Liam’s soon back in Gloomsville. The roach is constantly checking with Det .Baker to see if there’s any “leads”

    Brooke vists Bill to tell him Hope and Liam are back on again. Hope knows there’s something wrong with Liam , though. Bill knows what a marshmallow his son is. I think Wyatt’s in on the murder, too.

    Bill rings :Liam to tell him to watch out , that people are suspicious of his mood. Bill ‘s pretty forceful and Liam himself is on the verge of telling Hope the truth and he blusters and blathers his way to the curtain. He gibbers that it’s nothing to do with Steffy.

    I don’t think he’s gonna blurt just yet.

    • When Brooke came in, glowing from her tryst with Bill, and told Ridge where she had been, Ridge should have responded with, “That’s okay, I have just been with $hauna”.
      Touché baby.

      Another day of horrendous costuming. Yesterday Brooke looked like she had come from The Thin Blue Line; a British policewoman. Today she was back in detective gear. It was light blue and navy blue on everyone.

  30. Liam sings like a canary to Hope, that he ‘s the one that killed Vinny It’s right at the end.

    The roach will find out soon. Then all hell is going to break loose. Hope will blab to the roach. Bill will go to jail. He’ll take a bullet for his son.

  31. I don’t know how Brooke could breathe, trussed up like a blue Christmas turkey 🦃, in her sleeveless, navy blue trench coat. She looked so uncomfortable. And what a coincidence. Thomas is wearing navy blue and light blue, Liam and Hopeless are in navy and light blue, Brooke and Bill wore navy but Flo wore a floral that appears to have been cut from her grandma’s couch. It was so short I could see her other kidney.

  32. Dets Baker and Sandwichez are nowhere to be seen as the the who killed Vinny saga unfolds. Poor little Emma never got a send off like this.

    Hope teases out from a whimpering Liam that after he mowed down Vinny and watched him kick the bucket, he passed out and his drunk father loaded him in the car and drove home. So now all roads lead to Dollar Bill and suspicion is spreading about his weird mood is spreading via Wyatt and Floral hot pants Flo. A masterful Bill tore strips off the roach yesterday but will be needing Justin pretty soon the way things are going. Best thing I can predict is that Bill will play the drunk’s defence. Can Spencer publications be run from jail?

    Hope is convincing Liam he’s not going down for this. Liam says he would have done otherwise if he wasn’t unconscious. Well. if Vinny was a drug dealing ,paternity swapping loser mannequin, none of this mess would have happened…..,

    Curtain. Visitors disrupted my viewing pleasure today and yesterday.

  33. Between Zoey’s absolutely hideous outfit, today, and her absolutely hideous earrings, I almost didn’t notice what the heck was going on, with her shoulders.

    What on Earth is going on in the costuming department?

    I’m sure some plot-related things must’ve happened, but I couldn’t hear them over the sheer volume of Zoey’s outfit.

    • Bill asks Hope and Liam for twenty four hours so he can fix the wreckage of Vinny’s demise.

      But yes, Zoey’s outfit. If you can manage a screen shot, daisy. It stole the show.

    • Zoe’s dress and earrings were mind-blowing. She could work in a nursery and you wouldn’t find her. It was, “Yada yada Quinn, yada yada Carter”, but the dress and earrings screamed their own monologue.
      I tell you again, surely these clothes are designed by 12 year olds.

  34. I think I will have to draw a B&B outfit. I’m having some semi brain surgery on Wednesday so perhaps I should draw one while I’m still heavily sedated.

    FYI, for now, I opted for the less intrusive nerve cauterizing because the other requires too much time off. I might how for it around December.

    • Thinking of you. Best wishes.

      Zoe’s “dress” on an 82 inch tv. Too much to handle. You’re right, it looks much worse on TV.

  35. We get to suffer Zoe’s “dress” for another day.

    Liam and Hope are resistant to Bill’s 24hr request but soon start to cave in like puppets Bill is controlling. Wyatt and Flo aren’t in on the joke yet. They talk a load of garbage.The acting from Wyatt is sub standard. Thank the gods of soap operas that there’s an ad break to kill the pathetic scene.

    Carter, Quinn, Zoe, $hauna and Carter are in one room together. Zoey is the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on.

    Hope and Liam have the talk Bill urged them to have.

  36. Zoe throws a raft of dumb questions at $hauna, who assures her it’s over with Carter. Quinn blows a lot of smoke up Zoe and Carter’s wonderful future together. The uncomfortable vibe in the room subsides ……for now. Quinn and Carter are still making eyes at each other. Good luck, Zoey. These people are as slippery as eels on heat.

    Liam and Hope have a talk and then Hope decides that it’s best to go out with a bang. A night of sex. The kids are being looked after by some sucker. They could have called the cops, but Bill and their hormones are running the show now. Curtain.

  37. Liam looks good and ready for jail in his flanelette shirt as he and Hope sit down to the last supper. In the morning, Liam says they’ll go to the cops…… the morning. That’s along time on this show. They pick at their food but soon Liam is unzipping Hope’s dress, ready to enjoy dessert first.

    Paris warns $hauna to stay away from reunited Carter and Zoe. Brooke goes to Bill’s and plans a party to celebrate Hope and liam back together. Bill’s hitting the Scotch, having flashbacks to Vinny’s meeting his maker. Brooke says to Rasper something is fishy with Bill. He’s permanently drunk and in a hell of a jam, I’d say.

    Rasper crawls up Carter’s arse, praising the skill and integrity of his “best friend”. Carter says the night with $hauna meant nothing. He omits that he humped Eric’s wife instead. Integrity at work.

    Quinn tells Carter nothing can ever happen again between them. It will. Eric is Quinn’s “whole world”. Poor lady.

    Post coitus Hope tells Liam he’s a good man ( but a terrible actor) and that his family needs him. :Liam swears he’ll love Hope….even from prison. Hope starts to blub. Curtain.

  38. The only new development is Hope working on Liam toward keeping his mouth shut. She uses the carrot of family and the stick of prison. Hope seems to have an inner Bill after all. Douglas makes a brief appearance, we haven’t seen any of the other babies for yonks. The cast are too busy gossiping to work or care for children.

    • I’m getting fed up with the constant gossipping/narration repeating things we know. Thank goodness for the dreadful costumes. Now I know their purpose.

      Yes, who’d have thought Hope the angel, would be on the same page as Bill, the black hearted devil.
      Liam is already thinking about conjugal visits from Hope and Steffy.

  39. Finn came as Gopher from the Love Boat.
    How did we know Flubber was going to walk in the door and bluster his way through the exact same scene he has done 10 times? And why hasn’t Bill shown some muscle and said, “Fork off”.
    Steffie and Finn were so soppy, I didn’t need to put sugar in my tea. Things are going along too perfectly (if you don’t count paternity confusion, lab results switching, and Liam’s photo over the fireplace), so I think the doctor is going to bring bad news.
    Brooke was dressed like a terrible movie theatre curtain this week, whereas it’s ships ahoy navy blue for the deliriously happy Finn and Steffy, anxious Bill, and the sombre, grieving and paternal Thomas.

    And Hope strokes Liam’s
    head as she lays him at the altar of noble sacrifice. That guy can’t even sacrifice a night of sex with Steffy, so how’s he going to dob himself in for murder.

    • I knew Bill would get to the cop shop in time to thwart Liam’s martyrdom. Perhaps he’ll pressure Liam to confess to jaywalking for super sleuth Det Baker. Jail food isn’t tailored to suit Vegans, Liam. That Hope mannequin would be mighty handy in jail, while we’re at it. Better than nothing.

      Steffy and Finn were too sweet to stomach. A boy….yawn. Another child to neglect or foist off on to Donna , the family wet nurse.

  40. Liam gets rid of Bill and pretends to leave the cop shop. Bill’s at his office, waiting for him, but Liam sings like a canary to busy Det. Baker. Hope’s “proud” of him. Multi millionaire Bill looks like a real dumbarse to be sucker punched like this.

    Wait til Bill gets winds of this act of lunacy. All that evidence he got rid of…..for nothing.Justin’s work , all in vain.

    Steffy and Finn break the gender news to Raspoer and Roach. Steffy won an Emmy in 2018 for this. I had to pick myself up of the floor.

  41. Liam’s confession explodes in his face as Det Baker doesn’t believe a word of it that Vinny’s death was an accident. Liam doesn’t mention Bill’s part in the whole debacle and asks for a lawyer. Calling Justin. Questions are asked about the wherabouts of the car, Vinny’s wallet etc. Det Baker is a bad cop. Liam cops a murder rap.

    Liam’s led away from Hope , handcuffed, charged and ready to spend his first night at LA County Jail. Hilarious mug shot. Hope bawls to cellos and mournful piano. Saint Hope still tells Liam he did the right thing. She’s going home to a warm bed, Liam ‘s rotting in a place that doesn’t cater for Vegans. Careful in the showers, Liam.

    Frantic stressball Bill’s trying in vain to contact Liam, but Liam’s answering machine is all he gets. Wyatt demands answers. Bill’s skating on thin ice. Curtain.

  42. Yesterday Bill goes to fall on his sword at the cop shop. Det Baker responds by arresting both father and son.

    Hope gushes to Brooke that it’s all on Dollar Bill. The night of the crash is rehashed ad infinitum. It hasn’t got to Wyatt or Steffy yet.

    In about fifteen minutes , another gripping episode beckons. Loving Bill’s work.

  43. Vinny rehash time again, this time for Justin’s benefit at the jailhouse. Justin will want to be good to get these idiots of the hook.

    At the Forrester dump Rasper has gently broken the news to Steffy and the roach that Liam has been locked up for liquidating Vinny. They’ll tease it out that Bill was a rat in the incident. The roach brings out the hate. Brooke breaks it to those present about Bill’s role. The roach almost self combusts with anger.

    Meek Liam rehash to Justin continues. Hope gets emotional as the train coming at the other end of the black tunnel approaches. Liam was driving, Justin says and makes no promises. I reckon he’ll look after Bill’s back first.

    • Hope was suitably attired in black for the grim discussion with Justin. Hope looks forlorn as Liam’s lawyer time has run out. Liam did the right thing ? All roads lead to jail. Conjugal visits look a way off here. Hope the jail Tofu is good, Liam..Special mention to Brooke’s “outfit” Curtain. Thanks , Juz.

      • Brooke, “They can’t have their lives destroyed because of ONE AWFUL Night”.
        Which ‘one awful night’ is that Brooke?
        The one awful night where he killed Steffy, or the one awful night where he slept with Steffy, because I’m counting two awful nights, so far.

        And that’s not counting the awful nights when he married Steffy or the awful night when they produced Kelly.

        • Brooke’s delusional that they have lives to destroy. No pets, tv or normality. Just gossip. For once , Katie will be among the last to hear about this terrible secret.
          How come the roach’s “life” hasn’t been destroyed for ramming litlle Emma into a ravine? Was this not an awful night?

          • I have to laugh at the way Thomas keep s emphasizing, “(Vinnie ate babies) BUT HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND”, as if that should somehow clear his name.
            Thomas doesn’t have nightmares about killing people with his car the way Liam does

            I was saying last night to Woolif that Liam just fainted and snivelled like a little girl…until I remembered the community service ads and added…or little boy….except that doesn’t have the same ring. I’ll die bad. 😫

  44. Quinn and Carter are stll thinking about each other. Surprise. Warning that sunglasses could be required to cope with the awful colours Paris and Flo have been lumbered with today.

    Zoe walks in on Eric quizzing Carter after Carter brings up loyalty issues. Zoe’s outfit is atrocious , too.

    Paris blabs to Flo that $hauna and Carter had a thing. Paris is a bully.

    Eric dodders in to the room Quinn and Carter are rehashing the night with Carter. These people never learn to shut up about their bad deeds. I doubt if Eric will pick up on what went down. He’ll probably ask what’s up with Carter being distracted. ( He does) Eric doesn’t like rumours. he’s living in hell; if that’s the case.

    Zoe tells Carter she wants to move on past since Carter’s infidelity.

  45. $hauna lies to Eric that she and Carter had an affair. Lucky best firend $hauna is alive and not dead like Vinny to take the fall here. Eric swallows $hauna’s ruse like the old fool he is.

    Things are quiet from the jailhouse. Liam would be someone’s punk by now. This is not the greatest episode I’ve ever seen. Paris is most annoying.

    Shauna escapes her interrogation from Eric and Flo is telling Paris it’s impossible that $hauna and Carter had a thing. Soon the shite will hit the fan. $hauna walks and Flo asks her if she hooked up with carter. Of course, the curtain falls on this sorry scene. Lock the doors and do some work you Forrsesters et al.

    • Yep. Stand out line; nearly as glaring as Paris and Flo’s fashion concoctions, was Eric’s line, “I’m not one for office gossip”. That’s like Brooke saying, “I’m not one for sleeping with a close relative’s husband.

      As for the dresses; drop some carrot vomit into a jar of green gherkin relish (remember that disgusting stuff), and you have Flo’s costume smash-up, or fashion deconstruction. Paris wore a tiled mural in fluro and electric/ Metallica blue.
      Zoe had some horrible shoe leather top. Or was it a bicycle seat.

  46. Same fashion concoctions as yesterday. Paris’s yellow stockings we didn’t see yesterday, unless I was hiding my eyes.

    Once again, an ajar door turns all Quinn’s plans to manure. Paris hears it all ….she knows Quinn was in the Carterian sack. No one can ever know about this. Yeah. $hauna and Quinn’s plot is sky high. $hauna wants to be a better person and not lie to family like Flo. It’s normal on this show.

    Eric crows to Quinn about how great Carter is. We’ll see about that, Pop.

    Carter has flashbacks to naked bodies threshing about in his bed….Quinn. He’s moving on……like a glacier.


    • Little tip $hauna, you don’t have to tell your daughter, let alone the latest scavenging drop-in who you sleep with. And in their “office”. I use that term loosely.
      Zoe is still wearing her bicycle seat.

      • What about thre baby theft plot that Flo kept a “secret” from $hauna before she was filled in?

        I don’t blame Carter for thinking of better times with Quinn when he’s one on one with the bicycle seat.

        • A close mother and daughter bond means sharing knitting patterns, baby sitting, maybe having coffee or breakfast.
          If my mum even mentions sex, I have to put my fingers in my ears and go, “Lalalalalala”. I have however told her that her octogenarian followers on Sing Snap are probably pulling the pud to her songs. 😍. She really needs to watch Dr Phil.

  47. Carter has another erotic fanasy about Quinn and then decides it’s a good idea to propose to Zoe, who says she couldn’t stand any more betrayal. What does she see in dull Carter? The ring does look expensive.

    Paris teases $hauna before letting the cat out of the bag that she knows the truth. $hauna tries denial. Go do some charity work, Paris or some work for FC. $hauna says that the truth will destroy people’s lives. Paris reckons the truth makes everything better.

    Eric and Quinn try for a romantic night at the mansion. Quinn gets an expensive necklace from Eric for her treachery. Quinn tells the old goat she loves him.

    $hauna tries to buy Paris into the web of secrecy and lies. Eric moves in on Quinn’s neck like Dracula. Paris is non commital about the “secret” $hauna tries to enforce. I smell a black mailer a comin’. Curtain.

    • And I kept telling them to “Stop talking. Just stop talking”. Having been caught in the act of talking about getting caught in the act, they went home to talk some more about the act that they aren’t going to talk about anymore, and to get caught in the act doing so. 🤣

    • “What does she see in dull Carter?”

      Abs you could grate cheese on?

      Or more importantly, his bank account. He is the Forrester lawyer. If they paid him by the hour, he’d be the richest man alive.

  48. I’ve only managed to see the last five minutes, thanks to a narrow shopping window left in the freezing weather.

    Eric and Quinn have a night of passion. They want to renew vows and Carter squeams when he hears this, knowing he’ll probably be the celebrant. Quinn’s brought back to earth with a big thud when $hauna tells her Paris overheard the whole ruse being discussed. Hell, no one was ever going to know about this. Now it’s tawdry office gossip. Clueless Eric looks like a very old cat that got the cream. Soon , it will sour.

    Still the town crier Katie doesn’t know about it. Amazing.

    Paris is about to cough up some tough love for Zoe, who’s dressed in a normal outfit today. Paris is going to squeal on Carter and Quinn…… because she loves Zoe so much. Who knows what’s happening down at the jailhouse? Curtain.

    • We all knew Paris was a little trouble maker. Zoe knew it when she asked her to keep moving on. A wolf in a charity worker’s clothing.

      Yes, Zoe startled us all by wearing a normal, albeit dated Celine Dion pant suit.

  49. Just like in real life, Liam has a never ending stream of visitors to the jailhouse. Today it’s Wyatt , with an awful haircut. What better opportunity to rehash what happened to Vinny. Wyatt tells Liam he was an idiot to ask favours of the roach. Liam would leave a paedophile in charge of a kindergarten.

    Quinn is on her knees, begging Paris not to dob on her. Cuckolding Carter walks into proceedings, swears love for Zoe and begs Paris ditto to keep her trap shut. Zoe broke his heart and Quinn was lonely. So keep it under wraps, Paris.

    Paris ‘s stocks are improving, she has the boss’s wife and her COO lover at her whim. $hauna looks leggy and hot in her mini skirt and tries to comfort Quinn. There are seedy flashbacks to Carter and Quinn in the sack.

    The roach tells hope how he has nobly stepped up to protect her and the neglected kids while Liam rots away in jail. Rasper is impressed but Hope is as usual, flummoxed. Curtain.

    • Thanks, Dave. We accidentally watched this one last week, but without your fine recount. 😁

      I’m snuggled up in bed, out of harm’s way from the Winter Solstice and Lady Frostbite.

    • Thanks, daisy. Liam is still having a hectic social life in jail. I took a quick bath while Rasper and Finn played an appalling scene. Liam ‘s pulling some awful hangdog expressions.

  50. Bill has no remorse for his part in the crime, because Vinny was a scumbag. Wyatt demands that Bill rehash the night in question , so we suffer it yet again. Liam is to blame for the mess , says, Bill and screwed up by telling Hope. Bill starts verbally abusing Justin to start pulling strings. Justin looks pressured and paints a bleak picture for Bill’s predicament. Bill can’t reach for a scotch now, thanks to that drug dealing scumbag on the road..

    Liam gets an ear bashing from Hope to keep the faith in their family and not give up. The state Liam’s in doesn’t inspire confidence. That mannequin could have come in handy in jail. Liam is the weakest acting link. His expressions are pitiful.

    Sceptical Brooke is horrified at the loose cannon roach’s new role in looking after Hope and the kids. Let’s see ~ hydrfluoric acid bath, subdural haematoma, hallucinations, murder…..should he be looking after children?


    • derr, I forgot the resilient roach’s cliff fall out at the beach house, courtesy of Brooke.

    • Justin didn’t have to stretch his acting ability to look pained. Just sitting through Wipes’ 50th indignant, bellyaching scolding of Bill was enough for it to be authentic. Wipes’ “acting” has been truly dreadful.

  51. Brooke and the Rasper are at marital loggerheads once again. One thinks the roach is a sick , obsessive psychopath and the other a reformed son. Brooke isn’t the weakest link here.

    Liam, Hope and Justin are in a room at the jailhouse. Liam picks up Justin’s gloomy vibe and spreads it to Hope, who frowns on Liam’s pessimis. It doesn’t bode well. Det Baker breaks the pity party up, he needs to be bribed with a lemon bar or two.

    The roach has gremlins in his mobile phone and Zende offers to fix it. Pretty soon the roach’s texts start coming through and behold the twist because there is a text with video from Vinny of the night he vanished into the void. Vinny so loved the roach that besides fooling with paternity test results, he’d in fact commit suicide so that the roach can be with Hope. The video is dynamite and we wonder if the roach will keep this a secret because while he was having the beginnings of a Hope fantasy while his phone was being fixed. Vinny was so desperate to be someone in L.A. , he filmed his own suicide. The roach cries as he watches Vinny’s suicide and Bill’s dirty work. We see Vinny mown down. It’s spooky.

    Rivetting stuff. Curtain

    • Thanks Dave. I’m in Perth ATM and forgot to watch it, so your recount was very interesting, informative, fun.
      Very odd turn if events.

      But why aren’t Bill and Liam out on bail by now? They can’t be considered flight risks as they each dobbed themselves in.

      • I don’t understand why Liam and Bill are in with the general prison population. They’re two of the richest people in the world, right? There’d be no way they’d just be allowed to mix with the other prisoners. That would be about a thousand law suits waiting to happen.

  52. A tearful roach keeps watching Vinny’s suicide video. He decides he better tell Liam, Bill and Baker the truth.

    Katie visits Bill at the jailhouse and they waffle on to each other.Jocular Bill tries to be upbeat for Katie. They don’t know what the roach knows.

    Heavily pregnant Steffy and Hope waffle on to each other. They don’t know what’s going down either. It’s a yawn of an episode.

    The well meaning, reformed roach is getting ready to do the right thing and turn in Vinny’s suicide video to the law. Justin turns up and gets the lowdown from the roach. The roach is off to squeal to Baker but in a flash Justin knocks out the roach cold with a solid right. The curtain falls on this unexpected event.

    (Well, one surmises a resentful Justin has it in for his boss Dollar Bill and wants to keep him in the slammer. Justin Publications sounds good to him. He’ll either have to kidnap the roach and destroy his phone or perhaps the roach’s subdural haematoma will be reprised and the roach won’t remember a thing. About time the roach was flattened. The hospital beepers beckon)

    • Thanks Dave. I was watching, but Justin and Thomas were competing with news of Delta Goodrem covid.

      Scott and Gladys today…

  53. Justin deletes Vinny’s suicide video while relaxing in Bill’s chair. We don’t know what he’s done with the glass jawed roach.

    Hope and Steffy agree about what an arsehole Bill is and how he deserves punishment. Hope can’t tells the kids yet. Traumatized.

    Bill tries to bamboozle Katie with good vibes but soon he bemoans his and Liam’s situation and no chance for bail because “we’re flight risks”. Poor little Will isn’t sleeping. Boo hoo.

    Wyatt gets uppity with Justin for dragging his arse on Bill and Liam’s case. Justin tells him it’as all good…but the sinister muzak accompanying Justin says otherwise. Justin has gone rogue.

    Justin has the roach locked in a cage in some industrialesque dungeon with “hazard” signs aplenty. Justin pays him an unpleasant visit. Poor little Douglas will miss his murderous father.

  54. Justin gives the silent treatment to the roach’s escalating line of questions. The penny soon drops. The roach shouts that Justin is after Spencer Publications as he rattles the bars of his nouveau roach nest. Justin is silent and gives the roach a thousand yard stare, saying only that the roach is staying there indefinitely. Hope he’s left toilet paper for Thomas. Memo to Justin: dead men tell no tales. Curtain.

  55. Justin has a list of resentments against Dollar Bill a mile long. He has the furious roach locked up in the concrete reinforced bowels of Spencer Publications. The roach thinks his suicide video will make everything right but Justin has other plans. Bill’s years of sarcasm , demeaning comments and ingratitude have given Justin inspiration and motivation to do harm.

    Bill and Liam look forlorn in the prison yard. Rasper’s happy to see Bill locked up. Remember that bastard Bill chucked him from a chopper. We get a flashback to the awful day. Bill is public enemy number one.

    Curtain. The other material featuring Brooke, Hope, and Steffy was rubbish.

    • I could watch but not hear over cooking noises. So I was imagining what Justin was saying to Thomas.
      “I’ve licked that man’s boots and commited his crimes while his two idiot sons get to walk in like young idiot princes and will inherit everything, just because they are idiot spawn.

  56. Liam hasn’t bent over in the shower to pick up the soap yet.

    Bill will soon be in charge of the steam press.

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