Who will win MasterChef tonight? Kishwar, Pete or Justin?

Finally, tonight we reach the end of MasterChef Australia.

Who do you think will win – and who do you think should win?

Will it be Pete, who established himself as a front runner early on by doing that MasterCheffy thing of turning one vegetable into a whole dish.

Or Kishwar, who is an expert at balancing flavours, and whose restaurant or food truck I would love to eat it.

Or Justin, who we only noticed was in the competition halfway through, which could be a typical winner edit (remember Elena?). He gives me laidback, Andy vibes but he has obviously been studying hard in his downtime.

This year they are sticking to the usual format of three challenges set over two days of filming.

MasterChef airs tonight on Ten at 7.30 and wraps up at 9pm



  1. I think that we have it on good authority 🤣🤣 that Justin wins.
    I don’t care. I will be watching anyway.
    There will be drama, there will be tears, there will be family and shouting.
    I wish I could say that there will be fabulous cooking. Fingers crossed 🤞.

  2. If Bobi’s good authority turns out to be wrong, I’d like Kishwar to win. Although she has stayed with Bengali dishes mostly, her presentation of her food has improved, and she has developed a good understanding of which flavours meld with others. Also, she rarely got in a flap, which made her cooking more interesting to watch. She obviously needs to improve her knife skills, though, because her fingers are always covered in blue band aids or finger guards.

    Pete – meh. I got very bored with his weird ice creams and pureed vegetables. He’s been a bit cocky since that dumb slice of roast pumpkin got such a rave from the judges.

    I like Justin and he has obviously worked hard to improve his skills. But he still occasionally makes a really dumb move, as in last night’s fine dining tacos. I rolled my eyes so hard at that that my head still hurts.

  3. Serve Mel raw meat and you still get a 6 out of 10? Cooking 101, learn how to tell when your protein is cooked.

  4. Kishwar’s sardine dish looked yum. I think Pete is going places but giving 6/10 to a dish you would send back in a restaurant is in the nose. Kishwar got a 7 for overcooked fish but at least it would not give you food poisoning. Justin is fascinating in that most of the comp he seems to have no idea what he’s doing and yet the wheels must be turning furiously as he comes up with some “bangers”, as Andy would say

  5. My preferred winner is Justin. As for Pete, dishes are very similar….either a protein covered with vegetables and a puree on the side, some kind of weird ice cream or a vegetable with a puree. Kishwar has cooked too many curries and, for the most part, stays within her comfort zone, but when she tried to move away from her comfort zone during round 1 the judges dissuaded her.
    Both Kishwar and Pete were scored too high for the overcooked fish and the raw quail. The quail was the main part of the dish and was inedible so how can that be scored a 6 and a 7 does not make sense for overcooked fish.

    Judges made it seem as if round 2 was going to be super difficult but the contestants didn’t have to hero the ingredient that was chosen. Would have been more of a challenge if the quince, grapefruit and soy sauce needed to be the heroes of the dishes.

    Why are they dragging this out over two nights?

  6. I think they could have got this over and done last night. This isn’t holding my attention.
    I must have missed it during the early episodes but Justin is a former Hillsong pastor. I wonder if that’s former Hillsong or former pastor.
    My mind is wandering.

  7. Such a dramatic opening to this ep – Pete in bed, Kishwar sniffing some dead leaf, Justin gazing out soulfully at the skyline…*snort*

    Pete opened the door and walked in first without holding open the door for Kishwar and Justin.

    Rice Bubbles, Peter Gilmore, really?

    I’ll watch off and on. These sorts of recipes are hard to watch because we see little of doing all the intricate bits of a thousand step recipe.

  8. Well, ok, congratulations to Justin. He made a nice thank you speech. Applause to Kishwar for her shot at the bromance between Justin and Pete.

    Now to figure out what I watch at 730 tonorrow.

  9. Fast forwarded through a lot of the episode. The finale was too long and could have been completed in one episode rather than two.
    Pete was featured throughout the finale. Much more airtime than Justin and Kishwar.
    Congrats to Justin.

    • Gosh.
      Firstly, that was nice of him. I’ve always liked Peter Gilmore.
      Secondly, did I miss something? I wouldn’t want to herd Pete. I thought he was a bit of a nightmare.
      And thirdly, I thought Kishwar was a better cook.
      It then again, I wasn’t tasting.

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