General TV chat summer 2022

By Bobi

Hello all,
Just a quick chat not about that thing that’s not on everyone’s mind. 

I have had my third vaccination, otherwise known as a booster. I have taken to my bed with a cup of tea and a good book. I have never been known to pass up a good opportunity. Doggo is very happy because I let him up beside me for a cuddle. Who knows how many of these moments I have left. 

My ability to concentration is slightly impaired by imagined aches and pains.  Mary Berry’s Simple Comforts (SBS) is perfect for my foggy brain. She is a blessing at any time but especially now. She almost, but not quite, stops me from dwelling on the difficult decision of whether I am going to have to amputate my Covid arm.

Still, every crisis has a silver lining. I fell across Vera (ABC). Who knew? How did this one slip by me? There is nothing like a good, intricate, British murder to take my mind off my impending death and these two episodes (I know. Only two 🤷‍♂️) are perfect. Doom, gloom, justice and completely absorbing. 

I’m sure I will wake tomorrow. The dog demands a walk and needs must when the devil drives. 



  1. Thank you, Bobi. Mr 9 and I have been rewatching old Taskmaster episodes – his fave challenge is the throw the potato in the golf hole one. And this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see Snowpiercer season 3 is starting on Netflix. Great show for sci fi fans and a strong cast.

  2. Bobi, you write like a pro. I love the twists y turns; the balance of wit and nihilism, of gloom and hope. Very good. I enjoyed the read but not your pain. ❤️

    • Thank you. I enjoyed the hypochondria but not the flu-like symptoms.
      I’m good today although a little slow. I eventually took Juz’ advice and had a sleep with 2 Panadol. It was one of the Panadol, the sound sleep or time that fixed things.

  3. It’s the end of January. Isn’t it time for regular tv to start again? It seems to get later each year.

    I enjoy Vera. Mary Berry is a treasure and I love her. I also enjoy Paul Hollywood on any show where he bakes. Watching him knead dough is mesmerising to me :).

    Bobi, I’m glad you are mostly all right after only a couple of days. You shouldn’t need to cut your arm off after all.

  4. Every January I am surprised by how much sport there is on telly.
    If ever there was a sign of how British we still are, this is it. Going out in the hottest month of the year and running around like blue arsed flys for 5 hours. We are idiots. I am off sport at the moment. All this performative screaming is just so narcissistic but some people seem to like it.
    I am crossing my fingers for new shows for February.
    I am just momentarily disappointed that I let my Netflix subscription go (there was so much on SBS that I couldn’t keep up). They are advertising an improv show where they stage a murder with a comedian. I would so much like to watch that. Comedy and crime. My jam.
    It seems that the world is heading to paid streaming. In 10 years time I am going to be one of those people sitting in their rocking chair talking about the good old days when the ABC actually received funding.

  5. I couldn’t watch Vera. Seeing that woman play a pathetic, whiney, self-pitying mother in something has cemented her in my mind so I can only hear that voice, see that character.

    Yes, Netflix, Stan, iview, SBS streaming have played a big part in our viewing. I still like normal TV, but Woolif not so much.

  6. Ten is making an Australian version of Would I Lie to You. Surprised it took so long. Still waiting for a local Taskmaster.
    I hope it’s good but Rob, Lee and David are such a well-oiled machine it will surely pale in comparison.

  7. I’ve just finished watching Muster Dogs on the ABC. It was delightful.
    It was more than just about dogs. It was watching how the trainers worked with the dogs, and then how the dogs worked with the livestock.
    The finale as the dogs were in action appealed to every organised bone in my body.

    • I watch Muster Dogs, too. It’s okay.

      Many more dogs are suffering in puppy farms. I’ve seen farm dogs that don’t make the grade kicked mercilessly and shot. Mixed feelings. Oh well. I was just a boy, remembering sixty years later.

      I’m sobered by the terryfying, torturous death that the cattle ultimately face at abbatoirs.. Fortunately, the dogs don’t have to concern themselves with this.

    • I enjoyed Gogglebox. I like hearing people think just like me 🤣.
      It will be interesting to hear celebs critiquing their own – it could go either way – and I think I might be there for it.

    • Is it a one-off or a short series? It was announced today that, among others, the Irwin family is part of the show. Bleh, that puts me off.

    • Not me :).

      There aren’t many shows I’m looking forward to, aside from HYBPA and Gogglebox. I assume they’ll be back, although their seasons are so short recently that I might have missed a whole series because I blinked.

    • SAS is not my cup of tea. It feels like endorsed bullying and misogyny to me.
      I’m surprised that it hasn’t been called out. Maybe it’s a time and place.
      It’s a bit like Amityville Horror. In the 70’s, it was seen as a fabulous ghost story. Now it’s commonly seen as a story about domestic violence. The eye of the beholder.

          • You’re obviously not sitting in front of the tv much these days, Daisy. It’s Have You Been Paying Attention.

            I don’t watch The Project, but their recent promos are giving me a laugh. They’re promoting the show as though it’s a hard-hitting news show, and all the panelists are badass journalists. *snort*

          • Von, my daughter loves HYBPA but I have only watched about once.

            Yes, I am in front of telly but I have been caving to hubby’s preference for Netflix etc.

        • I know you can’t trust media reporting but I hope the case is going as badly as it is portrayed. He seems to be a deeply unpleasant person with a desire to shoot himself in the foot.
          There is something worrying about our justice system if it means you can only go to court if you have the support of a billionaire.

  8. A licensed restaurant here was closed today for opening and serving with staff who aren’t vaccinated, and serving customers without checking them for proof of vaccination. Those regulations came into effect 31 January and were widely publicized before that date, so they had plenty of warning.

    Cops went to the restaurant at 1 pm and gave them a warning. When they returned later, nothing had changed so one of the owners and another member
    of staff were arrested and taken to the cop shop. They were released and returned to the shop later in the evening. The owner said they were “doing it for the children”. What, giving children and families the opportunity to be exposed to covid 19? Idiots. Keep being stupid, break the law, lose your business.

    In other news, our premier and his family have been getting death threats. Death threats. What in the frigging hell is the matter with people who don’t see the pandemic as a threat to all of us, but only think of fairly simple rules to keep us all safe as an affront to their own selfish asses.

    • There are trolls and selfish people who are choosing covid, not only for themselves but for their state. Selfish pigs.

      No wait…. sorry to pigs everywhere. It’s unfair to any animal to compare them to these knuckle draggers, and by that I mean Neanderthals.

    • We had a cafe here that was forced to close temporarily because “those”protesters refused to wear masks.
      The irony of demanding the freedom to be unvaccinated while denying the rights of the cafe owner to serve who he pleased (because a latte is a basic human need) is not lost on us.

      • I see a lot anti vaxxers have found a new Messiah in Clive Palmer. He’s making speeches about, Give us freedom”, when what he really means is “money”, and change “us” for “me”.
        He would open up his dead grandmother if he thought she’d swallowed a dollar.

      • I’m playing a zen game on my iPad at the moment. The punishment for not making it through a level is a 20 second ad with Craig Kelly (same party).
        It is excruciating and obliterates all the hard work of the last five minutes.

        • Bobi, was fougasse one of the bread types you made when you were in lock down? Paul Hollywood was on SBS Food this morning, and he made one.He punched it really hard to get the indentations, and then used some kind of tool to make marks so it looked pretty. It was interesting to watch; he makes baking look so easy.

          He used sour dough for this. He went through how to make a sour dough starter. Don’t think I could ever be bothered with doing that, it’s like adopting a child.

        • I have not made fougasse. I had to google.
          I will add it to my To Do list. It looks interesting and, the reviews say, delicious.
          None of the recipes I found use sour dough which is a blessing. The only live thing in my fridge is yoghurt and that’s a constant battle. Anyone who who tells you that homemade yoghurt is easy has fiery pants. Luckily the dog likes it, no matter how it comes but then again, he likes all human food.

  9. The anti-vaxxers have closed down a fund raising event for a charity here in Canberra.
    I am wondering if they really understood their target audience?

    • But who is their target audience? Are they really trying to change anything, or do they just enjoy getting together with other like-minded, misinformed people?

      I have no patience left for anti-vaxxers. None. They ignore science and believe crap circulated on social media or by dimwitted politicians. Neither of which will be any help to them when they’re in hospital on a ventilator.

    • It’s horrendous they disrupted an event to raise money for Lifeline. Even worse is the fact parents kept their kids home from the specially planned kids’ superhero day at the big vax clinic, because there were, understandably, fears the protesters would target them so a heavy security presence was arranged

  10. I was finally able to get rapid antigen test kits today. I’ve watched a couple of videos on how to use them. Doesn’t look difficult, except I’ll have to open the box to see if I need to swab one nostril or two, or one and throat. And where the hell are my tonsils?

      • Do we even make those kits here? If we had to wait for Scotty to get his act together, we’d still be waiting for masks and vaccines.

        • Doesn’t Scott go to a Pentecostal church? Doesn’t he or anyone else there have the “gift of prophecy”? They should have seen the virus coming before it came. Their church should have told him he would need to shut the border, stop the cruise ships, get the vaccines (better still start making them), and get rats.

          Someone with the “gift of knowledge” could have told him the ingredients for a vaccines.

          Someone with the “gift of wisdom” would have their work cut out for them.

          • Scotty’s a Hill$onger. Their Pastor Brian Houston has just quit because he kept it inder wraps that his father was a paedophile. I imagine he’s made enough for a comfortable retirement…..but it seems the golden goose is goneski. The gift of proficy ditto.

            The Church recently had a mask defying, non social distancing Shindig for their young followers. Wisdom and knowledge on display there for sure.

    • Goodness. I think that was made in the ’80’s. She must have been very young, too young to be the murderer.

      Tv needs to improve right now. I’m even getting tired of Midsomer Murders and SVU.

    • Courtney looks very young. She plays a bride to be, so early 20s? Very pretty and not so thin.
      Murder, She Wrote was fun for a little while but now it’s same-ish. I’m a little tired of all the police being incompetent and letting a fiction writer follow them around. I’m waiting for someone to say, “Ma’am, stop trampling all over the crime scene and stop with the witness intimidation”.
      But I won’t stop watching for a while. The current episode has a very young Brian Cranston and the woman from The Terminator. As a training ground, we have Neighbours, the Americans have Jessica Fletcher.
      I’ve noticed that New Tricks is going back to the beginning. I might give that a go.

      • Brian Cranston got blown up in the first 10 minutes 😯 and Courtney had one minute scene at the beginning of the episode and one minute at the end of the second episode (it was a two parter).
        I guess you have to start somewhere.

  11. DWTS starts tonight. See you excited face 😆.
    I know this feeling won’t last long. Someone is going to annoy the living cr*p out of me, but just for the moment I am enjoying the anticip …….ation.

    • I plan to watch. Daryl will probably exasperate me early on, but that’s what the mute button is for.

      The schedule says Olympics figure skating is on after. I haven’t watched any of the Olympics, but I do enjoy figure skating, so I hope that schedule is accurate. Speed skating is another sport I’d have liked to see. Anyone else remember Ard Schenk? He was a speed skater from ages ago, but his skating was poetry in motion and his name has stuck with me all these years.

      • I enjoyed DWTS and you are absolutely correct – Daryl is a knob.
        I watched some of the Olympics. It was a bit hit and miss for me.
        Anything fast is good. Or twisty. Fast and twisty is spectacular.

      • Ice-skating is the best. I don’t mind a few of the winter Olympic sports.

        In summer Olympics, I like the high diving.

  12. Trying to watch the figure skating, which is exhibition routines and not competition. I didn’t know that. That’s OK, but every ad break is for that twat Clive Palmer’s UAP. Ugly Australian’s Party…I detest that man.

  13. So when is DWTS back? Tonight 7 has SAS Australia, which presumably goes for a while. If DWTS is not back on for ages, I’ll have forgotten who everybody is when it returns.

    While I’m having a whinge, why do manufacturers of cleaning products make everything so highly perfumed? Since cleaning products are also sparse on the shelves right now, I had to buy dishwashing liquid that has a scent called Citrus Blast. Blech, it smells so strong that I could taste it after squirting it into hot water. I had to slosh in vinegar to cut the scent before it permeated the whole house. It’s worse than a 14-year-old boy drenched in cheap body spray.

    • I know what you mean about store bought. The smell is sharp and gets to the back of my throat.
      I make my own. They work just as well and when you get into the swing of things, easy as to make.
      I like to add my own scent. It comes from the garden. There’s a lemony plant that I make tea from which is delightful. I can hunt down the name of you are interested.

      If you couldn’t be bothered, I also buy Bosisto’s. It smells of eucalyptus and, I must confess, I do love eucalyptus. Australian owned. Or is that made. I can never tell the difference.

      • I make my own disinfectant spray, and for general cleaning I mostly use vinegar or bicarb soda. Dishwashing liquid I buy, but the cheap, very lightly-scented one I always use was out of stock.

        Bosistos is Australian made and Australian owned. I use their laundry powder.

        Although I rarely add scent to anything, I’d be interested in the name of your lemony plant, if it’s not a hassle for you to find the name. Thanks for the link to other cleaners.

        • Lemon verbena.
          It’s a pretty plant. The scent is very mild and the tea is delicious, assuming that you like the odd herbal tea here and there.
          I was going to make the “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea” joke but it kind of doesn’t fit – so disappointing – and I can’t think of another. I don’t think I’m funny today.

          • Thanks, it is a pretty plant. I’ll ask neighbours if they have any to take a cutting from, or look for it it a nursery. I don’t buy herbal teas, but if I can grab something from my garden to make a different tea, I would try it.

            Since I am having a “why did I come into this room?” day, I doubt I’d have got your joke anyway :).

    • Some of those hand sanitisers you use as you enter shops hit me right in the back of the throat. I abhor heavily scented detergents etc. I have to wash my clothes separately to Mr Juz as he drowns them in floral fabric softener, while I just chuck some bicarb in.
      Any cleaning tips for cleaning shower grout gratefully received. We may be selling our house and it needs a good spruce up!

      • I’ve had success with bathroom grout using Di~ San, available at Aldi for $4. General washing powder, stain remover. Make paste , apply, wait and wash off.

      • Nothing beats the old toothbrush, plus “stuff” (I’m a fan of Gumption) and scrubbing. I suspect that it’s more erosion than product.
        Hard work but much satisfaction. The kids and I used to make a game of it. My parents called it slave labour. I paid them in musk sticks.

      • In the event of your house going on the market, I think hiring someone to steam clean your bathroom tiles and grout would be worthwhile. You can hire a steam clean machine, but I’d prefer a professional do it. Costs vary, but I’d pay up to $200 to have someone do my small bathroom. I hate scrubbing grout!

        Otherwise, whatever cleaning product you use and a stiff toothbrush works. I put music on loud and take a drink into the bathroom while doing that.

  14. There was a news story tonight that gave me a laugh. A local council put up a basketball hoop in a park a few months ago. There have been complaints of noise from people shooting hoops very early and very late, so the council is planning to remove the hoop now.

    Channel Nine news said a survey showed 77% of residents wanted the hoop to stay, and 33% wanted it to go:).

  15. A similar thing happened in Dalleyellup. The Chapel shire put up a hoop and it drove the residents nuts.
    I guess, in your story, Von, the 33% lived close by and might not have had teenagers, while the rest lived further away.
    I couldn’t live next to youths all night going, “bounce, bounce and guffaw f**k, f**k”. I couldn’t live beside a tennis court either. The thwack, bounce, thwack bounce, would do my head in.

    But at the end of the day, it would all be better than living next door to Putin ATM.

  16. Maybe I’ve had a busy week but it looks like DWTS is only on once a week.
    This show is going is not going to finish until Christmas.

  17. I don’t think I’ll make it through the whole shebang tonight – there are too many dancing pairs for my concentration span – but I can see how this is going.
    Darryl is so annoying. Why did they bring him back? Why don’t we have someone, anyone, else.
    Sonia is looking very thin. Maybe it’s just the dress but, I don’t know.
    Denni Hines is 51. I feel old.

    • I’ll probably watch the whole episode. I need a respite from this week’s news -Ukraine, Queensland floods, covid taking off here – some of which had me in tears several times. A silly show that doesn’t require my attention much might help. May even have a look at First Dates, although I doubt I’ll last long at that one.

      Darryl is a royal pain. I think I’d even rather have Eddie McGuire hosting, and I really, really dislike him.

      • I am absolutely with you on avoiding the News. I have turned everything off. I know that it’s not very mature of me and I should just keep across it all but it’s like a tsunami coming at me.
        My Trump-voting daughter and her husband came to visit on Saturday and he tried to man-splain to me why the NDIS is a bad thing, why they don’t give money to charities, and why private schools deserve more money. And I have been brooding ever since. I have seriously got my knickers in a knot.
        I have turned to cooking shows while I have breakfast instead of anything else. My tolerance for anything deeper than a puddle is non-existent.
        The cook is slicing an asparagus down the middle and frying it, and my imagination moved to thinking that that’s what we should do to right-wing sanctimonious nut-jobs.
        So yes, even Darryl looked good last night.

    • Haha, I expected Deni to look 51. Nope. And she has gorgeous legs. I try to watch the dancer’s feet so I can criticise as though I know anything about dancing, but Deni’s legs took all my attention.

    • I didn’t know who you meant. Now I know it was Angie Everywhere. She must have done every reality show by now, maybe not SAS. She thinks she is more talented and popular than she actually is. Good riddance.

    • I think the money is too good to turn down. I would imagine that her employment opportunities are few and, as she’s not as sharp as the other one, it doesn’t translate into talking gigs.
      There can’t be anything left so it’s unlikely that we’ll see her again.

  18. I watched Would I Lie To You last night. As expected, it suffers in comparison to the original. There were only a few good one-liners. Chrissie cackles loudly at every single line and lowers her head to the desk as though she just heard the funniest joke ever. It seemed to me as though they are using a laugh track, too, as shots of the audience reactions didn’t fit with the raucous laughter blaring from my tv. Not recommended :(.

    I’m looking forward to Gogglebox, celebrity version or otherwise. And hoping for a return of HYBPA, although I’ve seen no promos for it.

    • Good to know. I caught five minutes towards the end and thought that maybe I just wasn’t in the mood. I won’t waste my time. The real thing is still available.

    • Yep, I don’t know why, but TV wise, the Brits have the comedy trophy, hands down.

      Now what does “hands down” mean?

      • It originates from horse racing , where the jockey lowered hands when the horse will win easily.

        Tonight we could say ” Hey, Scomo has caught Covid hands down ” ie easily.

  19. This was overshadowed by so much bad news.

    Goodbye Rod Marsh. You were, and will remain, a legend. The best keeper in my years of watching cricket, and not a bad batsman. Rest in peace, mate.

    • And Shane Warne has died. I’m having trouble believing that, he was young. This is a sad, sad day for cricket.

    • It’s been a difficult week. I’m not really sure how to process it.
      I am very sorry about Rod Marsh. He was always a delight to watch. Truthfully, I’ve always thought of Shane Warne as a knob but that doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I’ve lost many years of being irritated by him that won’t be replaced by anyone else.
      Cricket has been less and less interesting to me over the last half a dozen years. I think the death of two of the best players in such a short time has made cricket completely irrelevant to me from here on. I won’t say that it’s the end of the game but I don’t know anyone anymore who plays or even watches any more, so it might be a struggle.
      As you can see from the above, it’s complicated.

      • Well put, Bobi. Rod Marsh is really sad. Don’t really know how to feel about Warnie because I always felt that his exceptional skill didn’t negate his immoral behaviour. But any death too young is sad, and tragic for his family and kids.

  20. DWTS is a nice distraction tonight.
    It’s only half way through. The dancing is not as good as last week, which was pretty spectacular, and the jokes are fairly average. Still the music is good. I haven’t heard some of these songs in such a long time.
    I’m reading a book during the long filler moments so I’m relaxed.

    • Maybe I should grab a book, too. I just about turned off after the tears and choked-up judges after Grant Denyer’s performance. I’m glad that Grant recovered from his injuries, but, frankly, I’m not interested in anyones sad back- story. This is a nice little dancing comp, not Dr. Phil or an Oprah interview.

  21. I got to the interesting bit in the book and I missed who got sent home. I’m guessing that I wasn’t invested tonight.

    • Ah. Interesting. She’s a much better dancer than a number of the others. I’m guessing poor choreography? That happens.

      • I don’t remember what either couple did for their featured dance. But for the Salsa, the judges told them to go out there and have fun. Bridie looked as though she’d already decided that they’d lost, and it showed in her dancing.

  22. It’s DWTS night tonight. I have settled in with the tv, my iPad, a book and the dog on my lap.
    I enjoyed the opening number. The Argentinian tango danced in some sort of contemporary fashion to I’m Only Human. It was fun. I like the song.
    Olympia is on next. It was a bit ordinary and the producers used so much smoke that you couldn’t see anyone’s legs. Of course the judges disagreed with me and gave them 9’s and 10’s so what would I know.
    Rob Mills did the quick step. “Cute” apparently.

  23. I’m a little bit bored at this point. I’m trying to decide whether to have a cup of tea. I’m of an age whereby these decisions are difficult. I do like a full night sleep.

  24. Sam Mac has been sent home. I think he is weather man?
    He was entertaining. I think it was fairly obvious to everyone, including himself that he was outclassed.
    I’m surprised that he lasted this long. Smoke and mirrors.
    At least he was good natured about it all and didn’t take it too seriously.

  25. Anyone else watch Life On The Outside last night? I found it interesting, if a bit disjointed, having to figure out which ex-prisoner went with which family. I’m sure I’ll figure it out as the series goes on.

    I have doubts about the motives of one family in particular but am trying not to be too judgmental, since inviting a recently-released prisoner into my home is not something I would ever consider doing.

    • Me neither Von. It would be way too risky. And one Dil would NEVER let my grandkids visit with an ex crim in the house. And fair enough.
      Even Doc Phil doesn’t invite them home but sends them to Pony Camp.

    • Yeah, I watched it. A couple of the new housemates have disappeared already. I’m pretty suss about Mr Jaknowhadimean, too.

      ” Here’s the keys to the house!” As if these folk need keys to get in.

      Also tonight World’s Toughest Prisons just happens to be West Ukraine.

      • Hahaha; “they don’t need keys”. 🤣🤣🤣. It would be more dangerous than being hooked up for a blind date with a stranger on First Dates. Woolif and I are just being “introduced to the sensuality coach.

  26. Rod Marsh’s funeral service got about 30 seconds coverage on ABC news tonight.
    I found that sad and somewhat disrespectful.

    Unless that was his family’s wish, he deserved more.

    • I must admit that if I was Rod Marsh’s family and I had been watching the Shane Warne coverage then I’d be saying “Tone it down, guys”.
      But then again, who knows? Decisions about what is supposed to be news is a mystery to me.

  27. We had our first close contact experience this week. Fortunately I rat tested negative every day for three days and have no symptoms.
    Sadly the shock took my mind of more serious troubles like Ukraine.

  28. I know that I’m the only one who’s really into politics (the SA election is today) but surely I’m not alone in saying that Antony Green is a national treasure. He could make watching grass grow into something interesting.

    • I looked him up, but couldn’t find a photo, so I’m not sure which analyst he is. I should say which psephologist he is. I don’t think I have ever seen or heard that word in my life :).

      I think you have a new Labor government. Congratulations.

      • Yes, he’s very good. He didn’t predict the scope of disaster for Liberals, I might add.

        Then there were the hilarious scenes from the ex Premier, caught live muttering “get me the **** out of here” to his minions and then “You couldn’t organise the ****ing car!” after his ever so gracious concession speech.

  29. DWTS tonight was fun.
    Sinai is looking spectacular tonight. What I wouldn’t have done for legs like those when I was younger.
    I did get bored in the middle but it’s not the fault of the contestants. This is just a long show.

    • It is a long show. I think they could easily cut ten minutes of Daryl and Sonia rabbiting on about nothing. At least Sonia refrained from making any juvenile smutty jokes tonight.

      I’ve noticed that when the less talented guys are dancing, they do a lot of flinging their partners around and less dancing, pretty much standing flat-footed while throwing their partners over their shoulders, between their legs, or over their heads. But one of those pairs, Chris and Siobhan, made it through to the finals, so what do I know.

  30. I complained to the manager.
    Staff and clients unmasked.
    Two staff wearing masks below their nose or around their neck.
    3 unmasked clients and one wire hers under her nose.

    And me having to go home to the heart attack patient. And into school. I firkin can’t work if I get C.

    • Not the greatest advertisement for Woman’s Day I’ve ever seen. No risk of the subject being on the cover….

      Great photo.

        • Oh, I’ve been called an unprintable name at the Supermarket after telling someone they lacks a mask. I’m just too slow with the phone cam to catch these selfish super spreading simpletons.

          Asking people to pick up their dog droppings will get one some flak, too.

          Society gone to hell.

  31. This is what an anti vaxxer I know posted. She is, of course, referring to covid.
    I am pretty sure she never passed high school, let alone studied immunology.

    • Covid is not a cold.

      The flower drawings on that page are pretty. Too bad the words are complete bullshit.

      • Yes, I know, but she thinks it is.

        She thinks the Vax has the mark of the beast in it.

        Why do people like that, who never passed high school, think they should dish out medical information. So frustrating.

        • What is even more frustrating is that other stupidheads listen to her and believe her crap.

          Woolif is home? How is he doing?

          • Looking for more sympathy than he’s getting. I’ve been telling him for years to stop eating his way into a fat coffin.
            The heart attack was a warning. Now he’s listening. He had 2 stents put in his heart.

          • What is frustrating with these ignorant, unqualified medical advisors is that there seem to be way too many of them. Wouldn’t you ask yourself, “Mmmm. I’ve never actually studied medicine, so perhaps I don’t automatically know all about epidemics and viruses”. I mean wouldn’t you just have a little bit of that humility?

          • If I seem a little heartless, maybe I am, I have had so many things thrown at me in the last two years that I no longer react. I have no pulse.

    • A cold is caused by a virus desperately trying to stay alive, replicate and spread.
      Nothing to do with cure or waste products.
      Okay, maybe not desperately. That implies emotion. Just survival.
      But, you know, science.

  32. I enjoyed DWTS tonight.
    Sonia looked lovely again. I continue to wonder why Darryl was asked to front this show again.
    The dancing was a lot of fun. This is a talented bunch.
    I didn’t agree with who was sent home (or rather who was kept) but that seems to be par for my judging.
    The Grande Finale is going to have a lot of couples competing. Maybe they shortened the season a little too much? I’m surprised to hear myself say that.

    • I enjoyed it last night, too. Can’t say I liked Sonia’s half-there dress; it’s a style that always looks not quite finished to me, as though the dressmaker cut the pattern wrong. 🙂

      I especially liked Courtney Act’s (can’t remember his birth name) and partner’s number. Aside from any message it was sending, I thought it was a lovely and well-choreographed dance.

      • Shane something. That’s all I remember.
        I thought it was interesting to hear him talk about dancing as Shane. I had never thought of it like that. Enlightening. I like to be enlightened.

    • I don’t get it.
      Of course it’s sad but it’s sad when anyone dies. And I know he was young-ish but it’s sad when anyone young dies.
      The only thing that I can think of that accounts for all of this is that he was “media”. They are not glorifying him because he was a cricketer, or because he was a “good bloke” but because he was one of their own.
      That’s my guess.
      If that’s not it then I’m perplexed.

  33. Well DWTS ended tonight and I enjoyed it very much
    I do add the caveat that Darryl should retire (he’s 70 and it shows) and there is lot of filler that allows me to read a book.
    I didn’t love Sonia’s dress tonight. It was shiny and glittery and all that and yet, slightly underwhelming.
    The judges were kind as they should be in a grand finale and the dancing was very impressive.
    I would have been happy for almost any of the pairs to have won. I say “almost” because even though they were all excellent, some were more excellent than others.
    The winner was clearly decided on just tonight’s performance. I know that’s an odd thing to say but the most impressive performer overall for the season didn’t make it to the final two. It was understandable but disappointing. That’s the way a competition works. 🤷
    Grant won.
    His dance was joyful and exuberant and I’ve always loved the song.
    I know that a lot of people will be arguing for Courtney but her dance was a just a bit meh and I think it relied a lot on the lights (which really was a lovely bit of stage craft but not really dancing).
    So there you go. It’s nice television. Until next year.

    • I enjoyed the final as well. I wonder, though, why the judges gave scores since their scoring meant nothing in the results. They should have just commented without giving numbers.

      Agree that the best overall team didn’t make it to final two, but Grant’s win wasn’t unexpected. I was surprised that the prize money for the winner’s charity was $20,000, thought it would have been more.

      I’m looking forward to MasterChef now, although already sick of the many, many promos for it. I noticed that one of the home cooks is shown as a “Tik Tok Influencer”. Blergh. Fancy identifying yourself as that. I wonder if she’ll have to stop throughout her cooking to take pictures of her prep and her dish.

      • I must admit that I hadn’t twigged to the prize money. Usually it’s supplemented by viewer votes and I’m guessing that didn’t happen this year being Covid and all. In hindsight, stingy amount given that it rated well.
        I am very excited for Master Chef. I have always enjoyed it. It allows for that right balance of between admiring the cooking, sometimes the cooks, and giving plenty of opportunity for me to be being scathing about … lots of things. They still haven’t got the judges right (why did they pick Andy?) but I love a nonna, and we all know the food is cold when they taste 🤢. Absolute fun.

        • Oh, snarky and scathing comments here are often the best parts of some episodes.

          I hope that The Favourites will be relaxed and more likely to have some fun with the challenges than before. Suppose that depends on their competiveness and the skills of The Fans. At least, I’d like fewer tears overall.

      • If it fits with the viewing schedule, I might give MC a go this year. Tonight, it will be First Dates.

        BTW only Olivia and Jackson from mafs are still together. Mitch couldn’t wait to Ditch. Rumours of him and moving onto (I forgot her name) were true. But even that didn’t go anywhere.
        I read that the sexperts have got about 5 out of 70 right.

  34. I’m just here for a whinge. Where else can I go?
    Ranting will make me feel better.
    The television pictures this morning are glued to Kirrabilli House, and the plane on the tarmac at Sydney Airport, waiting for the PM to jet off to Canberra so that he can set a date (of only 2 possible choices) for the election.
    Please explain to me the possible news value a stationary plane in Sydney? Are we going to follow the plane in the air? Are we going to watch it land? And then we are going to follow a car? For a date we already know? And most of us have zero interest in this anyway. This is news?
    It drives me crazy. It’s like things to do with Kim Kardashian being headlines. Who
    decides this crap and what alternative reality are we living in.
    Fed up and we have six weeks to go. Fffs

    • Nooooo.
      They did. They did. They interrupted Insiders to show the plane landing in Canberra. We now have live pictures of the plane taxi-ing.
      It has stopped. We are walking. We are entering the car. We are driving.
      What is wrong with these people? Am I out of touch? It’s me, isn’t it? It’s just me.
      Obviously this is fascinating. 😯 I’ll have to get on board.
      No Talking Pictures. I only tune in for that segment. 😢

      • It was a real bad look Scomo having a woman on hand to open his car door to let him out after that rivetting drive. Scotty should really be in a paddy wagon and locked up.

        • Scott Morrison, living the life of a super-elite, flying in on a private jet; why wouldn’t the media want to film him scratching his nuts?

          I thought there have been politicians I disliked, bit I don’t know have any have bey as well deserving of my utter disgust than King Scott. I say King Scott, because I can see that in his mind. He thinks he is Royalty with a capital R. N

          • No, not royalty. Anointed by the hand of God. Destiny.
            My most disliked politician was Tony Abbott. The stories of him behind the scenes here in Canberra are awful.
            And just to show that I am an equal opportunity disliker, the stories here about Kevin Rudd are almost as bad. It’s just that he wasn’t in power as long.
            So, I don’t know today. I might have to wait a year or two for the dust to settle before I place Scott in the ranking.
            Just to end on an up note, there are some good politicians, really. Trust me.

          • I don’t think Scomo realises how much he is not only mistrusted, but vehemently disliked. He seems oblivious to anything that doesn’t personally affect him, and his ability to read or empathize with the public’s mood on any subject is nonexistent.

            He has a rude awakening coming to him. I hope.

      • It’s not only you. That filler crap drives me nuts, too. The only reason for a plane landing to be shown is if the plane is in danger (no, I’m not wishing that on Scomo or anyone else).

        I didn’t watch Insiders this morning. But I knew the election date had been called when there were suddenly election ads for Labour. I didn’t immediately turn to channel 24, because whatever. The day after the election is the interesting one.

  35. I have no idea why it made the news reports here, but there was film of Times Square, New York when there was a loud noise, and people who heard it took off running. Later report said the bang was a manhole cover blowing off.

    With all that we fuss about and try to deal with here, at least we don’t automatically have to think “active shooter” if we hear a bang while out and about.

      • Scary people out there alright. I’m seeing them crying on Ma$terchef promos all day. I want cooks , not sooks. The Dog House and not the $ob House.

    • I know what you mean. The USA is a funny country. I have a generalised worry.
      I’ve never understood why a car crash in California or a tornado in Kansas makes the 7.00 News here. I’m guessing it’s because there are images and that makes it more sensational. It’s either lazy journalism or American ownership/content, idk. It just doesn’t make it more relevant to me.
      I had a big long rant on everything that is wrong with American society. Suffice to say that I deleted it.
      It is early morning here and I’m feeling very annoyed with the world. Too much politics and not enough Master Chef which, btw, I am so looking forward to. Maybe even slightly more than Lego Masters. It’s a toss up.

    • Goodness gracious. That put me off my cup of tea.
      I’m all for body positivity and the rest of it, but that there should never be seen out in public.

    • While that enormous butt is particularly terrifying, it’s the Peep show at the crotch that I find a very disturbing extra.

      Please, please tell me the seats are thoroughly cleaned after use. Better still, replaced. At least she was ready for a body search.

      I wonder if that attire would make her more,.or less likely to be profiled for the cavity search. Some of those security officers must get PTSD.

  36. If anyone needs some viewing suggestions, I rate the following between 7 and 8 or 9.
    Smother S1 and 2 ABC Iview.
    Deep Water; ABC Iview.
    MANIAC, Netflix.
    Wallander. ABCIview.
    Tabla Rasa. Netflix.
    The White Queen, maybe Stan and or Netflix.
    All the subsequent seasons after White Queen; The White Princess and The Spanish Princess.
    Ordinary Lies. Not sure what channel but very good.

    For something stupid, but light, Hard Cell with Catherine Tate on Netflix.
    For something, you’d never think you’d watch but has a good story; Hemlock Grove. That’s one I would never have thought I’d enjoy but I did. An 8.

    • I thought I would give Something About Pam a go on C9. It’s true crime and another example of America-is-a-crap-place-to-live.
      I gave Netflix up. They kept raising their prices and, oddly, it turned out that everything I liked was Disney and they lost that contract.

    • I am halfway through the White Queen on Netflix. The premiere was not great but it improved as it went on, and I do like Janet McTeer. At first I thought the female lead was Margot Robbie

  37. Having watched all those, we are going through some of the Nordic ones on SBS to find a gripping series.

      • Coincidentally, we are watching The Rope. Middle of ep 2 and it seems a bit dumb so far.
        We finished watched watching Dark Woods this afternoon. That was about an 8.

        • The end of 2 episodes and nothing has happened. Watching this series is like following The Rope. A wild goose chase.

      • OMG The Rope; that’s 4 hours of my life I’ll never get back. “4hours?”, I hear you ask. “Why did you watch for 4hours?”. Because, like the people following the rope, I thought there would be a reason.

    • I watched Paddington. Again. It is delightful.
      I think it has been rated the best movie of all time, or it that Paddington 2.
      Doesn’t matter. It is two hours of absolute joy.
      Just as an aside, my grandfather used to raise his hat to everyone’s just like Paddington, even when he went to Sydney, so a bit of nostalgia thrown in, as well.

  38. I watched all of Severance last night. I couldn’t stop. It was a case of, “Just one more episode”.
    I highly recommend it. It’s a clever little ….sort of satire or parody…..or light-hearted thriller. I guess you might categorize it depending on what you get out of it.
    It’s on AppleTV+. I give it a 9. It’s nice to find something different to watch.

  39. Dennis Waterman has died. He was one of my favourite actors, and I’m sad. I still watch New Tricks, but I think his best role was in The Sweeney. Travel easy, dude.

  40. “I’m seeking a second term because I’m just warmin” up!”

    Jesus. How much worse coulod he get?

    Come on, someone was going to mention the election some time :).

    • 🤣🤣🤣
      I have not been game enough since someone who I can’t remember expressed some displeasure.
      I must admit to being amused by some of the statements. Not picking sides but my favourite to date is, “I’ll change if you re-elect me”.

  41. ” I’m a bit of a bullshitter….I mean a bulldozer”

    I’ll be “deves”tated for ya $cotty.

  42. Caroline Jones died.
    I feel so very sad.
    When I was growing up, there were very few women role models. She was one of them. She was also front and centre of one of my favourite shows, Australian Story. Lovely show.

  43. Let me make some sweeping comments about the election last night. I am sure that that I will say something that will offend absolutely everyone (no man left standing 🤣) but I may as well get this over and done with in one hit. No point in a drip, drip conversation.
    Good luck to me 😀.
    My crush on Antony Green is still firmly in place. ❤️
    The ABC coverage of the election was woeful. The disappointment over the trends were palpable. Or maybe we just all love a train wreck.
    Nothing unbiased here at the ABC /s. I am now waiting to see if Insiders follows the same line.
    Even Laura Tingle was off her game. She is my girl crush. 🌹
    Who on earth didn’t see the flow of votes to women who unsurprisingly had to run as Independents to get a look in. 12 out of the 14 new members are women. Where have both parties been over the last 2 years that they missed the very, very loud feedback? Ffs.
    Climate change, of course. Surprise, surprise. 🤦‍♀️
    Anthony Albanese’s acceptance speech was good. A reminder of why Labour picked him as leader. Now I just hope that he can do everything he says he wants to do. I hope but I have doubts.
    The media will crucify him of course.
    Scott’s concession speech was a shocker. Even during his departure, he showed that he still didn’t get it. He thanked lots of “men”. Tradies. No health care workers.
    Maybe we are not following the American trend after all. No divine intervention, no thanking of God. Fingers crossed this path is now closed.
    Josh Frydenberg’s concession speech was much, much better. Very gracious. Maybe if he had been PM, we wouldn’t be in this awful pickle. Or maybe we would be in the same pickle but at least be on the same page.
    Lots of talk about how the Libs have lost moderates so things will be worse next time the Libs get in. My answer to the moderates is that maybe they shouldn’t have rolled over so easily.
    Barnaby Joyce made some really good points. Maybe he’s not such a numnut after all. The Nats didn’t lose any seats.
    I like Kristina Keneally but I wouldn’t have voted for her either. I hope that’s the end of parachuting.
    Have a missed anything? A mishmash? Im guessing that that will be politics from here on. Don’t you love it? 💕

    • It’s 4 pm in the afternoon and I tuned in to Sky News out of curiosity.
      Bless their tiny cotton socks, they don’t appear to be aware that Scott Morrison is no longer PM 🤣🤣🤣.
      This must be what it’s like to be a Trump voter. 🥸

    • I think I’ve found the best way to watch election coverage: don’t.

      I didn’t turn tv on until after polls closed here. First up was Ch 9, where Julie Bishop was being a rude snot to and about everyone and everything Labor. Over to ABC, where I could only watch open-mouthed for about 15 minutes – what the hell ABC? That was enough, so I switched to a movie.

      I checked a couple of newspapers late evening, got the results, and had my little celebration.

      I’ve seen all the concession and victory speeches today, some gracious and mature, some sour grapes whiny. Who didn’t see the flow of votes to women? Well, a lot of candidates on both sides, but mostly Scotty. It may have been a surprise to him, more than anyone else in the whole country, but when has he ever done more than give lip service to women anyway? The same for climate change.

      I fell asleep a few minutes into Insiders this morning. How were they?

      Albanese may or may not be another Bob Hawke, but he has the chance and hopefully the numbers, to make real changes and I think he will listen to what people say.

      Last, I won’t get any more ignorant texts from that UAP bozo.

  44. Tonight’s episode of Bluey was “The Quiet Game”. I’ve seen it before, but it still makes me laugh out loud.

    One of the reasons for that is the music. The composer who does the music for Bluey is brilliant – a rock star in his field.

      • Have to admit I’m a big fan as well. 6 year old grandson loves it that he can chat about Bluey and Bingo with me. And loves playing “Janet & Rita” with me.

  45. Tricia, Perth Zoo’s oldest elephant, and one of the oldest anywhere, died last night. She was 65.

    I’m not a fan of zoos and have only been to Perth’s once, but I remember seeing Tricia as a highlight of my visit.

    Pretty sure I’m not the only one who shed tears upon hearing the news of her death.

    • I know it’s awful but I had a ride on a elephant when I was a child and it is still one of my highlights. So long ago.
      It will be interesting to see how things change in another 10 years.
      Maybe we won’t have journalists claiming Kyrgios as the first Australian to be in a final since 2008 because, you know, women and disabled people aren’t real Australians.
      Or asking a sportsperson how she felt about Kyrgios because her value is based on her relationship status, obviously.
      I’m a little stirred up but back to the matter in hand.
      Yes, I had a small tear when I heard of her death.

  46. Yes, Von. I’m an historical relic from another century. Like Bobi, I rode the elephant, wearing a white broderie Anglaise dress, ankle socks, patent leather shoes, and bows in my plaits; not fancy braids. Then we saw poor Jimmy the chimp puffing away on his Mulborough and the lions squashed in their concrete cell. There are definitely changes I hate and changes that we can all appreciate.

  47. Speaking of things from the last century, Larry Storch from F Troop just died at 99.
    I used to love this show so much.
    I’m fairly certain that the humour was basic, and the Indian characters were definitely not of Indian origin ( even I could figure that out) but it was so joyous and good natured that I looked forward to it every day.

    • Pretty sure most of it would be banned nowadays. It would be fun to watch an old show we loved with every politically incorrect word bleeped. 🤣 We wouldn’t hear much. Let’s start with “Indians” bleep. Yikes.

    • Native Americans then, Daisy.

      I loved F Troop. And the name of the tribe was the Heckowis, which referenced a very old joke with the punch line being Fuckawis.

      So long, Agarn.

        • I just glanced at Google, thinking they might be using the term “First Nations” but to my surprise American Indian is preferred by some, and Native American is falling out of favour. Watch this space.

  48. On last night’s You Can’t Ask That, they talked to people with dementia. It was moving, interesting, informative, and cleared up some misconceptions people might have about it. It was even humourous in some parts. Respect to the people who put themselves out there to answer the questions. I recommend having a look at this episode.

    That is the one diagnosis that scares the bejesus out of me. I’d rather have cancer, MS, lose my limbs…anything but dementia.

    • Will do one soon – I have had covid and it hit me harder than anticipated. I need to sort a few new posts!

      • Sorry to hear that Juz. That would be three people I know and two of those said it was not fun at all. Get well.

        Had my fourth jab an hour ago.

      • I’m still thinking that I can avoid Covid. I’m heading to Melbourne in September. What’s the bet I catch it on the plane.
        I’ve heard that “unpleasant” is an understatement.

        • Yep.Same here. I came back from vax 4 and at entrance to Supermarket you get fifteen teenage children,unmasked ,yapping their heads off. There’s not much hope with drongoes like that running around.

          Told my doctor I’m determined not to get it. He hasn’t. It’s achievable.

          Because that Brad Hazzard Health “expert” said “we’re all going to get it “. He’s been wrong. I wear a mask everywhere and mingle much less. Idiots still go on cruises…..well.

        • Like you, Bobi, I am doing my damnedest to avoid catching the plague. I wear a mask everywhere, all the time, use hand sanitiser (a bottle is always in my pocket) when I come out of a shop and before I drink from my water bottle when out, etc. etc. If I do get covid, I will be seriously pissed off.

          Two neighbours and two friends have had it. Three had mild cases with minimal symptoms, but one had brain fog for a couple of weeks. That was scary for her, but she is okay now. I wonder if the new mutations have worse effects besides greater contagion. This pandemic is a long way from being over and I wish mask mandates would be imposed again.

          • Von, like you, I was really careful, until Woolif brought it home.

            I am back to mask wearing etc now though. I don’t want it again.

          • I live alone, Daisy, so my risk is less. Are you and Woolif all right now?

            When my four-year-old neighbour asks me to come out and play, I wear a mask. He thinks that is normal. It’s kind of sad that he does.

  49. Sorry about that, Juz.
    I wouldn’t even have known I had it if I hadn’t had a pcr.

    But now I am listening to the warnings that I can get it again, so back on with the masks.

    • I have just upgraded all my masks.
      I now have cloth masks with filters and I have just bought a couple of N95 for special occasions – and aeroplanes.
      I think that this new variant means that I need to increase my caution.
      I am a little worried about how much of a hermit that I have become. It’s a hard habit to break.

  50. Woolif and are enjoying you tube on TV ATM; the best of the late 60s Hippie Music.
    It gets me in the 💖

    As for 80s; I liked some Elvis Costello. Kate Bush. Boz Scaggs; Silk Degrees. Gerry Rafferty was alright. George Benson; Breezin’. They probably were actually late 70s but Australia is behind.

    I’m more of a fan of late 60s, early 70s. I have lots of favourites from then.

    I also like some of the 40s.

  51. I just popped into Beauty and the Geek just for a moment and stayed for the whole show.
    I know that it unrealistic and possibly a little shallow but these people are so nice.
    I think I’ll tune in again.

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