Something old, something new for MasterChef’s return

MasterChef Australia returns to our screens Easter Monday (yes, up against Lego Masters).

Channel 10 has played it safe by making it a Fans versus Favourites season, and most of the returnee faces are instantly recognisable.

Season one winner MasterChef Julie Goodwin, the OG, is the biggest name but she is not the only winner: Sashi and Billie are also back.

Tommy the kindy teacher is back.

Alvin and Tommy are two faves who cooked some spectacular Asian dishes on the show and were beloved by the audience.
Mel, Andy and Jock all return as judges.

Will a fave or a fan win the season?
MasterChef Australia starts Monday at 7.30pm on Ten.



  1. Mmmm….offering my totally bias opinion….Fans vs Faves concept in MC is highly suggestive that the “new” judges haven’t quite worked out as hoped. They need past contestants to be the pull factor to get people to watch.

    We know that a new season of MC is afoot as there seems to be an interminable number of puff pieces featuring Melissa (it’s not working we don’t find her likable) and Jock’s agent not to be outdone likes to commission an occasional puff piece as well. Andy lacks the elusive x-factor and doesn’t generate interest.

    My guess is Julie will exit early. DM have already done their sob story piece on her.

    • I’m not convinced that Julie Goodwin was really crying. I think the Adrian Zumbo arrival is a dead set put on as well, He straddles thre fine line between cook and crook. Julie’s bveendone for DUI and Adrian has been busted for underpaying his workers. All you need is love, hmmm?

      You need a sob story and an army of meaningless cliches to play the Masterchef game. Sod the love.

      Andy’s braying like an old school football coach, It’s overkill,It’s boring and out of place in the culinary world.

  2. I didn’t last long.
    The first episode is to introduce the newbies and reintroduce the oldies.
    I agree with Maz on the lack of pulling power of the judges, although I don’t mind Melissa too much. Andy is as interesting as a wet sock and Jock says the right things at the right times but nothing registers with me. I don’t know what it is.
    I get that every one has to get their moment in the sun but there were too many people floating before me and not enough cooking.
    Nevertheless I was so looking forward to this and I will be back. There is still something charming about MC.

  3. The 20 minute love-fest has finally finished, so I’m waiting to see some cooking. I remember some of the so-called favourites, a few I have no idea about.

    I think I will have to barrack for John for a while, simply for the balls he had to come back on this show after that infamous change to a dish. The stigma never went away , and I hope he lasts long enough to get rid of the tag that always prefaces his name.

    Forty minutes in and still more yakking than cooking.

    • The first couple of episodes are usually full of introductions and background on the contestants. Maybe watch with the fast forward button close by. It is an enjoyable show, if you like cooking shows :).

  4. I have recorded it but will catch up later – LegoMasters is our must-watch at the moment. Thank goodness it is school hols so I can let him stay up late

    • I have switched to LegoMasters until MC gets rid of a few of the masses.
      I really enjoyed last nights episode. So much fun.

  5. Ooh, Mel’s dress looks like it is made from the same fabric that covered a Jason recliner I had in the ’80’s. Andy looks as though he dropped by after a sweaty round of golf. Jock looks tidy as always.

    It’s a service challenge. Choices for the three courses, Jerusalem artichoke, eggplant, and raspberries. That combination for a dinner doesn’t even sound appetizing to me. It will be interesting, probably amusing too, to see what the teams do.

    • I hate the service challenges.
      It’s a bit like speed dating: a whole lot of mess and a whole lot of luck.

  6. I tuned in just for a minute to see how everyone was going and stayed for the whole thing. Most enjoyable.
    It might have had something to do with the fact that half of those people were upstairs so I could ignore them.
    It felt like the focus was mainly on the cooking with only the odd bleat from Julie. I think she is the nonna in this scenario.

    • Julie does seem to be the nonna.. She doesn’t help that impression by the comments she makes about herself, although I think she is meaning to be funny. I like her, nonna-ness or not. She is only 51.

      They all pulled their ingredients directly off the display pyramid. How long had the meat and dairy been sitting at room temp? Aside from the food poisoning possibility, I am enjoyng this ep.

  7. Well that was another very enjoyable episode of MC. In a lot of aspects, it was reminiscent of the very first season.
    A huge emphasis on the actual cooking. I felt that, with a recipe at hand, I could at least attempt some of those dishes. MC had been neglecting that part of the show over the last couple of seasons: too much concentration on the backstories of contestants and not enough showcasing of skills.
    Again, it did help that there were only 4 contestants for my very short attention span, and good editing. I was tense. Beats me why, but I felt for once that it was a competition.
    I had forgotten what a seriously good cook Julie was. This was a good reminder.

    • I thought MKR was dead and buried. Seems not so. Can’t keep a cooking show down.
      I am assuming that MKR are paying her a motza load more money than MC.
      I’ve never been a fan of Nigella. The things she cooks are not what I put on the table and her pretence that she is not using sex to sell her tv show is just disingenuous, if not just plain nauseating, but then I’m not a guy.
      I don’t think her style translates as a host so this will be interesting, particularly as a lot of the editing of MKR highlights the conflicts.
      I might pop in to have a look.
      Probably not.

      • I haven’t tuned in to The Julie Goodwin Show yet, but I might give My Cleavage Rules a look.

        On the upside, Nigella doesn’t cry on cue, dresses well, speaks well and wouldn’t cop the ageist sledges from the likes of Assclown Andy like JG does.

        One is a bogan. Betcha can’t guess which one.

  8. I like Manu and Matt. Colin is okay as long as he keeps his hair clean. Nigella’s often-used description of her slurpy, wet dishes as unctuous annoys the hell out of me. If I never again see Curtis Stone’s face on my tv screen, that would be fine.

    I’ll probably watch a couple of episodes. When the nastiness, frigging strategic voting, and threats of violence starts from the contestants, that will be me out. When, not if – so I don’t expect to last long.

  9. I haven’t tuned into MC yet.
    I have been watching The Voice, First Dates and a few shows on ABViview, SBS etc.

    • Pasta with tomato sauce. I made that tonight. The dog licked the bowl. He gave me an ammunity pin.

      I didn’t want to lunge at the lemon sponge. Diabetes City.

      One person’s curd is another person’s turd.

  10. I caught a bit up as I have vacation now. Well, I suppose they are currently throwing good ol’ Julie a few bones so she doesn’t look completely hopeless. But I do not think she will advance further than becoming 20th or 18th, and that is simply because of who she is. At least she is better than that horrid season 3 winner whose name I forgot.
    The Vegetable Girl is peaking to early as well, she won’t win the whole thing. Plus she annoys me. I get it, she has no money. So do tons of people.

    • 3rd season…that would be Kate Bracks. Nothing much about her any more as far as I know.
      Agree that Harry aka Vegetable Girl will probably not make it much further. They spent too much time featuring her repeatedly during the first week.
      Mystery boxes need to be more challenging. Make contestants use all of the ingredients or at least more than half of them.

  11. Hi Zhee, I hope everything is going well for you.
    I agree that Julie is definitely getting the going-home-soon edit, along with a couple of others. I couldn’t pick a winner at this stage.
    Sashi seems to be the only standout. Early days.
    Nevertheless, I enjoy most of Julie’s screen presence. I think it’s her hair. It has a life of its own.

    • How are you? 🙂

      I have been a bit out of the loop. Work, I decided to pick up studies again and ooohhh, I found a cute boyfriend, not much time for much else. Which I enjoy though.^^

      Julie is fun, I never disliked her, even though she can annoy me a lot. But she’s perfectly harmless and I think she’s a draw for nostalgic viewers.
      I hope Billie wins, I loved her in her original season. She’s pretty much no bs, aware of what she has to improve etc. I think there were a lot of 2 Stooges favourites on her season so she flew under the radar like Glowing Elena in her season.

  12. I like Julie more now that she has stopped crying so often and relaxed somewhat. I was relieved last night not to have Harry in every scene. She is irritating with her constant repetition of what her financial situation was or is. Last time I had a very tight food budget, admittedly a fair while ago, I found fresh vegetables out of reach most of the time. Store-brand pasta, tinned tomatoes, tinned beans, and tinned tuna occasionally. Maybe she was a smarter shopper than I, but she’s still a pain in the butt for rabbiting on about her talent with vegetables, as though that makes her superior. I reckon the woman with coeliac has a harder row to hoe.

    One of the promos shows Mel comforting someone who looks like John, presumably after he is eliminated. I really hope he doesn’t go before he makes at least one dish that impresses the judges. It would be good if he could lose that tag that’s followed him around since his infamous relay cook.

  13. I didn’t expect to, but I liked Julie on IAC. It might have been that she hit it off so well with the very funny Freddie Flintoff and that interaction gave her a good opportunity to show her own wit and easy going nature.
    I also loved how she turned out to be quite the McGyver. I believe, at one stage she knitted two tarantulas into a neck scarf, and made fire rubbing her thighs together.
    I made those bits up, but she was fun in the jungle.

  14. On the OMG, I was so poor vibe, I went shopping yesterday and I have never paid so much for my small bundle of goodies, and I’m not talking about a doable 10% inflation increase but a whopping nearly double.
    I have been bleating to friends and family whose response is to complain that pasatta and olive oil are in short supply.
    It’s not as issue for me, maybe because I live in an olive growing area and I make my own pasatta, but it is interesting to hear what is horrifying others.
    I know. Grocery shopping focuses the mind.
    I am reminded that, at times like these, I have a tendency to go vegetarian. Still, isn’t it odd that I don’t feel like victim because of it? Harry says I should be. I must have missed her memo.
    I eat vegetarian because it’s good for me, it’s good for the planet, most recipes are as tasty as, and I have a preference for them. Long bow here but I’m guessing Harry is using “poor” as an excuse for not having variety or subtlety in her cooking. She doesn’t have a passion for it. I’d like her to go before Julie.

    • We have quite a shortage for sunflower seed oil here and flour. But yeah, not a surprise as a lot of it came from Ukraine and Russia. The war is fucking up a lot, and while we might have some shortages, I fear hunger in Africa and other areas will increase and cost many more innocent lives, because this crazy ass Putin Guy wanted to play war.
      Inflation is horrible as well here, I am so sorry for already poor people who barely can afford their groceries and have to scale back. And yeah, little Harry saying she could only afford veggies because she is poor, she is not THAT poor if she can buy veggies as they are always the most expensive items apart from maybe onions, carrots, potatoes and at times tomatoes. When I was in my 20s and a student and then intern who was criminally underpaid, all I could afford was tinned stuff and carrots and apples.

  15. I was so poor growing up, we only had a calendar to use as toilet paper…

    Now those days are behind me…

    I saw a poor old woman slip over on some ice the other day…… at least I think she was poor; she only had $3 in her purse.

    My cousin is so poor….that when she couldn’t afford pay the Catholic church for her exorcism, they repossessed her.

    • 🤣🤣
      All jokes aside, everyone was poor when I was growing up. It was no big deal. Yards were big enough to have chooks and grow corn.
      Comfort food was delicious. I still love golden syrup dumplings. I tried to feed them to the grandchildren the other day. You should have seen their tiny horrified faces.
      It’s just that some of us were poorer than others.
      My Dad used string for his shoe laces. Rich was being able colour the shoe laces so they matched the shoes.

  16. I see Harry is going to be in our faces again tonight. Bleh.

    I don’t like relays. They often end up as a debacle because people don’t know how to listen during the handover. Quite a lot can be said in 45 seconds, but the ones handing over talk at speed as though the time is 15 seconds. Look around, Minoli. There are heaps of chillis all over, why decide to hero the chicken? (I know hero is not a verb, wish MC did.)

    I do like Master Class, so will mostly watch that part.

    I don’t like whoever is dressing Mel and Andy this season. Mel keeps wearing dresses made of curtain fabric, and Andy looks like illustrations of dad jokes. Makes no difference to the show, of course, but it’s jarring.

    • I dislike relays as well.
      And I am ignoring the judges because most of the dishes looked absolutely delicious to me, except for that strange burrito 🤷‍♀️.
      There seems to be a desperate attempt to make Andy more credible to the audience. Waist coats and Master class ffs. Even the contestants couldn’t keep a straight face.
      Harry doesn’t bother me anymore because I think she is getting the going-home-next edit and I couldn’t be more delighted.

  17. How much did Billie want to tell Andy to piss off, in last night’s immunity challenge when he was rabbiting on at her about what she was making? She doesn’t have a good poker face :).

    • I was happy Billie got a pin, and that other guy who is turning out to be surprisingly delightful to watch.
      I suppose it was too much to ask for more than two pins to be given. I can’t help feeling that whatshisname was penalised for Brussels sprouts. I thought it was very brave of him. Some of the others could have taken more of a chance, after all, that’s what was asked of them.
      Julie came last for the sin of undercooked, as she should have been.

  18. I found last night’s service challenge boring and barely watched it. Shannon did seem to be trying to be helpful with his comments during the preps.

    Tonight was different. Andy and Shannon walked around pulling faces and hanging shit on the contestants’ ideas they didn’t like. John’s dish they didn’t like the planning of and that was it for them. Andy gave his critique before he even tasted it. Jerk No, John is not one of the better or more innovative cooks, but they should have shown him, or anyone, the courtesy of tasting his dish before giving it thumbs down. He’s had barely any screen time. Did they only ask him back so they could humiliate him at the first opportunity? Meanness and disrespect is not entertaining.

  19. The pressure test elimination was a dessert from Reynold Poernomo. It looked quite difficult, and lovely, but was not appealing to me because the cubes were black. I always think a black component in a dish will stain my teeth.

    I am surprised at the outcome. Usually when a contestant hopes that flavour will get them through over poor presentation, that is the one who goes home. However, the flavours in Alvin’s dish were enough to put him above Max, who was eliminated.

    MC seems to have decided to pretend that the pandemic is over. There are no gloves used, no physical distancing or masks, many hugs when someone leaves, no precautions used at all. It looks weird to me to see a group of people, even reality tv people, acting as though everything is pre-2020.

    And I am glad that John did so well in this challenge.

    • I think that even before Covid, hygiene was never a priorty on Ma$terchef. So a world wide deadly pandemic is just water off an undercooked Peking Duck’s back.

      Ma$terchef are Covid deniers. Just think of the germs being aerosoled by arsehead Andy into the contagious kitchen when he yells. Fully sick, eh? In Shanghai , they’re puttting people into body bags …..before they’re brown bread. Eliminated, like.

      It’s been a Mecca for microbes, a sanctuary for spoon lickers and sweaters and a heaven for hair shedders for years.

      I’m wearing my mask everywhere still. Sometimes over my eyes when Ma$terchef is on.

    • All jokes aside, I worry that the message being sent is that the pandemic is all over.
      I have to constantly remind my family that things are getting worse. It’s just that it’s not headline news anymore.
      And don’t get me started on the flu. How many times do I have to tell them that a cold is not the flu.
      They have always been in denial. I remember when this all started, they were annoyed at all the “inconveniences”, so I don’t know what I have been expecting. Some care for my welfare, perhaps? /s
      Anyway. I admire Reynolds skills. I just don’t enjoy the episodes where duplication is required rather than cooking.

      • Coincidentally, I listened to Coronacast (May the 4th be with you) on my early morning walk with doggo.
        Dr Swan say 5,000 people have died this year from Covid (that’s 30 a day) and 1,000 people have died this year for the flu.
        Remember the days when we were talking single digits and 10 was too many?

  20. Tonight’s service challenge will be amusing. It’s for eighty diners, who don’t get to comment on the food. Fans vs Favourites, each group split into two sub-groups, who will cook for forty diners each, half fast food and half fine dining. Understand? Me neither.

    Curtis Stone is there to mention Coles as often as possible.

    Sarah, busily flirting with Curtis, tells him and Mel she is using whole spices, but not toasting them. Even after they look at her as though she is a two-headed duck, she remains clueless. Another team is cooking pork in beef broth. The other team cooking pork belly hasn’t scored the fat, but decides to after Curtis tells them their dish will be shit with no crackling.

    They are all floundering around as though they’ve never seen a kitchen before, much less cooked in one. This is a real comedy of errors. Hilarious.

    • You’ve hooked me for the encore tomorrow, Von. Pork in beef broth sounds like a marriage made in hell’s kitchen.

  21. I didn’t pay much attention to last night’s episode. They had to cook using one egg, with the winner saving their team. Fans won that bit. Then Favs had to make something featuring the other 11 eggs from the dozen, loser being eliminated. That’s where I zoned out. Bottom two were Julie and John. John was eliminated because his meringue didn’t whip…or something. He had a fair chance this season, so I’m okay with him leaving.

    Still hoping for better-than-everybody vegetable cook Harry to go. Even just the sight of her face annoys me now.

  22. Have I missed some news? Is Mel pregnant under her Little House On The Prairie high-waisted dresses? There hasn’t been a full length camera shot of her recently.

    • I thought the same thing and then the orange and white short dress she wore last night sort of confirmed it for me. It sure looked like a maternity dress.

      • Yeah, but in the dressing gown she is wearing tonight, she looks very much not-pregnant. Now I’m watching Mel’s silhouette more than I’m watching the show :).

        And that pie/tart looks really good.

        • I agree with you. She didn’t look pregnant in that dress. Was more fitting and looked better than the other dresses she has been wearing.

          Still don’t understand why the diners are not judging the food. There are 40 diners and 3 judges and, IMHO, the diners should have a say regarding which team wins.

  23. In case anyone has missed the occasional promo, one of the Favourites is eliminated tonight. Unless MC is planning on multiple winners, it won’t be the last time. I bet it won’t be one of the four shown in the ads.

    I’ve missed a couple of episodes, because they had way too much of Harry in them.

    • Yeah, I saw those sucker punch promos. I don’t even believe there are any favourites.

  24. Surprise. It was one of the more well-known favs who was eliminated. Sashi burned his curry while concentrating on his dosa. Or so the judges said. They described the curry as having caught on the bottom of the pot. I’ve had that happen with a wet dish and it didn’t taste burnt all the way through. But I’m not a MC judge, am I. So bye bye Sashi.

    Unless this series is going to run until August, they better step up the eliminations. Starting with Harry.

    Tonight’s challenge is cooking with coffee. Yawn. They appear to be running out of ideas.

    • I like Sashi. Sad to see him go but “burnt” is a similar sin to uncooked chicken. No way back from either of those.

  25. Tonight’s departure made me cry. I have no idea why.
    Some episodes are meh. Some episodes are tear jerkers. Some nights I’m just tired.

    • Now I’m wondering whose departure brought on tears. No spoilers though, so I’ll have to watch.

      I’ve had an absolute shit of a day, so I might cry too, just because.

    • Minoli is not someone I liked particularly, but I did feel sorry for her because prep and cooking time just got away from her,

      I thought a bone left in fish was a cardinal sin that guaranteed elimination, similar to under-cooked chicken. Sarah got away with it last night. Now we can hear her mention her restaurant in Goa another 8317 times. 🙁

  26. Damn, I forgot Harry the vegetable god has an immunity pin – and a constantly running mouth, which will make this one hard to watch.

    I’ve got the different cucumbers prep and the fish in my head, have no idea about the vichyssoise except it has more cucumber.

    When did holding a pen become a death grip, with thumb folded over the first two fingers? Weird.

  27. Tonight’s challenge: four teams of four, each making a 3-course meal for two, with a date night romantic theme (whatever that implies), to go out as a delivered takeaway meal. Purple team gets Andy for 15 minutes as an advantage. Heh. I missed a bit, think he was put on prep.

    No team picked oysters as an entree. Maybe they take too much time to open and clean? I don’t eat them. One team picks pork belly, as main I think, which often doesn’t work out. Sarah is making a fish curry, giving her another opportunity to spruik her restaurant.

    As usual most choices seem to be too ambitious for a 2 1/2 hour prep, cook and package time. But if that weren’t the case, there would be no big, dramatic ending.

  28. Julie’s team had nice everything. Coeliac woman’s team had not so nice everything. Fireman’s team had boring, not so nice everything; the pork belly turned into pulled pork because the belly strips were flavourless and the fat was soggy. Aldo’s team had 50/50 good and boring.

    Julie’s team and Aldo’s team are safe. The other two teams are in elimination tomorrow.

    I lost track part way through the show. There was a time when I’d watch the whole show, if not engrossed, at least interested. No longer. Andy has added “silky” to his short list of adjectives. Mel is repeating herself with her critiques. Jock dislikes almost everything.

    Maybe they can get one more season of MC, if they can come up with an unusual twist. Otherwise, I think it’s time they call it a day.

  29. I am not a fan of pork belly. Apart from not really being partial to pork (I remember Babe), it’s just cooked, or undercooked, fat.
    I would be happy to watch more seasons if they did a revamp.
    Mainly shorter. Much, much shorter. Only three nights a week and an elimination every night.
    No team challenges (remember team assignments at school and one or two people did all the work? Scarred me for life.)
    And where are those cooking demonstrations? They were my favourite bits.
    It’s like someone sat down and carefully removed all the parts of the show that made it worth watching.
    I have found a new favourite on SBS. Michel Roux’s French Country Cooking. He’s a real chef with a beautiful French accent. All day. 😀

  30. This season has been boring but last night’s episode was the MOST boring. Another cook what you want challenge and then two of the contestants cook the same thing for the second round. It was difficult to stay awake and I fell asleep a few times. Didn’t really care who would be eliminated. Don’t know why I even bother watching any more.

    • If $como or Albo promised to axe Ma$terchef, they’d get my vote….

      This show must be making a hole in Ch 10’s budget.

  31. Tonight they eliminated the difference between Fans and Favourites, so it’s every person for himself/herself/themself now. Each has to make a dish fusing two country’s cuisines. It’s boring again. There’s a prize of $10,000 and an immunity pin.

    Of course Harry has to mention again that she is on minimum wage and living in a share house. No one cares Harry, shut the eff up. We’ve all got problems.

    • More of a challenge when the cuisines are chosen randomly instead of allowing contestants to choose which types of cuisines they want to fuse.
      Harry…thinking she won’t be there much longer. Wish they would do double or even triple eliminations.

      • Yes. Absolutely agree.
        I am a fan of MC but it’s is around this time that I am reminded that it just goes on way too long.
        It must be all those advertising dollars.

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