1. Grant Hackett’s probably available soon, Louise. Rolf Harris can’t make it for a date, unfortunately.

    • Now, was Grant assaulting his poor fellow traveller, or was the alleged nipple cripple just a reaction at somebody putting their seat back too quickly?

      I mean, geez, the last thing the country needs is yet another closeted gay swimmer. Find me a heterosexual member of any country’s diving team and you’d probably also find a Unicorn, a leprechaun and channel 7’s integrity.

      • Grant didn’t get picked to go to Rio so he went to Rio, it seems.

        He was flying high, before he got in the plane. What could possibly go wrong on a forty five minute trip?

        • I love flying high. Preferrably something that knocks me out, rather than makes me knock someone else out.

      • But rumours have bern flying around about them not being together. It is not easy to be a couple when they always. want media attention

  2. It would be hard knowing that you were second best. In fact, impossible to come back from, clearly.
    The guy’s a doofus.

  3. They were still trying to milk the split by going to be interviewed toge by Kyle and Jackie O but pull out in the last minute. Never heard of people announcing their split by being together

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