1. Thank goodness getting sick of Desi moping and asking when’s MC back on. Can’t even appease him with SBS food channel that started here 3 weeks ago and I have to say I totally love it.

  2. That must be the best Ma$terchef promo I’ve ever seen. Totally honest, from the heart integrity.

    • Network Ten promises the upcoming season will ‘bring more amazing food, remarkable stories, inspirational contestants and incredible results.

      BEST EVER !

    • Looks like they have abandoned their “ordinary people, extraordinary food” tagline in spirit, if not in fact. Anyone who can make a crocembouche (sp?) covered in spun sugar in an hour , is not ordinary.

      • Agree about ordinary people. There must be hours of practice to produce those delicious food. Less practice for the extraordinary!

        No favouritism please !

    • It’s not a flamingo. Great work, Littlepetal.

      Thanks. Best ever photo of Jowl$y’s pink bits.

  3. Damn it, I will have then to catch up with 2 weeks. But yeah, the food shots made the food look stunning. I just hope they do not focus so much on those stupid back stories. I really do not care whether they do it for their Nonna who passed on all her family recipes right before falling into the Vesuvius and then being eaten by Godzilla or their cousin’s best friend who knows some girl from around the corner who then knows someone who might have had cancer and lost all their belongings and had to take care of 14 children…

  4. I’m watching MC UK and there is none of the faux drama stuff although you do get some background info about the contestants. It’s all about cooking and tasting. The competition is set up very differently from MC AU, MC USA, MC Canada, etc. The level of cooking from most of the contestants is “Amazeballs” ;-)regarding both flavor combinations and presentation.

  5. It is funny Fijane. I find MC UK boring and the food very ordinary compared to MC AU. Perception is a funny thing.

    • I think you might be replying to Smythe, but it is funny. I’ve never seen MC UK, but Smyythe’s description sounds appealing to me – more the style of GBBO.

      I know it is fine line they have to walk between making the show too dramatic and too instructional.

    • The food they have done this season is far from boring. The challenges are different from MC and it doesn’t have all that background narration noise from the contestants. Less drama, more focus on the food. Still not as good as GBBO, though.

    • Hi Carole, I’ll do a recap tonight (on SA time) and probably a brief summary other nights, unless someone wants to take turns? All welcome. Not as much “drama” to cover as MKR but I’m hoping MasterChef will at least post Twitter pix of all dishes, so we don’t have to spend each night pondering what the invisible contestants made. I’m about to start a new thread for premiere chat.

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