MKR – Thurs – the extra one

It’s first-placed Tasia and Gracia versus fourth-placed Zana and Gianni for tonight’s MKR semi-final.
Zana may be playing it cool now but when it comes to the kitchen the girls have shown a steady hand when it comes to flavours.
Note Lauren and Carmine have been placed on the sidelines of Zana’s kitchen, so they provide totes amazeballs commentary.

Zana and Plus One’s menu
Entree: Beetroot and goat’s cheese ravioli with sage butter
Main: Beef goulash with heirloom carrots and pickles
Dessert: Krempita with vanilla-poached figs
Google says krempita is vanilla slice. Never seen snot blocks on the MKR menu before. The entree sounds lovely, but is goulash really a semi-finals dish?

Sisters’ menu
Entree: Lobster tail with yellow curry sauce and taro chips
Main: Crispy fried barramundi with apple, coriander and tamarind dressing
Dessert: Coconut panna cotta with passionfruit curd and lychee sorbet

This menu has “winners” written all over it.




  1. Gice, not sure when I can recap this as I really want to watch Survivor. Someone else please feel free to post highlights and a tally of Lauren’s crimes against the English language.

  2. During the opening segment, gee it sounded like Zana was about to stab somebody. “We’re goal orientated and we never let anyone get in our way!” Seriously, Pete and Manu, hide the silverware …

  3. That must be the greatest ever lobster dish seen in the history of humanity.

    Greatest ravioli of all time.

  4. Will the burnt goulash be the end for Zana plus one? Not looking good for them unless they have an “out of this world” dessert.

  5. YAY!!!
    I can’t wait until the girls start marketing their sauces.
    Zana was gracious in defeat and that is always good to see.

  6. Gian is “babe” this and that, while Zana barks orders at him.

    Carmine must be $hitting concrete instead of laying it for a change.

  7. I’m actually surprised that it ended up being pretty one-sided. The entrees were pretty even, but from that point on, the girls easily romped it home. Zana and Gianni burnt their main and messed up the dessert (and from the second we cut to the reviews of the dessert, even the show didn’t even bother pretending it was anything other than a foregone conclusion). The girls haven’t really put a foot wrong in any of the 400 episodes we’ve sat through so far this season. I can’t even really recall any huge mistakes that they made at any point, and this was the first time they ever had to cook in kitchen HQ, wasn’t it?

    On the one hand, there’s zero chance of a Zana/Lauren stiletto duel (isn’t that the reason they kept Lauren around so long? Damn it channel 7), but OTOH, there’s zero chance of the grand final being Zana versus Lauren. And if Lauren and Carmine emerge victorious on Monday night, I’m going to be VERY, VERY ANNOYED.

    But I just don’t even want to entertain the possibility of Jordan and Anna losing to seafood-in-a-bag, you know? I just can’t see that happening, but who the hell knows what channel 7 wants these days.

  8. It is so funny that this is suppose to be a cooking competition (same with Masterchef) but we just talk about what the producers want. LOL

  9. I’m very surprised they Zana plus one cooked a “simple” goulash in a semi-final. Rice and a few coloured carrots don’t turn it into a refined meal – never mind the burning. I have to wonder if they were saving the best for the grand finale, which of course they didn’t make. I wasn’t keen on either dessert.
    Can’t see Lauren/Carmine beating Anna/Jordan. As long as Anna is in charge they should do well. In saying that L+C have a good track record in the sudden death finals. She might be a pain in the arse but she is not lazy! Pastry and broth alone won’t deliver a grand final berth.
    I wanted to do a comparison on what both teams have cooked and would you believe in the “recipes by team” section, L&C are missing! Have they cooked nothing memorable?

  10. Getting ready for Anna & Jordan vs Tasia and Gracia (hopefully). Tasia and Gracia deserved the win…never going to elimination and all around stellar cooking. I would eat in their restaurant (if they had one and offered vegetarian dishes) and would buy their yummy sauces. I would be very surprised if L & C win out over A & J.
    Was nice of Zana to have kind words towards T & G….very gracious in defeat.

  11. As soon as judges started saying words like smokey and then burnt I had a feeling it was bye-bye Zana and Gianni.
    I have my fingers crossed for the sisters to take out the grand final.
    They have been so consistent and humble the whole way through.
    I will be very surprised if Lauren and concreter are able to run rings around Mumma and son.

  12. After being annoyed with Zana’s expressions all season, I actually liked her last night and especially in her graceful defeat. It was the most human that I have ever seen her!

  13. I could have turned the sound off and still contributed the dialogue. Was only listening for the first few minutes and kept thinking, yep, heard that, heard that, heard…does anyone have an original thought or response? So scripted, so predictable, so dull, what a shame that any anticipation or small excitement is gone.

    That said, I really wanted to scoff both of those entrees, only the giant lobster tail as shown, not the polite little dobs served.

    I’m not a Zana fan, but her farewell statement last night was gracious and kind and I have respect for her for that.

  14. Finally an elimination where they didn’t try to pretend it was close. I did get a bit irritated by the inconsistency in what contitutes a too-simple dish. There’s a tiny bit of racism in that, where a goulash is seen as too simple, but it basically involves the same process as a curry. Both require careful balancing of flavours and getting the cooking of the meat right. And what makes a pannacotta more complex than making pastry and creme patisserie. I’ve made pannacotta and it is not difficult, pretty similar to making jelly. The only difficult thing for these contestants is that they need to memorise the ratio of gelatine to liquid instead of having it written in a recipe. Never been brave enough to make filo.

    It was a fair result tonight, if only based on letting the goulash catch. This was the best we have seen of Zana and I think that when she gets some life experience and an inkling of how the other 90% live, her worst faults can be moderated and she would be quite a nice person to have as a friend.

  15. Zana is like another person each time she has been on Sunrise. She is so sweet and not at all like she is made to appear on MKR. She really has had fun taking the micky out of herself whilst watching the shows.

    • Maybe seeing herself on TV has been edifying. I still find her princessy traits a bit much, but it is starting to feel like that might be due to being brought up entitled. Being open to changing yourself and learning from life are very attractive traits.

  16. Well what a lovely gesture of Zana to offer to share the prize money she was going to win but didn’t need. A good lawyer will do that.

    If I win X Lotto, I’ll share it with all of you. Trust me, it’s in my impeccable heritage.

  17. Congrats to Ch 7 for chopping short the Last Post ceremony to cut to a MKR promo on the AFL last night, too, Makes you proud.

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