MKR – Wed, Apr 13 – Sisters cook

It’s Wednesday night MKR, so chat away. I probably can’t do a recap tonight, so contributions welcome.
TV blurb says: The top teams will travel the country, showcasing to judges Pete and Manu how far they have come by going back to where it all started – their Instant Restaurants.
No full recap tonight but a few points below and the dish pix.

* Tonight it’s the turn of the Sisters, Tasia and Gracia, who are among the top three contenders at the moment (although in their first instant restaurant they only scored one point higher than the Miners – yep, that’s how bad it was). As usual at this time in the comp they have to cook two options for each course.
* While perusing the menu Pete mentions that Manu’s mother-in-law makes a good rendang. Google says his partner is Malaysian-Chinese-Sri Lankan, so their household must be food heaven. (And thanks, Google, for teaching me Manu is short for Emmanuel). I love a good rendang and have used this recipe for years
* Zana hasn’t eaten much Asian food and is “not a fan”. Has she been living under a rock?
* What have they dressed Lauren in? Everyone knows you don’t wear white to eat Asian food – it’s way too saucy and splashy.

The MKR stylists love dressing contestants in ugly playsuits.

The MKR stylists love dressing contestants in ugly playsuits.

* These girls could never work together in a kitchen for other people – they are way too loud. They need to have their own cafe with an open kitchen so people can pay to watch them bicker as pre-dinner entertainment.
* The judges arrive to the tune of Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out.
* Here’s Jordan, crying prettily.
It's ok, Jordan - at least you don't have to eat Cougar and Cub's food in this instant restaurant round.

It’s ok, Jordan – at least you don’t have to eat Cougar and Cub’s food in this instant restaurant round.

* How good did those entrees look!
* Zana has never eaten a dumpling before. C’mon, you’re starting to sound like Jess talking about sugar. At least she liked it. Really – she’s never even heard of rendang?
* Mitch looks like he’s been on a tonne of Bali surf trips.
* Two sesame desserts? That’s a lot of sesame.
* Lauren said two-fiddy-kay again (vote in the Lauren’s most annoying phrases poll if you haven’t already). She’s not getting much of the edit tonight – perhaps she’s sick?
* I was worried Manu creeping up behind the girls while they were at the deep fryer would result in a terrible accident. Their reactions definitely made good telly.
* Pete’s dessert fake out wasn’t fooling anyone: “That’s the best Asian desert I’ve ever had.”

Crystal prawns and ginger dumplings
Spicy soft shell crab with pickled veg

Indonesian grilled chicken with sambal and tempeh
Beef rendang with coconut rice and tumeric pickle

Mango mousse with tapioca and sesame nougatine
Sesame chocolate ball with pandan ice cream

Curlies 8
Lauren and Carmine 7
Zana and Plus One 8
Anna and Jordan 10

Entree (crab) 9
Main (chicken) 10
Dessert (mango mousse) 10
Entree (dumplings) 10
Main (rendang) 8
Dessert (sesame ball) 5
TOTAL 85 (the highest score in ultimate instant restaurant round history)
* Well done, Tasia and Gracia. Despite the bickering you looked organised and the food was visually appealing. Top two looks likely.
* Lauren quote of the night: “Pete and Manu are handing out 10s like they’re Tic Tacs.”
* On Sunday it’s the Curlies’ turn. The previews show Zana having a meltdown at the table because she can’t eat something. Is it an unusual food? A hairy carrot? Something with a face?



  1. You know, it’s probably just me, but after all this time, the fact that Zana hates everything is actually kind of charming. It’s like, if she actually liked something, I’d be shocked.

    OTOH, Lauren’s just gotten more and more obnoxious. Meanwhile, the preview makes it look like Lauren is rolling her eyes at another team being too negative and critical. What? No, I’m sorry. WHAT?

    • I can’t believe that Zana, who did call herself a foodie one time and who has supposedly been to Uni, and is now a lawyer on good money (so she said another time) has not experienced the wide range of Asian foods and restaurants that are so widely available in all our cities and even towns!!!!!!. I mean at Uni, that is where you get to try everything…not only different food styles . What has she been doing all these years …living under a rock?

  2. ” We’ve sent three teams home”,croweth the concreter.

    Actually, that was all a connivance between judges and producers to keep the showdown dream alive. You’re just prawns in their game, Carmine. Youse earned nuffink.( drinks haterade)

    • Yeah, you can tell we’ve reached the finals, because the food looks INCREDIBLE. I would’ve happily ordered anything in the girls’ restaurant tonight, it all looked amazing.

    • 5 minutes of watching and I have already written note to self….”makesome chillie beef dumplings and pork dumplings”.
      The listick girls said she wasn’t a fan of Asian food. That’s a pretty sweeping statement.

  3. It’s just a fuckin’ mortar and pestle, ffs and there’s not a dry eye in the house! Call Dr.Phil.

    • Who cries over a mortar and pestle, even if it was handed down. I have an old egg beater that used to belong to my mum. I will have to get it out and take another look and see if the tears start welling up.

      • I just got out Nanna’s old teapot and nope, nothing except a vague craving for scones.

        Jordan’s sweet and all, but that crying fit was just strange. He almost set a few others off…. they must’ve been under A LOT of pressure.

  4. lol, the tic-tac comment, made me choke and spray my drink – just missing my keyboard – whew…
    They are going to be tough to beat. Well done!

    • She was being a bit tough, I thought. At the end of the night though….score was appropriate. L+C no real surprise at their score but at least they didn’t score a 2. Wonder if Anna and Jordan were being strategic? Maybe don’t want to cook against the curlies.
      I made Nasi Ulam (Justine’s recipe) for dinner and of course it tasted ordinary when looking at that chicken dish 🙁

      • A part of me wants to think that they’d realised how Lauren and Carmine might be likely to score lower-than-average, so they over-compensated with a higher-than-average score just to make up for it.

      • Liberty, I never thought of it the way you suggested about them cooking off against sisters because of the 10 they gave them, which I thought was strange. No where to go once you give a 10.
        They would much rather cook against sisters than Curlies. I think they were being strategic.

  5. On social media MKR fans of Asian descent say the sesame ball was meant to be really chewy and looked the perfect texture. And that Indonesian-style rendang is drier than Malaysian rendang. They’re bagging out Manu for his critique.

    • Just like satay and satay sauce. Differences between Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai satay. I am bias as I think Malaysian satay taste the best. The meat is marinated before grilling.

      Also Manu is comparing to his mother in law rendang. How do we know or he knows that his mother in law rendang is the best?

      • Manu is clearly talking about the famous rendang des Bretons that he learnt growing up in Brittany. Or not…

        • I believe Manu’s MIL is Asian Alan. I am just not sure where from. There is quite a difference in recipes for the “same” dish in each country.

        • Sure, but a French-trained chef who doesn’t recognise that recipes vary between districts, let alone regions, and countries, must have slept his way through cooking school. There’s a reason Charles de Gaulle said it was impossible to govern a country that makes 900 kinds of cheese.

          • This post is epic win. Everything about is epic win. Show’s ever, we can all go home.

  6. I thought female Curly was being a bit snarky this time, or was edited to seem that way. So little is genuine in this show now that it is hard to determine.

    Drinking game for this round of endless instant restaurants – every time the word “strategic” is used, double shots for it being used incorrectly, which it mostly is. Of course it will be a swill fest toward the end of the show, so have your glasses ready.

    • I thought the same Von about female curly. Manu thought they were the best dumplings ever, and she curly picked them apart.
      Who’s critique would you prefer to take note of?
      I don’t think she likes to think someone maybe better than her.

      • Yes, she looked like a bitch because Manu said they were perfect. If Manu in fact tasted first, it makes her look a poseur. I got jack of her attitude, too.

  7. It was unfair that the complaint was about the chewiness of the dough because it’s supposed to be that way….but honestly, I’m a Malaysian who is aware that the kuih is supposed to be chewy but I still don’t really enjoy that kuih, lol. Ondeh2 / klepon filled with chocolate would’ve probably been a better choice, it’s not as chewy.

  8. I guess Manu said nice things about his previous mother in law and her cooking, too. Why should I take anything the fraudulent frog says seriously?

    Perhaps Zana shouldn’t be there if she’s not versed in Asian food. It’s not Maltese Kitchen Rules.

    • Windsong is practising his Maltese for dates with Jordan. If he planned to date Zana he’d be practicing Montenegrin/Serbian and the show would be Montenegrin Kitchen Rules.

    • If Zana shouldn’t be there for that reason, then the girls shouldn’t either because of their lack of knowledge of other cuisines.

      All the teams have their limitations. I just wish MKR required them to move out of their comfort zones more.

      • Me too Fijane, I think they should have to cover a wide range of cuisines.
        That is the only reason I am not behind the sisters winning, they haven’t showed us enough diversity.
        I know it’s the same with a couple of other groups but I don’t think those groups have a chance of winning anyway.

  9. I hate to burst your bubble but there are a lot of people in the world who don’t like asian food. As someone who hates sweet food in savoury dishes, there is very little asian that appeals at all. The menu last night held nothing I would choose (especially not two casserole choices) except the mango mousse which is not an asian dessert anyway (adding sesame seeds to your toffee does not turn it asian) which is why the teams loved it, while the actual asian dessert wasn’t a hit. The load of sugar in every asian dish is a real health issue, too.

    Having said that I can appreciate that those who do like asian food judged it to be good, so well done girls.

    I’m not sure I can take any more episodes of Lauren. Their IR will be the only one I don’t watch this season, unless the producers put them in the finals. And no Colin to compensate – it’s just not on.

    • Asian desserts may be sweets but not the main dishes. There are Asian dishes that are healthy and tasty.

      • Nearly all recipes I have looked at have some sort of sugar added – at least a tablespoon or more, even if they are not meant to be a ‘sweet’ or sour dish. My MIL discovered, when she was advised to reduce sugar due to prediabetes, that the asian food she liked had high levels of carbs from sugar.

        If you eat a lot of those dishes, you might not notice the sweetness, but because I don’t have sweet items in any main meals, they taste really sweet to me.

          • Interesting. I cook a lot of Asian food – I’m not from an Asian background. Very rarely do I add sugar, unless recipe asks for it. Two nights ago I did make a Malaysian rice salad which had one cube of palm sugar BUT the dish was enough for four people. Dipping sauces are sweet/sour/salty/hot so the sugar is necessary for balance. I thought they were pretty smart doing two slow cooker / casserole type dishes. Yes they could step out of their comfort zone but I guess if it’s been working so far, why change?

    • I have to confess, I much prefer European food. I don’t mind Asian food (whether you’re talking Indian or Chinese or Japanese or whatever. A continent’s a big place, after all), but I don’t really love it, and tend to prefer other types of food.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just a case of people liking different stuff, you know?

      For instance, there’s a sweet Maltese dish I’m quite fond of, at the moment …

  10. There are so many types of Asian food and not all of them are similar. Not all are spicy and not all are curries. So to say you don’t like Asian food is like saying you don’t like food from anywhere in the Northern hemisphere.

    As Dana said, they don’t eat Asian food so most likely she doesn’t even know Asian food.

    • If Zana hasn’t had a dumpling, wrong show, sweetie. Go on Hot $eat , even if you don’t need the money.

      It’s like saying~ “I don’t like classical music but I’ve never listened to a German composer”

    • I find the things I don’t like about one type of asian food, are generally common to most asian foods. The main one is using sweetness (including fruit) in main meals, lots of chilli and heat, and flavours I don’t like, such as coriander,lemongrass, curry, or perfumy flavours such as in Indian. So I do tend to generalise about not liking asian food. Of course there are a few exceptions, I can find a couple of OK dishes at Chinese restaurants, but almost nothing at Thai or Indian. Moroccan is OK if it has no fruit in it.

        • yes, but it has to be plain – just a filling of meat and veggies. I never use any sauce with it. Same with salads – not a fan of dressing, I like veggies to taste just as they come.

  11. The Sisters food last night looked sooo good…I bet the place smelled great. They deserved the high scores and I wish them luck with the rest of the finals. But I think we need to watch out for the Curlies and also Motrher & Son, as those guys seen to have a wider range of things to cook…more diverse.

  12. Don’t get people thinking the teams need to be versed in all types of cooking.. this isn’t masterchef where the premise is to evolve to be more of a chef and grasp various cuisines and cooking styles.

    MKR is more about mini mocking of catering/restaurant… so if you we’re going to open an Italian restaurant you wouldn’t need to cook asian or be well versed in it.

    Anyway… can’t wait till Sunday… have a 6 pack of haterade ready.

    • I am with you,HEWHOHASNONAME.
      Before I thought the contestants should know how to cook g different cuisine. But they are not masterchef and the show is called My Kitchen Rules. So I will accept they only cook cuisines from their heritage but they must have enough variety to cook different dishes throughout the comp. They do get cooking classes during the comp and they should then try to use some of the techniques learned and give a spin to their cooking.

  13. Fijane, I am with you, I am not a huge fan of some Asian flavors. I really dislike anything sweet, or anything with chilli. Don’t get me started on coriander . There are a few dishes I like but generally I opt for a Mediterranean dish. My family all love and prefer all Asian dishes.

  14. Even though it is called My Kitchen Rules, I still think for prize money of $250,000 you should be able to master more than one type of cuisine in your kitchen.

  15. There is a popular perception out there that everyone loves coriander and that it should be used in everything. To me, it tastes like soap.

    • I know several people who feel the same. I’m glad I’m not one of them as I love Thai and Vietnamese food. And other friends swear sultanas are the devil’s work.

      • I know that sultanas are healthy, but I have trouble swallowing them and I find they get stuck in my teeth, necessitating a lot of time flossing. So I understand where your friends are coming from on that one.

      • Cambodian food is really good too, imo.

        I don’t like sultanas either Windsong, nor any canned, dried or glacéd fruit. I can eat hot cross buns and that’s about it. I make carrot cake only with lots of walnuts and no fruit. I leave the walnuts nice and chunky.

      • I hate sultanas, my husband’s hates coriander.
        There’s some exciting information for you all…
        I love basil and ginger.

      • Apparently coriander tasting like soap has been linked to certain genes. So maybe sultanas and other dried fruit are on the opposite genes?

        I like sultanas etc, as long as you don’t try to put them into savoury dishes.

      • I have a long list of don’t likes too and I know several people who won’t eat coriander. I will not have butter or marg. on anything – nothing to do with fat content – dislike the taste. Don’t eat anything creamy and struggle with thai curries – can only add a dash of coconut milk because I don’t like that either. Up until a few years ago everything tomato was on my dislike list too (sauce, soup, cherry, vine, juice). I now don’t mind the odd slice of tomato with pepper on it. Firm believer in the seven year cell change. I will never give up trying to see if I now “like” something. Don’t get me started on Vegemite….

  16. I like some Asian foods: Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese (not sushi) and only the vegetarian dishes. I am not a fan of Indian food.

    • I am not fussy with food but I don’t eat red meat and most cheeses. Poor Mr LP sometimes missed out on red meat if we have tasting menus as I will get them to change the dishes with beef or lamb. Or sometimes he will have my share of beef or lamb.

  17. Favourite of mine goes Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian because of the freshness. I like Greek and Cuban too. But I like most cuisines.

    I was surprised that most of the food we saw in Paris was pretty much pub food and too starchy. But on the west coast and Riviera it was good. I didn’t like the food in Alsace because it was very German; lots of raw looking pork and sausage piled high on top of potato and cabbage 😝

  18. From the latest promo, Zana wants to score a Curly dish a “1” cos she “can’t eat it”. Another hair in the food is my first guess. Looks like a nice piece of grandstanding.

  19. I think curleys have done a sugar instead of salt or some similar boo boo and producers are playing games with Zana’s comments.

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