MKR – Wed – sudden death

No recap from me tonight as I have a meeting. I’ll post the Twitter pics of the dishes later. If anyone wants to give a rundown of tonight’s events, please do!



  1. This season of MKR is so scripted. Like tonight the best friends are taking is easy and singing while cooking. Same with the Chops the other night.

    I am sure they were asked to do so.

    They are building the Zana vs Lauren show. Can’t see them letting Zana lose.

  2. It’s not that I particularly care for Zana or whatshisface, it’s just, they’re at least competent cooks (and a damn side more entertaining than Lauren). And tonight we’re losing one of the good teams, while the teams who can’t cook get to stay on for another episode or two. It’s bloody annoying. Chops and Red shouldn’t be here, and neither should Lauren or her whatshisface.

  3. More “finger food”.Gianni’s finger in the bowl. Is this what the all powerful nonnas teach?

  4. It is going to be a disadvantage for teams that have not cooked in Kitchen HQ. That will be the Sis, Anna and Jordan and the Curlies.

      • That will be a record breaking finale in rating ———– in the opposite direction!! I won’t be watching.

        I still think the finale will be Mum and Son, Curlies, the Boys or Zana and Carmine.

        • No, I certainly won’t be either. But think how much money channel 7 can make by marketing bottles of lemon juice! 🙁

          • Windsong, we’ve all seen the email where you asked Seven to commission at least 8 seasons of Jordan Grows Broccoli and where you told them you’d watch a Turtle v Chops finale if Jordan was in the gallery.

  5. The lemon cake isn’t as dense as the producers think the audience is.

    $hame on the producers and judges.

    • Didn’t taste it but smelled the rat. It weren’t dead in no shoe.

      I’d have to be denser than the cake to blindly accept the judges comments because their agenda was to make possible the culinary Armageddon between Malta and Italy. Rosie and Paige were Patsies to this end.

      Sorry for using “dense”.

  6. Drawn out critique at the end there. And when they did that, it was clear who was going to win. Interesting preview of the finals. Wonder who the kids belong to, standing centre / front at the finale.

  7. The cake looked good, they just wanted to keep Lara/Zana.

    Loved Zana’s line towards the end about ‘in the mkr kitchen like in court, no one wants to go home”. Um, no, people want very much to go home from court. What a daft thing to say.

    They need new dialogue. All this:
    “In a dish this simple there’s nowhere to hide”
    “Every element must be perfect”
    “At this stage in the comp we can’t afford to make a mistake”, as opposed to any other time.

    It’s just tired. And most of the contestants aren’t that appealing. Really hope MC steps it up (bet I’ll be back here whinging about how tired MC is).

    • MC is focusing on desserts this year, at least according to the promo. We are going to hear the judges repeating about how good the dessert it, best ever etc etc

  8. The MKR kitchen is like a court, Zana~ a kangaroo court.

    What unctuous, unacceptably shithouse television. Not just the zucchini flowers were stuffed.

  9. I probably can’t watch til tomorrow but dish pix are up. There was a mention on Twitter of a bread problem for Rosie and Paige – what happened?

    • I wasn’t listening too closely, but they made bread for their main, and it just wasn’t very good (very dry, according to Paleo Pete, and they should’ve left it off the plate). That hurt their final score.

      • Of course, if they had left it off, they would have been criticised for a missing element. Can’t win either way.

    • It didn’t rise much, then Paige (or Rosie? The taller one) knocked it down to nothing so it was flat/dry. They ended up frying it in oil IRCC.

  10. Tonight’s result was not a surprise, whatever anyone cooked. MKR is sure that a Zana/Lauren cook-off will give them the best ratings in the history of tv ratings. Pffft.

    Why do we have to hear Lauren’s and husband’s comments on every dish, as though they are expert cooks whose opinion should always be heard. Especially after what’s-his-name opened his stupid mouth and uttered the stupidity of “salt is for savoury dishes”, about the tiramisu. Moron. Salt in sweets is not my most liked trend, but I can appreciate it in some dishes, as with anything. Lauren and whatever are annoyingly stupid.

    And let’s banish the word “dense” for the rest of this series. Dense this, dense that, then someone says the dense whatever was delicious,

    Dumb predictable show, and dumber me for wathcing most of it.

  11. I will miss Rosie, and Paige in particular- she had the healthiest outlook and attitude of all the contestants and didn’t take things more seriously than they needed to be, all the while still working hard.

    I thought the meatball looked delicious and well cooked given the size. Their handmade ravioli looked exquisite. It just adds to my frustration of still not having found any decent hand made ravioli in restaurants, etc. The oxtail also looked delicious.

    • Yes, it is so refreshing to have contestants who know that this is not the most important event of their lives. With her resilient attitude, Paige will be able to handle anything life throws at her. I think Chris and Cookie have this attitude as well, able to keep the importance of a tv show in perspective.

  12. I was surprised how simple Gianni and Zana’s main and dessert were. Definitely just what a home cook would do. A bit different from their previous elimination menu – have they been told to wind it back? Tiramisu is what you make when you need something easy and foolproof.

    I’m starting to think that what they don’t show tells a bigger story than what they do. Also, clear evidence in this episode that they show events out of order, with Zana pulling the hazlenuts out of the oven just after being seen rubbing the skins off in the towel.

    If ch 7 are smart they will find Paige another role somewhere.

    How are we left with two teams who should have been eliminated in the instant restaurant rounds, and the promo trying to convince us they could possibly compete in a high restaurant? Only on MKR.

  13. Yes, I’ve noticed more things shown out of sync this season than previously. Last night they had judges with full plates and empty plates reviewing the same dish at the same time. Like the comments & outcome are scripted and tasting the stuff is somewhat irrelevant.

    • On irrelevance`~don’t you love the synchronised sitting down of the judges at the table?. No chivalrous pulling out of chairs for the women. It’s dog eat dog.

      I wondered if it was the same shot over and over. It has to perfect(or we could be going home).

    • The number of times you see 6 things going in the oven and 8 coming out.
      The body language for the judges when tasting the tiramisu sure was a set up. They sucked me in that it was bad. It sure looked delish.

      • I can’t stsnd the ‘acting’ when the judges were tasting the food. They will look at one another, give a funny look and sometimes the impression they gave don’t match the critique.

        I also ignored the critique altogether. They just want to make us think that the scores will be close.

    • And at one stage the plates were put on the table, then next shot Pete or Manu are talking to the other judges and the table is empty. Next shot the plates are back. Work experience kid did the editing last night.

  14. The oxtail looked delicious and Zana was very lucky she was able to get it tender without using a pressure cooker.
    The chicken to me was an unappetising meal, you have to be so careful with the breast drying out.
    The tiramisu will always win hands down for me if made well. I would have loved to try their salted caramel slant to it. I am loving salted caramel everything these days. Very ignorant of Carmine to say you don’t have it in a dessert.
    I felt Zana’s menu won hands down.

    As everyone has said channel 7 is hanging out for the big cook off between Zana and Lauren. We will be driven mad with the promos that week.

  15. It is a weird thing, but I really dislike watching blondie judge eating. She seems to pull exactly the same expression every time. I often wonder if it is the same footage.

    • You know, I’ve watched this show for a few years now, and I still have no idea who the blonde judge is. I’m sure she’s nice, but I have no clue why she’s on the show, and suspect she was just wandering past the studio on the day channel 7 realised that they needed a 4th judge.

      • Windsong, that made me laugh out loud on what has been a very long, tiring, expensive day.

        Yes, the mystery blonde is a bit… unusual. She chews like a rabbit. I want to shove a big chunk of fatty steak in her mouth and make her chew properly.

        • I feel like, I only really care to hear whatever Colin says, but I think that’s probably true for a lot of viewers.

    • I know what you mean Sandii, I don’t enjoy watching her at all either. She barely moves a muscle and lifts her fork ever so carefully to her pursed little mouth, then places her cutlery down ever so precisely.
      You could be right about the same footage, or else she has her act down pat.

    • YES!! I’ve always thought the same thing. Looks like she’s placing a turd in her mouth. I’ve been known to fast forward so I don’t have to watch it.

    • What has she done to be considered a celebrity judge? I had never heard of her before the show, and even after all these years , I’ve never seen her on anything else.

    • It’s a patented expression developed by Anna Gare for Junior Masterchef. The idea is to look friendly, reassuring and interested so the child cook doesn’t burst into tears (bad for the production) or get otherwise traumatised (bad for the child and very bad for the show’s rep with their legal department). The expression looks so strange because it is not supposed to give away who has won so must be devoid of any actual meaning.

      Liz Egan is particularly unconvincing when she does the patented Anna Gare expression whether alone or with another judge.

      MKR developed the mutual look of devoid meaning, also known as the MLDM, specially for this show. The idea is that a pair of judges look at each other and then show each other the patented Anna Gare expression simultaneously. Sadly this also has to convey no useful message to the audience and generally gives the impression that as soon as the cameras stop the judges involved will tear off each others’ clothes and hump on the studio floor.

    • Seriously, Manu wasn’t joking about that. Those are actually the third and fourth chosen judges … we don’t like to talk about what happened to the first two.

  16. Disgusted to see $ophia Pou on Sunrise offering her vast expertise on a 6 year old boy’s cancer treatment. Get her off.

    • BDD, gaaaah that is why I cannot watch commercial breakfast telly. That woman getting publicity from childhood cancer? Truly? Sounds about as tasteful as the “Knock of Cash” where they make some tragic sod cry on their doorstep for a measly $10k. Whilst charging vastly more than that for ad space… shameful really.

      Some of these ex-reality-tv contestants must have ace publicists. Like Lindsay, daughter of Texan Cowboy- she’s in the Daily Mail several times a week just for being athletic and wearing skimpy athletic gear. Doesn’t seem to have gotten her any paid work but jeez they’re trying.

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