1. Thanks, Juz. The old pic works just fine. As usual all the Forrester kids were in boarding school when the photo was taken. I am expecting one of them to turn up on Dr Phil for never being allowed home.

    • Dr.Phil would hand them a tissue, then just send them away again to some recovery retreat in far flung Arizona.

      • Oh yeah, the pony ranch. He would say to Brooke and Eric, “This is a safe place to talk about hard things”, then rip them to shred. He might put Ridge on a polygraph and ask who the father is.
        I am team Ridge and Caroline. Go away Thomas. I hope Quinn gets pregnant with Liam’s baby, Sarsha gets pregnant to Zende and Brooke gets pregnant to Bill and Grandpa Eric ….again, but simultaneously this time. And I hope we never see Cherrrrlie ever again.

  2. Speaking of Dr Phil; millions of dollars to spend on a jumper and Robyn buys this?
    It looks like she raided Sue Heck’s wardrobe. Maybe someone gave her one of those rhinestone machine thingies because the whole jumper was covered.

  3. How much longer can these love triangles go round and around on B & B? It getting tedious.
    Are there no more eligible people in LA? Get out of Forrester Creations for a while and they might find some.

  4. The last couple of days I have fast forward through the whole episodes, boring….
    So predicable, we could write the scripts for them.
    So over Quinn and Liam, when will this come to an end? Will the evil woman become pregnant to the man she has despised for so long?
    At long last she is finding out what all the women find so attractive in Liam and she wants it all for herself.
    I bet everyone got a huge surprise when Sasha slept with Zende, bet you never saw that coming?

  5. I am excited to see Liam’s bad acting when he discovers he’s been fed meat for weeks. And Gabby, I expected you to be grinding your teeth at Brooke needing to pop in to Bill’s office, not fast forwarding.

    But I do admit to really, really wishing I could have a go at writing the show. One month would do me. Also, I reckon I could play the part of the housekeeper. The one who writes a tell all on the Forresters, shakes the short and curlies off their beds every morning, and takes all their empty whiskey bottles to the bin.

    Then I would slap Pam (I would write that in somehow) and throw away her lemon bar recipe. I would write a few more slaps in but it’s hard to know who to slap first; Brooke for being a deluded man stealer, Rick for being a sooky dick, Wipes for rushing Liam’s cast offs to the altar or Thomas because he is pretending not to hit on Caroline.

  6. Thanks goodness one baby is cooked, what a terrible actress Caroline is! Hope we don’t go through all this with Maya’s baby. And can’t we get rid of Rick, whinge, whinge, whine – wrong Brooke to tell him about Ridge!!

  7. Can’t wait for Sarsha to be carrying Zende’s child while Nicole is carrying uncle Rick’s. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ And Quinn to be carrying little twins; Cain and Abel. There are going to be a lot of boarding school fees coming up for the Forrester-Spencers.

    • BTW, this is a different baby than the one who was born yesterday. Perhaps that one was Thomas’s and this one is Eric’s.

  8. If Liam has a whiff of a lemon bar, it will all come flooding back. Has Liam asked why he doesn’t have a job or friends yet? I don’t know what is going to bother him more; all the sausages and bacon sandwiches he’s eaten, or where his little pencil has been.

  9. B&B is really boring atm. Wonder if they will use the same baby for Rick’s kid. Very good photo shopping by Deacon for the wedding picks.

  10. Deacon shold have used hs brain and photo shopped himself into the wedding photos. Then he could have an excuse to visit. He could have dressed as the celebrant.

  11. I just happen to be looking for a recipe on taste.com.au and up cam Pammies’ lemon Bar. Sounded ok too.

  12. Anyone thinking of the movie Misery with James Caan and Kathy Bates?

    When is Quinn going to break Liam’s legs? He’s a dirrdy bird.

  13. Worry not, Deacon lives and comes back to haunt Quinn! Mind you, how he does that after such a fall I don’t know! Liam like a little kid let outside for the first time but I really wish they’d end this farce.

  14. Really is a farce atm Sara. i was looking at what is happening in US and saw Deacon and thought WTF, the writers are really going over the top now. As for Liam’s acting (sorry, lack of)it is painful to watch.

    • AH I have just finished reading what’s happening in the U.S. too. It’s all so pathetic and so predictable.
      Liam’s acting or lack of as you commented is ridiculous, a ten year old could do better.
      I bet Quinn once again gets away with breaking the law and continues to work at Forrester and have Liam’s baby and blah, blah, blah…..

      • Me saying Quinn having Liam’s baby is just a guess on my part, it’s not a spoiler, I haven’t read that.

        But I do love spoilers, that’s why I read those sites.

  15. I peeked too, on Deacon, but let’s keep ttv spoiler free. Good twist yesterday. We all thought it was Liam. The drop was high in some shots but from the top it was only a short drop. The drop wouldn’t have killed anyone.
    Before pushing him, Quinn should have said to Deacon, “If you let me tie this boulder around your neck, we can get back together”.

    I wonder how much money Quinn has forked out supporting Deacon, and why we haven’t seen her on Judge Judy saying it was “a loan”.

  16. OK, you want a spoiler……
    so Liam (Adam) and Quinnn (Eve) run away to Italy and rent a little attic, where Quinn hopes no one will recognize Liam because she has shaved his head and tattooed his eyes. She starts a little business making jewellery with mirano glass, but Liam still hasn’t questioned why he doesn’t have a job, but he thinks he would like to try acting. They are out having pizza one day when they bump into Hope. Liam doesn’t get his memory back, but Hope recognizes Quinn and asks who bald friend is. Hope joins them at their table.
    Meanwhile Jim (Deacon), who was rescued from the sea by italian fishermen and taken on as a cabin boy, has taken to the sea life like little Eddie Bartholomew in Captain’s Courageous. He too has been transformedbythe harsh, but loving back-hander of the salty old captain so he has no desire to return to his crooked life.
    But as fate would have it, just as Quinn, Liam and Hope are tucking into their marinara, Jim, who has kept the name ecause of Treasure Island turns up…..

  17. So Jim exposes Quinn nd Liam, and at the sound of his name Liam’s memory returns. He immediately spits up the pepperoni pizza dog in his mouth.

    Quinn begs Liam to stay with her, but Liam now only has eyes for Hope. Quinn then tells Jim that if he doesn’t report her to the police they can be a couple again, and she will go back to rehab for murderers.

    Stephie and Bill ring Hope again to ask if she has seen Liam. Hope says, “No speaka Inglasio”.

  18. But Hope gets him in to acting school.

    Bill and Stephie show up. Bill has married Stephie while Katie is on the booze. Bill brings a bag of termites for Jim’s leg which is as wooden as Liam’s acting.

  19. Here’s another spoiler….at some point a Forester woman will break off with a man, and marry his brother, Dad or son, and not have to change her surname.

  20. Babies can’t smile when they’re this young, but since this is a Forrester made from latex, it can.

    Ridge’s secret will be out quicker than you can say “vasectomy”

    Someone will become an alcoholic, get amnesia or wind up in intensive care on a heart monitor..

  21. Woh! An entrant in Dr Phil’s World’s Worst Bastard Husband.

    “She can’t even be a good trophy wife”. This guy needs to be nowhere near a woman. ๐Ÿ˜จ

    • I watched this episode. Both of them made my blood boil.
      He was BH of the Y. She was Doormat of the Year.
      I have no idea why one of them didn’t just pack their bags and leave. How hard is that.

  22. Wipes, the king of pursed lips. Wipes asks Cherrrleee to keep Mum, literally. Quick Wipes, you had better rush Stephie to the altar.

    Kudos to all happening’s hubby who had him pegged all along. Yes, you got a shout out, Mr AH. Take a bow. ๐Ÿ˜†

  23. “Katy, you need my help. What do I need to do to get you to trust me enough so I can sleep with Bill again?”

    • This must have been after the seduction lingerie scene with Bill, where I was forced to leave the room.

  24. Stephie and Wipes tie the Granny knot. What happened to Stephie in this photo. She looks like Liam’s identikit sketch.

  25. I was expecting Douglas to come out and say his bit at the wedding. What a boring ep today.

  26. Better ep today.

    Katie to Brooke ~

    “I’m not an alcoholic…I’ve just had a bad couple of weeks”

    after Bill has walked in on them chewing the fat .

    • At bloody last. I hope that Liam says to everyone, “Thanks for hiring a pi to find me or reorting me to the police as a missing person. And thanks Cherrlee and Wipes for burying the incriminating evidence. And THANKS, Stephie for marrying my brother instead of looking for me.” ๐Ÿ˜’

      Now will writers repeat the Hope Wipes wedding scenario and have Stephie preggers to Wipes so deciding to stay married. Anyhow, move over Wipes, Liam wants his life, wife, office, Dad and shirts back. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  27. Ha ha. Bill is going to get to the bottom of this “right away”. He has a strange version of right away.

  28. So he calls his partner in crime and fellow villain, Justin.

    BTW, the Forrester Family pilot was on the Bachelorette this week.

    • Or so we thought, Sarah. Liam is growing a beard waiting for Wipes and Quinn to finish discussing his release.

  29. I think Wipes acting is as bad as Liam’s (adam) or whatever his name is this week.
    What has Stephanie done to her face? She is onto the Botox early .
    Also what happened to Taylor and Thorne? MIA

    • Well, Lola. A little credit for Wipes. He has mastered the pout lesson. Furrow eye brows. Point lips. He digs deep for that.

  30. Oh boy that was ridiculous and hilarious. Woolif and I really did LOL when the truth hit Wipes, that his mum was nesting with his brother and could potentially produce another little Spencer heir. Get your head around THAT family tree. Wyatt’s baby brother would be his nephew. Liam’s son would be his own cousin?????

  31. Liam’s pulling out all his awesome acting skills today. He has to spell it out that he’s slept with Quinn.

  32. And the beech scene. Running along the beach into each other’s arms. Seriously. That scene could only be done better in a Carry On movie in slow motion.

  33. Yeh, fair call Daisy. Wipes’ face at least moves and is fairly animated when he wants to show emotion. Liam needs to go back to the drawing board and start “Acting for dummies 101”

  34. I don’t know why Steffy is so upset about Liam sleeping with Quinn – I mean she married his brother!!! Why has nothing been said about Liam seeing them both in bed when he got back from Australia, which seems to have set off his mental issues! At least this episode is coming to an end, now we have to wait for the other ongoing stuff – Douglas/Thomas and Nicole’s baby.

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