General chat – May 16

What else is everyone watching? It was freezing and drizzly here today, so I had a The 100 marathon.
It started as an angsty teen show that irked me with bad acting, but it has really grown on me, but then I’m a sucker for a dystopian future. Plus it has Desmond from Lost in it, so, you know … Desmond rules. There’s also Lt Gaeta from Battlestar Galactica and Preston Burke from Grey’s Anatomy (yeah, the one who got fired for allegedly being homophobic and now he’s on a show that features numerous gay relationships).

Like Game of Thrones they’re not afraid to kill off major characters and there’s a bunch of Aussies in the cast.
We let our four-year-old watch some of ET last night (skipping the scariest scenes) and he loved it. Some of the effects look clunky but it’s still watchable.



  1. A friend of mine told me to watch The 100. She love Lexa…

    It’s an okay show considering it’s for teens or people in their early 20s. I watch it but when I find something better, I will watch this…

    I am currently catching up with Masterchef. Thankfully I am sick so lots of time.^^

    There’s also a nice new show on Netflix called Marseille with Gerard Depardieu. Quite entertaining but I really need also the French subtitles so I can understand everything.

    • Been watching and enjoying “The 100”.
      Watched “Game of Thrones” and also “Once Upon a Time”.

      • Have you read GoT books, Smythe? I’m finding it weird now to at least not have a rough time idea what’s coming next.

  2. I’m watching Masterchef, game of thrones and season 3 of Bates Motel. Really enjoying them all.

  3. I am currently binge watching Forbrydelsen (The Killing), a Danish crime series. Love Danish, Swedish etc. TV series.

    • Silvia, i watched and thoroughly enjoyed The Killing. I watched the Canadian based one with characters sarah linden and holder. I think it was based on the Danish one? The acting, scenery and story was fabulous. I nearly cried when it was all over!

    • I love Danish tv and film too, Sylvia. Heartless and Real Humans were both very good.

      BTW Dr Phil was in perticularly amateurish form today.

  4. I watched Hinterland. Apart from a good script with lovely understated acting, it was so delightful to listen to Welsh accents and the Welsh language. And watch that beautiful countryside.

    • No Pandy. But I am still enjoying the reruns. I haven’t seen all of them before, and am still savouring the characters even if I have seen them. I love different aspects of all of the characters. Even the ‘perfect’ Donahues.
      Not keen on Brooke Shield’s horrible family though.

        • And goofy. I like the Donahue’s son too. Namcy Donahue has no idea how annoying she would be. But then the Donahue’s turn around a tile their entire roof. 💖 Actually Nancy is what the overly zealous Sue might turn out like.

  5. Uuuuuggghhh. It’s cold and a bit stormy in WA today. I don’t even want to get up for a coffee. I hate winter.

  6. Not cold here at all. I’ve seen clips of the new season of The Middle, Sue emerges like a butterfly and brick graduates junior high, can’t wait to see it, such a good show buried on the Go channel, easily the best American comedy show on tv.

  7. It will have a shelf life as the kids grow up. We have watched them grow up.

    Maybe if Sue gets pregnant and becomes a single mum to a weird kid, it can continue. I think the reason the Middle works is The Charlie Brown factor. They are kind of loveable losers who make the best of a stale crust.

    • They could fast forward 20 years and Frankie and Mike can be living in a granny flat at Sue’s because they are too poor to retire. Axel could coach school football and Brick could be some tech guy. Hopefully Sue would be a successful social worker or something but struggle to handle the demands of her family.

      • Sue will have married Axel’s friend the AC repairman, or the Donahue boy, or someone she met on sm. Then she would need to drag the hubby and all their families onto Dr Phil.

        • Unfortunately, Darren already asked Sue to marry him and live in his tiny house, but then she backed out. Broke my heart. Is it too much to hope that it will all work out in the end?

  8. Mhmm, that Tom Hiddlestone pic… Delicious!

    Have seen X Men tonight, quite entertaining and Olivia Munn looks pretty good in her tiny outfit. 😀 Warcraft on Monday morning as we get a company showing. Perfect time. 10 am in the morning. My brain is usually still asleep at that time…

  9. Interesting Dr Phillip today. He blew a gasket because a brain-addled junkie argued with him and disrespected Robyn.

  10. Robyn gets flustered in her twee daisy jumper. She gets the red neck and they are no longer red-necks.

  11. Ariva saves the day, but drops Phillip in it by offering Pony Camp. Will Areva get the sack? Dr Phil likes to be in charge and clearly he was p*ssed off and not going to offer a brass razoo.

  12. Junkie dad had to eat humble pie and apologize or “No pony camp for you”.

    BTW, the Granny looked like she still hits the booze.

  13. “F*ck you Dr Phil. I really wanted some money, but I’ll take the pony camp”.

    I bet Phil only gives him the quick course.

    Granmorr made a mess of his life and now she wants the grandkids.

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