General chat – May 9

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Heavy rain and crazy winds in SA today so hope everyone over this way is keeping dry. I’m watching Project Runway All Stars in between cleaning out the living area in preparation for new flooring. We picked a great week to have to put our furniture outside!
What are you watching?



  1. Supernatural tonight! Nearly the end of the season. I do love my S’natural boys, even if the writers don’t always do the right thing by them. 🙁

    Tonight also marks the return of Have You Been Paying Attention. Naturally the two shows I want to watch are on at the same time, so one of ’em will have to be recorded.

  2. I do wonder how contestants for quiz programmes are chosen. I have watched The Chaser quite a few times and the ignorance of some of the contestants is overwhelming. I missed a question today but the correct answer was Alcatraz, – the contestant answered Pentridge. Recently a question was who did Malcom Turnbull appoint as new Minister of Defence – contestant replied Margaret Thatcher. And as for what some of the UK contestants dress themselves in – well scruffy would be a good polite word.
    No subtitles on Channel 10 today, hope I didn’t miss too much on Bold – but did see the baby smile – brilliant, just a couple of days old.

  3. I have a small but very important question: What would you guys name as the most famous Australian dessert? Lamingtons? Anzac cookies? Pavlova?

    • I would probably think of pavlova first, then lamingtons then ANZACS but an Australian’s answer might be influenced by their age and contect.

      When I think of lamingtons, I think of the old days of Cole’s cafeteria in town and having a ham sandwich, lamington and cuppa tea that probably totalled 2 bob. Good days.

      • I would say pavlova. We always fight with New Zealand over who invented it, with both countries claiming it as their own – named after the ballerina.

    • I’m in the pavlova camp Zhee. ANZAC biccies are quintessentially Australian but I don’t think of them as a dessert.

      • Thanks guys, I decided on Anzac cookies. They are easy to make and I can prepare them days in advance. Pavlova won’t survive a night in the fridge without getting soggy and Lamngtons seem to be a lot of work. I ave to basically bake stuff for 70 to maybe 100 people… So…

        • Anzacs are a double delight in that the raw dough tastes delish. But to be truly Aussie you need to call them biscuits or bickies, not cookies 😉 What’s the function?

          • Thanks.^^
            Anzacs are easy enough to make, so the decision was also easy in the end.
            I am working for a gaming company and the customer services department wants to celebrate the launch of Overwatch next week. So they had the idea of having sweet treats and the thought about me. The game features heroes around the globe so my idea was to do some treats for every country that is featured in the game:

    • When I lived in Darwin, a can of beer was the usual dessert. Followed by another. I suppose one could try drizzling it over poached pears or Pavlova after harvesting some take away.

  4. I enjoyed Russia: good song, well sung, amazing technics.
    But some of the others are borderline soft porn, and Hungary had three guys whistling the chorus. Bizarre.
    No wonder Australia did well.

  5. Anyone keeping up with Orphan Black?
    I think I am going to have to check out Eurovision based on the comments here.

  6. I thought Australia should win but I guess they had seriously no chances at all with the viewers. :/ You guys had the best song of the evening.
    Germany is a bit upset now as the singer placed last (tbh, there were tons of worse songs than Jamie Lee’s…). They call foulplay because of the political situation regarding Germany in the refugee situation. Stupid in my opinion. People simply enjoyed other songs more.

  7. Read an article this morning that Farmer Adam from FWAW has had to sell all his cattle on his dairy farm due to the bulk price for milk being reduced to farmers.

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