House Rules – fourth room reveal

Fourth room reveal tonight. Chat here for House Rules.



  1. Joe Snell seems to have an entire wardrobe of brightly coloured trousers, and I find it quite distracting. At least he matches Wendy.

    • But I don’t get either of the judges. They went from saying what a great bathroom the teams built (despite the fact that water would flow down a wall making the bath — the main purpose for a bathroom — hopelessly impractical), to complaining about the front deck was impractical. Eugh.

  2. There is no way the shower could be used in the 2nd bathroom so to me a massive fail.
    The outside of the house may be improved in later eps when they get to that part of the show.
    Why have 2 coffee tables stuck in the middle of the walk way in the lounge. Fil has strange ideas.
    I wish the teams would get together and decide on things like the shades of blue to be used. I am with the boys, I don’t like blue and black.

    • Did you hear Rose making excuses for the way the bath was? There was no excuse to be made, it was a big fail, as One of the judges said they could have had a shower curtain go right around. Imagine how mouldy it will get down behind there being unable to clean it?

      • A claw foot bath is not designed to have a shower over it at all. The bath was fine if it had a separate shower in the room.

  3. The house reveal, something not quite right.
    Another mish mash of a house renovation, when it could have looked so good.
    This season, the talent is extremely underwhelming.

    • I find Fil and her husband (who’s name escapes me) to be quite a conundrum. They advertise themselves as the seasoned renovators, but they keep doing odd and silly things (like finding out that the rug they’d bought was the wrong colour, so Fil tried to spray-paint it. I’m sorry, what?). I’m guessing the stress of doing it in a week is just not good for them.

      The boys seemed happy enough, though.

      I confess, I can’t wait until tonight when the teams get to do Rob and Rose’s house. Hahaha!

  4. Does any one else find Hagen a nasty piece of work. The way he talks to Clare is not good. I get the feeling he has a thing about women and their role in his life.
    There must be a catch to the super bright colours in R&R’s house but it sure looks like they got their comeuppance. Caroline will be having heart failure if the house is so bright. At least Joe will blend in with the walls this week.

  5. I think it’s a shame Ryan ended up with a double bed. I know he was happy with his bar fridge but a double bed for such a big bloke, not on.
    I agree with Joe, the bed head was flimsy and tacky looking.
    I did like the bathroom cabinetry but the bath and shower were a big no, no.
    Fils lounge did nothing for me. I would have thought a big comfy couch or two big recliner Chris for the guys to be able to lay back in. Not pretty little bits of furniture. What were those two round tables doing standing next to each other?
    Good on the guys for saying what they didn’t like.
    Pity they didn’t get a dryer in their laundry and Cody didn’t score a T.V. in his bedroom either.
    Overall they seemed a bit stingy with this house I thought compared to some of the others.
    It was so nice to see how appreciative they were.
    I hope they do a shite job on Sailor boy’s house.

  6. I’m surprised Rose & Rob scored so highly considering the fundamental functionality problems they presented, an 8 and a 9?! Really?! makes no sense… noticed their Audience Score was a 4 though! :p

    Felt bad for Nancy crying, but they are rookies so I don’t know what they expected to be honest…

    • Yeah, the bathroom looked nice, but the shower/bath problem made actually using the bath kind of impossible and utterly impractical.

      If you have a bathroom where you can’t have a bath, that’s pretty stupid. I’m shocked the judges scored so highly as well. But that’s the trick with judging design, they don’t care about actual practicality, it just has to look nice.

    • We have a shower bath, but the bath is built in old-style. I can’t imagine having to get your leg high enough to step into a claw-foot bath, which sits a few inches higher. Not too bad for the country boys but anyone else would find it a real danger.

      And a quite narrow bath means that the shower curtain would constantly stick to your legs while showering.

  7. I fast forwarded through the reveal today. I didn’t mind the laundry and the kitchen looked fine. What was with the horrible pine ceiling in the bathroom? At least paint it white. Those guys needed a big brown leather couch, not slim armchairs.

  8. Watching tonight’s episode, was it just me, or did anyone else catch themselves thinking, “… this is going to a disaster of epic proportions!” at Rose and Rob’s house rules?

  9. Trying to decide whether they have deliberately set Rob & Rose up for a shocker of a house as the producers have made them so awful.

    I’m still not sure why the ‘not white walls’ rule is being interpreted as ‘clashing colour everywhere’. It seems that we have to try very hard to fake a drama this week over the same bathroom tiles drama.

    • The previews for the finished building make it look like a kaleidoscope vomited into every room of their house.

      But it’s Rob, so who cares?

      It’s interesting that the teams seem to be a lot less stressed (with a far more comfortable and relaxed working environment) with Rob not there.

  10. I would like to know who actually picks the wording and style of decorating. Each week I have put the syle into google and up pops exactly how most interpret the style. This week I have seen variations of bright colours grouped together under the tag of retro revival. It might be horrid but everything I have seen with tiles and paint are true to that style. So why are R&R expecting something different?

  11. Do the contestants get to read and approve of the house rules for their homes? I can’t believe these rules for the RR home. I think the teams are going way overboard and it’s going to be a shagadelic explosion but they are basing their designs on the rules.
    Austin Powers checks out RR’s renovated home:

  12. Why can’t they do light coloured walls? Doesn’t have to be white, but there are many options, cream, beige, mint, coffee coloured etc. I don’t like the idea of all these bright colours everywhere, they will either love it or hate it. Can’t wait to see the reactions.

    • I was about to comment the same thing, Pandy. I’m not a fan of white either, and one of my first rules would be no white, black or grey. But ‘no white’ doesn’t mean no neutrals. Off-white, cream, ivory, pastels, beige could all be used. Brights can work really well, but they have to be teamed with neutrals to give the eye somewhere to rest.

  13. I don’t understand why Claire was so upset over picking the same tile (in a different colour) as Michelle, like there is not allowed to be any continuity in the house, heaven forbid?! This apparent bathroom battle is so contrived, I don’t care! The only place they’ve all been failing in the bathrooms is the layout, worry about that, not the tiles…

    Meanwhile, Daniel is so flipping passive, it’s annoying me now…

    And lastly, made me feel old when some of the contestants didn’t know what retro or shagadelic was, but then maybe they’re just not that bright :p

    • I’m totally with Cody on the Retro theme. Having grown up with those exact teal colour keep-me chairs, the whole sixties-seventies stuff just looks ugly and old-fashioned to me. My parents used that furniture because it was all they could afford, and couldn’t wait to be able to buy more modern stuff.

      My particular hate is the spindly leg furniture. Such a waste of space.

  14. This would have to be best series of HR. Great couples except for R and R. All seem to get along well with each other.

    • I agree, I like them all, and was pleased that Claire and Hagan finally managed to pull a zone together for the win. Re Rose and Rob, usually I feel sorry for the partner when one is terrible, but they are both obnoxious.

  15. Those coloured tiles around the bath looked horrid, nothing nice about them at all and they didn’t go with the other white wall tiles. That bathroom really needs a shot of something to help it because so far it’s going nowhere fast.
    What’s with Fil and Joe’s zone, did they only get the boy’s bedroom and laundry? So they hope to win by making the bedroom in to a mini battleship and buying as many toys as they can? I do not like the idea of ropes in a child’s bedroom, big fail.
    Poor old Brooke, more tears, what a softie, I don’t think he’s hard enough to work on a building site.
    I also don’t think Nancy and Daniel(?) are cut out for this show and my money is on them for being sent home first.
    I loved that red leather couch Ryan chose for their lounge room. I was really annoyed, I didn’t think R & R deserved such a beautiful piece of furniture.

    I have a strange feeling R&R are going to like most of these colours, damn!

    • That bathroom is SO ugly. They are turning the place into a Skittles house…

      The toys that Fil is buying look too large and how would they fit on the wall?

    • Good point, Gabby about the ropes, especially in loops on the side of the bed. I expect Rose to comment on that in the reveal.

  16. I really do like Brook and Michelle, but between the two of them, they really do cry a lot, don’t they? I’m genuinely concerned we need to get some kind of hydrating energy drink into them …

    It’s interesting listening to Rose and Rob be nervous about the house rules. Weren’t you two the ones who wrote the darn rules? If you were nervous about them, then maybe you should’ve been a little more specific with them.

    • Michelle did say that she had never seen Brooke so emotional. He’s obviously never experienced this pressure before.

      I’m convinced that the producers ask the contestants lots of questions about their styles, maybe show them heaps of pictures, and then write the rules for them along those approximate lines. I’ve never believed that the contestants write their rules directly.

  17. Most of the homes that they renovate a decorate I could probably quite happily move in to but I am sorry this one would be a nightmare. I could not stand those colours everywhere.
    Did you see the master bedroom, it’s like one of those kaleidoscope things you had when you were a child and put up to your eye and turned around. How could you sleep in there?
    Still not happy with the ropes in the boy’s room. They would be coming down if it was my son’s room.
    Fil is chasing that first position. Not sure if she is going to get it this week.
    I think the study nook is quite small for someone who works from home, pity they couldn’t have found a bit more room.
    Looking forward to the judges take on it all.

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