1. There’s a couple of good rooms, but mostly? It’s pretty ghastly.

    Meanwhile, don’t the judges look fabulous tonight, in their high heels and bright pink outfits? And Wendy looks nice as well.

  2. The scoring by R&R was very iffy this week. I think they were guessing who did what and marking to keep themselves in. Claire and Hagen don’t take criticism well. I didn’t really like any rooms except the 2 yo’s. Too many dangers with rope in the older boys room and I can see Mum telling them to leave the toys alone and go to sleep.

  3. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, although not my cup of tea. I could never live with an orange fridge, my mum had heaps of orange in our house in the seventies and I’ve hated orange ever since! The ensuite was nice, as was the laundry. Boys rooms were cute but they will soon grow out of them and could be a bit dangerous. The oldest boy should have his own room eventually and the two youngest share. Lounge room and main bedroom hideous!

  4. Actually it wasn’t as bad as I expected and I had a feeling it would turn out like that as they were only showing us small bits and pieces of the atrocious parts.
    I was really surprised at Rob’s overall take, he seemed more happy with it than Rose. She seemed to be a lot more picky than him. I think she was most upset they used the old chairs and she didn’t get new ones in the dining room.
    She was not impressed with quite a few things I noticed.
    I agree about the toys in the boy’s rooms, they will be getting shoved away for special play times.
    Fil gave me the pip, we wanted to touch the boy’s heart, bullshit, she wanted to get high points, which they did.
    I think the boys got a rather low score 6, they loved the couch, I knew they would, and they loved Teddy’s room but they said the picture was placed too low.
    Why did he love that bedroom so much? I thought it looked so tacky with that shocking paint job.
    Anyway I don’t believe that small house is their forever home, afterall he is a Lieutenant in the Navy as they both like to keep on telling anyone who will listen.

    • They did say that after many years of Navy rentals, that they finally had bought a home. With the boys at 7 and 5, it would be time to settle in one place so that they can get their schooling right, and let them start to be part of a community.

      • They have bought another house in Brisbane, Fijane and he is on extended leave and will be going back to the Navy. They had to get permission from HR producers to move due to Rose’s grans illness. Sounds like a load of crock to me.

        • Didn’t know that they had another house. So they will probably sell the house that was reno’d. Just an investment for them and no money spent to reno it.

        • Not to spoil the party as I know this couple but if Rob goes back to the navy it will not be in the same capacity as it was. There was another emergency which the family has not spoken of – it’s up to them if they’ll speak of it in the public domain – but it would have been enough for me to uproot my family and move back home. I’ve only been to Rose’s mum’s home not to their new home and I would love to see if they were allowed to bring any of the awesome furniture over. The orange fridge is AMAZING!

        • That certainly changes things. I feel sad for the little boys, being dragged all over. I feel that not just for defence force kids, but any kids who don’t get the chance to settle properly. Being moved interstate mid-teens has scarred me for life (don’t tell the folks !)

          • Absolutely. I was a defence kid and I was lucky being the youngest I didn’t see half of it. Little David was the only one who had issues with all the moving. Rob is an incredible stay at home Dad. Can’t wait for this week to see how C & H’s house plays out!

    • Not too bad Juz. Actually it didn’t come up too bad with the black floor tiles. I was thinking it was a bit big and bland, which I was surprised by, there just seemed to be something missing.
      I think Rose thought there was something not quite right too. I don’t think she liked the coloured tiles. Rob did.
      She loved her ensuite.

      • I agree, with the bath installed, the tiles were OK, but something about the room missed the mark. Maybe just a big pile of fluffy multicoloured towels would have done it.

  5. This reality TV is a load of #$&€. It doesn’t matter when you don’t have any intention of living in the house (Wa) as you can just wait a couple of months and buy a $527000 (recent sales price) one in a different state (Qld). That opportunity could have gone to a more worthy couple.

  6. That ensuite was undoubtably the worst room in the three seasons of HR. Baby-poo yellow square tiles, kite-shaped blue tiles, plywood wall, and ugly furnishings. Somehow the tiles that looked so wonderful in white in the main bathroom, looked drab and dreary in black. I can’t help but suspect that the producers needed Brooke and Michelle’s scores raised to make things more even. Thank goodness Rose’s scoring was more honest than the comments.

    The living room was nice especially considering they had to use all that weird artwork together, and managed to make it look OK. The kitchen was very nice and with a new fridge and the wall colour changedwi will be great. The boys’ rooms were great, although I agree that they are more for show, than really practical.

    The hallway was a disaster, and who on earth gives a european laundry to a family? Dirty and clean clothes will greet tham every day when they walk in the door, all over the hall.Not a fan of the dining room, featuring all the old-fashioned aspects of the seventies, but I can see how some might like it.

    Good on Rose for pointing out the bad things in the rooms. I get tired of them raving over rooms, when the scores reveal their real views. It was also good to see Rob calling them out on poor finishes. Unfortunately, Claire let the sour grapes out last night. She was obviously quite hurt,thinking that they wre the only ones who really did the no white walls and then were punished for it. She didn’t realise that her interpretation of ‘no white’ (bright colours) was off-kilter.

  7. Does anyone have all the scores up until now. It will be interesting to see where everyone sits. I think R&R may have tried to manipulate with their scoring.

  8. Just found the file with all the scores.
    Total scores as of now.
    F&J 88
    L&C 88
    B&M 87
    R&R 84
    N&D 73
    C&H 105 This is their final score.
    Other teams need between 17 and 22 to be safe and C&H to go.

    • Hoping that F&J have a bit of a shocker this week, as the next two teams are my favourites. I would really like to keep N&D too, although I know that they are struggling a bit. They’ll need a minimum of two 7s and an 8 to stay.

      I don’t know how the zones will be allocated this week, but it seems that the allocation hasn’t worked out equally so far, so hopefully F&J will get one of the harder zones. Definitely not a kid’s bedroom this time.

  9. Claire….bad sport.
    I think the boys’ rooms were the best but not necessarily practical and can see how some things in the room would not be safe.
    The worst rooms for me were the ensuite, master bedroom and the bathroom although overall I really didn’t like this reno but it’s not to my taste. I would wind up repainting the walls and replacing some of the furniture.

  10. I fast forwarded through the episode today. Thought the kitchen looked good but that funky fridge is not big enough for a family of five. That wall with the shoddy paint was dreadful – they might have pulled it off in a rumpus but not such a small space. I’m glad Rose loved Brooke and Michelle’s bathroom because I could not wrap my head around the gold square tiles or the wood. The dining room looked fab, so I though the scores they gave B&M were a little low given their enthusiastic response. A family of five needs a real laundry but I guess at least the contestants know it’s the show’s architects who pick such things. That study nook was pretty useless – not even a set of drawers under the desk. That yellow combined with the wooden front door screamed daggy 70s – not cool, retro 70s. Claire was in a right snit but she knew the rainbow bathroom would be divisive, so why was she so uppity? Fil and whatsit had it easy just doing the boys’ bedroom and the laundry (and I agree with Rose – the tiles were ugly. Why not just pick one features colour rather than fifty?). Glad the kids liked their room as it had way too much clutter in it for my liking – so many solid things they could fall out of the top bunk and whack their heads on. And they are meant to share a desk? The boys’ lounge room was very cluttered.

  11. I’m actually looking forward to watching this round’s reno. Putting an entire second storey on a house? That’s a big ask for just 7 days. I imagine all the teams will be stressed out of their minds (not helped by the fact that Rob’s back. Everyone did so well last week without him). But I really want to see how this one turns out.

    (seriously, Cody … a bicycle hanging over the dining table as a novelty light fixture?)

    • They promo-ed the end result heavily while MKR was on so I feel like I’ve seen most of it before. I wonder if they filmed it over two weeks instead on one, or however long an HR “week” is?

  12. I really enjoyed watching the last reno because the vibe was so much more positive without Rob and Rose to bring the mood down. Watching it tonight and Rose is already being passive aggressive. They may be perfectly nice people in real life but they certainly don’t come across that way on the show.

  13. Thanks AnnieB for the link to the current house.
    What a good buy Hagen and Claire snapped up, $265,000 and then to go on this show and get all of this work and the extra area added to it. They are laughing.
    Somehow I think maybe they might be one of the few couples that won’t be moving on.
    I knew Rob and Rose wouldn’t be staying in that house, didn’t realise they would be out of it quite so quick though.
    Couldn’t believe the cabinet Fil designed and was trying to get R and R to pay for, she had a bit of a cheek there.
    I don’t blame Brooke for keeping his barnyard door or whatever it was to himself. Why should he make it, hang it and then get none of the credit or points.
    I wonder what Fil will spend her extra $5,000 on, probably a saucepan or something.
    The big showdown between Rob and Fil must be tonight, bring it on.
    Please don’t tell me I have blinked and missed it.

    • I think Fil versus Rob is going to be Thursday night (the show’s not on tomorrow night, thanks to Origin I, which no sane competitor would even bother competing against).

      • It’s on in Adelaide, according to my guide. Look forward to that blue, whenever it is.

  14. It is usually only the Qld and NSW that change to Thurs for the program due to origin. It is also advertised at 8pm in Qld.
    I was amazed at the ease with which Rose got that shelf for the TV until I realized Fil was trying to get her space payed for.
    Did you notice Fil is in the process of making a barn door? I do not trust her at all.

  15. I am not a Fil fan and if she and husband are eliminated that would be fine. In fact I only like two teams, Michelle and Brooke and Cody and Luke. Any of the others can go.

  16. I am definitely not a Fil fan, beneath all the smiles there is something two faced going on. I would not like to see them win.
    I didn’t realise all happening she was in the process of getting a barn door made, how sneaky and typical. Afterall it was Brooke’s idea.
    I agree with you Smythe, Brooke and Michelle, Luke and Cody are my two favourite teams and would love to see one of them win.
    Glad I haven’t missed the fight but looks like I will have to wait until tomorrow night.

  17. I saw the barn door when she was sanding something last night. I agree with both Gabby and Smythe re favorites. Fil and Joe definitely untrustworthy.

  18. The top of my list for elimination would be Rob & Rose but I doubt that will happen. He is just an absolute jerk and I would prefer not to see him any more. Yes, it’s a competition but you are creating a home for someone and there needs to be some teamwork and communication. This is NOT a ship and you are NOT in command. If they do make their way to the finals I doubt that they will win.
    Claire is ultra sensitive and critical and not the best of sports so will be interesting to see what she thinks of the reno especially with the exposed PVC pipes in the bathroom, the corrugated iron on the dining room walls, the hanging paddle board, etc. (all things that she and Hagen have commented about).

    • It seems to a pattern that the owners vow that they hate some element, and yet when that thing appears in the house they suddenly change their mind. I think that is because they are just so grateful that the house looks a hundred times better than it did. I have noticed from other series, though, that the truth often comes out when the do-over zones are set.

      There’s also the fact that sometimes we have a picture in our mind of what an element like “corrugated iron” will look like, but couldn’t imagine that it could be done in a good way.

      • They should be grateful for the work that has been done. The rules can really get the contestants caught up in some style and overdo and overwork it.
        I wonder if Claire and Hagen will wind up keeping the house or selling it and making a nice profit.

        • As I mentioned previously they should make a nice little profit from this reno. The more I think about it they will probably sell as even with the top level it is still a tight squeeze for their family as it grows.

          I would like to know how many people from all the series are still in their original homes.
          I would like to think some couples were honest about the whole idea of the show and are living happily ever after in their renovated home.

          I have noticed this year there seems to be a whole load of accessories bought to place everywhere, maybe to take the eye of the bad workmanship but everywhere you look there are bits and pieces of tat in every room.

          You are right Fijane we really find out what they think when it comes to redoing a zone time.

          I don’t think it’s right Rob has been allowed to get away with his ‘bullying’, we teach our children not to do it and here is he a Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy as bold as brass on our TV screens being the biggest bully of all. I think Channel 7 should have told him from the start to put a sock in it. It’s not on.
          I don’t think his wife is any better, always defending him, she is so passive aggressive. Time to go home Rose and Rob, I hope but I don’t think it will be them this week. I bet they are there at the end.

  19. Watching the episode tonight (after a hard-fought Maroons’ win last night). The blow-up between Fil and Rob was the exact same argument they had a couple of houses ago, but Rob still comes across as an arrogant selfish tool. I do feel for Rose, but sweety, you said, “I do” after all.

    I actually quite liked Daniel’s attempt at industrial art-work. Go figure, but I thought it looked nice (and really matched the tone of the house). I wonder how Claire and Hagan will respond.

    • I liked that artwork, too, and at the end when Daniel & Nancy hugged in front of the picture, it was a special moment.

  20. At least Rose admitted Rob was in the wrong this time. I think she has finally woken up to what an a*se she is married to. It would not surprise me in the least to see that they have split and that is why they/ (she and kids) have suddenly moved to Brisbane to live.
    Yes Rose the bathroom does look bad without a door or some thing to cover the shower. If nothing else, the noise from the bathroom would be loud and not always pleasant.
    Not sure about the paddle board that was a keep me item. Shouldn’t C&H have not left it if they use it regularly. Unfortunately N&D were sucked in to keeping it. It doesn’t look right at all.
    The balustrade up stairs is so dangerous for the little ones with horizontal bars. It would have been safer with the same metal done vertically.
    Was there a toilet down stairs? Drive me silly having to go up stairs every time they want to go especially with the kids.

  21. The more I see of both Rob and Rose the less I like them. Rob is consistently a tool and Rose puts on this sweet act until she doesn’t get her way then she’s as bad as he is. I’m with AH and wouldn’t be surprised if they have split.
    I’d be furious not to have a door between the ensuite and bedroom – I don’t want a shower in my bedroom let alone a toilet.
    Luke tried to tell them how much he didn’t like it but both of them shut him down and wouldn’t listen. Then Rose acts like a child when he vents about it.

    I’ll be really cross if the boys or Brooke and Michelle are eliminated. I’m concerned for B & M but my money would be on Nancy and Daniel to go.

    • Yeah, I like Nancy and Daniel, but I don’t see them scoring enough to stick around.

      I totally agree with Luke on how horrendous the ensuite was. They couldn’t have put in at least a sliding door or something? Anyway, maybe there’s a toilet in the back of the laundry, or something? That laundry seemed gigantic, even for a house with two kids and a giant dog.

      • With two young children Claire and Hagan will need a door that they can lock, on both the ensuite and the bedroom.

    • I don’t think R&R will split – they seem quite happy with each other. Rose is quite willing to excuse Rob’s poor behaviour because deep down she doesn’t see anything wrong with it. He is just more obvious in his obnoxiousness, hers is all hidden behind the sweet facade. If they can be happy that way, more power to them. Just keep it interstate from me.

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