1. N&D’s reaction to the living room was particularly contrived considering they had walked in to and past it at least 3 times before they gave their ‘official reaction’. Daniel did not like that master bedroom, he could not have been less enthused, ‘mmm’ wallpaper, look a bedside table with no drawers’, although to be honest he wasn’t that animated in general, I’m guessing she’s the one who pushed to go on the show.

    Also, no surprise the bathroom was just stupidly big for the so called ‘A-list entertainer’, don’t think they were referring to entertaining in the bathroom guys, otherwise should have installed a jacuzzi! Poor kids with their now shoebox sized rooms…

    Lastly, a dining table with ZERO styling on it, like not even a vase of flowers – big mistake. Found it hard to get caught up in the drama of the boys going from first to last when we KNOW that their house is next so it doesn’t even matter!

  2. I do think this reno was better than the last couple. Not by much, but any port in a storm. The kitchen and lounge room were nice, at least.

    Unfortunately, the real problem with the reno wasn’t visible during the teases we got last week. The lay-out was all wrong. And a gigantic bathroom is forgivable, I think, if they’d actually made it luxurious or done *anything* at all with the space. But they didn’t, it was just a giant empty space. And … really unfortunately … it’s a case of “jerk-ass has a point”. Rob was right when he was giving Brook grief about, “do you live and sleep in the bathroom?” because the kid’s rooms were smaller than the bathroom. Wendy was right, those kids will grow out of those rooms really quickly, I mean, they were nice but tiny and hopelessly impractical. Daniel really didn’t seem to like the new walk-in robe, either (giving them less space than they had already was apparently a bad idea. Who knew?).

    I’m not looking forward to these next couple of episodes, because the one likeable and awesome team won’t be there, but it will be good to see their reaction. And I hope everyone does a good job, the boys deserve it.

  3. Didn’t get how Wendy could give both Claire and Hagen & Michele and Brooke fives. The bathroom was too large and the tub, shower and storage space didn’t work with it, the little boy’s bedroom too small and they didn’t finish the side deck whereas CH finished their rooms and did an overall decent job.
    Boys’ dining room….just bland and not at all coastal chic. Good the homeowners liked the wallpaper. I thought it was cheap looking.
    Still don’t like the tile in either of the bathrooms.
    Was really hoping that RR would not win because of his attitude and egomania but they did have the best zone.
    Will miss the boys during the next reno. They are the nicest team.

  4. I have to agree with you all, that bathroom was a complete waste of space. Bath, shower and bench with one small basin squeezed in to one end and the loo sitting in a corner down the end.
    After all the carry on they had with the bathroom I thought it was going to be fabulous. Can’t believe they wasted so much space.
    Very disappointed they didn’t finish the deck and were quite surprised at losing points.
    I agree that the score didn’t tally with C. and H’s.
    Also don’t think the boys deserved their score for such a poorly fitted dining room. I think brothers were quite surprised they didn’t win hat trick with ensuite alone. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t win this week.
    I hated Rob and Rose’s smugness for winning, they didn’t really have to do much.
    I didn’t feel much enthusiasm from Daniel, very low key, especially as mentioned, main bedroom and walkin robe.
    Not sure why Rob is being made project manager on this job, we haven’t had one before, have we?

  5. Kitchen wasn’t anything special except the pantry shelves. That kids table was a shocker. The boys did run out of money so they didn’t have anything to spend on the table setting. They did a shabby chic table Black undercoat and covered in white then rubbed back. Apparently that is what they should have had. With the size of the linen cupboard there was no need to have much storage in the bathroom I would have thought.

  6. Spoiler alert! Rob’s still obnoxious. And wow, making him the project manager for the deck, that *totally* won’t be one of those decisions everyone lives to regret …

  7. Wonder why instead of a deck they couldn’t just have extended the house and made it larger.
    Making Rob project manager….what were they all thinking?

    • I suspect we can blame the producers for Rob being made project manager.
      I wish they hadn’t got rid of those windows. Some new glass all that is needed so the house still has the country feel.

  8. I was wondering about extending, but looking at the roofline, it would have been a very big change structurally.

    I doubt the producers would have had to encourage Rob to volunteer, all they had to say was “you need a leader”. Rob sees himself as a leader, and all the others as followers.

    Hate that they are taking all the timber panelling off. That ceiling in the robe was beautiful.

  9. I will say this, I loved how the boys left a fridge full of beer for the two poor tent-dwellers, this week. I mean, even if you’re not a beer drinker, it was still a sweet gesture (and being fully loaded is probably the only way some of these teams will be able to deal with Rob).

  10. Feeling so sorry for Hagan and Brooke after last night’s ep. They are both being shafted by Rob’s laziness. Brooke was quite right to pull away after wasting two days on the deck, but he obviously felt terrible about leaving Hagan in the lurch. Hagan should have just stopped, and gone to his own zone. What can the judges do to them if the deck doesn’t get finished? They can’t give a group score. On the same note, how will slackers be penalised? No way to do it fairly.

    The prods are relying on the good nature of some contestants who want to do the beet for the boys.

  11. It sounds like Caroline gives them a dressing down for not doing enough on the deck. There is no way they can do their own zones and the extra stuff even with Rob helping not that that will happen. What a horrid man Rob is.

  12. Hoping so much that RR do NOT win this reno. I don’t remember hearing anyone state that the floors needed extra support due to the tile which is what he told Brooke. The extra support is all about the tub and so Rob should have dug all of the holes. Of course he keeps getting away with “stuff” like this.

    I can’t believe that Daniel kept giving away much needed space. Why didn’t Nancy speak up and stop him?

  13. Rob is a liar and a manipulator. Either Rose is thick as a brick or she is as bad as Rob. I can’t believe the weakness of the other teams. They keep bowing to what Rob tells (orders) them to do. He is using the we are doing it for the home owners. NO he is doing it for Rob. At least his attitude is being noted by the voting audience if RR gets into the final.

  14. Nancy and Daniel’s home wasn’t too bad, but from last night’s episode, is anybody else getting a sinking feeling about what’s being done to poor Luke’s house? 🙁

    • I’m mostly worried about the bedrooms. Both rooms have been squeezed so small, Daniel is even talking about no room for a queen bed.

      Can’t understand why F&J have put the TV recess in the corner. Why not in the other wall. Also why are there two corridors? The layout seems really awkward.

      • I noticed the issues with the layout last episode, actually. It looked like the main bedroom (for Luke) is in a corner of the house, but has one corridor leading to the dining/eating area, and another corridor leading away to another part of the house. The tiny bedrooms (which seems to be a theme of the current batch of renos) also seem problematic.

        • Maybe that was the point of the “crowded” theme (which they now seem to have dropped, except from the logo).

          If the house is that small, then make the guest room much smaller with just a king single in it.

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