House Rules – second room reveal

I’ll be recording tonight’s room reveal as I’m keen to try and spot which suburb of Adelaide this is, as I reckon it’s near my place – although my streets are far less leafy.
Who do you think will be on top – and on the bottom? And is that navy guy still being a tool?



  1. Didn’t like much about his house except the kitchen. Glad the boys won again. Loved that sailor boy is in the tent but she sounds absolutely terrified, not of camping but of Rob. He could not accept that he got 5’s all round. Get over your self Rob.

  2. This weeks house Reno was truely woeful. A horrible mish mash of clashing rooms. Looked cheap and terribly executed.
    The black trim in the bedroom was poorly painted and will be a nightmare to paint over. I like black but not in a bedroom and not for a feature wall.
    Fridge in the butlers pantry is very impractical.
    Horrible renovation. . . and don’t get me started on all the turquoise tiles in the bathrooms!

  3. Horrible reno for the most part. Kitchen was the best of this mess but the refrigerator should have been in the kitchen, not the butler’s pantry. This couple will be repainting as well as removing the multiple needless polygons throughout the house. They should find out where that vase was purchased and return it so they can use the $$ towards renovating the reno.

  4. It was woeful. The kitchen was the best- I didn’t mind the girls’ room and bathroom but hated most of the rest. I think they will be changing heaps of it.

    I genuinely think Rob’s wife is afraid of him. And how much more horrid can he get when enduring unpleasant conditions? I mean, I’d this is him when well fed and rested how pleasant will he be when facing adversity. I think she is right to be concerned. He can’t accept reality and will blame her. But that blue was Erk and the orange living was foul.

  5. Yeah, that reno was awful. There was maybe one room that was decent (even the kitchen failed for moving the fridge around into the pantry). None of these teams have the slightest idea what they’re doing, do they?

    Meanwhile, Rob seems to think he’s still in the navy and that he can click his fingers and everyone will trip over themselves to say, “Sir, yes sir!” What a tool. I mean, I know he’s being edited to be a villain, but he’s still a tool.

    The little kids’ bedroom wasn’t too bad, and I liked the bathroom until the team forgot to separate the toilet in its own little room. The master bathroom looked awful, and so did the master bedroom. I even thought the dining room was crap (and that bench was stupid). And Phil needs to have the credit cards taken off her, like, oh my gosh. “The vase was so expensive!” That didn’t stop it from being hopelessly impractical and stupid, did it?

  6. The fridge was too big for the pantry, but really, what else could they do? The only other way I could see it not being in the pantry was to place the kitchen along the other wall, the long side of the island parallel to the windows.
    That lounge was crap. Orange! With a couch, which was cool, a chair and a TV plonked down. With busy-ness behind the TV. Idiots.

    • That kitchen configuration was the one we reckoned would be logical – turned around to face the windows. It felt like the producers designed the rooms so that a team would have a butler’s pantry to do.

  7. Did anyone notice that aqua sand ornament that Fil knocked over and broke , magically reappeared by the bath and all in one piece.
    I would hate to see Rob in the army. A close relative of mine is out bush in awful sounding conditions more than at home but is wonderful to his wife and family when he is home. The look on what’s her name (Rob’s wife) was sheer terror imoa. I don’t think we can really blame the navy just Rob is an a&hole of a man. They obviously didn’t think they would be bad enough to end up in the tent. I don’t like Fil and Joe but looking forward to her standing up to Rob this week.

    • I looked closely at the aqua sand ornament that Fil knocked over when the judges were in the room. The ornament was hourglass shaped, and it looked like one side was shattered (with a jagged outline) with no sand in it anymore, but the bottom half still looked solid.

      It probably only cost the team about $4K.

      I don’t much like Fil and Joe, either, but you’re right. Watching Fil just shut down Rob (who’s apparently used to getting his own way without hesitation) should be hilarious. “But I want this!” “No.” “But why can’t the room start here?” “Because I don’t want it to.”

      I’ve never noticed any looks of terror on Rob’s wife’s face, but I’ll watch tonight. Gosh, what a thoroughly unpleasant person. It’s like, he’s the guy you don’t want in a team exercise. You’re at work or school or college, and the supervisor gives you a team task, and Rob’s the guy you want nothing to do with (because he’s not gonna give a crap about what anyone else wants for even half a second). This actually is a team competition (for the sake of the houses), but I don’t think he’s realised that.

  8. All happening you are right, Rose looked absolutely horrified thinking about the mood Rob will be in having to spend the week in the tent.
    What an a.hole of a man and no the Navy cannot be blamed for the type of person he is, I don’t believe that for a minute.
    That poor home had nothing done to enhance its heritage, nothing worth speaking about anyway.
    I am not liking Fil. The job they did on the bedroom was atrocious. As for the door opening in to the hallway, disgusting.
    Then there are the orange walls with that disgusting wallpaper behind the T.V. And Sailor boy wondering why they only got a 5.
    I’m also looking forward to Fil and Rob getting in to it, bring it on, she looks like the only one with enough balls to have a go at him.

    • Agree, this house was a catastrophe. I was a bit annoyed that B&M were gushing when they went through the house, but fortunately their comments and scores were more honest.

      The dining room just made me want to puke. Definitely the worst room in the house IMO.

      We noticed a lot of selective editing during this episode. It was evident that either the judges or B&M would be making a comment about something, and then it seemed to be chopped off, and quickly moved to the next comment. There were so many bad things about the house that were never mentioned – removing the chimney (mentioned by the judges but not the owners), the octagons in the wall (only comment by judges), the orange paint, the perching of the tv off the side of the cabinet to hide the hexagon thing.

      Really surprised that Michelle liked the bathroom tiles. Maybe that was her arty side coming out. Personally I could understand how some people would like them, but I thought using the dark grey tiles against them was awful, and the vanity was weird. Those blue tiles in an otherwise all white bathroom could have been a real statement.

      I like the office, but agree about the non-functionality. I really like D&N’s sense of style, and they pick antique objects well. The girls room was good, but the TV was still there (and not commented on). I could see where the main bedroom was going but I think that Fil decorated in her own “bling” style, not that of the owners or to the house rules. The Laundry was OK, but I didn’t really like the kitchen – again, just OK, nothing special.

      I noticed this week and last, that not putting window coverings seems to be OK this year. Several rooms have had bare windows, and nothing said.

  9. I also thought Rob’s conspiracy theory on the hexagons was very entitled… “We did it first everyone else copied but we get the blame”. Guess what – the owners didn’t even like them! The only ones they seemed to like were the kitchen tiles which just looked like interesting tiles that happened to be hexagonal.

  10. I think most things have been covered by everyone else. The only thing I have to add is that it seems to me that besides being generally a tool that Rob has issues with women. I can’t get past him telling Michelle to keep her opinion to herself in the first reno.
    On a positive note those Dalby boys are just lovely.

    • I remember the moment from the first reno where the girls went shopping with Cody and they were asking him why he didn’t yet have a girlfriend yet because he’s the good-looking one.

      Honestly, I prefer Luke. Weird tooth notwithstanding, I find him far more charming and just as handsome. He’s not Jordan, obviously, but you know.

      • I think they are both lovely. And part of the charm is the way they treat each other, blokey in a country-style way but obviously really close. Great example of the best type of Aussie male friendship.

    • Jayblossom, did you notice last night that Rob said to Fil “So you don’t want it…well..” in a tone of voice that said “well, poor you, little sookie”. It was incredibly rude, and again implying that a woman’s opinion is not worth listening to.

  11. A tiny house with a lot of work to be done within and also plenty for Rob to carry on about.. Will this man ever give it a rest?
    I don’t blame Fil and Joe for not letting them have their bench and then stool encroach on their living room.
    The way they are carrying on, they seem to forget when the boot was on the other foot and they wouldn’t give an inch or a centimetre to other contestants for the sake of the house. Payback is a bitch Rob and although Rose comes across as all smiles I think she is just as bad as him. I’m loving it that they are in the tent.
    I think the house rules are fairly easy to follow this week compared to last week, surely they won’t be able to go too wrong. Then again Fil and her porthole, heaven forbid, thank goodness for Caroline stepping in.

    • Yes, R & R were complaining that Fil wanted to encroach on “everyone else’s” space (catastrophising, anyone) when that is what they have done in every renovation!
      Bit annoyed that Rose manipulated the boys about the linen cupboard. I thought she was being gentle and cooperative until the confessional straight after where she gloated that she had used their sweetness against them. Thank goodness Brooke and Michelle stood their ground this time. By the sixth reno, nobody will give R&R anything at all.

      • Fijane I was so annoyed that the guys gave in so easy to Rose about the linen cupboard, could not believe it and then as you said how she gloated, grrrrr….., she has been living with Rob too long.
        Thank goodness Brooke and Michelle stood their ground but it looks like Rob gets one over them tonight and he nastily laughs at them.

  12. I hadn’t noticed Rose’s p/a streak until lat night but yes she is showing it now. perhaps she is just so used to having to stand up for Rob;s bad behaviour.

  13. I’m not sure they have done the best job with the layout this week – the producers that is.

    The entry opens directly into the Study. In my experience, the study is a cluttered workroom, and often the place where stuff gets dumped when visitors come. It is the last thing you want your guests to see first thing. And the ensuite takes one of the front-facing windows, which seems illogical.

    In such a small house, it would raise the value so much if that study could be done as if it is a fourth bedroom.

    Do you thing they deliberately break up the zones so much, to create drama and arguments? And to make teams have to cross over and around each other? I would have given the team with the entry, the study as well. That way you get some continuity.

  14. I wonder if Hagen and his missus will take advice of Caroline and change the size of the window in the front bedroom? This is where he was so pigheaded in first episode, when given constructive advice and refused to take it, point blank. However he did leave the decision up to wifey last night, be interesting to see what she decides.
    Poor old Brooke, he can’t take a break. Let’s hope the mosaic tiles go up without too much bother. I think the tiler was really hoping they would say they would exchange tiles for something much easier to lay. Sorry mate, no go, do what you are getting paid to do.
    I think Rose is starting to see how vile her husband’s behaviour is towards other people. She is used to taking it herself but standing back watching it she can see how disgusting he really is.
    He is a pig, plain and simple. Pig is too good for him. That smile, I want to slap it off.

    • It looks like they do take the advice, from the promos. It would have been better for the ensuite to have the “privacy” window and the bedroom a big one.

      I couldn’t understand the tiler’s aversion to the tiles (maybe because I’m not a tiler? :)) He said they would be hard to cut, but later we saw him using scissors to cut through the webbing very easily. I know big tiles are quicker to lay, but the cutting is more fiddly. Watching him do the wall, he seemed to be having no trouble. I wonder if he was just whinging about the time left.

      Does Rose never see Rob interacting with other people? This has been a bit of an eye-opener for her, learning how he probably behaves on-ship.

      I bet some of the other guys (in couples) are wishing that they had Rose on their team, purely for her work-ethic. It would be interesting in future series to cast a couple who completely flip the stereotype – a tradie wife, with a husband with design talent.

  15. The powers that be in the Navy must be cringing that one of their number is making such a gig of himself and that there is a constant reminder that he is in the Navy. As for Rob’s no hands on the wheel driving is so bad. Hope the cops take note of that and give him a ticket.
    I was very impressed with Rose and how she got in and did so much of the building last night. Nice to not have him there. I liked that other teams gave her credit.

    • I was thinking the same thing AH. I keep thinking he might be an officer but he’s no gentleman. His behaviour and reactions seem really immature to me which doesn’t give me great confidence if that sort of behaviour is what gets you promoted in the Navy.

    • I suppose that one needs a certain amount of self-confidence/arrogance to lead sailors in a military situation, but I can’t see him canvassing much respect from those under him (remembering he is only a lieutenant). They probably just put up with him because of his rank.

      • I was wondering that, as Lieutenant is the first rank after leaving Duntroon as far as I know. He doesn’t seem to have had a promotion if that is the case. Lts are considered green horns in the Army so I do wonder. They sometimes just move them side ways and hide them in a job that does suit.

        • I looked up Navy ranks after my last post – Lieutenant is not the lowest but it’s a fair way down from Captain.

  16. Anybody notice that Rob had the passenger seat belt done up when he was driving, over the empty seat. What the…?

    • No sorry didn’t notice. I did notice his singing and carrying on with hands off the wheel. Was that little performance trying to convince us he is just a big, fun guy at heart.
      Surprise Sailor boy, it didn’t work!

  17. Has anyone else noticed that Rob and Rose have had measurement issues in every reno and with several different teams and yet it is never their fault?
    Rose is a good worker but whenever she doesn’t get her own way she starts insisting that it’s for the good of the house and she’s the only one interested in the overall house. Very passive aggressive! She is considerably younger than Rob and must have been quite young when they married so probably perceived him as confident and knowledgable rather than the pigheaded boor that he seems to be on the show.

    • Yaaasssss!!!

      They are also suffering big time with no one wanting to talk/deal with them since the first reno.

  18. Well, from what little we’ve seen of the actual finished renovation … I will say this, it actually looks like the team did a half-decent job this week. The floor plan leaves a little to be desired, but despite everybody’s issues (mostly with, well, Rob), the finished house at first glance looks pretty good. I’ll be interested to see a more in-depth analysis (and look, Joe’s got the bright red pants back on).

    Meanwhile, can someone tell Jo Griggs that walking up behind somebody and shouting, “Only an hour to go!” when they’re crouched over, using a nail gun and oblivious to your presence, is a really really not-great idea?

  19. First impressions, albeit brief, it looks like this house is way better than last week. I know that they showed Nancy saying she hates wood panelling, but the painted panelling done by Fil and Joe is a mile away from the seventies brown. It is more like Shiplap (thanks, Chip and Jo Gaines for expanding my knowledge) which is lovely and used in the posh Hamptons homes.

    There’s nothing in this house that I really dislike – not that I’ve seen yet anyway. The bling tiles in the ensuite are not my style, but I can understand that some would like them. We saw nothing at all about the lttle girl’s bedroom except a big doll house being carried in. That study is not actually a room, more like a hallway.

    Lots of backward editing in this episode, especially during the montage of the final five minutes where we skipped back to see the privacy screens being constructed etc.

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