MasterChef – May 9 – MPW day 2

It’s day two of MPW week and we get to see Cecilia, Nathaniel and Con watch as Marco prepares a dish and follow along.
Tonight it’s John Dory so let’s hope they’re up with their filleting skills.
Last year the contestants had to butcher a lamb to make MPW’s noisettes.

From 2015.

From 2015.

Who’s your tip to go?

No recap from me tonight – watching Louis Theroux instead.



  1. I think Jeff Fenech is going to get knocked out. Just because he looks to be cruising in the promo.

    One drink for every time Marco says “simple”, gice. You can do it. Dreams. Fear.

  2. Five minutes in and drunk already.
    Did you not add ‘food hero’ to the list? How did we miss that one,

  3. George and his pep rally speech about cooking with Marco and finishing every sentence with yeh.
    Yes we get it George.
    2 minutes into the program and I had my first swig of alcohol when ‘food dream’ was mentioned.

  4. Ha ha ha. Even Marco has a blue bandaid on his right thumb. He was trying to hide it from the camera.

  5. I think there is no saving Fenech. Who comes into a show like this without knowing how to fillet a fish or skin a tomato.

    • The thing that concerns me is that Andy couldn’t fillet a fish yet went on to culinary immortality by “winning” Ma$terchef. He had a hairy chest, but.

      It wasn’t a great episode but thankfully , it was over in an hour.

      What the fennel was that shaking fool doing serving the husks?

  6. So Con hopes that ‘he nailed the fish’. So he is not worried about trying to chop off his hand? Or setting the kitchen alight? Self deluded.

  7. Con has mentioned food journey, nailed it, heroed the dish all in one sentence. He is liking a walking sound bite for MC. He’s safe!

    • Con has the Ma$terchef lingo and levels of desperation the producers crave. Well picked.

  8. They spent so much time showing George distributing the dishes and tasting the dishes. What a waste of time

  9. I’m glad Nathaniel returned to his paramedic studies instead of a short tracked ‘food dream’ or posting his own food blog!
    Maybe it’s something he can pursue later in his life. Marco gave good advice and was kind to both Nathaniel and Con.

  10. Much preferred Nathaniel to “watched lots of cooking and can throw around words like laminated, but can’t actually cook’ Ashley. Nathaniel seemed like a genuine guy.
    And if I keep drinking to Masterchef rules I’ll need a paramedic Real Soon. Yes Marco.

  11. I was sidetracked by the Louis Theroux doco on autistic kids. Should I bother fast forwarding MC tomorrow?

    • It was a bit of an ordinary episode. Could have been cut down to 10 minutes.
      They skinned and fried (sorry – caramelised) some fish, cut and salted a tomatoe, sliced an anchovy and an olive and made the plate look pretty. But really, really fast to make it look like a realy, really hard pressure test.
      Con looked like a slowly deflating balloon as he mangled his way through basic kitchen skills.
      George slowed the pace to a crawl as they filmed him dissecting a sliver of each meal onto seperate plate in slow motion (or maybe it just felt like that). Judges looked intently into the distance as they masticated slowly.
      Episode over scripted and contrived.
      Audience bored stupid. Change channel to Logies in droves. Forget to come back.

        • Thanks Juz, I have seen that before. It was an amazing school. I have a little grand child with autism so interested in it.

        • The couple who have twins with autism, the lady whose son is about 7 feet tall and in a shared home after he burnt down her house but who describes him with such love,the mother whose son has rages and physically assaults her and hurts himself, THOSE people who start their day with love for these children are my heroes.

          They should be celebrated – not the twits who tweet their boobs or asses on an hourly basis

          • My DIL is my hero. She is such a fantastic loving Mum who has to do most alone at times due to my sons job. My Son reads stories to the young one over skype so that he can see his dad daily. Sorry about the off topic but it is reality for many families.

  12. Shaking, crying, spluttering … and this guy’s a paramedic? People living in Nathaniel’s state will think twice before calling 000.
    Unless, of course, cooking a piece of fish is more stressful than saving a life.

    Cecilia miraculously gets her mojo back and resists the temptation to put smiley faces on her fish for Nathan and Ella, to inspire them.
    Yes, her kids are better known than the other contestants.

  13. Cecilia did very well in that challenge keeping up with Marco.
    Really felt for Con when he cut his finger. Not only would it be painful, but it put him behind. Once you get behind it’s really hard to catch up. I really think they should stop while he gets his hand attended to. It’s not very fair that way.
    Nathaniel & Con both struggled so I knew Cecilia was safe.

  14. Don’t know how many times Con cut his fingers. He already has a blue bandaid when he started to fillet the fish.

  15. My daughter just did cooking at school (can’t remember pc term for it) and they had to be put blue band aids on any cuts or scrapes before they even started. Maybe that’s why they have so many? Old injuries + new.

  16. Nathaniel was gone as his “food dream” just didn’t cut the mustard… he probably just quickly made it up as you can’t be on Masterchef without one. His intention I would guess would always to resume his studies if he didn’t win.

    Would like to see footage of how Marco cut his finger…. end of the cook had a blue bandaid on… wonder if he was showing off with his “I can cut an onion without looking” technique and managed to cut his finger. Wonder if this is the reason miraculously the 2 boys really caught up as whilst he was being attended to.

    • Sorry my mistake. No bandaid on Marco thumb when he was filleting the fish but bandaid appeared when he was preparing the fennel.

  17. Oh man, are they still asking the contestants what their food dream is?

    How am I supposed to know what my banana dreams of?

  18. I keep recording MC but have struggled to find time to watch. I was too popular over a mothers’ day period, and tomorrow will visit a mum in Perth. I will try again today.

  19. I liked Nathaniel, as much as any viewer can like any contestant who has been seen for ten minutes. Obviously he was way too normal for MC, and so became cannon fodder.

    I think the judges like these sort of challenges, because it gives them so much latitude to influence the outcome. If their chosen save-ee’s dish tastes good but looks terrible, they then emphasise “it is all about the flavour”, if the save-ee plates well but it doesn’t taste as good as the leave-ee, then the emphasis goes on “replicating the dish that Marco plated.” Too easy.

    I have to admit, I do like this sort of challenge, especially after months of repetitive menus from MKR. But, the endless philosophising is getting really too much. For the first time, George is looking like a real git as he tries to dispense life coaching every time he opens his mouth. “You need to really put your heart into it, eh? Yeah?”.

    To give credit where it is due, a couple of seasons ago, the producers listened to the feedback and cut out the ridiculous drawn out drama of announcing who was leaving. I’m still enjoying Matt’s “get-to-the-point” announcements. But there is so much more fat to cut. Get rid of the interviewing of the contestants before tasting (and trying to make them cry), get rid of showing the portioning of the plates, and the facial expressions while tasting. Do that, and you will have more time to show the actual cooking.

  20. I don’t think any of the techniques shown last night were very challenging, the devil was in the speed. I did learn that when I do those things to a tomato, it is called concasse.

    Was last night’s Cecilia the same Cecilia as the night before? What a difference. I wish she would stop talking about her kids every single time she opens her mouth. Especially because she keeps repeating that she wants to prove to them that you can achieve anything you want if you try hard enough. Well, no you can’t. Is she going to fall apart if (when) she doesn’t win MC?

    Nathaniel’s food dream couldn’t have been very strong. He seemed like another one who thought he could win $250,000, then slide into the food industry by a side door, without doing a lot of hard work.

    I do like watching Marco work; I could watch him prep and cook for hours. Other than that, the show so far is pretty blah.

  21. The fake golden rays emitting from the ammunity pin on offer tonight are truly something to behold. Spare me, yeh?

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