MasterChef – Mystery Box – May 4

Here’s one for you Shannon fans – note the tweet is from South Australian Jessie Spiby from last year’s MasterChef.

Tonight’s Mystery Box was chosen by last year’s winner, Billie McKay. An interview with her here Billie Tenplay
I won’t be recapping tonight – contributions welcome. Chat away.



  1. Zoe thinks she is in a hair commercial (judging by the swish in opening credits).

    Is Patene a sponsor?

  2. I’m glad the bs of final 24 is over. For me its a waste of 3 episodes. I much preferred the top 50 and watching all the hopeless wannabes.

  3. I think ravioli man is gone. Otherwise too much time for a bad dish. What a shame. He looks like good lelevision.

  4. When Billie said the it was the best looking dish she’d seen all day, was she talking about the food or the cook?

  5. The guy with the feminine shirt on looks like he was about to burst into tears after Matt’s critique . Toughen up buddy.
    Needy has a nice smile, I hope she doesn’t become annoying.
    Jimmy loves Jimmy’s cooking (aka Seinfeld )

  6. Gary really doesn’t like Miles. Does he feel threatened by a man who could survive in the bush?

  7. I’m with you Liberty, fennel ice cream is a travesty!

    Some who used the Beetroot also looked like they murdered their dishes.

  8. Take it to the bank that the sibling won’t be aliminated tonight. She’s in trouble in the promo.

    The tall beard will probably be gone.

    • I’m thinking it will be short blond guy. He didn’t get much air time last night so my guess is lots of air time tonight (and cliches) as he muddles his way out.

  9. Anyone except me look at the final 24 and wonder who most of them are? I know three or four of them by face and/or by name. The rest of them might have popped out from the mystery box, as much as I can differentiate among them.

    Liquified beetroot anything looks like blood. Blech.

    • An autopsy on a plate is what that liquid beetroot “creates”. Needed a judge brave enough to say it.

  10. Hi Dave, good to be back with the rest of you gice critiquing our favourite cooking show. The sibling and the crier will stay, the beards gone.
    With the rest of the amatas yelling from the gantry.
    Ah Masterchef, we have missed you.
    Is it just me or is the background Muzak louder and more annoying this year?

    • The muzak was plenty loud last year and I’d wager that it’s the very same stuff. Computer generated library music. You get the Jaws effect, the Chariots Of Fire stuff and the sob story dirges. A kitchin full of kitsch tones. Speaking of kitsch, B&B has started. I’m orf like a bucket of marron.

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