MasterChef premiere chat – Sun, May 1

HiΒ gice. Let’s boom, boom, shake, shake the room …

I hope to have a premiere recap up later (allowing for SA time difference), but chat away in the meantime. And for those of you drinking tonight, feel free to have a big slug when the phrase “food dream”Β or the word “journey” areΒ uttered.
So we start with a fast-paced montage of the highlights of the season and it does look jampacked and super glossy. MC’s budget (and ad revenue) must be sooo much bigger than MKR’s – no dodgy home restaurants where people’s carports have been decorated with velvet curtains to hide the Colorbond. Good to see some past contestants return to set challenges down the track, including this little number from our old fave from last year, Reynold the dessert king.

Reynold's dessert creation - looks like spheres and soda siphon microwave sponge are still trendy.

Reynold’s dessert creation – looks like spheres and soda siphon microwave sponge are still trendy.

And then there’s this blue orb thing, which looks super cool.
No idea what this is but I can't wait to see them make it.

No idea what this is but I can’t wait to see them make it.

Wannabe contestants are ushered into the warehouse, along with their loved ones, and the judges are treated like rock stars when they walk in. Matt is wearing a stunning purple tartan suit and a black cravat with a shimmer to it.
First cravat of the season.

First cravat of the season.

Usual spiel about the winner getting $250,000 but, unlike last year, Matt says they don’t have a set number of aprons to give out.
First up to cook is teacher Celia, who got through in 2014 with her audition macarons but had to pull out due to lasting effects of a brain injury she’d sustained in a snowboarding accident. Okay, yes, it’s the usual “I’m doing it for my kids” “you can achieve anything” yadda yadda, but how cute is little Nathan (even if he does have a rat’s tail) encouraging his mum whip up a spectacular plate, and the footage of Celia cooking with her kids at home. We know she’s going through anyway, but that dessert looks awesome.


“It’s a level up from what you brought us before,” says Gary. Surely it’s time to bring in the kid for a teary hug?
Aww. First one through.

Aww. First one through.

It’s schmaltzy and the “uplifting” music is corny, but I’d rather watch someone with a brain injury cook a killer dessert than fame-hungry people who barely know one end of a spoon from another on MKR.

Next up is the coffee roaster dude with one of those button earrings. We know he gets in because we’ve seen footage of him in the preview, freaking out in a team challenge. Good on him for giving the death dish, risotto, a go – and for wearing a glove when handling the raw meat. Hope he’s not one of those “I don’t do desserts” guys.

Matt the coffee roaster has an intense look about him.

Matt the coffee roaster has an intense look about him. George likes him because they have the same hairdo.

The risotto is a winner but George’s “Will you make us proud?” goes down like a lead balloon. And then he pulls out the signature “big boy”. Can we hurry up and get to the cooking competition?
Next, Anastasia serves up water buffalo from her friend’s farm and it has that “garden on a plate” look George favours.
 Remember when we used to want our plates full of food?

Remember when we used to want our plates full of food?

It’s the first time they’ve used water buffalo on the show. Way to guarantee air time – but not coming to a Coles near you soon. The judges love it.
They whip through the next few people.
Charlie the golfer has done a poached pear and it looks simple, but it’s amazing how many times people have served up hard pears on MC. What’s with golfers and cooking shows – first Tarq on MKR and now this dude.
And here we have Michaela, 23, from the promo, who plans to do a croquembouche in an hour. Even if she fails they’ll bring her back next year for a redemption arc. Her profiteroles look pale and her filling is runny. She spends her time in front of the judges spinning sugar, which is always entertaining when you know it’s not you cleaning up after.
Michaela's in a spin.

Michaela’s in a spin.

Gary doesn’t look impressed at her decision to do croquembouche in the one-hour timeframe. Gary likes the spun sugar but that’s about it. “There’s a fine line between bravery and experience,” says Matt, kindly.
More montage and I hope we get to see who made this.


Aw, the poor lady who spilt cinnamon everywhere.

Aw, the poor lady who spilt cinnamon everywhere.

Some decent-looking macarons which could have won people a finals spot five years ago aren’t enough to win an apron.
Carmen the qualified surveyor from Perth has the familiar story of Asian Aussie going to uni to please parents. She’s been working as a waitress to get her foot in the door of the hospitality industry.
Look at the gloss on that caramel!

Look at the gloss on that caramel!

As she plates up her choc pave with salted caramel and peanut and popcorn ice cream, George makes little monkey noises of excitement and then leans in to sadistically ask: “Are you nervous?”
Gary goes to his happy place.

Gary goes to his happy place.

Of course, she gets through – this ain’t no season one cupcake challenge standard cooking. She almost comes a cropper afterwards when her excited family tries to Clothesline her to the ground with jumping cuddles.
Zoe, 31, is making a Greek yoghurt panna cotta and she’s brought half of Greece with her to cheer her on. What’s the bet Yaya gets a cuddle from George later on?
Yaya rocks a comfy cardy.

Yaya rocks a comfy cardy.

Oops – they’re multiplying!
Can Channel 10 give the yayas their own show?

Can Channel 10 give the yayas their own show?

Zoe’s other Yaya is there, too, and soon it’s not a cooking competition – it’s a competition to boast about what they each taught Zoe and to shower her with compliments. “They look beautiful Zoe – so like you,” says Zoe.
In the judging chamber the panna cottaa has the necessary wobble. Matt thinks it’s one of the best they’ve had. George heads out to fetch the family and Yaya No.1 pounces on him like a long-lost son.
What a good Greek boy that Georgie is.

What a good Greek boy that Georgie is.

Even Gary and Matt get a cuddle. Hope she didn’t break a hip doing the zorba after.
Heather gets through with kingfish sashimi. That’s all we know. Tall Ash gets the nod for his barra and scampi and a couple of other people, including an airline captain.
Miles the ranger from Central Queensland is doing a spicy Laotion pork belly dish – that’s going to be tough in the time. Looks like he’s passed on his passion for cooking to his son, who’s now an apprentice chef. He wants to start a cafe in the former Shell servo in which he lives. “I like bold flavours. I don’t have too many subtle recipes in my entourage (sic),” he tells the judges. Matt notes the pork needed more time, but the flavours were good. He tells them he’s been practising hard and they give him the nod to cook again for the second chance round.
Ranger Miles, I don't think you'll last long, but what a lovely family you have.

Ranger Miles, I don’t think you’ll last long, but what a lovely family you have.

Harry, who made the salmon dish, also gets a second chance, as does Lauren who made a super sweet peanut butter and jelly dessert, and nameless rapping Turkish delight girl. Souffle girl gets another go because Matt likes her balls, but not her souffle.
Nicolette, 19, is doing a lemon dish using fruit from her dead grandad’s tree. Poor grandma has come along to the audition and she looks like she should be home having a rest and a nice cup of tea.


She’s Greek, so of course they send George over to make her cry. She’s through, and at 19 she’s one of the youngest to ever appear on the show. SA’s Laura (who lost to Brett) was also 19.
Then it’s the siblings and we’ve been led to believe only one will make it through. Why can’t they both make it, if they’re good enough? Would be good to see them go head to head in challenges, although they would have the edge on other contestants in terms of emotional support in the MC house. Little sis is up first with a dessert and she embarrasses her teenage kids by mentioning her pants are falling down as she cooks.
Theresa's pistachio fallen ice cream looks cool.

Theresa’s pistachio fallen ice cream looks cool.

You know she’s in when she gets the spoon percussion on the stainless steel bench from Matt.
But they make us wait to see if big bro got in – first there is pork belly guy and another panna cotta girl, the fish ‘n’ chip girl.
An Adelaide lady is up next.
Hopefully we'll learn your name one day, Indian lady from SA.

Hopefully we’ll learn your name one day, Indian lady from SA.

She’s from an Indian family and she likes to talk as much as she does cooking, especially since her father told her being a chef was a man’s job.
And now we get big bro Jimmy cooking tuna with granita and, George style, he pulls out chopsticks to plate, much like George and his tweezers. He seems a cheery soul and his warmth makes for good TV. They are totally going to make his sister give him an apron.
“That is one of the best dishes I’ve tasted in top 50 ever,” says George.


I’m Team Jimmy – any of you who are Team Theresa are dead to me.
They’ve given out 19 aprons in this episode and Matt says there are five to give away tomorrow to the second chancers – what happened to no limit on the aprons? There are 11 people left, but then the announcer says only four will make it through. Does someone leave? Guess we have to stay tuned.



  1. Yay a drinking game to kick this season off thanks Juz πŸ˜›

    And 3 seconds in ….my dream is…..

  2. Time for the first sip…I’m doing it for my kids…

    Can they really drag it out any more for Cecilia??

  3. Gees, I should have recorded it. The ads are going to do me in. 20 minutes of show and one person through.

    • This ad break is going forever. Appalling. Enough time to do a roast ,,,,,


  4. I didn’t mind Cecilia’s backstory – seems relevant, although a little drawn out. How can they not put her in, no matter the level of her cooking.
    Love her red bra.
    Love Nathan’s plait.
    I have a tear, just one but it’s a good start.

  5. The cheesy, overblown muzak. Fail.

    Two fiddy k , Gazza? Yo. Where my apron at, mofo?

    Best macarons since the Big Bang.

  6. Remember the good old days when we used to see so many failed wannabees in the auditions. Those were the days

    • They screen them now beforehand in all the capital cities. Often former contestants are asked to help judge the pre-audition auditions. So that weeds out the crazies in onesies.

  7. What’s with George’s jacket the back is all shiny and appears to be threadbare in the middle with pink shimmering through????

  8. And now Carmen with the obligatory disapproving parents.
    ‘And this is what Masterchef is all about. This is a-maz-ing.’
    And now I’m drinking.

    • Haha my son said that’s why her dad’s not there because she should be out surveying.

  9. I just want one of them to say “I actually lead a satisfying and fulfilling life so I’m quit ambivalent about this.” instead of “I just want this so bad” or at the very least to say badly.

  10. Zoe’s family will boost the ratings all by themselves. Those grandmothers are better than a backstory.

  11. Miles met the script criteria. Knockabout guy. Not a great cook. Here’s your apron. Looked good but … the food, I mean.

  12. Not many savoury dishes nearly all desserts. πŸ™ hope they’re not one trick ponies.

  13. And here’s the dead Greek grandfather, dying just before the auditions. Dish in memory of him..
    And another drink. At this rate the bottle is going to be empty before the next ad.

  14. We have dead parent now with the siblings (plus someone the Canadian audience can barrack for).

  15. Fallen ice cream lady wore gloves while cooking – they’ll soon knock that kind of hygiene out of her.

  16. Yes, she deserves an apron says the husband of the chatterbox, so I can get a couple months peace.

  17. What’s with these people who can just cook and have no back story? What’s going on? Haven’t they heard of reality tv?

    • Remember blonde Anna from last year (who looked a bit like Anna Kendrick). It was a good 15 episodes in before I even knew she was in the competition.

  18. I really hoped the croquembouche lady would get through. It looked really impressive in the promos. But unfortunately wasn’t cooked enough.
    Thank God someone’s finally broken the death dish risotto curse.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the brother & sister compete.
    How many Greeks are there this year? Every second person seemed to be Greek with their whole family there.
    A lot of funny comments on Twitter. Someone wrote is anyone’s on their own they must be an orphan.

    • Carole, I wanted her to get through, too. If only she had made her choux buns smaller…! It was such a gutsy thing to try, such a change from the never ending pannacottas,

  19. 20 seconds in and we had nothing but a stream of trite Masterchef one-liners about “heart on a plate”, “passion” and “dreams”.
    It makes Erin’s potty mouth on MAFS refreshingly real. But I will endure the corny production to see the food these guys whip up.

  20. Is the Indian lady from Adelaide the one who said she just cannot live without food? Funny that, because I cannot live without food either…

  21. She said she dreams about cooking food, but before that said she cannot live without food. Or words to that effect. I’m just rewatching on Tenplay, cos I missed most of the episode as it happened.

  22. Dammit, I didn’t check in here beforehand so I missed out on the drinking game. I doubt all the cliches were used up tonight, though, so I can play tomorrow.

    I am exhausted from all the contestants and families jumping around and screaming and cheering. Some of those dishes were impressive, but I wonder how all that work was done in 60 minutes. Can ice cream be made in an hour, even in a machine?

    So far I’m Team Jimmy, too, Juz. I like Matt Preston, but that “we’d like to see you cook again” trick he pulled on Jimmy was mean. I think he meant it to be funny but it struck me as a bit of a dick move.

    Things I’d very much like to see less of on cooking shows, the paintbrush smear of whatever on the plate, and pureed goddamn vegetables. Let’s make the judges have to chew their food.

    • Von, I’m guessing you appreciated several sightings of cooks wearing gloves and women with hair tied back. And I’m a bit over edible flowers. Just because you can eat them doesn’t mean you should.

      • “Just because you can…doesn’t mean you should” is such a great philosophy to have for life in general.

      • I did, Juz! And I noticed how many did or did not present the plate properly to the judges, e.g., no thumbs on the plate.

        Rap lady had her long hair pulled up, but it was still swinging above the food while she was cooking. The rap presentation made me roll my eyes really hard.

  23. Gaaaaaawd the theatrics. Why oh why can’t they be more like the UK version? That one makes money too, I’m convinced this emotive crap isn’t necessary. I had to mute a few times, espec when that chick started rapping and the judges ENCOURAGED her. This does not bode well.

    Another vote for no more smears, purees and especially edible flowers. Is something really edible when it tastes bitter and vile enough to make people wince? Seriously, go eat a bag of nasturtiums judges, and tell me they’re delicious.

  24. Are they not allowed to say ‘cooking’ anymore?? It’s all ‘food’. ‘Food is so important to me, it’s my whole life, I couldn’t live without food.’ Hey! me, too!

    • Just like risotto guy, newly married, postponed the honeymoon and went on to say “when I wake up, the first thing I think about is food and it’s the last thing I think about is food.” Seems like grounds for divorce if you ask me. 😈

      • In his position, the last thing I’d be thinking about at night is the appalling earrings he’s packing and then musing on the simpering tear packed performance he put in about food being more important than oxygen to him..

        He didn’t walk on water…he made a risotto. Any nonna worth her salt can do that.

  25. Don’t forget that “This competition will change your life forever” ~ George

    “We love that you get moved by food”~ saith Gary…just not enough to do an apprenticeship. Gary’s forced laughter doesn’t move me.

    The most desperate people, fuelled by an insane ,carbon copy dream…and inspirated by the dead.

    The extraordinary behaviour of judge and contestant is very much like the desperation and over the top japing seen on The Price Is Right. Cooking is not a sport nor a reason to evoke a Bay City Rollers concert atmosphere.

    You can’t live without food…and it matters little to survival if it’s cooked well, badly or at all.

  26. Probably going to take me a month to learn names – too many! The brother and sister look good but both mentioned how much time they spent trying to perfect their dishes. No time for that on Ma$terchef.
    Ratings in for last night. The Voice was #1, with Ma$terchef #4. Pretty good start, I think.

    • Karmen is the chocolate pave girl. She’ll be in it for a long way. Worth knowing her name. Cooked well and didn’t cry. Gotta love that.

      • I’m still going to struggle. She did seem amazingly talented though, I’ve seen a couple of the “feature” ads calling her a dessert queen.

      • Cooked well and didn’t cry? She’ll be shafted quickly then! Unless she wises up and produces a dread granny and a food dream.

  27. It seems that Laura from MKR didn’t turn up at the finale party for T&G. Brother did.
    I like food so I better go on MC but oh, I forgot you have to be able to cook.

    • If you can poach a pear and then cry in front of the judges, you’ll get an apron. This encore is hard yakka. I’m twice cooked.

      I never liked Laura much.Thanks for the info.

    • I think Laura was a bad sport, she definitely didn’t like losing. Very young girl but she could cook well for her age.

  28. Thank goodness I let hubby watch HR live and record MC. I was able to ff through heaps of nonnas, tears, family tragedies and kids. Some decent looking cooks after hours of practicing but how many can think on their feet for mystery box etc.

    • Ch 10’s shows this arvo are running late because of MC encore so beware if youse are taping JJ, B&B etc.

  29. I’m watching MC on channel 10′ s replay as i missed out last night. Not lovin the sobbin but totes lovin the food.! How scrumptious!

    Here’s a sob story, I’m sitting in hospital recovering from a small operation so the MC food is making me starving. I’ve got drips and oxygen too. Hopefully someone here hears my sob story and delivers me a pannacotta!!

    • If you’re at the Royal Adelaide for a few days. I’ve never cooked a panna cotta before but I’d bring you a pizza. I lived on sandwiches and rolls from the kiosk there at the RAH. Get well.

      • Take Dave up on it, Bella. And send me the photo please. πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒ·πŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸŒΈπŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒ»πŸŒΊ

    • Hope you are not in for too long, Izobel2. Which hospital? I’ve been in Ashford a few times and the food was bearable but I relied on friends to bring me real coffee.

  30. Izobel, I’m sorry matey, can’t bring you a pannacotta, but I just hope you get well soon. {{{{Hugs}}}}

  31. Far out. The brother said he practised the dish 20 times!! No wonder I cant go onto MC. If I can do the same dish 3 times, I will be moving on to something else.

  32. Thanks for the good wishes gice!

    I’m at Ashford, i walked here! I go home tomoro. I had my throat slit as my calcium levels are dodgy so a parathroid had to go! No biggie I’ve got 3 others!

    Would’ve loved a pizza BDD!
    I don’t drink coffee Juz but they’ve just given me a cold milo and it’s working a treat!

    And yes those lovely macarons aren’t good enough for MC this year, Wow!
    Lucky Lauren and her spaghetti in a bag didn’t apply then!

  33. I didn’t have the patience to listen to the backstories or watch the performances by M, G and G. I fast forwarded through most of it.

    Get well soon Izobel.

  34. Was one of the girls who got through, the sister of Emilia from a couple of seasons ago? Definite resemblance.

    I quite enjoyed the ep, but of course that was only by FF through the ads and all the clapping, cheering and hugging. I have a facility where I can increase the speed of the recording while still hearing the audio, and it is amazing that when using that, it sounds like the 3 stooges are speaking at normal pace. Just shows how slow and drama-laden their speech is normally.

    To keep viewers they are going to have to tone the back stories right down.

  35. So far have to say it’s been boring… tonights episode is intriguing as I love dessert challenges! Although I hope Shannon washes his hair.

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