MasterChef – Tues, May 31 – Jaffle time

Blurb says: With immunity up for grabs, contestants will work in pairs to create a savoury and sweet jaffle in 45 minutes. The winning pair will then need to out cook professional chefs to secure an immunity pin.
They did a jaffle challenge last year and it was won by Ashleigh – remember the shy nanny who liked to make desserts? She did a jaffa jaffle
recipe here.

I think someone must have given the four-year-old a can of Red Bull today when I wasn’t watching because he ain’t sleeping. So while there may be a recap tonight, it will be late and probably in dot point form.

Intense Matt (IM), Karmen, Mimi and Chloe are in the mix for immunity and tonight there are two pins up for grabs, as they’re working in pairs. So, there have now been more immunity pins offered on the show than there have been panna cottas served.
Because Chloe won the mystery box test earlier in the week (smoked nougat with beetroot caramel) she gets to choose her partner and, of course, she picks IM. He’s good at dessert but great at savoury, and Chloe will no doubt do sweet.

Soooo, TenPlay is giving me the runaround so I’m giving up to watch Game of Thrones! Jaffle pix below and, for those of you who didn’t watch the ep, Chloe and Matt won the jaffle round AND got immunity.

Chloe's apple pie jaffle

Chloe’s apple pie jaffle

Matt's mince and fennel jaffle.

Matt’s mince and fennel jaffle.



  1. Well, excitement isn’t the word, really …
    We get to watch an hour of four people making jaffles. It doesn’t get any better than this.
    I’ll wait for the first person to say “I really want this immunity pin … it would mean a massive advantage” and “my jaffles are looking perffict.” Etc.

    I’m just confused as to how they’re going to get their parfaits and smoked fennel icecream to set in the toasty thing.

  2. Mimi is ahead with all her initial boasting and uber confidence.
    Matt smashes it out with all the MC cliches.
    Chloe hanging on Matt’s disc earrings and of course her grandmothers recipe.
    Karmen is the only one I want to win the pin.

  3. The balcony is very vocal tonight. But the cooking looks good. Did I already mention that I love a jaffle?

    • Please tell me that’s literally what happened…I’m terribly worried it’s a metaphor!

      • Gary also prodded Mimi’s meat several times and then walked away sucking his finger. Indefennelsible, really.

        The enormous mouthfuls he takes , rarely bothering to close his mouth while eating. Wanderful.

  4. Not sure applying heat to curd and ganache is such a good idea. Wont the bread becomes soggy??

  5. I know that Cloe is not our favourite person but that Apple jaffle looks perffict. I will be looking for that recipe.

  6. Oh geez what a surprise. Blind Freddy could have seen the outcome a mile away.

    Don’t like Chloe. Insufferably smug compounded by the faux humility.

  7. Mimi looking very sad up the gantry. She Can barely pretend she is interested in the other contestants below.
    You are right Maz, Chloe is a pain, underlined.

    • But Mimi’s painful hand gestures are totally painful also. Oh. And she loves herself sick. Not pretty.

  8. Amazing – they had their jackets already embroidered with their names!
    These judges are shockers – picky, picky and fat!

    • To be fair, they could have 4 chef white ready.

      Also it could be hours between the first challenge and when they get their chef white.

      • Nah, it was predestined that Chloe and Matt would cook in the immunity. The judges don’t like Karmen.

        • Karmen is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. She doesn’t trot out the clichés, doesn’t harp on her backstory, and apparently can cook.

  9. Common judges. They are called bitter melon. Of course they are bitter!!! As if they never eaten that before!

  10. Those guest chefs look like happy chappys!
    Why the hell don’t they get the contestants to prepare three dishes – one for each judge? Getting sick of George and his tweezers.

  11. I am loving these guest chefs. Serious but not too serious. Definitely cool people. And I suspect that they drew the short straw when volunteers were requested.

  12. Well, there you go. I enjoyed tonight’s episode (the first in a long time). Hopefully that means all good things for the future.
    I am not sure that they deserved the immunity pins, and I am very dubious about awarding two (especially to someone who made a dish that only scored 7’s), but I sure that will make things interesting. And Chloe will definitely need it.

  13. This show is coming close to losing me, because that was just a load of bullshit. Or should I put it more politely?
    Okay. I didn’t really care for very much about tonight’s television show about the cookings, broadcast by channel number ten. I thort it was less than perfect. You know, Mr cow droppings.

  14. The fix was in.
    Intense Matt all set up for the win.
    Chloe hanging onto his coat tails.
    The guest chefs walk away with 6 months salary in their pockets.

  15. . . . and the academy award goes to the contestant who can cry on cue, and blubber,
    “The power of food ”
    “Food is my life”
    “I want it so bad”
    “my food dream”

  16. Wow. The guest chefs seem to be bought easily this year – I guess there’s a price for everything.
    Chloe’s getting more and more painful by the minute, definitely #1 on the annoying scale. And why does she swing around all the time, like she’s pivoting on an axis?

    It was funny to see the rest of them clapping and smiling through gritted teeth at their success, but their eyes were full of resentment. Especially Zoe, who always looks like she wants to kill someone.
    Who’ll get a pin next, the cameraman? All you have to do is show up.

    • You could just feel the jealousy drizzling down from the peanut gallery when the penny had dropped that two Patsies had been brought in to take a culinary fall. The guest chefs looked so young and clueless.

  17. I feel bad for the guest chefs! Not that I get the caul concept, but their food all looked fabulous.
    Giving the judges crunchy fried prawn scrapings was clever of Matt. And his dish looked good. But I felt they were totally over playing the ‘restrained simplicity’ of metal snot’s raspberry and cream with yuck pastry. Rigged.
    Hopefully there will be a swathe of fails from the chosen ones and the pins get chewed up ASAP.

  18. Did I actually hear one of the judges say that the apple pie Jaffle was one of the best dishes in MC? Think it was Matt.
    It should have been Chloe’s dessert vs the prof. chef’s dessert and Matt’s savory vs prof. chef’s savory instead of Chloe being able to grab onto Matt’s coat tails. She did not deserve to win the pin. The prof. chef said that the bitter melon could be polarizing so why did he even use it. Can’t believe that piece of melon took the entire dish down. Could easily be put to the side and not eaten.
    Matt is a good cook but it just seemed that the fix was in, once again.

  19. I love bitter melon. Now they said bitter melon can help with diabetes. Bitter melon taste better when braised . But just a few raw slices is not the end of the world. The rest of the dish look very tasty.

    Judges didn’t like the brik pastry(not sure the actual term) which is an impt component of the dish but didn’t get penalise.

  20. Heather said from
    the peanut gallery that Chloe should be making a sweet short cut pastry instead of the Brick pastry.
    Chloe should not have won the pin. Now metal snot will be even more insufferable.
    Yeh, I could feel all the jelly vibes from upstairs, now that was acting to pretend they were thrilled for Matt and Chloe.

    I thought the judges were going totally overboard on the bitter melon. They had to sell it I suppose to why they hated the professional chef’s dish,

  21. I liked Intense Matt before he started to well up at his final talking head piece. I guess he realises like Brent from 2 years ago, tears seal the deal to winning MC.
    Clever student Matt is, but he can cook and is more talented than most of the other contestants. Unless he stuffs up in a major way, I think we have our winner.

  22. If I was doing that jaffle challenge I would have walked in the pantry & asked where’s the sliced ham. Back in my day a jaffle had a long handle & was made of iron & you put it on the stove. I would have preferred the chocolate raspberry one over the apple. And how’s stupid Gary complaining the steak was overcooked & would cook more in the jaffle. What bjullshit. It’s a jaffle for fuck’s sake it doesn’t matter if the meat is well done & it’s only in the jaffle for a short time. It’s not enough time to cook it only heat it up. And no cheese in a jaffle but put mayonnaise instead. No just no.
    What is the deal with eating prawn heads? Yuk, I can’t think of anything worse. Apart from that it did look like a nice dish.
    So tonight’s in George’s restaurant. Didn’t they do that last year? They even had his mother too I think. Cue all the contestant’s saying they don’t want to let him down, they want to do him proud blah blah blah

    • Jowl$y has made a big song and dance about eating prawn heads before and again last night, he turned on the schmaltz and sang for them over the professionally blowtorched heroes.

      A lump will come to George’s throat tonight but whether it’s from pride or an undigested chunk of amata fennel parfait with a Greek twist, we’ll have to wait and see. I do note Zoe in a world of pain in today’s promo. Tonight’s venue is the same squalid establishment that food poisoned a whole load of folks on Mother’s day a few years back. Yeah? A Hellenic hurl was had by all.

      George will panic but the amatas will dig deep and make him cry.

      • I’ve seen the promo again. Zoe is bawling. Never fear, George the comforter is here. She’s learning the Ma$terchef ropes.

        • Verily, it saith so in the promo. Dear old Mrs Calombaris is being produced again. Why no Ma$terclass on table manners from her ? Zoe must want to really impress her….and fails….with her little top knot.

  23. That was riveting tv, especially the bit where golden boy Matt said “spoon?” to Chloe, and she pointed to a spoon. Matt seemed surprised that Chloe chose him to partner, or maybe he was just winded by her elbow to his ribs. No matter the filling, a jaffle is still only a toastie; watching the prep of them is dull.

    The judges made such a kerfuffle over the bitter melon, it reminded me of a three-year-old refusing to eat broccoli. They may as well have opened their mouths, let the bitter melon fall out, and whined that it was yucky. And they telegraphed their opinions of the dishes in the immunity challenge as soon as the plates hit the table. It was no surprise that the professional chefs lost; is that the way every immunity challenge is going to be now? If everyone ends up with an immunity pin, it won’t be worth much.

    I’ve seen more than enough of Matt’s talking head, with earrings sparkling in the night. The judges either need to disguise their favouritism more, or take acting lessons.

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