MasterChef – Wed, May 18

No MasterChef recap from me tonight as I have a meeting, so please fill me in via the comments.
TV blurb says: In this service challenge, the contestants are split into two teams. Each team must cook a three-course meal for 30 people replicating dishes from two celebrated Melbourne restaurants.



  1. Also they cant write anything down. They must conveyed the dishes to the other contestants. I will be hopeless with this kind of challenges. Even with recipes I have to keep referring to them

  2. I suspect that tonight is designed for entertaining viewing, rather than a cooking test. Here’s hoping.

  3. I might be wrong about the boys it seems they have remembered pretty well. Damned editing made look as though they were in trouble.

    I’d be hopeless having to commit all that to memory.

    • George uses his fork backwards. I thought I was seeing things the other night but when he tries the steak it is definitely backwards.

    • Yeah, what’s with that? I see a lot of coworkers who eat like that. Most of them are from Britain. It’s like they think the fork is a pitchfork. Noticed it on MKR as well.
      I remember even a date with a Brit when we had dinner and he was holding the fork and knife like George (thank god he didn’t lick the knife though…). That was one of the reasons I didn’t want to go out with him again.

      I finally was able to catch up with all the missed episodes. So far, the cooking looks nice at times. But is it just me or are there again severl really forgettable hipster contestants?

      PS: Looks like Nicolette is the first one to peak. She already got lots of backstory in the first episode with her grandpa sobstory. She seems likeable and perhaps has indeed some talent you can work with. But again (like Georgia) the producers are shoving her down the viewer’s throats. Same with Miles, the ranger dad. So obvious he was the last one to get the apron.
      So far the least likeable to me is Anastasia. I can’t put a finger on it, what exactly annoys me about her, but I am. :/

  4. Cant blame some of the blue team contestants not knowing what to look out for. They did not see the dishes.

    Karmen needs to give more info into the cooking. Also why used such a small pot for the radicchio ?

  5. lol, a plate of custard with crostoli on the side. Not quite the same without the caramel on top. What a pity.
    So they are saying a “shock” elimination. Dessert Queen?

    • I think they meant to say “schlock” alimination.

      Someone who we don’t even know yet will be going home.

      “Ponytail or Ponyfail!” roars Jowl$y.

      • Yeah, I guess. No real shocks at this time of year. I would say shock probably equals “known”. Since I still have no idea who half of them are, and they showed Bro on the preview, I’ll go with brother or sister. I think Karmen is still around on Nigella week.
        Anyone seen the ads for the new Donna Hay show on Lifestyle Food? She’s trying to pull of a sultry Nigella kinda look – badly.

        • But her recipes are great. I have never used one of her recipes that did not work.
          The exact opposite of Nigella, who is overhyped.

    • I was thinking maybe they should have put it in a jug & poured it on at the table. It may have cooled by then.

  6. I keep seeing Kenny Rogers making comments. Is he going to try and sell me some CD’s soon?

    That’s Brett. He’s flying under the radar. He’s an island in the stream, that’s what he is. He’s living the dream up in the peanut gallery.

  7. Was it the airline pilot whose steaks were the “pierre de resistance”? (And yes, those were his actual words.)

    • Cringe. I missed it but will look out again tomorrow. C ‘est la veal.

      George ~ worst utensil manners.
      Gary~ biggest mouthfuls, knife licker.

      • I think roughly halfway? He was cooking the steaks, and smoking the place out to a ridiculous degree. They must either have no smoke alarms, or had turned them off.

  8. George seems to be suffering from a case of the “Marcos”. Repeating things three times. Hoping he recovers, soon.

  9. That was a hard challenge. For all my criticisms, I think this was the most difficult so far. Although I have my doubts about nothing being written down; one of the guys made a drawing of one of the dishes and that counts to me as writing something down. And it would have been extremely difficult to convey the way the dishes looked just by descriptions. But we all know what rules are stated and what rules are actually followed are not the same this series.

    I can’t work out how much not plating an element that is poor works against them as opposed to how much plating a crap element does. If the caramel goo melting the underneath element was a minus, why didn’t the radicchio puree, which looked like a smear of baby poop to me, count equally as a minus? I commend Karmen for making those decisions.

    Tomorrow one of “our favourites goes home”. Who the hell is that going to be? I still don’t even know who half of them are. Whoever it is, I don’t think it will upset me very much. This series is all over the place; it’s as though they are on a time limit and have to get all the dramatic bits in quickly.

    I think ratings are not very good this year. And I doubt if Nigella week will help much.

    • They weren’t allowed to take notes at the restaurants but could write information down when they got back to MC headquarters.
      Favourites….I can’t come up with one favourite.

  10. The Huxtable chef was talking so quickly and boys didn’t ask any questions (at least based on the editing) so I thought that their team would be in trouble, but then I remembered the outcome is usually opposite of what the edit shows in the beginning of a competition. They did a great job and their dessert was more difficult than the blue team’s dessert.
    Caramel…keep stirring it in the ice bath or maybe they could have put it in the blast chiller for a minute or two.
    Everything is amazing on MC. Judges kept using that word repeatedly. Amazing this, amazing that, amazing these, amazing those.

  11. Couldn’t bear to go through the whole thing… these days I just IQ it and fast forward most of the fluff.

    Blue team did well considering menu was more involved… which is a gripe who decides the fair balance between the different menus and their complexities.

    Also thought Robot was going to blow her microchip last night too.

  12. Ceviche, tartare, sashimi… or will Nhidi serve uncooked curry? Give pickles a go. Anyway, they’re my tips for tonight – listen in amatas. But oh dear, no crispy skin, no crackle, no crunchy sticky bits that just caught on the pan, no caramelisation. At least there are a million sweet things that don’t require any cooking as an out for the dessert royalty.
    Last night the Pei Modern chef licked his knife too.

  13. “The alimination that will bring the judges to tears” says the promo. Yeah, right.

    Perhaps the three stooges had just been told the latest Ma$terchef ratings…I don’t think these boffins will cry for a bloke leaving.

    South Australia has been shown a tailor made “will Needy be nixed” promo.

  14. It’s gotta be one of the bro/sis pair going. Any damn excuse for cranking the drama. As if any of us care, especially at this stage.

    A big thanks to Juz for recaps and everyone else for comments. I just spent a couple days in hospital (nothing serious) and their pay-for-tv system was such a rort, I couldn’t bear to use it just to watch MC. Lovely to come here and catch up for free 🙂

  15. Just fast forwarding through it now and I caught the “pierre de resistence”. lol. Chloe or Karmen should have taken one look at those zuke flowers and told Miles to chuck them back on the heat. The boys have done well given they had what seemed to be more complex dishes. That wagyu looked delish. Aha – the chef just tasted the brown radicchio puree with his knife.

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