Survivor Kaoh Rong – May 5

Does Mark the Chicken make it through the episode? That’s all I want to know.

Recap’s done but pix to follow tomorrow. Chat away.
Mark the Chicken is chilling in the hammock as everyone treks back from the Julie vote out.
In confessional, Jason knows he’s going to have to use his bounty hunter gift of the gab skills to make it through another tribal: “I make mothers rat their sons out.” He pitches to Cydney and Michelle that Tai is a big threat.
On the other side of camp, Tai is off with Joe and Aubry and he tells them he has the power of an extra vote. He probably thinks he’s solidifying his alliance but Aubry is probably already thinking of blindsiding him because of the news, which on top of the last idol gives Tai a lot of power now they’re down to final six.
Mark the Chicken update #2: He ate a grub. This chicken is getting more airtime than Joe.
Chilling in the shelter, Jason is frustrated no one will strategise with him. Joe hears him out and then gets a confessional! Hells bells – does this mean Joe is going home tonight?
It’s reward challenge time (Jeff’s in his orange cap) and it’s a water obstacle course challenge with a ball maze at the end. Survivor loves their ball mazes but this one involves three people working together while balancing on a maze raft in the ocean. Reward is something, something – the contestants just want to hear what food is on offer.
Jason should smash the initial obstacle course, but given he’s up against Joe he looks even faster than usual.Jason directs his team of Tai and Michelle and elicits a “Nice leadership by Jason” from Jeff. And then “Jason very confident – fully in control”. Stop flirting, Jeff. Unsurprisingly, Jason’s team wins.
At least Tai’s “alliance” will be able to talk about him while he’s gone.
Joe tells confessional: “I performed like a six-month-old, so I’m embarrassed by it.” Well, you are 110 years old, Joe. Unfortunately his failure makes him old man cranky and Cydney does not appreciate being bossed around, and Aubry, who is more likely to keep a lid on her temper, worries about what seems to be a looming explosion.

On the reward challenge the winners get to cosy up with an elephant, instructed by a guy with an accent like comedian Bob Franklin. Jason is mauled by a monkey but, sadly, survives. Tai’s attitude to Jason softens when he sees the tattooed bounty hunter interacting with the animals but MIchelle reckons he’s bunging it on to seem softer. She hasn’t forgotten his sooky la la hiding the machete – and nor should you, Michelle. Bet you didn’t realise Tai tipped water on the fire, though!
And now it’s immunity challenge time. Already? Does this mean there’s another medical evacuation coming up because we’re only halfway through the episode? Green-capped Jeff explains it’s a block-stacking, rope balancing challenge. Jeff praises Joe. Yep, I think Joe’s going to be medevaced! Something’s going on.
Joe is leading the challenge but halfway through his blocks drop, and then they all start dropping. Poor Joe restarts but puts the wrong letter down. Now, steely-eyed Cydney, who Jeff was poking fun at earlier, is in the lead. Joe puts another wrong letter down. Oh, Joe! And then he does it again! Jason and Cydney are neck and neck but he loses his balance a metre from safety. Cydney wins! I think this is her first immunity win.

Back at camp Tai tells Joe and Cyd he wants Michelle gone. Joe isn’t keen but says he’ll go with the flow. Tai is willing to use his extra vote on her. Aubry nods in agreement.
Joe gets even more air time when Cydney agrees with him that Jason should go because they both thinks he’s a tool. Cyd gives Mich the heads up that Tai’s gunning for her. Poor Aubry knows she now has to manage Cyd’s ire at being “dictated to”, balanced against the fact easygoing Michelle has not irritated.
At tribal, Michelle starts throwing a few bombs and Tai pretty much insults her to her face: “There’s a big group. There’s a smaller group within the big group.”
Michelle: “What Tai’s trying to say is there’s a pecking order and I’m on the bottom … Tai has turned on every alliance that he has had.” Good to see Michelle has a bit of fire in her. Perhaps she should have lit that spark a few episodes ago.
The jury is loving this and Jason is, for once, keeping his mouth shut.
Aubry, choosing her words carefully, tries to distance herself from Tai’s statements and looks like she needs a packet of Panadol.
Jeff heads off to tally the votes but Tai stops him: “Wait, Jeff – I’m going to use my advantage.” And, of course, he votes for Michelle. Again.
It’s Jason, Michelle, Michelle, Jason, Joe, Jason, Jason. So, Sooky La La No. 2 and his tartan boxers are gone. Yay! He can go douche around Ponderosa with Scot. Hopefully it will be at least a few years before they bring him back for a Heroes V Villains or Second Chances.
Tai does not look happy.
So, I was wrong about the Joe medevac and all in all it was a pretty uneventful episode.

Next time: Michelle is understandably not happy with Tai, but then it seems they team up for an unlikely alliance because he feels betrayed by Aubry.



  1. Yes, Mark survived. And so did Tai, which as it happened, was disappointing, because he behaved like such an idiot.

    But as for the actual torch snuffing, VERY, VERY HAPPY!!!

    • I knew you would be delighted! Recap up and will do pix tomorrow. Is Tai now the villain of the tribe?

  2. Thanks for the great recap, Juz, my friend. I thought of you when I saw Jeff’s orange cap at the Reward Challenge. 😆
    Actually, both challenges were good tonight, which is saying a lot, from me, cos I tend to find them pretty boring.

    And yes, Tai is the villain as far as I’m concerned, but has been ever since he threw the water on the fire. I didn’t like him much even before that, but didn’t think he was an actual villain. It’s such a pity that no one there knows about the water on the fire. Oh well, what can you do?

  3. Throughout the whole schemimg I was yelling, “Vote Tai! Vote Tai. He won’t use his idol because he’s too confident”. That would have been their best move imo. I think he would be a bigger threat than Michelle at challenges AND final tribal. Also I like Michelle. Jason could never have won because he was just a jerk. When others have been forgiven actions at final tribal it has been because those actions were strategies to enhance a players position, whereas Jason’s bad behaviour was just mean revenge so would not be creditted as worthy play. Jason was stupid not to vote Michelle. He never played smart.

    • I was thinking this too, when Cydney was talking to Aubry right before TC, i was waiting for one of them to say we should just vote for Tai.
      I was also wondering if Cydney dismissed the whole idea of voting out Michelle just because Tai was dictating it, rather than really thinking it thru.

      • Yeah, Erin, Cydney really hates being bossed around/walked over. Do that to Cyd and you’re toast.

    • Why waste a vote on Joe? Did he think the others would vote Tai, who would play his idol so the Joe vote and whoever Tai voted for wouldn’t be valid?

  4. Thanks for the great recap Juz.
    That was one of the best rewards ever. That animal sanctuary was great. I love elephants.
    So glad Jason is finally gone, but again a wasted extra vote. But unlike the others he didn’t go home.
    How funny was Joe spelling immunity wrong. And what a grumpy bum when they lost that challenge. That’s the most he’s talked all season.
    Good on Cydney for winning immunity, slow & steady won the race this time.

      • I thought i saw it in the preview of this season, that they showed in the finale of last season.
        I just keep thinking, we have barely heard 2 words out of Joe, and that doesn’t usually happen unless they quit or get medivac’ed from the game…

  5. Has Sue Heck’s mum been eliminated? Haven’t watched in a while.
    I hope those two tattooed brawn bullies have been eliminated.

    • Yes, Lola. All gone. Sue Heck senior and the Bighead Bully Bastards. It’s great to have a season where thefe isn’t going to be some really horrible people at final tribal. The worst of this lot imo, is Tai and he’s no CopsRUs.

  6. Oh, and another reason I was glad Kyle (now that he’s gone I’m paying him the courtesy of using his name) was finally voted out: what grown human thinks “stimulization” is a word…?

  7. I think Tai thought he was just making a suggestion to vote Michelle, but the way he said it came across as dictatorial. He should have learnt from being on the end of that attitude from the Sookies.

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