• The size is ” bang on”, to use Ma$terchef parlance, daisy.

      There was a moving story on Ma$terchef, too. Heather had to learn to walk again after injuring her legs.

  1. The annoying part of the show, I mean the more annoying part, starts when they compete against each other and better singers get pushed out ahead of weaker ones.

  2. Kim Sheehy played the piano and sang. Delta and Rowan turned. Kim chose Delta.

    I am thinking contestants have worked out not to choose the best judges because they will have stiffer competition.

  3. Jesse is my favourite judge. She is the most down to earth and real, even though she sometimes lacks diplomacy.

  4. The Maddens would be OK if they didn’t try and act cool. IMO it isn’t cool if you have to try. Cool is not trying to be cool but just knowing how to be in your own skin.

  5. Nick sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters and some fireworks ensued between the judges, mostly thanks to Jesse’s knack for being brutal, blunt and sometimes foot-in-mouth.

  6. 16 yr old Georgia can do that Irish Cranberries kind of voice. She got Maddens and Ronan to turn.

    She sang a song that Ronan said was written in his garage. And she chose the Maddens. Whyyyyyyy? With that Irish voice?

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