The Voice premieres tonight

The Voice is back on Nine with judges Delta Goodrem, Jessie J, the Madden bros and newcomer Ronan Keating (no stranger to talent shows). What do you think of Ronan? Anyone still miss Ricky/Will.iam(sorry – taking a punt on where the artistic full stop goes)/Seal?

I’ll be watching MasterChef so recaps welcome.



  1. I was away last year for the Voice so I could only watch the singing. I look fd to watching the clashes between the judges. Ronan’s kind of grouchy so this should be good.
    I am sure Delta has been practicing chair poses in the mirror. I will be juggling The Voice with MC.

  2. I’ve always been deeply in love with Ronan Keating (it’s the accent, it makes me go weak at the knees), but I’ve never cared much for him as a talent show judge. Go figure.

      • If he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear, then I’m not sure what would happen … πŸ˜‰

      • Well, be fair, Ronan’s had about 15 years head-start, in terms of knowing him. Did I tell you, I actually sent Jordan a fan-mail, and he replied. He’s a sweet kid, and very kind :). I didn’t ask or say anything inappropriate, but I did ask him for some advice about something, and he replied.

  3. First singer up begins by milking his sister’s battle with cancer. No doubt the producers’ idea.


  4. I liked Jack’s voice. Who did it remind me of? Van Morrison? Boz Scaggs? Maybe a mixture of both. Jesse, Delta and Ronan turned.
    Jack chose….. Jesse.

  5. Good voice Maddison chose Maddens which makes me think that competitors are starting to think about choosing the most probably weakest teams to enhance their chances of being in the final four. Alfie, I thought, did the same thing choosing Delta.

  6. Lexi can sing….and she’s cute. Her back storywas losing weight, and her voice.
    Everyone but Jesse turned. Jesse chose to hog the limelight instead.
    Lexi chose….. the Maddens.

    (Lexi reminds me of Calorie girl).

  7. Blake was tonight’s resident boy candy. I liked his tone, voice I mean, not muscle. Only Maddens turned.
    My favourites tonight were probably Blake and Jack.

  8. By the way, Daisy, those spambots lurve your Farmer recaps. Here’s a sample of a a few of the 30 spammers who tried to post on it today. Note their totally authentic user names.

    • Bloody spambots. I had noticed them trying to ride your coat tails for free ads. I wouldn’t mind if they were Hubots instead of spambots. I wish there was a way to spambot the spambots. πŸ’£

  9. Night 2; Elle, 19 kicks off with an Inxs song, The Devil Inside. She had a great voice. She got prancing, posing gazelle Delta, Maddens and Ronan to turn.
    And chose…. l

  10. Jay Perrino sings Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepplin. Poor Jay got no chairs but it’s a hard act to sing Led Zepplin and not come up short.

  11. Pretty Tash got Ronan and Delta but chose….Delta. Whatttt??? These competitors have learned that if they pick the good artists they will have too much competition.

    The judges try and make out that it’s their “pitch” that sways the competitors, but of course they would have already decided who they want.

  12. Claire wowed the crowd, the judges and Jesse Jay by singing a Jesse Jay song. Everyone turned around, but she chose…..

  13. Maryanne sang Maybe This Time. Luckily musical comedy hater Karl Sandilands wasn’t there. Luckily grandstanding Delta and Ronan turned.

  14. Next up was Lane from Tamworth, and the Maddens knew they wanted her before she openned her mouth. So it was pretty much based on her being barefoot.

  15. Georgia from Adelaide was in season 2 of the Voice and got no chairs, but this time everyone turned around. Ronan got goosebumps (Jlo only gets goosies). Jesse used a reverse psychology and said Georgia could teach her.

    And happy Ronan gets his first singer with Georgia.

  16. This hasn’t been like the music contests of old where they publically humiliate weird people who can’t sing. Maybe viewers are over that. Oh wait, they still do that on AGT and its overseas cousins.

  17. Sam did a good Steven Fry impersonation. It was hard not to be distracted by the overalls. I didn’t turn my chair for Sam. But Delta and Ronan did. And Ronan got Sam the Overall man.

    • Whose the guy who used to wear overalls ans sing “Saw me cryin’ in the Chappel”? Was that Simply Red?

  18. Jesse J has taken a lot of confidence pills this season. She is looking a tad smug between the poser and the crooner. It must be the short blonde crop.
    Props to her, she has gotten the great talent so far.

    • Hi, Lola. Great to have you around. Delta is the one who bugs me the most. She just won’t be genuine.

  19. Mitchell Cox had a genuine back story. He recovered from a brain tumour and surgery. He sang, This is the Moment. Kudos to Mitchell. He got no chairs but he deserves applause for his courage.

  20. Jesse felt compassion and admiration for Mitchell.

    Anyone remember Our Miss Brooks? Jesse looks like Eve Arden.

  21. Delta has a pretty face, but she ruins it by having no real personality. She should try acting natural.

  22. Mitch has a nice tone, and he will be kept around for cute factor. He got Delta, and Ronan. He chose…..Ronan.

  23. Ben Logan sang Italian opera. He’s a cross between Robin Williams and Bill Murray. Delta turned her chair.

  24. Cooeeeee. Jordan’s an Albany boy. I love Albany and they make a good breed down there. Go Albany!!!!!
    Jordan’s back story is nearly missing his flight. He sings a Madden Brothers’ song, but no one turns. Good luck, Jordan. Try again next year.

  25. Wow, wow, wow, Brianna Holm, from W Sydney. That was beautiful. She sang Creep by RadioHead and got a standing ovation.
    Forget the backstory. She doesn’t need one.

  26. And she’s a little sweetie. She had all chairs turn, but she chose….. please choose Jesse, please choose Jesse…. (Jesse finds another opportunity to accidentally insult her fellow judges)…… fingers crossed….Yay!!!!!!! God choice. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  27. Hi Daisy, I agree with you Delta is by far the more annoying judge with the ultra posing and the overacting!
    I had to join the fun as it is Masterchef , new season and The Voice.

  28. Daisy, I’m here. Just finished watching the first two blind auditions, but the 3rd blind is not available for me yet.

    Also just sent in a recap of Ep 01 and 02, but don’t know when (or if) they will post it.

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