US Bachelorette to start

Fans of the US Bachelor series will be happy to hear Nine is fast tracking the latest season of The Bachelorette, screening episodes here only a few hours later.
Real estate developer JoJo was the runner-up in the last season of The Bachelor. She’s 25, which is over the hill in US TV land, so time is running out for her to find true lurrrve.
Tomorrow (Tues, May 24) 7.30pm on 9Life and it is repeated twice the following day.



  1. Very excited! Have the recorder set!
    I agree Ryan, much better than Caila.
    Good on you channel 9 for the fast screening!

  2. Tuesday is a big TV night for me with US Bach, The Voice, Orphan Black and possibly a few other shows that I watch, like Escape, and 48 hrs.

  3. It’s so great to be back on the Bach trail. I missed it.
    Wasn’t this car used in Emily’s season?

  4. Daniel was obviously the producers choice, you could see Jo Jo squirm at having to choose him, and Saint Nick, really?
    My pick so far, Luke.

    • Yep, hideous, horrible Daniel is producer’s rose. That Jordan is conceited.
      And Derrek looks like John Krasinski from the Office.

  5. Finally watched the ep. The guys that were sent home must be thinking what the? with the p*ssed guys getting roses ahead of them. Them darn producers!
    And a visit from Jake… very glad he wasn’t actually interested in JoJo.. he drives me mad.
    Go home Daniel, you’re loopy.
    And wonder what Saint Nick really looks like!

  6. I watched it today, too. I fast forwarded through a lot of the drunk bits. Yep, those drunken idiots were producer picks – they need the drama. How was the antagonistic reaction to the guy in the kilt – have they never heard of Scotland? So many of the dudes look the same – short brown hair with stubble. I guess Luke and Jordan are the front runners.

  7. Watching ep 2 atm. Wills, the ‘fainting firefighter’ is really cute.
    And clearly Chad has been earmarked as the beefcake jerky.

  8. Chad has obviously been set up as producers choice, its always the same, a couple of idiots that everyone else hates, paid actors to save for the ratings.
    At least Chad is being honest and I had to laugh when he said it was like being surrounded by the Care Bears, and Jo Jo picking the two “short” guys so they didn’t feel bad. We never see them eating at the cocktail parties so it was funny to see Chad tucking into the food. he won’t last all the way through, but he is good entertainment value, maybe he will be the next Bachelor?

  9. Yes, I agree. It was obvious Chad had signed up to play the villain. Even the way he scoffed down the meat made it obvious. I’m actually tired of this formula; “who’s going to dob in the bad guy/girl to the Bach/ette?” scenario. It’s too predictable now. James the Bach fan should know it.

  10. Ep 3 tonight was really funny. The best scene was Daniel comparing Chad to Hitler and asking him to take it down to Donald Trump or Mussolini.

  11. But Chad couldn’t stop stuffing his gorilla face. Oh, I hope Chad doesn’t come to WA to punch me. 😨

  12. Great show tonight. Chad really is going off his nut. And man claws are out all over the place. 🐯 Rrrouurrr.

  13. Chad may be a bit of a doofus, but he is incredibly good looking. Just one date would do me. Out in public. With lots of selfies. And Facebook posts. Let’s face it, he’s arm candy.

    • Yes, he would be good looking if he weren’t such a mongrel. He’s probably the best looking but I can’t see past his black heart.

  14. Crap, we’re not getting part 2 until the usual time next week?? Then we’ll be a week behind for the rest of the season. And Nine were doing so well with this…

    • I saw part of the repeat today and went looking on the internet to see how it ended. And was promptly spoiled for the endings of two episodes. So, is Chad an actor or what? I can’t see how they’d let him stay in the house if he’s a “real” person with that behaviour. I just watched the premiere of season 2 of UnReal, so perhaps by mind is swayed by the dastardly acts of the producers on that show.

      • I am thinking he’s a set-up, Juz because of the way he looks like he is deliberately slobbering into the food. It has to an act. If not he would be very lacking in social skills or self-awareness. No I think he has been paid to play the bastard and he is earning every cent. Perhaps he can give acting lessons on the set of B&B.

  15. Yeah, I’ve been trying not to look on their facebook page to see what happens next. There are so many comments about Chad on there.
    I didn’t like the stand up comedy group date, some of the guys looked embarrassed to have to go up on stage so I can’t blame Chad for not wanting to participate even though he goes about things the wrong way. Jojo thought it was all hilarious but I think she might come off as a bit “cheap” making out with every guy. I was hoping it would be on again tonight.
    If Chad was that bad why haven’t security thrown him out as I’ve seen them do before in earlier seasons. He’s obviously being kept in for ratings.

    • As soon as the actress came on faking the orgasm, I though “Yew”. The show was gross and trashy and it was really inconsiderate asking them to participate in that, especially as the bar had been set on awkward, cheesy and raunchy.

  16. I’m glad you agree Daisy , the show went downhill after that performance and some of the guys are probably thinking that Jojo is not the girl they thought she was. That comedy show was an adults only show, but yet it was shown on The Bachelorette to all ages and many people on facebook were saying it was in very bad taste.

  17. Bad taste was an apt descrition. It’s an outdated word but “unclassy” also comes to mind. I also don’t think it really suited the kind of girl Jojo seems to be. She is well mannered and I think a show like that was brash and bad manners.

    Maybe I am just old.

  18. She could have refused to be part of it as its a family show, surely they could come up with a better group date than that or are they running out of ideas? I must be old too.

  19. It was kind of an insult to Jojo to make it a smutfest. She went along with it but maybe because she is young and didn’t think she could say no.

  20. Clearly Chad IS the producers’ pick. There is no way Jojo is keeping him. She seemed visibly repulsed when she handed him the last rose over a couple of much nicer guys. I thought she might puke on his shoulder when he hugged her.
    I am curious if he is acting the part or is really an aggressive buffoon, but I will stay away from googling anything in case I glimpse any spoilers.

  21. These guys are sookier and cattier than a bunch of 13 year olds. Now that Chad has gone, it’s let’s get Derrek, and Alex is heading the pack. I hope Alex goes next for being a bitch.
    And I bet Jordan is a player. I will be away for 3 weeks so I will have to catch up when I return.

  22. Hello Daisy!!! I’m watching this kiss fest and its reminded me of when I first met my husband. He kissed me to within an inch of my life on our first date. Nothing more than that happened on that night… and so that’s why this show is reminding me of that.

    She kisses someone every 5 minutes on a date… even if it’s a group date!! She must be getting a rash… or lip chafing or something.

    I have to wonder what her potential husband will make of all the lip smacking if he watches this show later. Even if he doesn’t, his mates are sure to fill him in.

  23. Hi Carol without. How was your holiday? (Last I saw you, you were heading off somewhere).
    Yes, for a girl who sometimes acts a bit demure, she sure is kissing all the boys. Not sure how she manages to kiss some of them. Most of us probably were pashing on our first dates, but usually only one guy per night. Unless it was spin the bottle.
    I think less people kiss on their first dates now because they meet and get engaged on line, visit their fiance in Uganda, and hand him a few thousand dollars to pay for the wedding. 😚

  24. I wonder how she steels herself to tongue-kiss some of them. A bit of a nibble is one thing, but all that tongue… Some of it must smell bad!

  25. What does everyone think of Jo Jo’s last two choices? I reckon she is not mature enough or ready for marriage and neither of them will work out for her. She lead Luke and Chase on, wanting them to profess their love for her, invites Chase into the fantasy suite and then dumps both of them for the players Jordan and Robbie.
    On the “Men tell all”, I was glad Chad told her what he thought of her, they all dodged a bullet!

  26. I missed all of the last 5 or so eps because we lost 9life and won’t have it back until mid-late August. I will nedd to get it somewhere else.

    • Oh no, what a shame, we lost it too for a while but it came back mid July, but you can watch it on catch up tv on line, you just have to see “The men tell all “.

  27. When we returned from Vietnam at the end of July it was hone. Hotel Impossible, everything. Woolif googled and read that it will return.
    I might not dld Jojo now because Aus Nach is good and I will watch Aus Survivor.

    • Watching it now. Hope it’s not too painful. I didn’t like JoJo (a bit immature).
      And what is this promo – and why did they invite Chad given that they know know that he is definitely not normal. I hope someone sues.

  28. And I vote for Luke to be the next Bachelor.
    I would marry him – if I was younger, and I could get him to ask. Or even be interested. Okay, one date, just asking for one date. Would that be too much trouble?

  29. Just watched Bachelor in Paradise, wow, that Chad is a piece of work! Drunk, disgusting, abusive, rude.
    If he’s an actor he’s doing it well.

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