1. Right. Which brunette is he gonna deep six tonight? How many times will Richie say, “You’re gorgeous” to the girls he goes on a date with tonight? How long before Alex snaps and starts trying to poison the other girls? Find out tonight!

  2. He’s been told to always look them in the eye at all times, but its a bit scary the way he does☺ And how stupid to climb those ropes, hair flying everywhere, recipe for disaster. Can’t wait for the bitching to start😁

    • I read an article this week about what happens on the production-side of the camera during the dates, and now I just can’t take them seriously at all, picturing Richie telling a girl, “You’re gorgeous” while surrounded by about 50 sound, camera and lighting guys all off-camera.

  3. I did like the twist of the producers duping Richie into a group date, but he’s actually meeting the gatecrashers. Gosh, he looked nervous. Although, was it just me, or did Richie seem quite excited at the prospect of a date with Osher?

    • Khalia is my favourite of the three gate crashers (a thirty second intro is totally long enough to get to know somebody), but she’s got the darkest hair, so, sad face.


        • He should say….you’d be good looking if your lips weren’t so thin. I can see we are going riding because you brought your saddle bags.
          Or your muffin top is making me think of muffins.
          All good, sincere options.

  4. Second attempt to watch this show – I just can’t do it. The voice coming out of the gatecrasher in blue is unbearable….

    and I read a article claiming the girls aren’t that sad to be voted off since Richie apparently smells.

    • I have to share one of Jo Thornely’s tweets from the episode …

      “Just wrote a country song called I Gave That Intruder A Rose And Now I’ve Been Stabbed Eleven Times”

      I nearly fell off the chair laughing at that.

    • Georgia’s on Studio 10 this morning. She’s hooked up with someone since leaving the show. She said the atmosphere was good on set, so not all bad for a bunch of ****ing skanks.

  5. Points:1.Rachel hasn’t dated in 10 years? My goodness I feel for you younger ladies. Is it THAT difficult to get a boyfriend? I blame SM.
    2. Except for her saying ‘like’ every second word, I ‘liked’ Rachel because she laughed a lot (not giggled) like someone who always sees humour. I like that quality.
    3. I didn’t like any of the new girls, esp Jeannie Little (Steph) and Cindy Lauper voice.
    4. When someone, in this case Steph, asks a question like, “Who don’t you like here?” just know that girl is stirring up trouble and it’s a trap. Just say something vague and insincere like, “I like different things about each of them”. Do not take the bait.
    5. Well, Georgia sure left on a low.
    6. Is a repeat of 3. I don’t like the new girls.
    7. Keira was awful but funny. And then awful again.

    Now that Megan is gone, I am going for Olena and Alex (for effort). But I think Richie is already planning a trip to Geraldton. (ie to see Megan).

    • The dirt bike girl has to be a plant to connect to Richie’s juvenile passions. Use the bike to get away from Richie asap.

  6. I think there’s no doubt Batchie Itchie like Megan but I had my doubts some time back that It was reciprocated. She always seemed hesitant. Or maybe she didn’t want to get too close.

  7. Given the pashes with all the girls, I am not sure Richie really is into it with any of them or he is trying too hard under producer instructions. Whatever, I don’t blame Megan for getting out of the insincerity of the show. Can Richie please use a different script when telling the girls how they look. He really is borinng as bat sh$te.
    Wish someone would turn the helium gas off when bike girl talks. Funny once, annoying all the time.

  8. Ah well, with captions I have yet to experience the voice of the dirt bike intruder. I’ve heard it’s not pleasant.

    Megan’s gone with the wind. Back to Geraldton quicker than Usain Bolt. Well played, Richie.

    Olena’s still there but she’ll need a lobotomy before she can connect with Richie.

    • Olena is lovely but she seems a bit stoic/boring. Maybe it’s just because she keeps quiet during fights and so her convos aren’t being shown. Pretty sure she’s not there for Richie but a carreer.

    • “I’ve heard it’s not pleasant.”

      It’s really not. Keira was vocally not a fan of her voice, but this time? I’m siding with Keira for this one.

  9. How do some of these girls get jobs as ‘models’ – makes me wonder what they are modelling, shoes perhaps. Megan seems to be the only one with any class, by being honest and getting out. Richie is a pain.

    • Not saying too much on the new girls in case they read this, but yeah…modelling??? Let’s just say, I can see why horse girl likes horses.
      I bet Richie was told to ditch an oldie and keep the newbies.

  10. Well, that was a fizzer. A date with the back-up house bitch/commentator. (Rachael’s voice: Are we spending the whole date on this (dirty old) boat?? Oh, good. Hahahaha.) Then a garden party with not enough close shots on the cakes. Worth it to see Georgia’s facial expressions in the limo home. :O

    I liked new Sarah, but gosh could they all dial back the makeup. Those three intruders looked freshly and a bit desperately totally bleached. He’s got a type, ship ’em in. Georgia never stood a chance.

    • Yes, the makeup was applied with a trowel! I just don’t get the white blonde look with crimson lippie and heavy mascara. I am guessing “model” means promotional model.

  11. So we were all surprised to see another non-blonde go home? At least it gives me hope that Itchie is not being manipulated by the producers. It can’t be in the interests of the show for all the girls to be look-a-likes. I liked Georgia (and she was lovely on Studio 10 this morning).
    I am starting to think that The Batch is the booby prize. Possessive Alex is the only one who seems to care.

  12. I read on Daily Mail that Megan said that Alex had encouraged her to leave – or perhaps didn’t do anything to persuade her to stay!

    • I imagine Alex spends most of her days booby-trapping the mansion so that Richie can’t leave, even if he wanted to.

  13. He likes that Olena is mysterious, and he loves discovering new things about her. He’s going to particularly enjoy that she’s a deep-undercover Russian spy who can choke him unconscious with her thighs.

    Alex better watch out. All I’m saying.

    • Wait, when did this become an episode of MKR? Notice the obvious edit cut where suddenly the dishes are all there on the counters and looking fancy.

    • For poor Richie someone who is more intelligent and doesn’t talk out of her arse ticks all the boxes for “mysterious”.

      I mean, all Richie did was pretend to have a lucid conversation with Olena while he waited to strike like a Cobra with his pashing fixation. Olena for her part didn’t look too experienced in the kissing department, I thought I was watching a goldfish at work.

      Osher’s looking a bit washed out and anaemic, like he sleeps in a coffin between appearances.

  14. I think some of these gals are playing more for tv screen time, having figured out that they are not blonde enough or vacuous enough for Batchie. Hence the need for contrived drama and pretence over the intruders *rude noises*.

  15. Poor Nikki seems to have suffered another wardrobe malfunction, tonight. It looks like something’s eaten half of her dress. Either that or somebody put a firecracker in a jar of purple paint when the poor girl was walking past.

    • She doesn’t have good taste on clothes but then I can imagine that I could get over excited if I had unlimited choice of wardrobe.
      In my head, I think if I wore something like that I would be instantly 10 kgs lighter and my legs would be 6 inches longer.
      Only a slight leaning towards self deluded.

      • It’s not that she’s not beautiful, I mean, she is.

        But she’s worn some pretty horrible clothes over the course of the season, I don’t think there’s any way around that, sadly.

        • I couldn’t stop staring at her bodice, waiting for a wardrobe malfunction. Noni was saved tonight – watching her trying to eat an oyster was excruciating and you can tell Bachie thinks she’s too young.

          • Also shows that Noni is not self assured enough to say I dont eat oysters. Just so desperate to please Bachie.

  16. Well, I enjoyed that. I suspect Olena is there gor career. She said she has never been hurt in love. I think she jas probably had her pick of wealthy men. She is gorgeous, but like a store mannequin.
    Again, I don’t like the three newbies. Steph looks like she should be in the Adam’s family. Cousin Ophelia ….or a skeleton. Rachel was back to showing her mean streak. I think Richie might choose Nicki and Alex will fall apart, but I am barracking for Alex because she wants it so much.

    • I dont think Alex is sincere with her love for Ritchie. I see it as her 15 secs of fame. The longer she stays on the show, the more publicity she gets.

      Nikki is more compatible with Richie. Also from WA. Very convenient.

      • Well, yeah, the WA thing helps. And Alex probably is looking for fame, but I am enjoying ‘hopelessly in love” Alex.

      • I agree LP, I didn’t see any chemistry on the date with Alex I think she just wants to ‘win’ despite the prize.
        I’m finding the show really hard going this year.

  17. I find it a bit sad that Richie is so wedded to his type that he hasn’t given a single brunette a real chance – when more than half of his blondes are in fact brunettes!

    It’s also sad they cast all those brunettes, as they’ve provided a touch of interest and realness in some cases, before being sent home without a date. I thought Richie had a bit more substance prior to this season, and I get there are constrictions with the role, but just not bothering to get to know Marja, Janey, Georgia, Natalie, Eliza, Sophie and Mia because they hadn’t applied enough Sun-In is pretty lame.

    Rachael and Noni got the memo and are getting lighter and lighter, but intruder on a horse won’t last long at this rate.

  18. If it hasn’t been said already, I will miss Kiera *tiny sob*. She had no filter and was a joy to watch. Some of the brunettes had personality which obviously put them out of the running early.
    I know that Ritchie is looking for someone truly ‘blonde’ through and through but could some thought be given to the viewing public?
    Even the manufactured drama from the introduction of Minnie Mouse, Camilla and Barbie doesn’t change the blandness that is Ritchie and his girlfriend type.

  19. Silver tongued Richie is now prefixing his arse crawling compliments with “absolutely”~ ie

    “You look absolutely gorgeous”, “absolutely awesome” “absolutely beautiful” …vomit. My, isn’t he growing? Yawn.

    It must be more than a hundred years since Oscar Wilde wrote that flattery disarms the man but merely makes the woman suspicious……I wonder what Oscar Wilde would think of the shit Bachie is dribbling in jets , helicopters et al.

    This model of desperation rope technician is getting real ropey.

    I’ll miss Keira , too. Like, I’m annoyed. But Rachael’s got plenty of bitch left in her. So does Alex.

  20. I live it. Thanks Dave…and Oscar. I will test it out by going home today and flattering Woolif to see if he is charmed and disarmed or suspicious.😆

    • He really does need to keep his tongue to himself.

      Honestly, at this point? I reckon he ends the season with nobody. I don’t see him choosing anybody, and if he does, they break up within five minutes (and hopefully the break-up is far less messy than Blake and Sam). He just doesn’t seem to connect with *anybody* beyond telling the pretty blonde girl that she’s pretty, and going in for a pash. Like, that’s the depth of connection he’s shown with every single girl on the show.

      Richie seems like a simple enough guy, still ridonkously good-looking and all, but this season really is kind of a bore. Hopefully Alex really goes cray-cray in the coming episodes, because I foresee us all falling asleep before the final rose ceremony.

  21. I won’t miss Keira, I especially won’t miss her tooth licking. She was too obviously the producer’s pick and her tantrums seemed manufactured and boring to me.

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