The Bachelor – Is it finally Bacon Girl’s turn?

I really hope bacon lover Noni gets a singe date tonight that involves Richie plying with her oysters (Kilpatrick, of course), given her childish gagging the other week. If you don’t like oyster be grown up enough to say so, Noni!
Or will she be dateless and get the boot for which she was the obvious recipient last week, until Megan from WA walked.

No full recap from me tonight but a few points:
1. I’m worried Richie hasn’t said “You can’t rush feelings” enough times on his single date.
2. What does intruder Steph mean “you don’t date in Ballarat”? It’s a city. Do bogans not date?
3. How much does that chick reading the questions look like Kiki.
4. Nikki looks so much nicer in daytime makeup and casual clothing.
5. Steph always dresses like it’s 2am at a nightclub.
6. Why did Osher tell the girls the others would be watching on video? More drama if it was a surprise.
7. Poor Richie having to go through that so many times.
8. Nice boob press by Kiki.
9. Alex is creeping me out with her intensity in the touch challenge.
10. Richie and Faith’s date included real conversation and had a certain ease to it. A girl with a sense of humour – yay!
11. Nikki’ response to Alex’s meltdown makes me like Nikki even more.
12. Noni took her ousting with grace, despite the flood of tears.
13. Bye horse girl whose name I never knew.
13. So,next boot is Sarah?



  1. Batchie seems much more normal tonight. He either really likes this particular girl (who is she again?) or he’s getting used to thirty people being half a foot from his face.

  2. And Brunette girl is definitely going home tonight.
    I hope they make it two evictions. Otherwise this is seriously being dragged out.

  3. Ritchie is so one dimensional – if your blonde and hot you will make the final 6.
    This show is dragging out and I am not caring about the outcome. Last years Batchie was better with Woodsy.

    • Although he was pretty bland, I admit to finding Sam Woods a lot more interesting than Richie. He seemed to have a fraction more personality than Richie, and at the very least, he seemed a little more genuine. Plus, his bachelorettes were so much more interesting. It seemed like he actually did have a connection with Heather and Snez, at least. Richie doesn’t seem to be capable of forming a connection any deeper than, “You’re gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. Here’s my tongue!”

  4. Ritchie’s lines- You look amazing
    You’re gorgeous
    How great is this
    What are you looking for in a relationship?
    We have a bit of a connection.

  5. Wait a second, hold on here … the final three girls include two fun, interesting and likeable women (who have dark-hair), and the third is the blonde girl with a voice like Alvin the Chipmunk on helium … and of course, he throws a rose at the blonde.

    Damn it, Richie. You are making it *very* hard to like you.

  6. “Communicational”?

    Richie is a real dumbar$e. He might be best “connecting” with a female gorilla.

  7. No recap tonight but I added some notes to the post. So, who’s our final four?
    Faith, Nikki, Olena and Alex? Sarah will be next boot, Kiki will be “just friends”, then Steph since she won’t play tonsil hockey, then Rachel. Am I missing anyone?

  8. I like the point form Juz. Nice and efficient.😆
    Here’s mine:
    * I think the 3 ring-ins are a bit staged. Surely you wouldn’t seriously consider any of them? It’s a set-up.
    * It’s Bach, so might as well pash &grope.
    *Way to go Alex on the touchy-feel contest. I would have gone for the crotch. Pretty sure that would be a winner. (I haven’t forgotten how- and even if I did, I have Brooke to refresh my memory).
    *Alex said no games, but she cunningly sussed out Nikki.
    *Nikki did a good job of dealing with Alex & not reacting.
    *Nikki kept her boobs in tonight.
    *Steph must be Jeannie Little’s grand daughter.
    *Question lady had a face that looked like wet clay.
    *When a young girl bends over in a mini skirt and you see her bum, it should be sexy, not hideous.

  9. Aw, Noni. She was a good sport. I am off Richie, he’s a dork who got elevated by his time in the precious show to the sort of guy who hangs out with Tully in nightclubs (shudder) and now has had all the soul washed out of him – and then his choice of *only blondes* makes it seem his soul was never that deep.

    • Run Olena run.

      You need to work hard, Richie, if you want Olena. She is not going to fall all over you

  10. Alex’s vocabulary ranges from, oh my god to that’s amazing .
    Boring Alex matches boring Ritchie.
    Time to change channels.

  11. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting pretty grossed out at all these liquid chocolate shenanigans?

    (in a hilarious moment, even the chef looked like he was over their nonsense)

    • Yep, Mr Lindt was probably thinking, “We’re supposed to be making chocolate”.

      I was thinking “how did they get that chocolate out of all their crevices?”

  12. Hate people who play with food. No thought for whoever has to clean up that mess.
    And don’t even imagine all those germs.

  13. Is it just me or is there something inherently wrong (lazy, shallow, perculiar) about this demand that all the girls have to ‘open up’ to Batchie. And yet he doesn’t have to return the favour. Shoving a tongue down the nearest blonde girl’s neck doesn’t count.
    Is he not prepared to like someone unless they like him first? It’s sounding more and more like school every episode.
    And it doesn’t bode well for the future of the final couple. All bets placed here.
    I have read interviews with previous Bachelor/Bachelorettes and generally they all said they know very quickly.
    Okay, it’s just me. Me and Old Age.

  14. From chocolate bathing to shovelling Haggis down your gob to gain favour and time with Ritchie. The Bachelor is particularly gross tonight.

  15. Richie wearing a kilt is the most interesting he’s ever been.

    But oh my gosh, that mini-date with Sarah was embarrassingly awkward. And he couldn’t get rid of her fast enough, could you? See Richie! This is what happens when you eliminate all the actually-interesting people just because they’re brunettes!

  16. Actually, the best comment about this whole season just came from one of the people on “Gogglebox”, when she said that Richie “gives out roses like gonorrhea.”

    Yeah, that’s about the size of it.

  17. Tonight was pretty meh because it was obvious Sarah was going and Alex got the chocolate date. I was hoping he’d eliminate two tonight.

  18. I didn’t mind it tonight. I didn’t mind the bath scene, but it was a waste of chocolate. It was also a waste of a chocolate making lesson. But still, we know Lindt chocolate is good.
    And sorry, but I HATE Gogglebox. OMG, those people on Gogglebox are in the background as I write and they are just cringeworthy.
    Is this photo going to put you off your next Easter Bunny?

    • I just found the whole thing gross. Like, that’s not romantic or sexy, that’s just spending two hours in a hot shower afterwards cleaning liquid chocolate out of every nook and cranny in your body, including nooks and crevices where chocolate was never meant to be.

      And Alex is just, eugh.

  19. Noni was good on the Project, I thought. She was very relaxed and natural. I was thinking someone will hire her. 👍👍

    I won’t miss Sarah’s squeeky baby voice. Eeek!.

    • I listened to Sarah’s voice for the first time as she was being driven away from the mansion. I dodged some aural bullets fro sure. Hasta la vista. She’s traded a lover on a fine steed for a bogan on a dirt bike fantasy.

      Two shallow cretins frolicking in a bathtub full of chocolate. I hope Alex didn’t “open up” too much in there, like daisy said there’s going to be crevice issues.

  20. Some very uncomplimentary things being written about last night’s show, in particular about Alex. Richie will be in trouble if he doesn’t pick her at the end, she will go crazy. That bath scene was quite disgusting and you are right, Daisy and BDD, it will take a while to get that chocolate out of all those ‘secret’ places and crevices. Noticed that Richie wore board shorts and Alex wore a teeny weeny bikini. Joe Thornley and someone else from News Corp wrote great recaps, as did Rosie at Mamamia, all worth a read.

      • It actually took me back to the 60’s , The Rolling Stones , Marianne Faithfull and the “girl with the Mars Bar” scandal.

        I knocked off a whole packet of Tim Tams (original) the other night. One would be too many and a thousand wouldn’t be enough.

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