1. Ah, the great Australian outback (aka, twenty minutes drive away from the house). I gotta side with Olena, on this one. I don’t particularly care much for camping (I like my comforts), although I’d give glamping a try, because I think that would be fun.

    But actually, my first thought when they went to gather some firewood was, keep the axe away from Alex.

  2. How’s there Beany/camping get-ups?
    Ritchie in a knitted Beany – not good.
    Alex’s ripped jeans – too try hard.
    All the girls speculating on whether Olena will go is hilarious. Competitive bunch (bitches).
    Who will go tonight ?

    • My completely shot-in-the-dark predictions … Olena goes home tonight, then Faith tomorrow night. I think Rachel will only make it to top three (because she’s just too damn badass for him). From there, it’s a choice between Alex and Nikki. I want to say that I’d lean more towards Nikki, but only because I don’t care much for Alex.

  3. Poor Faith. Not so happy in the car ride home . I think that’s the first time I haven’t seen her OTT bubbly !
    Ritchie gets a grilling tomorrow- could be the best episode evah!

    • I’m hoping for some hot MILFS and sisters to get Richie off the bit.

      Plenty more fish in the sea, Faith. You’ve just dodged a stunned mullet.

  4. Alex is going to win this. Can’t subject the poor boy to humiliation if mummy didn’t get her man. That would be mean.

    But Rachael could be the dark horse. You hardly get any news or photos of Rachel after the filming finished. Lots on Olena ( won’t win). Some on Alex and Nikki.

  5. I think it was funny how they try and pretend that camping and go-karting are the way to a man’s heart. Even Bear Grill’s would fall for a hot, sexy mama, and go camping with his mates.

  6. New idea printed spoilers of the winner, and showed photos of the final three arriving in Bali. I hope its over soon, I’ve gone off Richie.

  7. Good luck to the New Idea winner!! Her family is nasty too!. Richie will run like Blake Garvey.

    Hmm….. Make Sam Wood such a nice guy.

  8. Noooooooooooooooo. Just saw on Studio 10 that it was Faith sent home confirming my belief that Ritchie is an idiot.
    So he’s ignoring the absolute naturally occurring dead air that occurs when he is with Olena, he is mistaking the scary possessiveness of Alex for love and Rachel’s tv career plan for attraction.
    Faith was just a nice, happy girl.
    I just want all these girls rescued from the blandness that is Batchie.
    Save us, save us all.

  9. The rose ceremony is pretty demeaning to the girls – such looks of desperation on their faces as they await Richie’s decision. I really thought Olena would go last night after the camping trip – I’d have felt exactly the same! I really can’t see who is going to win, none of them seem to have a ‘connection’ with Richie other than possibly lust and a wish for a career in the meeja. Is he going to continue working on rigs? Whoever he chooses, it won’t last. Tonight should be great, can’t wait to see him up against the families.

    • Good luck to them but by the same token I hope it all blows up in their faces for going on a reality TV show posing as looking for a male to fall in love with, otherwise we can start calling this rubbish “Marriage Of Convenience”

      Richie should have been handing out dildoes and not roses to some of the contestants. A single date to the Mardi Gras, perhaps?

      It’s like Richie is now Frankenfurter and Osher has become Riff Raff. It’s just a jump to the left….over the fence.

      • If they were just looking for a ‘beard’, I doubt releasing saucy photos online was a good plan to keep up the charade. Maybe one or both were bi? Maybe they didn’t realise that part of themselves until they met? I mean, it does happen. People are complicated.

        Except Richie. Richie is about the least-complicated person, like, ever.

      • I can’t be bothered running two minutes to the service station to find out. It’s one hell of a storm here. Richie’s not worth it, he’s not a keeper.

        Olena’s too smart, I guess he’s just going to be pussywhipped by bunny boiling Alex for yonks. Enjoy your toaster, Richie.

  10. Aargh, I just got spoiled for tonight. The perils of working in the media. Still looking forward to seeing the home town visits. … As for Megan’s ambiguous relationship, I had to google who Tiffany is. How soon we forget.

      • Same here. Flavour of the millisecond.Maybe Donald Trump could do us all a favour and build a wall around them both . Let’s make television great again.

  11. So, tonight he’s meeting Alex’s family … and oh my gosh, Alex’s brother’s eyebrows seem to be waging a war of conquest against the man’s face!

    Gosh I’m petty.

    • Pffft, it looked like the producers were trying to replicate the home visit with some blond Bach and the lovely Des where the brother gave the Bach a hammering.

  12. As if Richie will admit that he has cheated on his girlfriend. Stupid question.

    Alex’s brother is an a&&h###
    . If he is so good in protecting Alex, why is Alex a single mum?

      • Who takes a guy home for a grilling like that??? If it was real life, it would be rude imo. All this “must past muster with my family” is crap for the most part. It might be true of some Eastern European families like Olena’s and maybe Middle Eastern but most of us would not have had a bfs or gfs get such an intense third degree.

        • Being “accepted by the family” is the biggest load of social hogwash. I’d love to see the police records of some of these idiots being proffered as “caring family”

    • Littlepetal, you make an excellent point. I wish Richie had had the balls to ask that. But alas, Richie would’ve probably gotten punched. … I wish Richie had had the balls to ask that.

    • Kudos to Alex for protecting her son from being put on camera. Emily in the US Bach had her 6 yr old daughter dragged on to meet “future daddy”. We know what Dr Phil has to say about that.

      • We know thanks to Bill Clinton that oral sex is not cheating, It was a stupid question but these are stupid people we’re dealing with.

      • Kudos for that,yes but the kid’s welfare was put on hold while the desperately selfish man eating Alex can raise her profile.

        • Yes. That’s my thinking too Dave. I can never understand how any of them go off and leave their kids, but I’m old school and don’t even like day care. Don’t shoot me ppls. I’m just old.

  13. And now for a super awkward dinner with Olena’s family. The thing about Olena? She’s beautiful, she’s blonde, and she’s mysterious … and those are the reasons she’s still around, not because he has any kind of connection with her (because he clearly doesn’t). I mean, Olena is totally within her right to not fall in love with somebody based on an episode count, you know?

  14. I don’t think he has a real connection with any of the girls.
    Alex is so acting and over the top to please.
    Olena looks bored with Ritchie

  15. I’m actually kind of mad at Richie now. I liked Rachel. She was a take-charge, real badass kind of a girl. That’s probably the reason why Richie didn’t keep her around, to be honest.

    Having said that, you know, she’s probably another one who’s better off without him, I mean, really.

    • I couldn’t stay awake. I fell asleep on the couch during Olena’s home visit. Just after the chilie vodka. But I guessed Rachel would be too strong for him and get sent home. She has the most personality of the four but was the least demure/feminine. Richie likes a a lot of ‘demure’ and Nikki has that in spades so he might choose her. She is a bit too demure for my liking.

      • I fell asleep too after Olena’s visit, don’t know whether its because Im still getting over my trip to US or because the show is boring! Don’t think I missed out on too much.

  16. I can’t pick this after the home visits. I don’t think he knows who/what he wants. To me he’s looking not so hot – scruffy, dirty looking. I think I’ll be glad when it’s finished, a very ordinary series.

      • Cant see him being popular with the public. If he picks Alex, she is also not the public darling. They will both sail into the sunset.

        I read Keira doesnt mind to be the next Bachelorette!,, God please us. Yes, she can be entertaining but the speaking tone is not.

        • No way I would hate Keira as a Bachette; tbat lizard fly catching tongue in over drive. But I have never seen a villain being made Bach or Bachette.
          No surprise tomboy with a personality got dropped. Sexy, gorgeous, demure and slightly coy are left. These are man bait.

  17. I think Ritchie is a simple soul, not very bright and swaying in the wind.
    I wonder if the producers picked him because they thought he was the most malleable (after the Garvey debacle). Backfired much?

  18. I’m not anti Richie because he seems to be script reading for the camera. I have seen almost no real conversation from him so I don’t know what he is like. It’s so staged.
    Olena, not sure if she is smart, or just seems smart by not saying much. I find her a bit hard and boring. Gorgeous looking but watch out for the high expectations and high maintenance.
    Alex we don’t know because she has spent the whole time acting seductive or pouting. Nikki we don’t know because she hasn’t gotten out of just being demure. We got to see Rachel more as she let rip with a few wise cracks. But that’s just my opinion.
    I don’t have a favourite. Maybe if you had Olena’s looks and Rachel’s personality with Nikki’s Grace and Alex’s seductiveness.

    • I still Nikki’s the best bet. She’s blonde and gorgeous (which ticks his boxes), and she’s demure and reserved (he doesn’t seem to gel with personalities larger than his, which is really limiting). She also doesn’t have the slightly-unsettling possessive traits that Alex has. And Olena, I just can’t see her connecting with Richie at all, there’s zero chemistry there.

      I’m with you, I think. I’m not anti-Richie. I still quite like the guy. He’s just very dull. I don’t know whether that’s a lack of personality or … what I suspect … some questionable editing from Channel 10, but it feels like he’s never really been given a chance to just be himself. Which means we’ve never gotten a feel for the guy, and have no way to gauge who he’s connecting with, or why.

      But I don’t think there’s anyway around the fact that this season has made for some boring television, particularly once Keira was booted.

      • I wish the gels all the best and they just let Ritchie go back and mindlessly play with his dirt bikes, hot air balloons ,helicopters and go karts. I mean have a look at Richie….you’d find more culture in a tub of yoghurt.

        Richie…this year’s Botchelor.” Awesome” , “amazing”, “gorgeous” “connection”, “open up” FFS He has the vocab of a five year old.

        • Yeah, exactly. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I just don’t think he’s a particularly deep guy. And that’s fine, that’s who he is. But channel 10 needed to do a damn side better than this.

      • Nikki seems nice, demure (but not to the point of poomvy), but she’s too sweet and bland for my taste in the same sex. Sort of like a nice meringue. She needs some other flavours, but maybe she has more flavours that aren’t being seen. I would need humour whether that is being funny or being able to laugh and see humour in things.That was Rachel’s appeal.
        Obviously I am having a lazy Saturday morning to drivel on about some poor, sweet 20 something girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  19. I get what everyone is saying about not knowing Ritchie but remember that this is his second season. How much time do we need?
    I suspect if we don’t know him by now then there is nothing to know.

  20. I just read an article in the West Australian while waiting for my Vietnamese take away.
    Rachel has lightened her hair. 👱

  21. Watching Richie at the dinners was like watching an interview with a politician, so annoying/bad and I noticed he used to same adjectives to describe two girls when asked what set them apart from the rest!!! (she’s so genuine and down to earth)

    Also, did you notice with his deep thinking shaving in the mirror, he then sits down to drink his deep thinking smoothie and the beard fluff is back! editing fail!

    • Or maybe it just grows really fasts? Mine’s a bit like that. But knowing channel 10, your theory is probably more accurate, heh.

  22. Also, I believe he’s keeping Olena around solely for the idea of dating someone like Olena – hot young piece, not because he actually has some kind of personal connection with her. She wouldn’t even want to move to Perth would she? But no, lets send home the girl you have lots in common with and actually lives in your state and is the same age as you, life stage etc. etc. Richie is an idiot.

  23. Really bad press today for Alex on DM site. To many nude poses and stories of how she abandoned boyfriend. Also, the price for her to leave son was a place in the top five! Who knows what’s true, but I feel she’s not genuine at all. Poor little boy.

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