General chat – Sept 28

A shout-out to everyone in SA. Hope you all have your arks ready to float away.
I’m listening to the rain on the roof, checking the BOM radar and watching Tiny House Hunters on 9Life. I could never live in such a house – I wish they did follow-ups to see if the people go crazy after a year of living on top of each other.
What’s everyone else watching?



  1. I’d love to hear follow-ups for the tiny houses too. Camping drives me crazy without being able to stand up in a tent – I would hate to have to crawl into bed every night.

    Really, they are just redesigned caravans, but it sounds more hip to say tiny house.

  2. I’m trying to watch that “The Wrong Girl” drama that channel 10 has been advertising so obnoxiously for the last hundred years. I even noticed during the credits that it was directed by Daina Reid and heavily influenced (in terms of writing, adapting and producing) by Judi McCrossin (who I adore from her “Good News Week” days).

    But the show’s lost me within about 10 minutes. The main character is a jerk. I don’t know how she was written to be sympathetic but she’s kind of a tool and I don’t like her at all.

      • I assume there’s gonna be some context for the character, the further into the series you go. You know, the audience will get a more-rounded picture of the character, and learn more about who she is and her back-story, but honestly, I got to the end of the first episode and mostly, I felt, “no”. Although I liked Rob Collins, he’s pretty.

  3. I should be more patriotic but I don’t like much Aus drama. I do enjoy Love Child though because of the trip down memory lane.

    • Yeah, I think we definitely tend to miss more than we hit.

      I never even really cared much for “Offspring”, but I tell you the one I absolutely loved was “Wonderland”. Gosh that was a good show. I liked that one so much. And it feels like it’s the only one in channel 10’s stable that got *away* from some of the not-so-subtle social and political commentary that seems to characterise a lot of edgy Australian drama pieces.

      • I don’t understand why Wonderland didn’t do too well. We enjoyed it here, too and I was sad that it ended quite abruptly. Even just one more season would have allowed it a better ending. I found myself zoning out of “The Wrong Girl” but I will give it some more chances.

  4. I also watched The Wrong Girl, wasn’t all that impressed but might give it one more go to see if it improves. “A Place to Call Home” on Foxtel is an excellent period drama, love that show.

  5. I have such a long list of Australian stuff that I love that I could b here all morning. I would watch Australian over American crap any day and given how much they churn out compared to us, that’s saying something.
    Did you watch The Code? So good. And I love, love, loved Rake. My heart bleeds that there is not going to be another series. Phryne Fisher is soooo fabulous.
    And I was addicted to Seachange and Packed to the Rafters. The Secret Life of Us. The Time of our Lives. Utopia. Remember Frontline?
    And of course, Mother and Son has already been mentioned. And I am an Offspring fan, although the last season was a little disappointing but I suspect it’s probably because it’s more difficult to maintain that consistent high.
    And I have barely started. Where do I stop. Okay, right before I become a bore. That would be now.

    • Your list is almost identical to my list of what I like on TV. So refreshing after endless promotion for crime, mysteries, violence, politics. Whenever I see a list somewhere of the “best shows currently on TV”, it is lucky if there is one that I might try. Producers seem to think that we all want an unrelenting diet of violence, judging by the monotone offerings.

    • I’m a Scandinavian fan as well. Something about that subtle sense of humour and their drama is dark, wicked and unexpected.
      Trapped has been talked about here before. They can’t bring on season 2 soon enough.

  6. Arts and crafts day here. Daughter organizing all the kids and grandkids to come. I am setting up stations: beading, maybe tee shirt painting, making party bags (see photo) and pottery. With arvo tea of pizza, cake and fruit.

  7. It took me 3 hours to get home last night, for a 25 min car ride! And i had to dump my car on the other side of town as it was fast running out of petrol! I had others picking up my kids, then we all lost phone coverage, it was madness!!
    Police were at most traffic lights andcwe all stayed calm!
    This morning we were up at 6am collecting the car and are bracing for more bad weather.
    And my beloved Zirconia rabbit has gone off to the rabbit playground in the sky this week too after the Vet finding her teeth were too far gone to be saved. So upset.
    So not the best of weeks.

    The Slap was my fave Aussie show. Do love Love Child. And Phryne. And Puberty Blues, Secret Life Of Us.

    • Hang in the, Bella. Sorry about Zirconia. The kids must have been very sad.
      Baton down. I hope you get sunshine and lollipops very soon. 🌞🌞🌞🌞

      • Kids were sad but I was a mess! I hung out with her every day and she played in the front yard daily and snuggled with me nightly. She was toilet trained and never in her hutch, she was like a 10 year old cat. Just lovely. I miss her to bits!

    • Sorry to hear that , too, Izobel 2. Hope you’re all feeling better soon.

      I don’t mind watching $kippy when I can’t sleep.

    • Sad news Izobel 2, hope things get better soon.
      You people in SA are doing it tough, on Studio 10 this morning they hardly gave your weather, blackout etc any coverage at all, and Denise said you all had to “suck it up”. I thought it was a bit rude.

      • Don’t worry. Studio 10 got an email from me about stupid Denise’s comments and the half-hearted “apology” she was probably forced to make. All those Logies have done nothing except turn her into a nasty,ignorant old bitch.

        • Well, that’s good you did that, , and plenty of people agreed on their face book page too. Even Sarah said what if it was in Victoria or NSW as if SA didn’t matter so much!
          On the other hand, that melting spatula incident was quite funny!

      • Just to play devil’s advocate, I’ve been a bit over the drama about the blackout. We’ve had two blackouts in the past few years that lasted 5-6 days each. A 24-hour one is a short outage. I can appreciate that it is newsworthy when it is widespread, but for an individual house, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

        Go ahead, shoot away…

  8. ABC gave the SA blackout good coverage. I feel for everyone in the state especially for the nurses and doctors in the hospitals managing patients without power in ICU .

    Sorry Izobel over the loss of your dear pet.

    • One of the hospital generators failed and they had to hand ventilate critical patients while they transferred them to another building! Shocking. Tonight they are predicting crazy winds and king tides. It’s the start of the zombie apocalypse! And at the weekend I have to go through my freezer and throw out anything that could be dodgy after our 12-hour outage.

        • Yeah, we had a power out for about 3 days after a massive storm. And I have 2 huge freezers. But I just kept the doors closed and we still ate everything. No one was sick or died.

  9. Biggest event in Adelaide since The Beatles were here. Only other time I’ve seen this city brought to a standstill.

  10. Oh, I am so sorry Iz2 🙁 We lost our old cat at the end of July.. I am still sad as she was so sweet and sassy. We got her at the beginning of ’98 a year after we got our dog so now with both of them gone it’s like an end of an era, especially as they were around for so many life milestones. She would have been 19 this coming month so we are grateful for so many years with her. We still have my Maine Coon cat who is very smart and talkative but she is evil. We just picked out a new puppy after years of mourning (although I still miss our old dog everyday 🙁 ) so am excited to bring him home soon and we are meeting some kittens tomorrow. I really hope you feel better soon… and stay safe in the terrible weather.

  11. Here is some Friday morning cuteness to hopefully bring a smile to everyone’s faces.. meet Mr Wombok who is known as a “Veggie Pup”. His mum was luckily rescued not long before giving birth!!

  12. So thanks perhaps to Dr Phil, I busted a fb scammer today. “Tucker John” sent me a friend request. But spot the mistake.
    Anyhow, he has been outed and blocked. I didn’t tell him his mistake but I let everyone on his friens list know.
    Sorry to whover this guy is.

    • Seems like these scammers are using several different photos. That scamsurvivors site has a lot of posts about them.

  13. I saw “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” over the weekend. It wasn’t a great movie but it was good, interesting and fun. I watched every episode of Netflix’s “Luke Cage”. I don’t know why I did that but I couldn’t stop watching. Thought it was very good although the final episode was sort of a let down. Liked it better than “Daredevil” and slightly better than “Jessica Jones”.

    • Thanks for this. I am about 10 minutes in and I have stalled. It doesn’t immediately grab me but I am a huge Marvel fan so I will power on.

      • Bob, it took more than the first episode to draw me in. Hang in there if you can. I struggled with “Daredevil” but still watched all the episodes although I started fast forwarding through some of them. Look forward to finding out what you think about “Luke Cage”.

        • I haven’t even watched Daredevil yet. Everyone I know was like: It’s such a good show! And I couldn’t get bothered watching 5 minutes. I actually like gritty shows, that’s why I am surprised I didn’t watch any of the shows yet.

          Miss Peregrine… trailer showed a movie that looks like all the other movies he makes. It’s getting repetitive and honestly, he hasn’t really done a good movie since Corpse Bride. And hell, he did that god-damn awful Plane of the Apes remake (this here makes me laugh though: Plus usually Johnny Depp in white make up playing an eccentric character….

    • I love the Marvel movies (oh my gosh, I must’ve watched my DVD of “Civil War” about 10 times by now), but I generally don’t watch much superhero TV.

      I had the season 1 set of the “Flash” on my coffee table for months before I actually sat down to watch it. I’ve never watched “Daredevil” or “Jessica Jones”, and I don’t really feel much of a drive to watch “Luke Cage”. I don’t know, I guess I have trouble committing to a TV series (either that, or I subconsciously don’t want to jump onboard something just because it’s popular). I don’t know, I’m weird, but no, I’ve never watched them.

      • Some of you may know, well Daisy will especially, how much I hate “gritty” shows.. too full on for the likes of me! I do get drawn in with a good mystery though. Anyway, I gave Daredevil and Jessica Jones (damn David Tennant is menacing) both a go but they didn’t draw me in. I wanted to like them but just couldn’t. I love Marvel but their Netflix TV is too heavy for me. As for the ABC, I did LOVE Agent Carter. She is such a great character and was devastated when it was cancelled. I even signed those partitions going around for Netflix to pick it up. It was left on a cliff hanger and with such great stories left to tell. It was a shame they didn’t just get straight into the formation of S.H.E.I.L.D in season 2 as I wasn’t a huge fan of the plot but will watch anything with Peggy and Howard and Jarvis!

        I also watch Agents of Shield.. It got really good after Winter Soldier but then has gone downhill again big time, in my opinion. This season they are trying to go darker too which I don’t like. I enjoy the fun and am also a big Coulson fan. I know it’s a long shot now but it would be great if he could turn up in the final 2 Avengers films.. seeing as he was the one they “avenged” in the first one!

        I am hoping that Dr Strange will be good in a year of movie disappointments. X-men Apocalypse was a let down coming off the back of DOFP, even though I still enjoyed it. Same with Star Trek: Beyond. I still enjoyed it, and the comparisons to the original films, but still can’t help but feel like it was missing something?

        Windsong, you have great movie taste! I haven’t got Civil War on DVD yet. I was hoping to get a trilogy set should one come out as the Cap series, by far, ended up the most solid trilogy. For me, Winter Soldier is still my fave Marvel movie along with Guardians (yes, I want to marry Chris Pratt. Even in his chubby years on the OC/Everwood/Parks & Rec. Move over Anna Faris!). Civil War was fun.. The big battle scene was hilarious and I would watch 20 movies with Cap, Falcon and Bucky just bro-ing out. Man, I love Bucky, possibly more so than Cap. I also love Ant-Man so adding him to the mix has added some more fun.

        I love all those You Tube movie videos.. My fave is prob the “How it should have ended” series.. so funny I choke over those!

        Sorry for the long post. I think I have been going crazy already looking after our new kitten. ZOMG though, he is such a cutie!! He is so cool, so laid back and friendly and not a scaredy cat at all, it’s great. It’s going to be a long battle getting my big baby Maine Coone to accept him, though.. She was once accepted into the fold easily but doesn’t want to do the same, of course. She is very highly strung which she has been since we got her but she is good in her own way. Puppy comes on Saturday so I am thinking I will be bald from tearing my hair out by the next weekend :S

        • Alrighty, you can have Chris Pratt, I will take Bucky. 😉

          Going to see Bridget Jones on Saturday, hopefully it is no as awful as the second movie was. The Bridget Jones books were nice back then to learn English in school (I was over reading Jane Austen etc). We were limited in getting English books, everything is translated and thankfully they sold the Bridget Jones books in original versions in our book store (okay, I had to order them first, but….). The books and the first movie were pretty funny and it reminds me of the days when my girl friends and me were discussing SatC the next day in school and thought it was so… ahead of time. 😀

          Good luck with your kitten and puppy. 😀 Hopefully none of them turn out to be obsessed with you. 😛 That’s what happened with the kitten I got last year. If I am away for more than one night, he pees infront of the cat litter. :/ He’s the sweetest little thing, but oh my, he surely gets angry when I don’t spend enough time with him.^^

        • Eliza, thanks for that :).

          I’m a superhero fan through-and-through, and although I grew up reading DC stories (like Batman and the Justice League), the Marvel movies have mostly been pretty amazing, and it’s definitely been a good thing to see superheroes on the movie screen, really done justice.

          I used to have a favourite three … the first Avengers (oh my gosh), Guardians of the Galaxy (Chris Pratt for the win), and Winter Soldier (I loved Falcon. I just flat-out love Falcon). But then Civil War came out, and I really enjoyed Age of Ultron too (although apparently nobody else did).

          And actually, it got me reading more and more Marvel comics, so they accomplished their mission. But I still never watched any of the TV shows, not even “Agents of Shield” (I saw the first season and didn’t bother going back) or “Agent Carter” (which I heard was really good).

          The one thing I really liked was that web-short, the adventures of Thor and his accountant friend Daryl. Gosh, that was funny. Chris Hemsworth can just do no wrong, you know?

          I don’t really care for the character Doctor Strange, and I don’t really care for Benedict whats-his-face either (and I think it’s weird how half the internet loses their mind around him. Like, I just don’t get it at all). So I am interested to see “Doctor Strange” (mostly for Tilda Swanton. Gosh, I’d watch her in anything) but I’m not really expecting much from it.

          The one I’m really looking forward to is “Black Panther” (he was one of my favourite parts of Civil War), but that’s still a couple of years away, I think. Same with Spider-Man and Thor 3.

  14. Did I hear someone mention Dr.Phil? Because tonight at 8.30 on One he’ll be interviewing the son in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Only difference is Jack Trimarco won’t be there with his polygraph.

    Sometimes I get the feeling Dr.Phil is a parasite. ie Britney’s meltdown , Octomum, and now this.

    Rain, hail, wind, thunder…everything but the kitchen sink in Adelaide. Ch Ten should have held $urvivor Aust. here.

    • Thanks for that BDD, I have been wanting to see that interview, and no mention of it in my tv guide. Won’t complain about the patchy rain here today then!

    • Why do I think that this has been on before. And it was his usual drivel. I used to like Dr Phil when he talked to normal people.
      Irrespective of whether the lad killed his sister or not, his life is ruined. And as much as these shows would like us to believe otherwise, we will never know.

    • Crap-just found the Dr Phil special. 10 should have promoted it as hard as the ch9 two-parter was.

      He is odd.

    • Does anyone know when the final part of the interview will air?

      It seems that the interview was done to counter the allegations in the other special.

      • Yes, part two of the Dr.Phil interview will be Mon 10 October.

        Also, as has been noted below, there were many ad breaks in this show but short breaks compared to say The Block. I don’t know which is worse…..or even care.

        Lots of 48 Hours on One tonight.

  15. On the blackout thingy, I do sympathise.
    But when I was a kid we had blackouts all the time. Fun and games were had by all. I still have the pottery kerosene lamps. Very pretty.
    And we used to have a special stash of board games just waiting. Monopoly and 500 were my favourite.
    It was just part of life. So good.

  16. I saw Bridget Jones’s Baby yesterday and it was good for a few laughs. Miss Hugh Grant but Patrick Dempsey was fun. Renee Z’s face is still rather odd but it’s not as plastic looking as a few years ago.

  17. Thinking of everyone who live in South Australia, hope you are coping well and haven’t suffered any damage.
    Any Danish, Swedish etc. movies or series to recommend? I think I have nearly drained SBS Demand dry but you never know, I’m open to suggestions thanks.

    • It’s not Scandinavian but I hear Wolf Hall on ABC is very good – people have been complaining the ABC hasn’t promoted it enough.

      • Thanks Juz, just checked it out and it’s a period drama 🙁 I’m not in to them. I used to love them but these days I can’t get into them.
        I think I am the only person alive who hasn’t watched Downton Abbey. Even my old boy watched it and loved it.

    • How are you liking the new SBS iview app? I used it for the first time yesterday and found it a little awkward. There is much complaining on line.

    • Have you watched Arne Dahl? It’s a good police procedural. I have heard good things about Modus and The Valley. They are next on my list.

      • Hi Bob, I love Arne Dahl and have watched and have watched Series 1 and 2. Great show.
        They are very violent in their police dramas compared to us, the British and even the Americans. They have made me shudder a few times. Now when I watch a lot of other shows I used to enjoy I am finding them very tame. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad.
        I’ve also watched Modus which I enjoyed and am now thinking of taking a look at The Valley, so thanks for that.
        I always watch these shows on SBS on my iPad and don’t seem to have any problems, touch wood.
        Haven’t heard of Wolf Hall so will check it out.
        The Legacy on SBS Demand is another good one about a dysfunctional family. It’s series 2 and I’m so disappointed I missed the showing of series 1. I remember when it was on and thinking I’d give it a miss, so annoyed I did now.

        • I saw series 1 of The Legacy. I liked it but didn’t love it. I was going to give S2 a miss (given how much there is on SBS) but will give it another go.
          I am being careful with the new app but I have noticed that they are bringing back shows that had a limited run on the old site, so I am giving it a red hot go on the basis that they may disappear again.
          I so agree that the violent shows are making me less squeamish – and for me that’s a good thing because I have not not been able to watch a lot of very good shows in the past because my heart just couldn’t take it. But then I felt like that about the English version of The Office. Reality TV for me.
          Just mentioning, you know Arne Dahl is a writer? And the series is based on his books? And his books are excellent? And there are a lot more of them? jic.
          If I fall across anything else I will let you know.

          • Cheers for the information about Arne Dahl being a writer Bob, I had no idea. I have checked it out and will definitely download some books for an upcoming cruise.
            You have come a long way from not being able to watch The Office to handling some of these shows we have mentioned.
            Do you have Foxtel? I have been watching some box sets lately which have turned out to be quite good.

            Tonight on SBS is a new 4 parter Deep Water, it’s an Australian one, looks good.

            Happy viewing….

  18. Australian Story was very good tonight ..( My daughter works on it ) .
    Watching Dr Phil interview at the moment.

  19. I was sad today to hear about Ernie Sigley having Alzheimer’s disease. I always loved Ernie over the years, so down to earth and just like the guy next door.
    Love to him and his family.

  20. Anyone thinking these XFactor judges have the personalities of chalk. Not necessarily on a blackboard. Just chalk.
    And guy…”That was dope”? Makes you sound like a sheep. But they are sheep. 3 tattooed sheep.

  21. Bob will you let me know what you think of The Valley please? I started first episode but couldn’t get into it, please let me know if it’s worth persevering .

    Can’t believe I missed first episode of Deep Water SBS last night, I was so sure it would be on at 8.30 but in Qld. it started it 7.30, thank goodness for catch-up TV.

  22. I didn’t want to watch Deepwater. I read that it’s based on true stories and the police weren’t much interested in solving the crimes. I am uncomfortable dealing with that sort of reality and don’t want to watch it as entertainment. Bizarre I know, given my liking for dark Scandinavian thrillers. Same as war movies. I just can’t watch and yet I love the Marvel universe war stuff. I think I need to be detached.
    The Valley is next on my list.

    • That’s fair enough, just thought I would mention it. I haven’t watched it yet. I don’t like war movies., definitely not.
      I will wait until I hear your take on The Valley before I continue.
      I think I have watched most of the Danish series now so have sorted on the movies. Watched The Hunt the other night, not bad.

  23. And on the list of Marvel superheroes, my favourite movie was Deadpool.
    And although I join the chorus in favour of Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth, my favourite is Tom Higgleston, even suffering through the Hiddleswift. I love a good baddy.

    • I kind of rolled my eyes at the Hiddleswift thing. They broke up? Shocking. Should we take bets on whether Taylor writes a song about the whole thing?

      I get Taylor Swift is hugely popular, but I can never shake the feeling that she’s one of those people who projects a forced air of niceness and innocence, but underneath, she’s really nasty. That’s all I get from her.

      • I went to an American school for a while. There were lots of “Taylor Swifts”. They were all clever, blonde, popular and incredibly confident. No pimples and no self doubt. I wish that had been me.
        They weren’t necessarily nasty. Everything just seemed to come so easily to them that it made them a little oblivious.
        It’s hard to know whether there’s a gender bias, because we do like our girls to show humility, or whether it’s social media.
        Of course Taylor will write a song. But that’s a bit like asking Ken Done why he keeps painting the Sydney Harbour Bridge (‘cos that’s the view outside his window).
        I do think the movie Mean Girls has given the popular group so much of a bad rap that it’s become a bit of a stereotype.

        • It is hard to be stereotyped whether it is for a bad or a good trait. But I find it interesting that on shows like Survivor where you put a group of strangers together, the attractive people nearly always pledge loyalty to each other without any knowledge of personality at all. There seems to be an assumption that if you are attractive it is because you deserve to be because you are a nice person. It must be hard if they realise they have made a poor choice based on looks.

          • But viewers like the interesting ones and the ones with character and personality, whether or not they are good looking. You can have both, eg Matty on Bachette.

          • Yes, the Millenials was one group I was thinking of. Within about half an hour the attractive people were saying “I trust you, I want to work with you” to each other. There’s got to be some survival of the species stuff going on.

            Daisy, it’s great when you get ones who are both. But often they just don’t seem to take any time to assess personality first before jumping to the conclusion that an attractive person is a “good” person.

    • I did like their response to the first episode of “The Wrong Girl”.

      The skinnier guy … “I think we’ll need to give it another episode, right?”
      The not-as-skinny guy … “Nope.”

      That made me laugh.

    • Somalia was a cringe moment. There’s a rock solid argument against a plebiscite right there. She’s ready for Hot $eat.

    • Thanks,Juz , I’m gunna watch it. I was half asleep during a promo for it I saw. The baking silverback somehow looked younger than he did on GBBO. Perhaps he’s lost some weight on his travels..

  24. Has anyone seen or plan to see Girl on the Train? I’ve read the book and thought I might go next week. I see it’s had mixed reviews.

    • I saw it last night. Overall, I enjoyed it but I can see why it had mixed reviews.
      First the disclaimer: I haven’t read the book.
      There were some holes and missteps that can often happen when a movie is adapted from a book. I am assuming that the slow reveal is much clearer in the book. And of course it doesn’t live up to the hype. Can anything? I think you will enjoy it much more if you lower your expectations.
      And every time she had a drink, I had a drink – except I was filled with guilt. It made it difficult to enjoy my Shiraz.
      But worth going to see. I am glad I went. I will read the book now.

      • Thanks Bob. I shall go and see it next Friday. The reveal wasn’t clear to me until the very end in the book! I’d love to hear if anyone else picked up on it earlier. I think I am a bit slow.
        I won’t have any expectations and enjoy it for what it is.
        Looking forward to it.
        Watched another Danish movie last night and I am getting familiar with all of their faces now, it’s quite funny seeing the same faces in different shows.
        Did you go to Gold class, is that why you could drink Shiraz and watch at the same time?

        • I am a member of Palace. They specialise in film festivals. The Italian film festival helps my Italian language skills and the French just make fabulous movies. Lots of drinking goes on at a film festival. I think that officially makes me a chadonnay-swilling-socialist.
          What was the Danish film and was it any good? I am really starting to like their style. It’s not that I don’t like an American action movie but they are starting to look a little shallow.

        • Gabby, I had my suspicions regarding who did it but would go back and forth between that person and another.

      • Someone told me today that the movie is better than the book so maybe I will go see it after all even though I know the outcome.

    • I thought about going but the main thing about the book are the twists and surprises and I know the outcome now after listening to the audio version. I did not like any of the characters. They had very few if any redeeming qualities and all seemed to be very dysfunctional.

  25. Has anyone watched the British series Cold Feet? I see a new one is starting on channel 7, does anyone have any starting dates and times yet?
    They have always been good shows in the past, good actors, especially James Nesbitt.

  26. I am watching the UK version of MKR. No villians or secret assassins so far. Everyone seems to be polite and scoring fairly. There are 4 teams for each restaurant group. They have to get their dishes out on time because the judges may penalize them for late service. The judges are Prue Leith and Michael Caines who are more interactive and personable, at this point, than Pete and Manu.

    • Smythe what an enjoyable show the UK version sounds.
      I really like that about getting the meals out on time or getting penalised. That is something they really should think seriously about bringing in here. No doubt they won’t.
      Where abouts are you watching it please? Is it on Foxtel?

      • Gabby, I found it on the internet. Do a search. It’s uploaded on a few websites. The teams are grouped by region so this past week was Scotland. The team with the lowest score is eliminated at the end of the restaurant round but then the teams in 2nd and 3rd place have a cook off at MKR headquarters and the losing team is eliminated. The top two teams will move on and join the top 2 from each of the other regions.
        I really like these two judges….lots of personality especially Prue Leith.

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