1. Thanks for the new thread Juz. Things are exploding after a couple of VBs and a glass of asti spewmante at Muriel’s Wedding.

    • Me too Bob. This has to have been a rough ride as he seems to lack coping mechanisms. And he thought Bella was the rough ride.

  2. Thanks, Maz. That was interesting. Did they make her sleep with the guy and sleep in every bed then brag about it all night? She really is a baby.

  3. Bella could have said no. She’s supposed to be a mature adult, not a 15 year old mean girl.
    I do think it’s a bit rough she’s now pulling the victim card. It’s obvious that Keller is the one falling apart under the weight of it all.
    Perhaps she should just own up to it all and apologise or is that too much of a grown up thing to do?

    • The producers couldn’t have directed Bella to come across as all judgy and critical of everyone who wasn’t into broadcasting details of their sex lives. That was on her.
      I was refraining from mentioning that to me she looks like a guy in drag, but the gloves came off after the dinner party.

      • Doubt it. The screening process doesn’t seem to weed out publicity seekers, narcissists and people who actually need professional help and not have their breakdowns on national TV.

        We predict the inclusion of couples from WA and SA.

    • Thanks Maz. The comments below the article were interesting.

      I think Keller is probably an acoholic, or fast heading that way. He and booze don’t mix.

      • Agree and rather than organising professional help which he desperately needs they film the implosion instead.

        It should never have been Nicole’s responsibility to solve his problems because she is a ‘school teacher.’

        • Nicole is pretty ditsy too. She is pretty daft thinking Keller was going to be able to “keep his promise”. It is a worry that people who aren’t too bright teach our kids. I’ve seen worse though. The ed dept gets them.

  4. Starting with the caveat that the story was in the New Idea (therefore barely believable), my guess would be one of the gay couple. I couldn’t see any of the other guys taking out an AVO or any of the girls being a stalker.
    They were a bad match (what were the producers thinking – seriously? Like, any two men together would do?) and Craig was really really intense.

    • Both guys were intense. Craig was an intense outie and Andy was an intense innie. Neither had a good sense of relationship boundaries. Craig had almost none and Andy was fort knox.

    • Andy always started on the right foot with me. I saw an interview with him before the first episode went to air and he spoke really respectfully and intelligently about ‘the experiment’ and about Craig. It sort of coloured everything a nice rose for me from then on.

  5. Bella and Michael will never work. He has a son, she doesn’t want children. She wants sex and travel. He has a son. They know very little about each other. He has a son.
    Great start so far.

    • Bella thinks Sex & the City is something to emulate. That alone shows she’s a ditz.

      It was weird when Michael was trying to get her to open up because she said she couldn’t because she had never been hurt by a guy. Huh? How does that work? Poor you Bella. Then he praised her for opening up when she hadn’t said anything.

        • Ha, Michael thinks he and Bella are in love. Wet behind the ears both of them. “Sometimes love isn’t enough” says Michael when Bella doesn’t want to move in with him. My God are these two 13 years old? Pathetic. And Bella is a guy. Maybe Andy would have suited.

  6. Dear God, do you have to be really shallow to work at austereo? “Love means liking someone a lot. Like more than a lot.”

      • If Kellar goes to rehab for alcoholism (his mother did admit to the drinking problem so we assume it has caused issues in the past), stays sober, gets counselling for his PTSD and finds steady employment (and cleans up the tatts) then there may be a chance but at the moment it is way too much for Nicole to carry that burden alone .

  7. Saving it for Current Affair “exclusive” no doubt. Either that or they all broke up and they wanted it to end on a high.
    I actually enjoyed this series, better than the last one, probably not as good as first season.

      • Dave is a jerk and we wonder what he actually did say to Jess on Day 2 of the honeymoon for her to go on a crash diet.

        Unless Dave is matched with Miranda Kerr he won’t be happy.

  8. On Monica….I just hope she stops wearing those enormous false eye lashes so her eyes can get more in proportion with her mouth and nose. Other than that, no complaints on Monica. She seemed OK.
    Maybe she is going for the Betty Boop look or Clara Bow.

  9. Keller isn’t ready to settle down. He is immature in thinking he is madly in love already to the point that he is almost begging Nicole to p*ssy whip him into shaping up. I think he would be better off finding out who is is away from the navy without immediately loooking for a woman to give him his life meaning and identity. He seems like a young boy in transition.

  10. Keller repeats his distructive behaviour but says, “It’s not who I am”. Ah, yes it is.
    Dr Phil wd have said, “The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”. Nicole needs to just let Keller grow up, and work on his own behaviour rather than expecting her to discipline or rescue him.

  11. It is possible that Keller will clean up his act after seeing himself on television. It must have been like a holding up a mirror to his behaviour.
    I remember wearing my favourite spotted shirt on a training video once and not liking what I saw. I have never worn spots since.
    Yes, it is exactly the same thing.

  12. I thought Monica was talking in the interview as if she was going to call it quits. The fist pump at the end really convinced me they will end up romantically involved – not!

  13. So Mark definitely looks like another Lachlan, serial rtv love interest. He might even get a temp job on a cattle station just so he can go on FWAW.

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