The Bachelorette Australia – day 2

Who will get the first date with Georgia Love?
I’m a bit sad the stripper-slashie-business collector went home so early, as he would have got us all screaming at the TV, as we did with Keira on Bachie.

The Bachelorette Australia screens 7.30-8.40pm tonight on Ten, followed by Gogglebox.



  1. The only reason I’m sad that the male stripper was eliminated was because I was kind of hoping he’d get to do his routine at some point. You know what they say, when life gets you down, the Universe sends you men in thongs.

    I like the donkey guy. I know his name is Lee, but forever, he’ll be the donkey guy. And you know what, I still think Sam is going to get the hidden-depths storyline. Mostly, the confessional where he admitted that he was intrigued by her leads me to think he’ll be around for a while.

    Besides, the first few episodes, we have to cycle through the half-dozen suitors that she’s just not interested in and who never really get much screen time for that very reason.

    I’m also looking forward to the update on Aaron and Harry Potter’s bromance. I wonder if they’ve moved in together yet?

    • Jake feels like he’s holding back a little bit, though. He’s definitely ticking all the boxes for tall, dark and mysterious, but it still feels like he’s keeping himself a little reserved. Jake is handsome and nice, but he’s not my favourite guy initially, I’ll say that.

  2. I like these guys. I hope they stay as good natured through the whole season.
    And don’t they make the girls on the Bachelor look like ‘hos.

  3. Another tick for Sam is that he just doesn’t buy Rhys’s crap at all, which I actually think is kind of hilarious. I want him to be the go-to narrator like Rachel was for Richie’s season.

    As an aside, some of these guys look *damn* good in cowboy outfits. Just making the observation.

  4. Georgia forgot the bottom half of her skirt.
    Rhys isn’t nearly as good looking as he thinks he is and comes across as a total tool.

    • Rhys’s rig (as he called it) actually wasn’t that impressive. He was built, but he didn’t seem that toned. Like, it seemed mostly muscle and there wasn’t much definition. I’d reckon that a few of the other guys have him mostly beat on the shirtless stakes, we’ll just need to give them time (given that Richie couldn’t go five minutes without taking his shirt off, I think we’ll see for ourselves sooner rather than later).

  5. Both Rhys and Sam are obnoxious. Sam may be better looking but I really don’t like his attitude.

    So far Cam is great. I am sure he has a better body than Rhys. Mr May…..

  6. I’m finding The Bachelorette a bit boring.
    Georgia just comes across as too media savvy. Talks like a journalist half the time.

  7. I like Georgia. No filter. And I like the fact that she doesn’t keep anyone there that’s she is clearly not attracted to. Miner Ben was lovely guy but out of his league.

  8. I think miner Ben should have got rid of the metal and perhaps not mention his toilet habits on meeting Georgia. Still going with Jake and Cameron. Jake passed the test of not telling about the kiss. Both guys seem really sweet and very sexy.
    I am enjoying this show far more than Richie and co. Georgia may be media savvy but she doesn’t come over as false or a block of wood.

    • I loved when the blond student kicked over the table and just refused to watch the remainder of the finale when Richie picked Alex. That was hilarious.

      • I am just wondering if those boys are sponsored by a sock company – they always have the most colourful feet. I wanted a close-up of Mum’s burnt dinner.

  9. Poor miner Ben. He seemed like a nice guy, but maybe a little too left-of-centre for Georgia. The other boys seemed to like him. And didn’t he sound heart-broken in the limo ride home?

    Maybe if he’d blinked more, Georgia would’ve kept him around.

  10. No way, if I guy doesn’t know not to say he did three poos immediately prior to meeting you, he doesn’t deserve sympathy. Coaching maybe, but not sympathy. And All Happening is right imo. Lose the nose ring.
    I hated Georgia’s nanna dress at the ceremony. It looked like something Nikki from Bach, or Bea Arthur might have worn in Golden girls. Dresses like that are what old ladies wore in the 80s. Yuk. But, it might not have been her choice. Actually I didn’t like the frilly bone coloured dress either.
    I preferred Richie’s season. This lot are a bit of a snooze. Still it’s only ep 2.

  11. So we have 2 topless strippers, 4 models/ ex models amongst the contestants.

    Maybe we will get some gate crashers later to stir the pot

  12. No wonder I am finding it boring. And they have all used up the stocks of teeth whitener. Even that chubbyish comedian guy is in it for exposure.

    • Yeah, he’s exposing a lot of himself.

      Sam looks too much like Harry Connick doing Aldi ads.

      Rhys is a stripper,yeah? Unbelievable. Somewhere , sometime he’s been stripped of a personality.

  13. This season is disappointing. I read on facebook that Georgia only left her job to get national exposure to get a gig with a major network, not to find love. She knew her job would be reinstated after The Bachelorette was over. I think she’s looking for a hosting job, she could easily take over from Osher as she comes across media savvy and more professional than him! I would like to see more ordinary guys and girls, short, fat, tatoos, , guess that will never happen, if these models can’t get someone, no hope for average people.

      • ‘At least Alex fell head over heels.’

        You think that is for real or another 15 minutes of fame.

        I have read a lot of negative comments on Georgia before the airing of The Bachelorette. I always think all these gorgeous girls and guys in The Bachelor and Bachelorette (contestants included)are there for exposure. If they can’t find love in the ordinary world, what hope does ordinary looking everyday people?

        Hopefully Georgia is truthful about having a great career but without someone to share sucks. Its going to be a gamble for her. She could do better than before or goes back to a reporting journalist

        • There is an element of (let’s be charitable and call it) theatre to this franchise, isn’t there? Regardless of who’s wooing who, the bachelors and bachelorettes are always beautiful and intelligent and confident and capable and successful interesting (well, not always on that one, but you get the idea) … so why are they finding it so hard to go on a date? How on Earth could it be that hard for these amazing and glamourous people?

          It’s a sad truth, but it’s hard not to think that some of them are there just to get their faces on TV, you know?

    • All South Australian residents- Stay safe and try to entertainment yourselves and children without power. I heard power will only resumed tomorrow at 4am!

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