• The ones that aren’t destined to stick around? Yeah, they get like 5 seconds of screen-time per episode, and it’s very hard to remember them or tell them apart.

    • We were saying that tonight, too, Jayblossom! I felt sorry for poor…… TOMMY! Those fodder guys sometimes seem the most genuine and only get their 2 seconds when they are about to be be kicked off. I mean, it’s an obvious “stuff you” when they keep Rhys and Sam over you!

      We also learned Matt’s name tonight.. aka Shannan Ponton aka Anthony Bell aka soon to be on the chopping block.

  1. I’m having a hard time getting a read on Courtney. He didn’t read the date with Georgia (and missing what Georgia declared was a golden pash opportunity), and then he gives the evening couch date away to one of the other guys. Courtney is 30 IIRC, so he’s one of the older guys there. But he said he’s only been in one relationship before, so maybe he’s just a little nervous around Georgia and doesn’t quite know how to proceed?

    • I think so, Windsong but who knows. I find it endearing but that’s maybe just me. He’s just a smidge older than me and my friends would tell me that I had plenty of options back in the day when I was young 😉 but ehhh I would rather do my own thing, hang with friends than date guys I didn’t like so I guess sometimes it happens that way. I might have to start hanging out on the Northern Beaches if that’s where he still is, doing his boat/surfing thing haha!

  2. Well at least I know who Tommy is now.
    It probably doesn’t help that I’m reading/commenting here, checking out online new and trying to watch all at the same time.

    • Rhys seems like he’s full of himself. There’s that sense of quiet superiority whenever he’s talking, and I don’t like it either.

      Plus, it’s been three weeks and his bangs are starting to annoy me.

      • Yes, a grown man who can’t keep his hair out of his eyes is never a good look.
        I don’t think Tommy did enough with his alone time with Georgia.

  3. Shannan lookalike is Matt D. He and Ryan will be gone soon. Can’t remember them at all.

    Sam and Rhys will be the gone when down to Top 5.

    • Yes LP, I think Rhys and Sam are the pick from the producers.
      Could anyone tell who the guy was that didn’t want to spend time with her?

      • I really liked that Sam and Jake made her one of those melting chocolate desserts. I had one of those at the start of the year at a chocolate dessert bar, and oh my gosh, it was amazing.

  4. Well, at least we know which one is Tommy.

    He’s the heart-broken one. That rose ceremony was devastating. Did anyone else find themselves tearing up a little, when Tommy was being quietly shoved out the door? That was so sad. I wonder whether there was more to his back-story (than what we heard), because he looked so crest-fallen that Georgia didn’t like him back the way he liked her. Poor bugger.

  5. I don’t find Sam very attractive. And why does Osher have to tell the person leaving that he didn’t get a rose, he bloody well knows that. It’s demeaning and sad, I felt for Tommy.

  6. Tommy was very sweet and gracious in the car. She said he opened up from the beginning but I don’t remember seeing him before tonight so there could be more to his story.

  7. I felt really sorry for Tommy tonight, too. As I said above, he seemed much more genuine than the fake plants for this series, Rhys and Sam. Blerrghh. They repulse me.

    I have been reading your picks and agree that Lee will be up there.. he is just like, Mr Perfect?! I find myself just staring at him onscreen trying to work out if he is real or not haha! Jake will be there too, although I do not see the attraction. He comes across far too serious and competitive and gives me a Michael Turnball (Sam Frost series) vibe which irks me a lot. Also he and Clancy were kind of useless building that billy cart. As much as I like doing things for myself.. if a guy cannot build things 😛 I was yelling at the TV screen for Georgia to just ditch them already!!

    Cam will most likely be up there too.. He was my early favourite 🙂 I also think that umm Matty will be a dark horse, so might Clancy. He might be like the red head from Sam’s series.. was it Alex? Courtney will be in with a good chance if he ups his game so Georgia doesn’t doubt him but I think she needs to read between the lines a little more with him if he is shy.

    I didn’t think they would do intruders after Sam’s series.. Sam’s (boy) comment in the promo about how they couldn’t be worse than the guys he is already stuck with was gold.

  8. “Sam’s (boy) comment in the promo about how they couldn’t be worse than the guys he is already stuck with was gold.”

    Yeah, I thought that was hilarious! I love me some Sam.

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