The Bachelorette is about to begin

No sooner have Richie and Alex walked off into the Bali sunset, Georgia Loves arrives on our screens.
It starts Wednesday on Channel 10 and the premiere runs from 7.30pm-9.15pm. The following night only goes until 8.40pm.

Will you be watching or was your belief in love dashed after The Bachie editors made us think Nikki was the Chosen One and Alex was a Bunny Boiler? I’m looking forward to seeing someone on screen you knows how to string a sentence together.



  1. I’m far more interested in a house full of handsome, charming, buff blokes … but the last season of the Bachelorette suffered because Sam Frost has the personality of wet cardboard and I just gave up. I like what we’ve seen of Georgia Love in the previews, so far. There was an article in the paper, today, about all the potential bachelors and their presence on social media (most of them sharing barely-dressed selfies, none of which I’ve actually been able to track down myself. For science, obviously), so I’ll definitely be watching a few episodes, at least.

    I just hope they let Georgia have some personality.

  2. I am anticipating more interest in the Bachelorette (and the lads).
    They really will have to do something spectacular to make up for the tedium that was Richie otherwise this whole Australian franchise goes down the drain.

  3. Hi gice, don’t think I’m up for a recap tonight as am home alone with a sick preschooler. We may end up watching it together, though, if his sleeplessness continues.

    • See, I don’t know, I like that he’s a male stripper. That’s a tick from me.

      I think the douche-nozzle of the group is Rhys, who tried the pretentious French thing just to talk to her later. Eugh. I don’t think Georgia was that impressed either, to be honest.

      But seriously, the blond sailor who blew bubbles? Did Heath Ledge have a twin brother? Like, oh my gosh.

      • It’s not the stripper thing it’s the I’m too cool for my own good that bothered me but yes I forgot about the try hard French thing and Sam is too full of himself for my liking.

        • I think Sam gets away with it because he’s just so damned good-looking. I bet mirrors trip over themselves in their haste to stand in front of him.

          But I bet he’s the contestant that gets the hidden-depths edit. Like, I doubt she’ll fall for him, but he’ll turn out to be far more interesting, as a person, in the long-run, and so she’ll keep him around and we’ll get to watch him grow and develop.

  4. So far, I quite like Georgia. She seems bubbly and excited, with heaps of personality (so *miles* ahead of Richie or Sam). I also like that there doesn’t seem to be much filter between what she’s thinking and what she says, and I just love that.

    Mad props to the guy who showed up on the donkey. I like him already.

    Ben the miner from Newcastle is on drugs. I can’t explain that any other way. Run Georgia.

  5. We are paddling through the guys at a rapid rate of knots and already it’s looking better than the Bachelorette *huge sigh of relief*.
    There is the odd (well more than odd) comic relief put in by the producers for our enjoyment but Georgia seems to give them little time and moves on quickly.

  6. Sam’s one of those guys who’s also a total douche-nozzle, but he’s so fucking good-looking that I doubt anybody really cares.

    • Yes donkey guy was pretty good.
      Miner is the token wacky one that is a must in casting these shows.
      Sam would be fine to look at just don’t let him speak.

          • Well the “Bachelor” had two bachelorettes (Megan and Tiffany) apparently hooking up after-the-fact.

            For the sake of equality, I hope the same thing happens here :).

        • Not quite. He actually arrives to the mansion on a donkey.

          And leaves the donkey to graze in the yard.

          He’s one of the better-looking ones, too. The guy, not the donkey.

  7. I really fancy some of these guys: good looking and with personality. Early days, I know.
    Maybe that’s the key. I just didn’t fancy Richie. I didn’t think he was good looking (that humongous chin was very disconcerting) and he was absolutely a dead bore. And showing my bias, I think he was as thick as a brick. Nuh, nuh and nuh.

  8. I *loved* Clancy’s response to Courtney receiving the yellow rose.

    “I have a girl’s name too!”

    Oh gosh, that made me laugh.

  9. These boys are so judgemental in their to camera pieces.
    I’m glad the pasta triumphed.
    I like her better after tonight than in the preview ads and glad she went for substance rather than looks or money for the first impression rose.

    • From one of her interviews

      While previous singles including Frost and former Bachelors Sam Wood, Tim Robards and Richie Strahan have said they knew straight away who their “one” was, Love says the exact opposite could be the case in her season.

      “Something I’ve really learnt is that first impressions don’t mean that much,” she says.

      “Some of the instant connections I did have with people ended there and on the flip side, there were other people who, had I to make my decision on night one, I would never have looked at again. And they ended up being extremely big parts of my life.”

      Maybe the obvious ones will not be the one.

      I can’t stand Rys. He is sleazy. He is Blake Version 2

      • Interesting LP, it had crossed my mind that it was obvious from the beginning last year with sleazy Sasha and Sam Frost. Richie sure didn’t let it stop him sticking his tongue down the throat most of his dates.
        I thought for sure Rhys would go especially as he was so over confident.

  10. Felt sorry for Dale, he didn’t stand a chance. I’m glad she got rid of sleazy Sam and I hope Ben with his nervous poos goes next, yuck!

    • Actually, she didn’t. She eliminated Dale and Carlos the stripper. Sam’s still here.

      I knew Dale was in trouble when we got to the rose ceremony, and I couldn’t remember him actually being on the show.

      • Oh yes, sorry, I meant sleazy Carlos, and I barely saw Dale either. She went for looks.
        I wonder if Carlos got the bracelet back?

        • I wondered the same thing. It was awkward. But he was creepy.

          Why must they always have those sacrificial lambs; the ones you know she won’t choose because they’re not flash and get no camera time. I don’t have a favourite hopeful.

  11. The blokes all were a bit Ken doll, plastic looking, but I did have a few laughs at Georgia. She was quite the goof ball.

    • Same haircuts
      All whiteys
      Designer beards.

      Are they people ….or sheep?

      I guess the guy with the donkey stood out and Ben the miner…but for the wrong reasons.

      One does look like Heath Ledger and Yul Brynner was sent home last night.

      Like dating 16 Ridge Forresters at once. Especially “French ” Rhys.

  12. What a load of girls! Someone had a great name for the girls on Bachelor, the ones who craned their necks to see who was getting the chat and attention, but I can’t remember what it was. Anyway they were all like that. I knew Carlos would be gone the minute he arrived, a slimebag for sure.

    • But entertaining. I would think that it was all put on if I hadn’t dated a guy with just those sort of full-of-himself opinions for a couple of years. I still dine out on the stories.
      Come to think of it, it seems I have a type. And at least three of them are getting air time this season *shudder*.

  13. That one who is supposed to be good looking……naaa.

    And the Harry Potter guy looks like he is aiming for Hugh Grant. I never liked HG. 😕

    And as for dog guy; never talk to a girl about your poo. On any date.

  14. Luv a good looking fireman. Well I think I would have when I was younger. First 2 to arrive were good then it went down hill.

    • Agree. First 2 were good. Donkey man also quite cute. Sam, sleazy. He was a model. Not sure why they just said he is an electrician

  15. When I was just at the supermarket check out I went to have my free read/squiz of No Idea and there was a small schoolgirl hogging the issue with the page turned to The Bachelorette.

    • Give her 5 years and she might be auditioning. I just used to go to the White Sands and bop on the dance floor (even to ACDC) to meet my MrRight, Mr Wrong and Mr Stoned Off His Face on LSD or pot.

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