I’m A Celeb actor clue

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is the first cab of the rank in the new season of reality shows, sprinting out of the starting blocks a whole day ahead of the others, on Sunday, January 29.
Here’s the latest “clue” and my pick is Michael Caton. What do you reckon?

If it was 15 years earlier I guess I would have picked Bill Hunter.
The show screens Sunday to Thursday so I think I’ll just be tuning in for the premiere and fast forwarding through the gross food challenges.



  1. I’ll be doing the same Juz, just want to see who’s going in. Hate to watch all those food challenges. Will look in from time to time!

    • I won’t miss a moment of it,not sure if they will have that later “after” show with Joel Creasy again. That’s where we saw some of the celebs’ true colours last year.

      • Yes it’s good when you get the extra bits like that. Like on Big Brother up late.
        They are the only bits I like where they are all sitting around yakking to each other.

  2. I like those two as picks. I haven’t got a clue. It’s hard to pick a legend of the big and small screen. Someone game enough to have a go at roughing it like that.
    I think Caton and Jarrett would both be up for it.
    I could think of a couple of names but they definitely weren’t legends.
    I will be taping and fast forwarding through all the unnecessary bits as well.

  3. I just read that apparently Vince Collosimo was going to go in to the jungle but Ten cancelled him because of his drug charges last September.
    No clues as to who they have replaced him with though, sorry.

    • What about Bryan Brown, he was a “legend”, and he needs a career boost. Steve Price denying he’s going in again tonight on The Project.

    • Bryan was in three films last year. I don’t think he would be doing it for a career boost.
      But I think he has a reputation for being a cranky old bugger so I would look forward to watching him. I would love to see him with those puffed up footballers.
      I am over the emphasis on the blokey blokes.

  4. Not sure if they have been in movies, but they probably have:
    Craig McGloughlin, Kason Donovan, Glenn Robins, the guy from Water Rats.

  5. I don’t think Craig needs the 15 seconds of fame. He’d be busy with Dr Blake and musical theatre (saw him in Rocky Horror 2 years ago and was blown away by how good he was). Would Glenn do it? He is in the Channel 10 stable and has an upcoming series of Russell Coight to promote.

  6. I complied this list of all the clues combined and some of my guesses (alot based on what i have read elsewhere!) – lets just say I’m having a slow day at work – haha!
    A US sitcom star is going into the African jungle! This stand-up comedian is a world famous TV star who has also made over 60 films. His skills extend behind the scenes.
    -really unsure about this one.
    Which shock jock is in for the shock of their life? He’s outspoken, tells it like it is and isn’t afraid of controversy.
    -This has got to be Steve Price, surely?!
    An AFL legend is about to make his mark in Africa. This Brownlow medallist is not afraid to tell it like it is. Premiership winning medalist.
    -Jason Akermanus or Dane Swan
    A famous Aussie actor is going into the African jungle This celebrity is a legend of the big and small screens and he’s played some very memorable characters. Appeared in the one of the worlds biggest movie franchises.
    – Shane Jacobson
    Which Australian comedian is checking in to the jungle? This TV and radio presenter is sure to liven up the camp! One half of a famous duo.
    -Lano or Woodley. (Would love it to be Hamish or Andy but i think thats aiming way too high!)
    A three time Olympian is going into the African jungle. This person has had success in sport, business and on TV. Legend of the pool.
    -Lisa Curry or Hayley Lewis – surely if this was a medal winning swimmer they would have said so?
    Which pop diva is checking into the jungle? This pop and soap star has had a number of top ten hits. Performed at the Arias.
    -She was on Fitzy and Wippa yesterday morning and some people with even more time on their hands than me over at Behind Big Brother forums, know what they doing with audio settings and are convinced that this is Nat Bass. http://www.behindbigbrother.com/forums/threads/2017-celebrity-predictions.54966/page-9#post-2320516
    A singing sensation is going into the African jungle. This actress, author and ARIA winner hit the big time as a teenager. Has gone platinum
    -Since they like to stretch the truth a little and the clues shouldn’t be taken soo literally It has occured to me that Platinum could refer to their hair colour! Lots of people think Casey Donovan.
    A reality star is going into the African jungle. This blonde firecracker made her name on reality TV and is sure to fire up the camp. Won’t play by the rules.
    -Kiera from The Bachelor or I really want it to be Sophie Monk!
    A beauty queen is going into the African jungle She’s an Aussie model, pageant title holder and reality star. Also a ‘star’ of social media.
    -Tegan Martin or Tahan from Big Brother.

  7. If it’s one half of a famous duo , make it Roy or H.G, please. I think Judith Lucy would be busy but hoping.

    The reality star better not be Tully, Skye or Sarah Marie.

    Munnalita would be great in the jungle. Fat Cat or Humphrey would be alright, too. True legends.

  8. Hmm, the actor being part of a movie franchise puts a spanner in the works. Is Hoges still paying off his tax debt? Or would John Jarrat count because they made a sequel?

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