I’m a Celeb continues – 2 newbies to go in

And so it continues … I’m a Celeb got off to a pretty good start but that’s me out now MKR and MAFS are starting.
I’ll post a new chat thread for each week of the comp and tune back in sporadically.
Channel 10 should be happy with the premiere’s ratings – beaten, of course, by the tennis ratings deets here.
Good to see Celeb has cast some strong women this year. They all have big personalities, except Tegan the self-described “brand ambassador”. Is that someone who’s paid to Instagram bikini shots of themselves holding moisturiser, because that’s what it sounds like.
I’m thinking Casey, Jay and Ash for final three, barring any medical emergencies.
Based on this video, the two late-arriving celebs are Kris Smith (Danni Minogue’s ex) and I’m thinking Kate Fisher (sorry – can’t spell her new Jewish name), who made a sudden resurgence in the news late last year.



      • I will go with Tzip, but in my head she is Kate. And I can’t help seeing that beautiful girl underneath the padding. She is still very pretty but I mean I can see slim Kate Fisher under there.

    • I’d seen pix of her from a few months ago but I guess in my mind she will always be that Packer era girl. She looks soooo different

      • Yes she does. I remember her back in the day, she was everywhere. I remember people used to joke she would go to the opening of an envelope. Any party or film premiere she was there.

    • Yes, Sarah. Seeing those old photos, very attractive and still very pretty. I hope she can shed some kgs in the Jungle. I am sure she will feel more comfortable.

      • She said in the magazine article she did she always struggled with her weight & it took a lot for her to be skinny back then. Now she doesn’t obsess about it any more & says she is happier now.

  1. Yes, I will be referring to her as Kate. Kris and Kate had a nice rapport.
    I think Ash and Natt are going to get on people’s nerves – they come across as very loud and insecure. Tegan just comes across as the token dumb blonde and is playing up to that stereotype.
    Tom looks bored and out of place. I think he and Steve will get along.
    Lisa likes to crochet! She will be getting through that ball of blue wool pretty quickly.

  2. They seem to be a much nicer bunch so far this year. No bitchiness & ganging up like last year with Laurina,
    Tom Arnold has been very quiet & didn’t say much at all. Hopefully he will open up when he gets to know people more.
    That food challenge tomorrow night looks revolting.

  3. I agree Carole, they do seem much nicer. They are being respectful (so far) of each others opinions even when they are polarizing topics.
    Casey appears to be a real gem. She was sincere about her backstory, not making a meal out of it for the camera, imo.
    I am finding Tom Arnold’s wise cracks funny. He is obviously needing time to adapt to his energetic Aussie campers. I am not even minding screaming Natalie or strong Ashley. So far no snikkety snipers like we have seen on the last two seasons. So far.

  4. I found last night a bit too much Chris and Julia and not enough camp life, but maybe that was because there was alot of focus on Tzip and Kris.
    I did have a laugh that Ash’s ‘pru and trude – brighton / south yarra accent (people in Melbs will know what i mean!) has disappeared after one day!!
    They all seemed much more clever with their luxury items this time, lots of them choosing items to help with the boredom. Thou am surprised the journal and pen was allowed, I would have thought they would be worried that would be a way to communicate that the cameras can’t pick up on…

  5. Good on Steve for trying to keep Naz calm. I think Naz might really try to stir the pot. I thought he was trying to get Steve going about Andrew Bolt, shame he couldn’t back himself up with facts.
    I think Steve is a very knowledgable man and speaks mostly what he knows about. I’m sure he was ready for stirrers in the camp because of his reputation and so far he is keeping a lid on things.
    Hats off to Casey, what a diamond.
    Sorry but Ash will do my head in, along with Nat.
    Surprised not seen a lot of Lisa and what I have seen she has been ok but she doesn’t need to mention she is an Olympian any more, we get the idea.
    Blonde girl being the blonde girl.
    Tom looks so out of place amongst our Aussies, can’t see him lasting long unless he changes something. He looks like he has been left on another planet.
    Tzip(thank you Daisy) and Kris good new comers.
    I would love to know what Steve knows about Tzip after his comment about not even wishing for to come in to the camp.
    Sounds as if he knows some interesting stuff about the lady.

    Looking forward to tucker challenge. You show them Casey.

    What did Ash say about Casey’s weight?

  6. I’m with you Gabby, Nat’s screaming is over the top, she was so loud I didn’t hear who the fourth celeb was to do the tucker trial as she screamed through the announcement. I knew it would be Steve though. I just want Nat and Ash out first. The dart board was a good idea, should keep the boredom at bay.I didn’t think a journal would be allowed either, never was in Big Brother. Lisa has been very quiet, she never actually won an Olympic medal did she?

    I’m watching Celeb when its on, and recording MKR and MAFS, so much to watch its hard to keep up.

      • Yes Steve, Naz, Casey and Ash. Agree thou I couldn’t hear with Nats screaming. Hopefully that gets toned down soon!

      • I saw it on twitter and when Chris and Julia walked in they told them it would be four of them. But they made it kinda confusing having like 8 of them be “it might you”s. Shouldn’t have told them how many it would be, then had the 4 “it might be you”s then told them it was all of them and would have been much less confusing!

  7. I’m not a fan of the women going mental over the men’s bodies. It’s kind of crude when they go too far. Just say a polite, “Nice” and move on. Imagine if the men in camp carried on like that or if Dr Chris wanted to grab Julia’s puppies.
    Tzip’s reaction to Chris’s body was fine, “Oh get out of here!”.

    • Yeah, if a male spoke about a female the way Ash and Tzip were carrying on about Kris last night there would be outrage…

  8. Women going over men bodies is fine. The other way is world war 3. Not acceptable. Demeaning blah blah blah.

    Steve did a good move. He told The Project that his charity is Carrie Bickmore’s charity and asked the viewers to keep him in. Also he has a lot of haters and they want to keep him in to suffer. May see him lasting till the last week.

    Also I read they get paid between $10000 to $100000 per week. Some really need the money, like Kate. Some just laughing to the bank.

  9. How old is Ash the way she carried on when Chris went to have a shower? That’s how girls behave in high school. Or is that what they do now?

  10. Kate sounds right to me and suits her better, but I changed my name informally about 5 years ago and really appreciated those who respected my wishes and made the effort, even if they didn’t appreciate why, so I am doing the same for Tzipporah. But no judgement in those who call her Kate because it does suit her.
    Her name, her choice for me.

  11. I thought I would be torn between this and Married at First Sight, but I am with Celeb’s all the way.
    They all seem like decent people (thank goodness after that last lot) and we are hearing about the charities. Better emphasis.
    And anyway, the written recaps of Married are always funnier than the real thing.
    And PS: I am all for respecting whatever name people want to be called, as long as I can be given time to get used to the idea.

  12. The pressure will be on for all future IAC celebs to choose altrustic luxury items, which is a bit of a pity because I would rather see them just bring what they want, unselfish or not.
    But now they will have to bring rice to send to India, a donation for WHO, a care pack for Rolf Harris. Well maybe not the care pack. πŸ˜†

    I would take my sketch pad and some artline pens. Or maybe a tent. No a mattress.

    • Remember last year Laurine took her blow up couch and everyone treated her like shit but they made sure they always had their bums sat firmly on her couch. Never helped her repair, clean or blow it up.
      They were an awful lot some of them.

    • There is a behind the scenes vid on TenPlay with a producer talking thru each of the luxury items. He said Tom has written a dairy every day for 20 years and really wanted it so they agreed, but it was to be on the condition that the pen was only used for the journal and nothing else and they would be policing it very closely.
      Jay also tried to hide nutella and some other naughties in his ukulele case, that were removed!

  13. Looks like most of you have shifted off to MKR and MFAS!
    Anyways i enjoyed last nights episode.
    Steve, Ash, Naz and Casey, did great at the trial. I am glad i had eaten before watching thou 9must remember that for every Tuesday night!) I had a laugh at Julia telling Ash to take her elbows off the table! Steves pep talk to Naz was great.
    I’m not sure if Tom is feeling left out or doesn’t want to join in?!
    Am looking forward to tonights trial, looks like fun!

    • I am only switched out temporarily.
      I watch the first couple of eps of the other shows to get a feel for the characters so I can follow the fabulous written recaps. I am not a MKR fan (too much emphasis on mean girls – and why is it always a mean girl).
      I will be back.
      Tom is turning out to be a disappointment. Odd, because Americans are normally incredibly friendly. Loving Casey. She is my current pick.
      But I have no idea who that long haired blond girl is.

      • Yeah, Tom’s been in TV shows & movies for years, he must have some great stories to tell. Everyone would be rivetted.

      • She represented Australia in Miss Universe a few years back and was also in Celebrity Apprentice. I don’t know the comedian or the footballer. I hope we see a bit of life in Tom sometime soon! I think he hates it so far, so different to Maureen McCormick who was a real trouper!

    • Glad to see some of you are still here πŸ™‚
      Agree Bob, I can’t do MKR, I do like the concept of it, creating a restaurant in your own home… but the gears switched to casting for drama rather than cooking ability (and the fact that the season seems to go on for 6 months!), I am out.
      I do like MFAS, but I’m going to do weekend catch ups of that.
      Bummer about your recording Daisy, i hope you can catch up online or otherwise πŸ™‚

    • Not me, I’m still here. I don’t watch the other shows.
      Yeah tonight’s trial looks interesting. I was hoping it would be Tom & Steve.

  14. I also enjoyed last night and taped MKR which I haven’t watched yet, I can’t excited bout it. Hope I am wrong and enjoy it more than the previous night.
    The four doing the sushi train did a great job, just got on with it and Erin you are right Steve was great with Naz.
    Not sure what is going to happen with Tom, definitely a square peg. Fair enough him getting his pen.
    Looks like Ash will be good at drawing information out of people, she was a wee bit quieter but Nat still loud and wanting to be heard.
    Loved hearing Ash saying what she felt about Casey.
    Don’t know why they have to show all the talk about weight, must be more interesting things being talked about.
    Think it’s so funny how Tzip wants to get to know Steve and have him as a mentor after what he said before he knew she was coming in to the camp.
    Would still love to know what he knows about her.
    Lisa behaving, in fact they all are. How long will this last?

    • Agree, i would love to know how Steve has formed his opinion of Tzip.
      I did have a chuckle at Danes glazed over face when they started talking about politics (mine would probably be the same). Steve mentioned in a pre-Jungle interview that he wanted to try not to talk about politics too much in there because it wouldn’t be interesting for family viewing (which i agree with). So will be interesting to see how he handles it if Tzip really trys to drum up too much political based convo.

    • Yeah I hope Tom doesn’t get voted out before he comes out of his shell. He said he was bored so hopefully will be picked for a challenge soon.
      I wonder if Steve was judging Tzip from when she was Kate Fischer the socialite. Can’t believe she wants him as her mentor. She said she wants to join the Country Party which hasn’t been called the Country Party for about 20 years. It’s the Nats now. She works in aged care & the Libs & Nats have been cutting funding for aged care for years.

  15. I saw Ita talking about Tzip the othe day on Studion10. Apparently they share a Reality TV past.
    She said that Tzip was a lovely girl but had no discipline and thought that she would struggle.
    My view is that there is a big difference between struggling not to eat that TimTam in the fridge and not having the TimTam in the first place. I am hoping she lasts because I like her a lot.

  16. I hope all the challenges aren’t going to be Steve Price and the comedian. They need to mix it up. I think I heard Tom saying he needed a challenge.

    • I was thinking the same last night. The problem is, trial voting is based on hashtags on twitter and FB so naturally the people getting the most airtime are the people being talked about the most, Tom has barely had any airtime, hence no challenges yet. It took The Chief (Paul Harrogan) two weeks to get a challenge last year i think… and that was only because whoever got voted out, got to choose who would do the next trial. It was another couple of weeks before the public voted him in.

      • I’m not sure why people are voting for Naz. I can understand people wanting to see Steve up there.
        To me there are no real stand out characters at the moment.
        I’m liking them all but are they playing it safe? Will the worm turn with any of them?
        From the bits and pieces we keep hearing about Tzip, things could possibly happen with her at some point. Not sure what but I don’t think she will take anything she doesn’t like or agree with quietly.

    • Yeah I remember last year they kept picking Laurina over & over again. It gets boring when the same people get picked all the time.

  17. Viewers dont like Steve and he get nominated to participate in those disgusting challenges. Did I read that Tom couldn’t understand what the others said? Dont we speak English?

  18. The girls on the pink flamingo were hilarious. Someone had one od them in my pool the other day.
    Well done to the guys who did the challenge. They aced it. Steve was funny when Ash was nearly throwing up after drinking the shot. If that was making her throw up she was in real trouble. Naz was lucky not to get picked but stepped up & ate the last one. They all sounded revolting. Chris & Julia’s comments were hilarious.

    • If you mean before she arrived…
      the celebs were chatting about potential inturders and Naz said he had heard it might be Kate Fischer (which i am surprised about because i don’t recall her name coming up in all the rumours…) anyways Steve said “Oh please don’t wish that upon us” (thats not the exact quote but it was words to that effect)

  19. I hope Nat B gets voted out in the first week. She is so fake and annoying. That constant squealing whenever something is announced gets on my nerves. She loves being the centre of attention. What a pain!

  20. Chinese whispers was hilarious! I was in hysterics!
    Am now convinced Tom is there for his pay check and nothing else.
    I also liked Naz and Steves little trick on the celebs! They did well in the trial, and worked much better when Steve worked out that they would have to communicate rather than just relying on Naz to navigate it all.

    • Tom is definitely only there for the pay cheque, he hasn’t tried in the least to make an effort.
      I did have to laugh though when he said he couldn’t even think of anyone he disliked enough to recommend them coming on this show.

      • He really is showing contempt for we, the audience. How hard would it be to give it even a little go.
        And I doubt that we can blame the producers. I am sure that they paid so much for him that they are desperately trying to edit in any scrap or tidbit that shows him interacting with someone.
        What’s the bet that if he was given an eating challenge, that the camp would starve.

      • I like Tom’s quips. He might look like a bed hugger but I am enjoying ghe cynical one liners and him giving the finger to the darts party. He obviously got the other campers in stitches.

      • He should have spoken to Maureen McCormick, she would have told him a few things or two as to how to interact with his teammates.

  21. I saw 5 seconds at end of the Project ‘Ziphora…’ I’m 15 mins into this and it’s amazing how – Ziphora is showing us a slice of herself, or some such twaddle, and twit us about Ziphora’. So who’s gonna bet a gazilion channel 10 aren’t setting her up for an ongoing spot on the telly? 😜
    Tom’s just having a blast lol. I’d happily roast Jay and his uke too. Both are painful.

  22. I just saw Tzipporah’s interview on The Project. If Chrissie Swan can work in media, why not Tzip. She has more going for her imo.
    And funny when they get comedians on IAC but natural comedians like Freddie Flintoff and Casey are funnier than Julia or any people who are professional comedians. Maybe it’s the lack of pressure to be funny.

  23. That Chinese whispers was hilarious. The end bit was nothing like what it started out as.
    Good on Naz & Steve, they did very well at that challenge. And the trick they played was hilarious. They all fell for it. Was so funny when the food came & they realised they’d been had.
    Finally Tom’s got a challenge. mIt’s hilarious they think it’s a physical challenge so he picked sporty people.
    They haven’t done those challenges like the last 2 seasons where 2 people do a challenge & they being back a box with a question & they get a treat if they get it right.

    • Yes, I liked the joke Naz and Steve played too, they were so convincing!
      The tucker box trial? I think the only do it once or twice a week now, rather than every day… which must be annoying for the celebs because in the first season i think they liked it just so they could get out of camp!

  24. I am really not minding any of them, probably because they haven’t pounced on anyone like ants on a juicy caterpillar. Even the rivalry between Steve and Nazim has been even handed.
    I think the expendibles are going to be the quiet ones, like Kris. Natalie’s screaming is annoying but there is still a good mix of people. I don’t mind grumpy old Tom and Steve. Their gruffness makes them the target for some funny banter when the others tease them.
    I think Casey might win. She is such a natural girl, funny and genuine. I hope Lisa stays too so she can keep up Casey’s exercise programme.

  25. People I’d like to go:
    Nat – squeals like a pig
    Tegan – adds nothing to the group. Boring
    Jay – his ukulele and ditties are getting on my nerves.
    Ash – social climber and a bit of a mean girl. Also a screamer.

    Enjoy Tom’s one liners but Tegan’s over the top laughing at his jokes spoilt the moment. Her flirting with Kris is embarrassing. We get it , you are blonde and pretty.

  26. I’m with you Lola, lets hope one of those goes first. I think Lisa has a lot more to offer, hopefully the others will join her morning work outs. I like Jay but the ukulele and even the singing from Casey would get annoying after a while. No need to push it too much. I would like to see more action around the camp and less from Julia and the doctor. Hope no one minds me saying that I wish Tzip would wear a bra, she needs a bit of support. The campmates were saying she walks around with no clothes on, wonder if that will go to air? Nat’s screaming is terrible, can’t stand it. I don’t really have a favourite at the moment.

    • I agree with everything you are saying Pandy, I think Lisa will be great. I guess it is hard for something of them to have such busy lives outside the jungle to then have all this spare time would take some getting used too.
      I don’t mind the ukulele and the guitar but perhaps it should be more of a daytime or nighttime thing… in an environment where everyone is probably struggling with sleep, i’m sure they don’t appreiciate the uke alarm clock! I wonder how long before someone says something thou!
      Yep, i didn’t want to say it either… Tzip needs a bra… i agree with Ash a bit of decorum…
      Nats screaming is over the top but its great to see someone getting excited out the mini challenges / games… unlike grump Tom who looked like he made up the phrase to say to Tzip… no one forced you into the jungle mate so just say those magic words if you don’t want to be there!!

    • I would hate getting woken up every morning by someone just because they are awake and to be woken with the ukulele and then singing would drive me nuts.
      I couldn’t stand it, sorry. I think Jay has a cheek to wake everyone just because he is up.
      I think Tzip should find a private spot to pray like Naz, just my opinion and why walk around with no clothes on?
      With Steve and Naz it’s definitely a love/hate relationship.
      Lisa is doing well.

      • I agree Gabby about the praying, just be private about it. I think its the producers pushing Steve and Naz together all the time. I don’t believe all the voting on facebook is real half the time.
        When Steve said to Naz, “I’ll be Batman and you can be…….”, then Naz said “Yeah, I can be Muslim Robin”, I agreed with Steve who said “why can’t you just be Robin, why do you have to bring religion into it?”
        I agree with Steve sorry, just be Batman and Robin.

        • I really think Naz is trying as hard as he can to get a rise out of Steve. I hope Steve doesn’t give him the satisfaction.

  27. I like Tzip but she needs to wear a bra. I am well endowed in the chest area and I think you need the support, it also helps your back and posture to wear a good fitting bra. Just my opinion and I know plenty of women would say, who cares.

  28. I think those giant boobs would be a strain either way and give them terrible strap track. Tzip must be walking around the camp nude, but viewers have been spared.

    I agree with others, save the morning concert until everyone has woken up. I wouldn’t mind falling to sleep to nice music, but Jay is being inconsiderate.

  29. The go left, go right challenge was a clever idea. I hope that Steve and Nazeem can stay respectful and friendly about their opposing views.

  30. I am wondering if the producer say to Jay: everyone has to get up, not just lie in bed. Play your uke!
    Tziporah seems rather fragile. She is estranged from her family and has said she’s had an eating disorder since the age of 8. I don’t know how she’ll go long term

    • Could be Juz, and yes. I think Tzipp is a lot dippy and probably fragile. But she is interesting viewing.
      I feel a bit sorry for nice ones who will get voted out early just because they are tvbland. Like Kris and Tegan. BTW, wasn’t Tegan on Celeb Apprentice?

    • Yes Bob the footballer and I would say Jay have been the least shown. Jay is mostly shown playing the ukulele and the other fella who’s name I’m not even sure of, we have hardly seen.
      They must be non events in the camp.

      I wonder if this year they are going to have a leader of the camp who will dish out the jobs etc like was done last year.
      No mention so far.

      • Yeah I was wondering about that too. They seem to have gone back to how it was in season 1 & everyone just chip in.
        I read an article where Lisa said she wouldn’t tolerate bullying & will stick up for anyone being harassed. Wish she’d been on last year’s show, Laurina needed her.

    • Yes, Kris can go first imo. He even claimed politics wasn’t his thing. I could accept him saying arguing was not his thing but he seemed to have checked out.

  31. I wonder if Tzipp has that pink flamingo to show support for Laurina from last year. Remember how she used to always go on about fleurmingoes?
    They need to show the quieter camp mates more, especially the footballer and Jay.Things might change once they get into the challenges.
    Tom and Val could have slept all day if she was on this one, they are very much alike.

  32. I liked tonight’s beetroot song. I’d forgotten what a good voice Casey has.
    Vote in the new poll I put up today.

  33. Tzipp has a bra on tonight! Wonder if the producers told her to wear one?
    Tom was a bit more lively, but the challenge was a bit weak. The rest of the show was a bit boring tonight and the banter between Julia and Chris a bit forced.
    Nat screamed very loudly when she thought cheese and crackers were going to be served.
    I’m sick of the singing and ukelele at the moment, I think Jay needs to do something else.

  34. I just realized that Kris and Dale are 2 different people. Now I don’t know which one was boring. How did they merge into one person?

  35. Casey is great doing her exercises with Lisa. If she knew how much we were cheering her on, she would be even more motivated. And how gentle but encouraging is Lisa.

  36. Those chicks were so cute. It was revolting when that rat kissed Jay on the lips. Ewww.
    They finally did a chest trial. Why didn’t Tzip speak up. She said in the tuk tuk she’s on minimum wage so why didn’t she tell them she knew the answer? It’s no point telling us.
    Tom finally spoke. Hopefully he’ll start telling us more about some of the Hollywood celebrities he knows.

  37. Where is bloody Caloree Girl. I think of her doing her Julia Morris impersonations, Doctaaar. C’mom Caloree, I am thinking you cld be Julia and I will be Doctaaar.

    • Sounds fun Dohktarrrr…. *slowly swivels in chair and strokes arm menacingly*

      But Dohktar, don’t you think it’s time to manIPulate our subjects some more before the brrrreak *strokes the screen wickedly brushing past contestants with with long black fingernails*

        • ‘No Juz…*pauses and strokes dead animal on arm* the pleasure’s awl miiine’ *corners of mouth raise slightly*

          • There’s a season of a desperately overhauled The Biggest Loser approaching. Failure to chew the fat isn’t an option.

            Commando and Michelle have been binned , I think. Sin binned.

          • Hi Dave 😊
            Yes, saw the ad for the ‘overhaul’. Couldn’t quite believe they’re attempting another season and finally gave those two the heave-ho. I’m sure that’ll go down like a pug on a sput at a Samoan feast with the viewers ay.

            Swore id never sit through another season but maybe I’ll just have one tiny (or perhaps Samoan sized)
            peek. πŸ™ˆ

          • I haven’t watched it for a few years but I will check it out to see what the new trainer is like and if the format is that different.

  38. The chicks were cute in the tucker trial, i think i would have much preferred to put up with their noise than, the snakes or rats in the other exhibits!! Seemed like a pretty boring / easy challenge thou… Am looking forward to seeing the fly fishing and bungee jumping on Sunday night – like the group trials. And Ash and Casey in the Skull Cave!
    Have started tuning out to the Julia and Docteur banter… would much prefer to see more of camp life.
    Looks like the first elimination isn’t for another week, which i think is good for the audience to get to know the celebs.
    Tom clearly didn’t read his contract, as i’m sure it would have all be spelled out in there!

    • Yeah I was trying to remember the last 2 seasons how long before the first elimination. Can’t remember it being 2 weeks. It is better to let us get to know them all.

  39. I thought it was a very week challenge especially the chics.
    Of course it was very easy for Lisa with those chics because of her ‘Olympic’ training.
    I think if any of them loses it in the camp, I am betting on Ash being the first one.
    It seems to be very slow moving but maybe that was just last night. I’m still enjoying it though.
    Tegan and Kris definite flirting going on with those two.
    Tom starting to find his way. He didn’t have a clue what he was heading for, hahaha.
    Julia did mention about leadership etc., maybe that is on the cards for Sunday night.
    Here is a question and I Hope you don’t mind me asking but I’m just wondering, is Dr. Cris the vet gay?

  40. I suspect the challenge was a set up. It was too co incidental that both of the girls got the chickens.
    Now that I know that there is footballer and a model, I thing Dane to go. The other one ‘as a larf’. Kris and Tegan might be flirting, or they might just be goofing around because they are young and get along. It’s horse play, and that can just be horseplay.

    • Tegan said in a magazine that she is a flirt & she can’t help herself but it means nothing. She warned her boyfriend & he said he was ok with it as he knows it doesn’t mean anything.

  41. I like Casey. I like jay too but I would hate that ukulele playing all the time. It’s like the guy who always takes his harmonica out at parties. Nice at first, but gets painful quickly. I think Tegan’s teeth are veneers.

  42. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu0MClivbYc

    The above is a youtube clip of an interview with Kate Fisher about 28 years ago. I like her and the honesty and fun she shows in the interview – shame she now feels her life and career was thwarted later on by the Packer thing. I can imagine that she would have been ostracised by Australia after the engagement ended given how the luvvies were Packer slaves

  43. Thanks Bolders . Great interview with Kate.
    Gee that Poppy and Debra are bitchy.
    I like her , so what if she is a bit out there and a big girl. She is refreshingly honest and owns her mistakes. Go Tzippora – hope you get to the end of IACGMOH.

      • Sour old faces on them, compared to Kate’s young, fresh and beautiful smiling one.
        I bet James is hating Kate being back in the headlines again and not knowing what she is likely to come out with, hahaha.

  44. I watched for the second time last night. Is Julia Morris always so over the top on this show? I like her comedy and acting that I’ve seen, but damn, she irritated me after only a few minutes. Why does she stand almost on top of Chris?

    Pricey seems to be going well – from the whole two episodes that I’ve seen – not responding to baiting and just sort of getting it done.

    I would have gone insane with rats around my face or anywhere, so respect to Jay and the other guy for coping with that. It gave me the creeps to see it.

    Is this series less drama-filled than previous ones?

    • I read that she and Chris, and a couple of writers, actually sit down and plan those jokes, so nothing is done without Chris’ agreement. It kind of gives it a slightly different flavour for me now and I am more relaxed about it all.
      And you are correct, there is less drama. And I am loving that. A nicer bunch of people and no testosterone filled sportsmen. Yay.

      • This is the first year I have started to have a giggle at Chris and Julia’s interaction. I do think they have toned it down, well Julia has and I’m finding her not as hard to take this year.
        Definitely not as much drama, which I think is down to maybe more placid personalities.
        Then again maybe they just need a bit more time.
        I’m enjoying it though and wish we could see a lot more of them in the camp.
        Also the challenges need to step it up, unless they think they were too over the top in previous years and this is as tough as they are going to get.

    • So far yes and yes, Von. Julia may have even toned it down, but the sexual innuendo and overactive libido is her hook on IAC. And yes, so far the bitchiness and drama in camp has not begun. We don’t need it as long as they are funny. I am liking that they haven’t found one Pigsy to devour.

    • Hi Stacey, I can’t see anything in my spam folder – just randoms offering to send me SEO tips if I send my bank details. Looks like your post just then worked ok? If it happens again can you please send me an email. Oh and I hope you’ll be watching the next seasons of US and Aus Survivor along with us here. Both should be great seasons

  45. Let’s hope that Tom Arnold will put a smile on his face and try to make the best of things, Come on Tom, you’re getting $40,000 a week so just do something, anything. Even Val was better entertainment last year!

  46. I don’t mind Tom. He may lay around doing nothing but I love his dry, cynical humour. I mean some things can just lay around and look adorable.

  47. Tom is not as adorable as that lion sadly.
    Apparently he throws the biggest tantrum tonight and threatens to walk out if they don’t get more food.
    He thought they all got to go to a nice air conditioned hotel at the end of each day, sounds like he should have researched a bit more.

    • Me too, Bob. You know I have said it before, let others disagree. No one changes their mind because you yell at them. 😊

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