Married at First Sight 2017 premiere

There’s a new batch of brides and grooms on Nine tonight, from 7.30-9.05pm. If you decided to watch MKR instead, Married At First Sight is repeated on 9Life at 10.30pm and the following day on Nine at 1.15pm.
It’s screening on Tuesday and Wednesday, too, so will go head-to-head with MKR in the ratings battle. The MKR juggernaut will win but MAFS has proven itself capable of drawing a decent audience – and the ad revenue that goes with it.



  1. We are so torn…taping both MKR and MAFS.

    So, it has started. All the grooms met and all the brides met (so they can provide support aka bitching about their partner to the camera via casual conversation).

    • Oh yes. We were right. But did she sign on to play step-mommy????

      Did the experts learn nothing. Let’s pair the Perth city girl with the guy in remote Queensland.

      So not going to work. There is a difference between lonely and desperate.

      • I don’t know why they kept saying the farmer is from remote Qld! Maryborough is a big town in Sth East Qld on the Fraser Coast, just a 3 and a half hour drive north of Brisbane. What a joke, I am 30 minutes away in Hervey Bay, a city of 60,000 people.

    • Oh dear… Cheryl complains that people judge her on her looks…um… yeah…have not idea why (not).

      The experts assert that her youth belies her maturity…after the other contestants note her immaturity.

  2. Thanks for the posts, Maz. My 4yo started big school today so it’s a big week here at Talking TV HQ. I don’t think I can watch MAFS til the weekend, if at all.

  3. Thanks for the posts Maz, incase you hadn’t already worked out, I’m an I’m a Celeb’er, but looking forward to catching up with MAFS over the weekend. Really want to see the real fussy guy!

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