Married at First Sight airdate

Married at First Sight starts Sunday, January 30, so Nine has programmed it to go up against Seven’s MKR juggernaut. And with I’m A Celeb expected to air at the same time, it’s a crowded calendar for reality TV watching

This year we have twins “marrying” one bloke and a middle-aged fellow for some token diversity.



    • Thanks for the link Maz.
      Its no secret that all reality shows exagerate the ‘reality’, she really had her hopes too high to begin with and not to mention pretty high maintenance… .

      • Yes, and the ‘experts’ with a serious face will pontificate about the need to test the couples’ fidelity in a ‘controlled’ environment.

        • i always enjoyed just watching them in everyday life. It will hardly be a surprise if the couples don’t stay together if there are too many obstacles thrown in their way.

    • Not a lot of property between Clare’s ears for a self confessed know it all.

      Thanks for the link, Maz.

  1. No surprises there. I would say the only shows which cast people who aren’t mad extroverts are GBBO and MasterChef.

  2. Has anyone noticed in the ads for John (older, divorced) that his daughters are getting almost as much airtime as him – i’m begining to think they are wannabe tv stars as well!

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