First Dates recap

Did anyone catch First Dates on Seven last week? It’s always good for a bit of fun. Unfortunately it’s not even coming up on my TV guide listings for the coming week and Seven hasn’t updated the show’s Twitter feed since last year, so it looks like MKR has bumped it.
Over to Daisy for her recap:

Hi stickybeaks of all things trash and cheesy. Married at First Sight is over, but to fill the void, we now have First Dates, which is similar but faster. Sort of MAFS takeaway. It’s worth watching if you enjoy watching weird people in slightly awkward, and hopefully romantic situations.
My recap is brief this week but I suggest you might enjoy a laugh if you sneak peek in your My Kitchen Rules marathon breaks. Last week we saw a return of our Serbian female security guard, the “curvy model”. She will never choose a guy because she is enjoying celebrity.
Otherwise we had all new ones. Pretty ones. Dorky. Mildly handsome. Boobs out. Boobs in. Chunky. Skinny. Picky eaters. Piggy eaters. Familiar with cuisine. And those who think seafood is only good if covered in batter, accompanied with chips, and served in paper.
Although there were plenty of ” No thankyous” to the offer of more dates, the pairs were far better matched than the sexperts did on MAFS.

The dinner conversations were not riveting but entertaining, and certainly strange enough for viewers to pat themselves on the back and think, “Hey, I’m not so weird after all”. I will be watching, in my pyjamas, with Woolif beside me; not the partnering of an awkward dinner date, but the result of a relaxed pick-up at Steve’s pub, Nedlands, and a “would you like a second date?” 😘



  1. Thanks, daisy. I watched both nights and it was great entertainment. Did not deserve to be bumped for Josh Rules.

  2. Damn. What happened to First Dates this week?
    Oh well, I have started watching Seven Year Dwitch instrad. Not bad.

  3. Watching 7 Year Switch, I have lined Woolif up with a very nice girl. 😂
    Someone who isn’t as neat and tidy as I am, and a very sweet disposition. But he said, “Naah”.

  4. OMG what’s the blond girl’s name? Natalie I think. No not marriage material….unless you plan on being a swinger.
    She looks a bit like the wife from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cheryl Hines, which is funny because I bet she doesn’t. This couple might be a bit staged. Boyfriend would know that she’s a flirt.

  5. I have been enjoying First Dates. I have watched a couple of episodes. It’s fun guessing who will say yes to another date, and who will last.

    • I’ve been watching it, even better now that it’s at 7.30 and yes, I play that guessing game, too.

      I was taught not to ask women their age. Both UK and Aust. guys failed in this area.

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