1. It was pretty obvious who the final 2 would be, They were all they focused on. There was a girl with long bright hair who we barely saw.
    Can’t wait for someone to drop their dish tomorrow night. Can’t believe it’s never happened.

    • Lol, I’d watch that followed by the 3 pigs on their hands and knees scrambling to lick the plate clean.

  2. This beginning just seemed too drawn out.
    They are on Masterchef but one of the girls who already had an apron didn’t know what pectin was.
    Poor Christina…she said she didn’t know what acetate was. She thought it was edible.

    • And we have been told by the 3 stooges that these are the best and anyone can be a winner. Luckily we didnt fall for that.

      Rating is so so. Not better than MKR and the judges got the cheek to give advice to MKR producers

    • We do wonder about some of the contestants who cruise in compared to those who need to go through challenge after challenge. Willing to wager that some of the contestants eliminated last night may have been stronger all round cooks than some who got through on a single plate.

  3. I have just read these comments for the first two episodes. I agree, way too drawn out and Channel 10 have swamped us with previews for over a month, I felt like I already knew who was going to get chosen. Will watch Thursday night for mystery box and elimination cook off.

  4. After all the airplay given to to Emily, I felt sure she was in,,,,but no!!
    It will be interesting tonight to see the 1st elimination. and if they are not 1 trick ponies.

    • We thought the same thing. Emily had ALOT of airtime to the point we thought she would be this season’s Dani Venn.

      • Agree that she is getting so much air time. Wonder why when they knew she is not in the Top 24. Maybe a friend of the producer. This publicity is good for for her business

    • Don’t bother if you’re over fifty, even if you’re rich.

      Today’s encore was pretty ordinary. That’s not what was in Ch 10’s brochure.

      I’m missing the MC motor scooter. Anyone seen it? Have Ch 10 put it on Gumtree?

      • Peppy la pews Mohawk was extra stiff.
        All that screaming, whooping and hollering when she walked in was too OTT.
        I hate it when the contestants hero worship chefs.

        • And there was crying by one of the tragics at Peppy’s entrance Lola.
          BTW they introduced her as a chef at Shangri La in Sydney. Wasnt she a Melbournite?

  5. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

    The only annoying thing are the two contestants with birds’ nest hair flopping all over the place: Bryan and that girl who got through on the Maggie Bear challenge. She’s not in the top 24 list in Maz’s link. So not sure what happened to her.

    If they don’t tame that rat’s nest they’re both going to end up on my shit list.

    Actually, do you think that the contestants are briefed on hygiene? If I was one of the judges having to taste their dishes, I would want some minimum standards: don’t double dip, say it don’t spray it over the food, don’t touch your hair, don’t touch your face or any body part, don’t scratch your face or any body part, don’t taste over the pot, don’t lick your fingers and then handle food, don’t tip the remaining spoon contents back into a pot or dish after you’ve tasted it, …Really I could go on for ever.

    • I don’t enjoy amatas hi fiving each other, your hands have literally been everywhere except in a washing basin and possibly in a pocket pawing some grubby old photo of a dead Nonna in hopeful prayer to the culinary Gods.

      Then the sweating.

      They don’t appear to be briefed. It’s never worked. Extraordinary.

      Just don’t drop a finished dish.

      • Agree with the don’t sweat and hand slap others and would also add don’t cry into your food.

  6. Don’t wipe your sweaty brow with the tea towel and then use that same tea towel drying your hands or touching hot plates.

  7. We note that George doesn’t run over to comfort Rasheed over his smashed plate. The joys of not being 18.

      • They hate the lawyer (and the 57 year old). Wonder if they going to be open with their disdain of Dr Ray.

  8. Sorry no recap tonight – I’m still wrangling Mr 5. Did everyone make a giant raviolo like last year? Is it an elimination Ep or just for an advantage?

    • I want Benita to stay, because she can pronounce “sandwich” correctly. Big first for Ma$terchef.

      Finger lickin’ lawyer can go.

      Rashed’s dream is spot on . He’ll be safe imo.

  9. Sam, Pia, Callan and Bryan are the top 4.

    Bottom 4 are Rashedul (dropped dish) Benita(57 year old), Benjamin(lawyer) and Lee(Irish guy).

  10. Thanks, gice. Mr Juz had Lasik eye surgery today so I was tired and ditched MC for Survivor 😉 Almost 2 1/2 hours – are they trying to drive away viewers already?

  11. Okay, it is bit of a nasty challenge. The contestants get to pick one of fourteen ingredients but each ingredient is paired with one hidden beneath the cloche.

    Ben chooses walnuts (hidden ingredient is dates). He invokes his yiayia.
    Benita chooses peaches (hidden ingredient is earl grey tea).
    Rashedul picks mango (green peppercorns). Currently in panic mode.
    Lee opts for salmon( aniseed).

    • I completely misunderstood this challenge. I thought it was a guessing one & they had to guess what was in the covered cloche. They were some weird pairings.

  12. Sacricial older contestant looks worried! George is a dick
    We were out and I’m too tired to watch it all!

  13. The judges are being mean early this season. Rashedul’s first dish was dropped and couldn’t be salvaged, but would it have killed one of the judges to go to him with a word of comfort or commiseration?

    When the older woman put her hastily re-thought dish in front of the judges, it didn’t look too bad to me; certainly it didn’t warrant the sour face Gary pulled before he’d even tasted it.

    I know no one is going to be cosseted or coddled in a commercial kitchen, but Gary and George should cut back on the disdain they show to some contestants, and maybe use tact once in a while.

    And if Gary had ever stuck his finger into a pot of something I was cooking, he would have lost that finger. Lack of hygienic standards from the contestants is bad enough without the judges demonstrating practices that are just nasty.

    • I know, I was waiting for one of the judges to run over & comfort him or something. But nothing. I thought that was a bit mean. I felt so sorry for him.
      I thought the crab bisque sounded nice. She should have stuck with it & just added other things to it.

      • Unfortunately he forgot to cry over the smashed plate, therefore no cuddle. That’s the problem with the mature contestants who know that there are bigger things in the world to cry over.

  14. I noticed George stuck his finger into a chocolate fondant earlier in the episode. Yuk !

    I agree the judges have their teachers pets. The rest are just fillers til they can get rid of them.

    In my mind I thought Matt won last year and I had forgotten the name of last years winner. Matt and Reynold were the best in last years batch.

  15. I didn’t remember Elena at all until I saw her. For some reason when they said the guest was the last MC winner Billie came to mind. Elena was just not memorable.
    How did Benita’s melted ice cream and grilled peaches or Benjamin’s mess of a dessert keep them in MC? How did Benjamin marry nuts and dates? I must have missed something.
    Typical behavior by George and Gary….RUDE.
    Good for Rashedul to go out and get some work experience.

  16. This season it seams like ice cream is going to be the parfait of last season.

    I’m concerned about the building up of of the 18 year old Callum SMith by the judges. I’m concerned they’ll cut him down tout swift.

    • What is it with those fucking ice cream machines? They never bloody work. She should have put it in those small domes in the blast chiller. That huge bowl she put it in was too big.

    • I think Gary starts on the mental disintegration of Callan the child prodigy on Sunday night. It’s Home Cooking Week. Or will it be Home Cooking Weak?

      A true child prodigy would have had their first food truck by the age of four, like Mozart with a symphony, for example. Lucky Callan is now old enough to drink to cope with the verbal and emotional abuse he’ll get from the judges.

  17. Encoring all afternoon on One. Everything but the kitchin sink.

    Got Pepe and her firecracker atm. Cloches and cliches.Yawn.

      • I agree Zhee – Cadbury is too sickly sweet.
        Better chocolate on the market. German , Dutch, Belgium , Swiss chocolate is so much better.

        • Usually Lindt is one of the best you get in a normal supermarket. In Ireland I always tried to get Green & Blacks. This one is very good. You can also get Vivani and Valrhona in some supermarkets.
          Here in France I sometimes go to Paris and go to proper shops where you get the fancy one, but is super pricey.

  18. MPW in the Adelaide paper today saying he ditched MasterChef because he felt insulted by Matt Preston. He didn’t like Preston talking about his son. Here’s an article from last year with Preston’s comments. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/sydney-confidential/matt-preston-sympathises-with-marco-pierre-white-over-off-the-rails-son/news-story/4b1922ee51ed7f11b56d1d84eb62af22
    MPW says he will never forgive him for these extremely tame comments.

    • I call bs from Marco- I think Matt Preston was falling over himself to be tactful.

      Are we sure channel 7 didn’t just upend a bucket of cash into his chef apron?Yes Marco!

  19. Channel 10 probably couldn’t afford Marco as well as the overhyped Brains – think Thunderbirds character (aka Heston)

  20. That music is really on the nose. Taking the advice from another poster, sound down and subtitles on.
    I like the sound of ricotta donuts though.
    You already know who is going to get tasted as only 6 of them are heavily featured during mystery box cook off.

  21. Pound cake girl is the reason the red team is in the elimination round sucks that someone else will go home for her mistake

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