Bachie episode 2

It’s episode 2 of Matty as The Bachelor. Tonight it’s the first single date and from the promo I’m thinking it’s Fire Twirler.

The Bachelor Australia, Ten, 7.30pm-9.05pm.
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No recap tonight but I will probably watch for fun.
Who are your front runners?
I don’t think he will end up with Cop or Jewellery Designer.
Chilled Model seems lovely, which means he will go with someone else.



  1. I like to think he’s also gonna keep Natalie around for a while too, just for kicks.

    My favourite Natalie moment was in her intro interview, where she told the camera that her friends all describe her as being “bat-shit crazy.”

    Yeah, when you’re about to meet a potential romantic partner? That’s something to lead with.

  2. Well spotted Juz. Matty said in his Project interview that there was a girl who he thought was beautiful but didn’t connect with, I’m hoping it’s Elora. Nothing horrible about her but I just haven’t taken to her.

    • I’m with you on Elora. I’m sure she’s lovely, but I just don’t particularly get her, you know? She seems kind of detached, like she already thinks she’s won. And I’m not clicking with her at all, not like Alix or Tara or Laura.

        • Exactly, tell the guy who wants to settle down, that YOU don’t. Elora is OK but not my favourite. Not a nasty pasty though.

        • Agree with Elora, i’m not clicking with her either. Something about her accent among mostly Aussies feel very fake to me! And she doesn’t seem the settle down type.

          • Bet she was approached by a casting agent after trawling through Instagram. Not that I know she has Insta – she just seems to be one of those girls who would pose on a cliff in a bikini and then post it on social media.

    • She kept saying ‘same’ to Matty when he told her how he was ‘feeling’ : on me shit list now.

  3. So far, it’s been like watching twenty seagulls go for one chip.

    You know feathers will fly.

    • To me they all seem to run together in the first couple of weeks.
      I wasn’t a Jen fan to start with but she would have lost me anyway when she referred to her “posse”.

      • I didn’t watch Ep 1 but she lost with with her interrogation and mocking of Elora when she came back form her single date.

    • One minute I think a girl looks nice, then in another scene, I don’t. And mean & nasty is always ugly.

  4. Tonight’s Jen-ism is wisdom for the ages.

    “I’m not the kind of girl who fights for guys. Normally I don’t have to.”

    OMG, girlfriend. OMG.

    • What tells me that you could count Jen’s “normal ” nights on the fingers of one hand?

      I watched the encore as well and her dress was really putrid.

    • But Windsong she’s on the show looking for lurve, she’s cast aside all before her because she could only find her 15 minutes of fame … I mean one true love on a treality Tv show.

  5. Are Jen, Leah and Sian out of high school? Clearly they should have been the group for the school formal shoot, based on their maturity level.

    • I know! I actually felt quite bad for Elora when she got back from her date with Matty. Leaving aside my feelings for Elora, the three of them were just being rude jerks. It’s the catty high school cheerleading clique all over again.

      Then I had the thought. Can we throw Fiona and Nicole from “House Rules” at them? Because they would take those girls apart like cheap watches.

    • Those three have clearly volunteered to play the baddies. You wouldn’t go on tv and behave like that unless it was to play the villain. Jen and Leah are this year’s Keira. Liz is just support villain.

  6. Matty to Elora: “You look great for 27”. That’s a blunder and a half.

    Matty’s a bit wet behind the ears.

    Just about everybody looks great when they’re 27.

      • I don’t mind a big bum if it’s the right sort. Her’s is an odd sort of big bum. Like a pair of sadle trousers searching for the right sort of exercise.

        • I’m from another era Bobi: when a bum wasn’t meant to require a double barn door to go through, but I know it’s supposed to be fashionable now.
          My idea of a perfect bum is small, round and no overhang.
          Speaking of which…Jen’s bum looked disgusting in those crack riders. Did she look in a mirror before she decided that was a good look. It looked matronly.

  7. Here’s some advice for Jen, if you really want to be the villain don’t make it quite so obvious that you’re only in it to be on TV.

    • That photo-shoot was the BESTEST THING EVER. When Flo remarked that Jen looked like a “Jewish banana”, I nearly fell off the chair laughing. That was great!

      Last night, I felt kind of bad for Jen (as dramatic as she was being), because when someone (who doesn’t even know you) calls your outfit, “putrid”, yeah, that’s just rude. But the more time we spend with Jen? The less I can bring myself to care, because she just seems awful, and Matty would be within his rights to jump out a window to avoid her.

  8. Oh dear, this is awful, I don’t think I’ll be watching too often. I might hang in tonight to see who gets booted out – there are some real bitches, I don’t remember it being like that when I was that age.

      • I think it’s hilarious that Jen has all-but threatened to murder the other girls at least three times, now, and she still thinks she’s in this with a chance.

        It’s probably a good thing that channel 10 cast a police officer, this series, as one of the contestants. They’re gonna need her.

      • I know! our 16 year old daughter is watching it, but I don’t mind vaguely attending as I can come here and be super amused by the comments!

  9. I don’t like Liz, of the putrid dress comment. Always darting her tongue in and out like a lizard. Does she look a bit like princess Stephanie of monaco.

  10. Yes I see that but not the really young Stephanie more like the mature version. She looks much older than 31 to me.

  11. Didn’t Matty suck at tennis. I wouldn’t be asking someone you were trying to impress with a game of tennis and you can’t even get the ball over the net.

    • I like that they showed him sucking. Usually the Bachelors are depicted as the best at everything, which is why girls who have known him for five minutes are meant to want to marry them

      • But why was he keen to play. Last night (ep I) he gave the impression that he was proficient.
        Not that I wouldn’t know. I REALLY suck at tennis. But I could have excelled at the strawberries and cream fight.

        • Tennis had a good reputation before Tomic, Kyrgios, $haripova and old Mr Phillipoussis came along.

    • She’s a good tennis player and she’s very attractive but not sure that her tradie vocab – her talking about him having balls to be on the show and her having the balls, is going to get her far.
      Rough as guts comes to mind.

  12. During the cocktail party, was anybody else secretly hoping that Elora would just stand up and snap Jen in half like a twig? What is *with* these people?

  13. So glad Elora is not afraid of Jen. Tell it to her face that she doesnt like her.
    Jen is only 27 but to me she looks 37

  14. Poor Lisa and Matty were freezing in that swimming pool. I like that she said to him “I don’t know you”. But I think the edit for her is too favourable, so she can’t be the winner

  15. I don’t mind Lisa. She seems ‘normal’ as opposed to all the other hyenas.
    She plays a great game of tennis.

  16. So the girl who did not receive a rose is the one who told him upon meeting “I can feel my ovaries tingling”. And that was all we heard from her.

    • I suspect that we probably don’t need to hear much else.

      Did anybody else think that she was the missing Kardashian sister? I totally thought that.

  17. Jen is a dead ringer for the timid brunette on Community.
    I wish the Bicthelors would hurry up and get the bullet. They are like watching nasty 14 yr olds.
    Last night I said Laura was funny. Nut I think her name is Tara (the eye rolling narrator). Narrators never win.

    • Alison Brie is sooo much more attractive! By the way, anyone with Netflix should be watching her in Glow – such fun to watch.

  18. I’ve just speed watched ep 1 and now I think I’ve been watching reality tv for too long to be able to at least get short list sussed from the first two episodes!

  19. There are some topless photos of Leah and Simone. They have worked as topless entertainers for bucks night.

    Surely they wont be the chosen one. The girls arw just on the show to raise their profile, either for their business or just to get follwers on their instagrram. If Keira can do it, why not.

    Can someone enlighten me, I noticed some of the past contestants just busy posing on istagrams with their bikinis and holiday here holiday there. Do they work or they are on centrelink???

  20. So Littlepetal, do you think it will be Jen on IAC next year, Leah or Farter?
    There are a few on for ‘exposure’, if not all. and some are on for overexposure.

  21. I don’t know but Matty doesn’t look well. Or, as they say in Scotland, he looks peely wally – ie time for a bit of facial colouring😂

  22. It’s been doing the rounds the past few weeks that Laura is the winner (I think the one that the girls said looks like Georgia). I’m calling it early as they have been right every other season.

    I love Matty already, he’s perf and Georgia Love is a goose.

    • I’ve heard that spoiler too. Who knows if it’s true or not, but Laura and he seemed to click in the opening couple of episodes, so that would be a nice way to end.

  23. Matty is so deliciously cute looking, has a career and quite funny too. Why he coudnt find a partner is strange. Either he is so fussy or there are other reasons his other relationships didnt last.

    • Playing the field most likely , Littlepetal, whatever that means nowadays. Probably social media and wine bars. Not going to a local pub and dancing beside ACDC. The Outlaws or Captain Matchbox.

  24. BTW, my tab is at the doctors so I am commenting less and not doing pics atm. Just as well; training 2 young dogs. They are going really well. Smart kids. I taught them in one day to suck their pig ears on the towel not my floor. OCD dogs.

  25. Two episodes in and I have decided on Lisa. The fact that she even got air-time means that it is not possible.
    I like drama free. Kiera was so extreme I have been put off “bitch for the sake of publicity” forever.
    P.S. I know it’s probably Laura but I don’t want it to be otherwise what’s the point of living.

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