General chat – Sat, July 1

What’s everyone watching? I did a big Netflix binge of GLOW last night – the new dramedy starring Alison Brie, based on the 1980s women’s wrestling show. Think Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair, but with chicks. Good lightweight viewing and I love the 80s soundtrack, but not the flashbacks of my bouffy hair or gym lycra.

Mr Juz is also making me watching the new TV show The Mist. As with the movie (based on Stephen King’s novella), people start dying when a strange fog blankets their town. But because it’s a series they’ve had to add some family drama and teen angst and spread the focus to various locations around the town, not just the supermarket setting of the movie. The acting and special effects are pretty bad and there are a lot of people going off on their own, two minutes after watching someone die after doing exactly the same thing. So, it’s a good show if you like yelling at your TV “you idiot – as if you’d do that!”.



    • Our team is back in the 8- yay!! Horror start for the swans, but if we can fix our inaccuracy- the season might turn around for us.

      • Feeling the love, Sprout. That was the sort of clinical solid win I’ve been looking for – I get nervous with the close games, when luck seems to be too influential. If we can win like that with such appalling accuracy, we might have a chance against higher teams.

    • I don’t love John Grisham. I have tried a couple of times because everything says I should but I find him very ….. american. That’s the best explanation I can come up with.

      • I gave up on this one because it was a collection of short stories. But he is very aware of judicial and police corruption and writes it into his stories. You know, prove your man guilty at all costs.

      • Maybe thats the issue.
        I find the American judicial system corrupt to its very core. But crime procedural books perpetuate the myth that truth will out and justice will prevail.
        God help you if you were arrested in the US for the smallest thing. You would have no hope unless you had a bucket load of money.

  1. Frau Merkel harassing poor people in the tiny village I lived for several years (and where my Oma still lives):

    Was due to the funeral ceremonies for that corrupt Helmut Kohl. Still annoyed that the media pretended like he was Germany’s greatest gift to the world. GAH! Then they buried him in the city I grew up.
    But I guess you can find a worse place to rest in peace.

    Damn it, homesick now. πŸ™

  2. I watched “The Mist”, too, and agree with you Juz…bad acting, bad effects, just bad. Reminds me of “Under the Dome” but this time the townspeople are surrounded by the mist rather than being stuck under a dome and the mist monsters are more violent.
    Watched the final episode of this season’s Doctor Who. It was good although a bit preachy. Not a fan of Bill Potts but Pearl Mackie was very good in this episode and it was sad to some extent. The way Bill moves on was stupid. Don’t know why they had to hold off until Dec. for the Doctor to regenerate. Thought it would have been the perfect ending for this episode and a big surprise but now just have to wait to find out who the next Doctor will be.

    • We were watching something that I think was called The Remainder. All the adults dies, and only teens and children were left. It was too much like the Dome too because they were quaratined in the town. As with the Dome, I only could take a couple of episodes.

    • We are a few behind on Doctor Who. I like Capaldi and Bill but the scripts from the Clara days onwards have not been that gripping.
      Watching The Mist just reminds me I need to get back to Vikings, because the female lead (the mum) is one of the main characters in that.

    • We will admit that we need to watch another six episodes in the current Dr Who season but we did watch the finale.

      It was Clara’s story retold. The Doctor leaves the companion in a dead/not dead state doomed to travel the universe with an immortal (female)companion.

      So the Doctor does remember Clara.

      The Master/Mistress dynamic could have been spun out in another episode.

      Peter Capaldi, the doctor whose time was marred by some very bad scripts.

  3. Still glued to the Blacklist here.
    But sunny (although cold) in Sydney this weekend so we got outside a bit and tv viewing suffered.

  4. I’m feeling quite down this morning after the terrible Poldark episode last night. I am losing my love, with Series 3 going downhill very rapidly. The worst of it is that they have turned Demelza into the worst type of spiteful modern-style woman.

  5. Handmaid’s Tale starts on SBS on Demand (streaming, not TV) this Thursday. If you like beautifully filmed dystopian stories it’s a must.

    • I watched the first 2 eps of Handmaid on Stan or something, but for some reason I really hate those scenarios, Juz. I couldn’t watch Hunger Games because of the cruelty of living like a captive. I got up to the scene where Jennifer Whatsit’s sister gets picked for the games and she swaps places. Too horrible.

      • Hi Pandy, if you Google SBS On Demand it takes you to the website and there should be a prompt there to download the On Demand app if you are using a smartphone or tablet. If you are using a computer you should be able to just hit play on the video. You have to stream it over the internet to watch, so it will use data. Basically it’s the SBS version of TenPlay or iView

  6. Hmpf, G20 in Germany… Wow, some of the videos and pictures look like war. πŸ™ Protest is important, it is needed. Peaceful though. Not with violence and unfortunately this is what happens and it diminishes the peaceful protesters’ efforts . When I was a student I went to many protests. Never did it escalate, the police forces were actually always nice and even chatted with us. But what is going on in Hamburg, is fucking embarrassing. This is not protest. This is violence for the sake of violence!
    That being said, my sister is a police woman and I might be the luckiest big sister in the world today that she wasn’t sent to Hamburg.

    At least there was one funny incident:

    • Agrre, Zhee. Seems an odd wat to protest for peace and protection of the planet; burning cars???? Also don’t cover your face if you are proud of what you are doing.
      Antifa aren’t helping their cause with violence and destruction of private property.
      I hope your sister stays safe.
      Maybe they could paint a peace sign and do a sit in Γ₯ la 70s. 😊

  7. Oooooh. They have America’s Next Top Model on here. Bot have I missed this show. I am going to have to go home and stream. Lots of shallow.

    • Yes, Zhee. We call them the Stolen Generation. Absolutely shameful and of course the effects of the “policy” have rippled down through the generations. The movie Rabbit Proof Fence was about some girls the government tried to snatch. Won lots of awards.

      • I started to read up about that topic. It is really a very dark spot in Australian history. Sometimes I felt like it was an experiment of some sort. Heart breaking to be honest, how they could do that to little children. And then they did not even try to integrate them into society, giving them a proper education etc.
        Then again I should not say anything regarding a bad history, I am German, I am naturally born into living resentiments and still getting branded as a nazi, simply because of the country I was born in. Nearly 40 AFTER WW2…

  8. I watched Australian Ninja Warrior – mainly because I enjoy the European erosion so much – and found it unbearable.
    Two of the hosts were so bad I had to turn the sound off (that improved the experience). When they weren’t being overly loud, they were merely sounded disinterested. And neither of them had a clue. I won’t tune in again.
    But I did hear the numbers smashed the opposition. Who’d be a TV programmer.

  9. There’s a bit of cop in every teacher, so with seats scarce at busy Saigon domestic airpot, and this being front row, I was itching to record cardthis womam. 5 bloody seats.

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  10. In Saigon now. Anyone want to meet us for lunch.
    Baby coconut salad with prawns.

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    • Sorry Daisy – thought they were in the library but can’t see them. Perhaps where you are has wifi limit on file size?

      • No, it’s not that. I did an update so things are a bit haywire. Also my tab’s been having problems. I will sort it when we get home.

  11. I have been enjoying Michael Mosley’s Queen Victoria’s Slums series. They had it so tough and had to battle for everything.

  12. Waa! Waaa! Good Dr Phil today.”Waaah, Doctor Phil, my parents won’t support me financially”.
    And Maggie and Harry are listening to this while I do pottery. Thank goodness they can’t grow up to write a book on how they were abused by neglect because I did pottery and left them to watch Dr Phil. (They are puppies btw).
    I didn’t hear Dr Phil say that’s 10minutes of my life I can’t get back. Buy that woman a diaper.

    • Iggy watches Dr.Phil and understands that “you don’t reward bad behaviour”.

      I saw the ep today. She was awful.

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