The Block – first week

Chat here about the first week of The Block.
Tonight (Mon) sees the 48-hour bedroom challenge wrap up and bathroom week begin. The Block also airs Tues and Wed, 7.30pm, then returns Sunday at 7pm for the room reveal.
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  1. First judging. Sarah and Jason spent $13800. Judges blown away by finishes. Not enough respect for the period features .ie. they ripped out the tin press roof and no cornices. Score 21.5 and decide to keep their house “Pascoe Vale”.

  2. The tools spent $8700. Judges love the ceiling rose and cornice but hate the lighting design. Score 27 and choose House 3 “Brunswick”. This is the house with the safe and the twist to screw over another team.

  3. Sticks and Wombat spend $4300. Very impressed by the sleeper bedhead but the 30% gold is countered by the 70% sux. Shaynna thinks it very 80s and not impressed by the book Old MacDonald heard a fart.

  4. Team Insta spent $7200. It is very Block. They have Matt – Kingi and Caro’s builder. They score 22.5. As they have lost their house to the tools they pick#5 the”Brighton.”

  5. Hannah and Clint spent $6025. Their room lacks personality and soul as they have no focal point. Move to #2 Moonee Ponds.

  6. for the twist…the safe contains $50k in vouchers and cash plus the ability to swap house or take the cost of their room from another team. Doing the usual ” we are doing it for the kids” they choose to take the cash from Insta by saying they are the biggest threat. Insta does not react well and Mrs Tool starts crying as though she is the victim despite bragging moments earlier it is game on moll.

  7. What were the Tortoises doing all Day to not even order tiles? Have they never watch an episode of the Block? The school of hard knocks edit does not make them sympathetic.

  8. Thank you, Maz. Interesting the winners picked the middle Block, which Scotty said had the least natural light. Anyone else find the NRL player’s eyes spooky?

  9. I’m not good with property positioning and such, other than, the safe, natural light and the size, was there really any advantage to any of the houses?
    Jason and Sarah really need to get a move, agree, can see why they have never finished their own house.
    At least Mr and Mrs Tool took from a couple that didn’t spend that much to begin with. And Josh and Elyse are likely to win back in challenges anyways.
    Also i thought you weren’t allowed to use builders who have done The Block before? Maybe there just has to be a season or two break?

    • They seem to change the rules. At the moment it seems to be max 2 builds.
      The tools just wanted the biggest house for their egos.

  10. The tortoises do not know how to budget. You work as a plumber but you still need to plumber four days out!!!!!

    Mr Tool is more paranoid than the average conspiracy nut.

    • The plumber guy is just lazy. Why are they looking for a plumber when he is one? He is supposedly helping with other things but he’s basically just eating, sleeping and wandering around clueless.

      • It is a toss up which is the worse contestant on the Block this year. We suspect that they only watched the reveals not every single episode. It is extremely odd…he claims he is a plumber but won’t do the plumbing work (does he not realise how quickly you burn through the budget on the Block). He claims he knows about 50 plumbers but not one will turn up on site. Brutally, bathroom week (or any wet room week) should be the ones they win.

        Maybe they were cast as the token over 40 couple who do so badly no-one over 40 need ever apply again.

        • Maybe you are right. They are the token “older” couple. What he is doing (actually not doing) makes no sense.
          Then we have the couple who renovated 10 homes but they probably just paid others to renovate them.
          There’s also no cultural/racial diversity in this group but that’s nothing new for “The Schlock”.

  11. Is this season even more boring than previous seasons? I am fast forwarding through most of it. I especially ff when Georgia & Ronnie are on because they are EXTREMELY irritating.

  12. I was watching last night, thinking why am i bothering? None of what they are showing will have an impact on the end result anyways! Think I’ll be sticking to room reveals and the odd night if The Bach or Survivor isn’t on!

    • I half-watched it today – was it really just an hour of everyone being told by Dan and Keith their builders and tilers did shonky work and everything would have to be redone? And much talk about shower drains

  13. Domain bitch Alice is back(still not forgiven for they said to Team Nova last season) with the weekly walk around with Shelly and Scottie. Weekly prize is $2.5k in cash + $2.5k in marketing budget. Accumulative winner will get their property on the front cover of Domain

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